Quicktime audio player not showing when playing audio

I have a website where my whenever I play my mp3 audios the quicktime player is not visible. I have updated iTunes, Quicktime but still no visual audio player. What gives?

this is any page that I visit either in the Firefox or IE...Google Chrome is fine because it has it's own player.

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    why "stop download video" feature not show when playing video,, i hope you can give me Solution for this problem because when i using 3g internet, it downlaod the video Quickly ,,, so it consume the Balance

    Do you have Flash installed?   Check HD > Library > Internet Plug-Ins
    If the Flash Player app is not in the Internet Plug-ins folder, download and install from here.
    When you post for help, please state which OS X is installed.
    If you aren't sure, click About this Mac from your Apple menu 
    Troubleshooting advice can depend on that information.

  • Mac Pro DVD player not showing picture, only audio

    When playing a DVD, my DVD player on Mac Book Pro does not show the picture, you only hear the audio. Any ideas?

    This started yesterday for me too--audio works fine, but picture is gone. I tried 4 different DVDs to be sure, and all of them have no picture. The screen is completely black. I guess it's time to go to the Genius Bar...

  • Dell laptop headphone jack does not work when playing audio and video in Firefox 27

    My problem is similar to the one posted in this thread: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/986978?esab=a&s=laptop+headphones+don%27t+work+with+firefox&r=2&fpa=1&as=s
    I believe it has little to nothing to do with extensions.
    I have just installed Firefox 27 on the Dell Inspiron 3520 laptop of a friend. She is an unsophisticated user who has a computer for email, simple web browsing, and watching YouTube and other online videos. Because she frequently seems to end up with junk on her machine, I wanted to switch her over to Firefox so I could install ad and script blockers that would hopefully slow down the frequency of adware and malware roosting in her system.
    The laptop is a Dell Inspiron 3520 with an Intel celeron CPU (64-bit), running Windows 8. There are standard end-user applications installed (Adobe Reader, VLC Media Player, etc.), but no tweaking utilities, etc. The audio drivers are Cirrus Logic High Definition Audio.
    I've been troubleshooting the laptop today trying to track down why the integrated speakers continue to work when the headphones are plugged in, with no sound coming through the headphones. Because I had run a series of virus / malware / adware scans just before installing Firefox, I thought I had mistakenly deleted some system audio files.
    It finally became clear after toggling multiple settings, playing with Windows and Dell sound settings, and experimenting, that the headphone audio jack still works as it should in the system itself (for example, playing videos through VLC Media Player) and in Internet Explorer. It is only in Firefox that plugging in the headphones does not send audio through the headphones nor cut out the integrated speakers.
    Sometimes there is a silencing of the integrated speakers for a few seconds, but then the audio kicks in again. (I am using YouTube and a certain movie streaming website to test the audio).
    However, if the headphones are plugged in before starting the videos, the sound comes through the headphones, but unplugging the headphones, then reinserting them, stimulates problem again. Not only that, but then in YouTube the video will stall and can't be restarted until the page is reloaded.
    Again, this is a fresh Firefox install of less than 24 hours, with only Adblock, Adblock Plus Pop-up Addition, Flashblock, and NoScript installed. There are no themes installed and most of the Options are the defaults that are set upon installation.
    I have both disabled the add-ons and uninstalled them entirely before testing the headphone funtionality. In both instances the problem persisted. I've also uninstalled and let Windows re-install the Cirrus audio drivers.
    Does anyone else have any insight into this problem, and any potential solutions other than "start in Safe Mode" and "reset Firefox"?

    Firefox can switch audio devices within ~ a + or - 10 minute period or so (Just a guess). At which point it latches onto the audio device and will never change until the entire process is shutdown (read last paragraph, there is an exception)
    Ive had this problem for a few months now, at least. And I switch back and forth from my sound system and my wireless USB headset.
    If anything will fix this i believe it would be disabling "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device" in the properties of your default audio device, but i doubt it. I think this is an issue regarding the code in firefox itself.
    I'd like to see this turned into a default feature, being able to disable and enable the ability to stay on whichever device was the default at the time of launch, or to always play on the current default device, even if its changed. That or being able to choose a specific device/devices (WOULD LOVE TO THIS).
    Other than that I dont really have a solution, and I kind of doubt anyone will unless its addressed in the next update.
    Oh I thought of one solution that doesnt require restarting firefox, disable the current audio device and the sound will automatically switch to the next available device. Or possibly when a new device is introduced?? I havent done much testing on the matter though. This is just my best guess based on my personal experience with firefox.

  • Flash content does not show when playing from server

    For some reason,...the flash content that we are using on
    this site shows
    fine locally on this page,...but not when viewing it from the
    If you click on history, under about,.or on the home page,
    you can see that
    the image-player works on that page,..from the server,.....
    If anyone has an idea of what might be happening,..even just

    unActiveContent.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script type="text/JavaScript">
    fix the path to <script
    <script type="text/JavaScript">
    then find and upload the Scripts folder that's at the root
    level of the
    Adobe Community Expert, dreamweaver

  • How can I get my ES2 loops to play correctly? I keep getting the message that the audio is not found when I drag the loops from my audio browser even though they play fine in the preview.

    How can I get my ES2 loops to play correctly? I keep getting the message that the audio is not found when I drag the loops from my audio browser even though they play fine in the preview.

    It's exactly as I stated. Whenever I try to drag these kinds of loops (ESX24 / software instrument loops? the ones marked in green with the white music note next to them) from the loop browser into the timeline a message comes up saying Audio Not Found for that loop.  And a new track is created automatically when loops are dragged into the timeline, so I'm not creating some other random / synth instrument track so I'm not sure  what the deal is... But perhaps I'll try creating a software instrument track first and then drag the loop into that track and see what happens - maybe there's something with the default settings that automatically creates audio tracks whenever loops are imported?

  • I am having trouble with my speakers not working while online in particular on windows.My audio works when playing audio files

    I am having trouble with my speakers not working while online particular on facebook. My audio works when playing audio files.

    Did it happen all the time or sometime?
    Please check online browser status:
    Click Volume icon in the taskbar, click Mixer link button as below:
    If it's fine, follow this guide to run troubleshooter to detect and fix the issue:
    Tips for fixing common sound problems
    Meanwhile, this similar thread also could be referred:
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  • There are error message "No such interface supported" when play Audio/Media from USB thumb disk with Metro APP like Xbox.

     There are error message "No such interface supported" when play Audio/Media from USB thumb disk with Metro APP like Xbox in windows. how can I solve this problem?   if I use destop player like windows media player, no such error.
    would you please give some solution for this error? thanks!

    OS is window10, Metro APP is Xbox or MultiMedia 8; any video format will occur error only by following steps:  
    a. Put Audio / Media / Photo files into USB thumb disk or Micro SD card.
    b. Connect USB thumb disk / Micro SD Card  to Platform.
    c. Open 'File Explorer', click USB thumb disk.
    d. Open audio file with metro app: Music. / Open Media file with metro app: Video./Open Photo file with metro app.

  • BH-121 headset - hiss when playing audio

    I've just bought a BH-121 which I use with my Lumia 920.  Generally it's great, but I'm really disappointed by a constant hissing noise when playing audio.
    The hiss is very quiet, but noticable.  It is not present when the headset is in standby, and I can hear it begin when the phone begins to transmit audio and end a second or so after the end of the audio.  The volume is very quiet, but constant and doesn't vary according to the distance between the devices, how they are positioned, where I am, etc.
    Is the headset supposed to make this hissing noise?  Should I be returning it?

    Hi Matthew_,
    Welcome to Nokia Support Discussions!
    Upon checking, the said Bluetooth headset is not compatible with your Nokia Lumia 920. This is the reason why you hear some hissing noise while using the accessory. For more information, you can take a look at this link for the recommended devices:

  • I get error "audio format not compatable" when downloading music from the itunes store

    I get error "audio format not compatable" when syncing ipod classic.  Music purchased from itunes store.

    If your country's iTunes Store allows you to redownload purchased tracks, I'd delete your current copy of the track and try redownloading a fresh one. See the following document for instructions:
    Downloading past purchases from the App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Store
    Otherwise, I'd report the problem to the iTunes Store.
    Log in to the Store. Click on "Account" in your Quick Links. When you're in your Account information screen, go down to Purchase History and click "See all".
    Find the item that is not playing properly. If you can't see "Report a Problem" next to the item, click the "Report a problem" button. Now click the "Report a Problem" link next to the item.

  • It's not showing the play or next song buttons on locks screen when the musics are played

    it's not showing the play or next song buttons on locks screen when the musics are played

    If you open the recovery drive (partition) it should only have a single folder (Recovery).
    To make sure that your not saving restore points to that drive.
    Start, Control Panel, System, System Protection tab. Make sure the D drive partition is set to OFF so that it does not save there.
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  • Not showing equaliser in audio

    Please can anyone tell me the solution regarding an conflict of not showing equaliser in audio in settings of Lumia 525. I have rcd the update for the same today but yet it nt showing.

    Nokia Lumia 520 - Does my Lumia 520, 521, 525 or 526 phone support sound equalizer?

  • Audio player not give an option on the Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder

    Audio player not give an option on the Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder:  How do I resolve this problem?

    Please ask your question on Adobe Media Encoder forum: http://forums.adobe.com/community/ame
    This forum is for Adobe Reader.

  • [Help] my laptop Audio is lag when play audio and video?

    Help  my laptop Audio is lag when play audio or video?
    I have problem with my laptop audio, my audio is lag and missing every 2/3 second when i listen audio or play games, and video too.
    I was updated, and reinstall my audio driver but the sound still lag and lost few second.
    Any solution ?
    My Laptop is Toshiba C640
    OS : Windows 7 Ultimate 32, 
    icore 3
    and audio driver is Conexant smart Audio.

    Can you check the laptop's full model and part numbers from the label on the bottom? Don't include the serial number.
    - Peter

  • Hundreds of my iPhoto pictures will not be copied and will not show when I double-click on them.  When I do in iPhoto an exclamation surrounded by a triangle appears.  Though I can see the picture in the small tiles below it will not expand.

    Hundreds of my iPhoto pictures will not be copied and will not show when I double-click on them.  When I do in iPhoto an exclamation surrounded by a triangle appears.  Though I can see the picture in the small tiles below it will not expand.  I also cannot attach any of these pics into an e-mail or into any other file.  I have already went through all 3 Repair options and when that did not solve it went through a complete Rebuild.  Any Help?!  Any Suggestions on how to fix this?!  I have spent almost 2 days now going through all of the published help.
    I have backups going back 6 months - I have not had the real need to check every album before - but - all of my backups also have this same problem.

    The triangle with the ! indicates that the connection between the thumbnail and the orginal is missing - this can be caused by many things including database corruption and user action emoving the originals photos on urpose or by accident
    If the database is corrupted then rebuilding is the solution - backup and depress the option and command keys, launch iPhoto and rebuild your database  --  if the iPhoto rebuild does not cure the problem then download iPhoto Library manager and use its rebuild command which creates a totally new library leaving the existing one untouched
    If you have deleted the photos then you need to start over with a new library and import the photos you have not deleted into it
    You can select one of the problem photos and use the reveal original in finder commander (file menu) to see if the original is there - if it is a finder window will open showing it

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