Remote App cannot control Radio – Continuously displays loading message

Been having this problem for quite a while and no one on the internet seems to know how to fix it. Here are the exact steps:
1. Connect to Macbook Pro itunes from ipad 2 or iphone 4 using Remote App.
2. Connection is established and can control local library, volume, start, stop... etc..
3. Try to click on the "Radio" tab in the side bar... right panel displays "Loading..." messaging.
4. iTunes on Macbook Pro appears to refresh the listing of radio stations and they are displayed within itunes
5. iPad or iPhone remote app continues to display the "Loading..." graphic and never actually loads the radio station listing
Radio cannot be controlled remotely by the remote app.
Additional notes:
If you start a radio station from the iTunes app from the computer itself, you can then stop and start it from remote, but you can never control the listing/look for other radio stations, etc.
Is anyone else having this problem? Seems like a huge bug and I'm curious if anyone has found a solution.

Also having a similar problem.  Maybe what I've tried will help, possibly not though as I'm still searching for a solution too. 
Have Remote App on iPhone 4S to control Apple TV (ver3) which it does fine regarding playlists on iTunes (on Win PC), but doesn't regarding iTunes Radio.  Curiously, Apple TV has an iTunes Radio app within it's menu, but it can only be controlled (apparently) with the Apple TV remote (not the iPhone Remote App), AND you'll need Apple TV connected to a TV monitor to see what's can't see it from the Remote App on the iPhone.  I've digressed a bit, sorry.  What I noticed on the Remote App is when you click on your iTunes library and then click on the "More" option (bottom right) it actually has a listing for Radio.  If you click on Radio the genre list comes up then you can select a station.  The problem is that the station never plays.
In another problem post someone suggested creating an iTunes Radio playlist within your iTunes library and then dragging individual radio stations to it, just like you would any other music.  When I tried that, the Remote App can "see" this playlist through your library, but similar to the above, the station never plays once you select it.  Note: The other post suggests that this allows the Remote App to play your radio stations, but I never got it to work.
So, like all above, I'm stuck as well.  Very strange that the Remote App can "see" the Radio stations via my two methods above, but is not able to make them "play".

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    After digging around more, I was able to do what I was looking to do.  I installed iTunes on the machine downstairs, activated hom sharing.  Then used the Remote app on my phone, connected to iTunes downstairs, then went to "more" within the app... Then selected "shared", connected to the library upstaris... and Boom, its worked!

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    Nezmo, This is really unbelievable.  I have suffered from the issue I described for SEVERAL YEARS.  Today, for some reason I decided to make this post on the Apple discussion board.  And, today the issue was fixed by Apple.  I just downloaded the update to the REMOTE app and the cover art now shows beautifully on my iPhone 6 plus.  Thanks.  Dale

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    rnrjt wrote:
    Can I run the radio from my laptop?
    I'm not sure I understand your question. The only place you can run iTunes from is a computer, either laptop or desktop. iTunes Radio is part of iTunes so you run it from your computer.
    If that doesn't answer your question, let me know and I'll try again.

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    You can create a Playlist called RADIO and drag all of the internet radio stations (or the ones you want) into that and it works fine. Works for Front Row too if you have a Mac. The only issue is that some radio stations change URL now and again, so the list can go out of date.

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    I have gone through FAQ and tried all methods and checked settings in my iMac and my iOS devices (iPhone 4s and iPad2) and still can't useRemore app to control iTunes. I have used this app without a problem before with my old iPhone 3 and it worked fine.
    What is wrong with it?

    Other than you have used it before and it worked - can you provide some more details? You don't see your iTunes library in the remote app?

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    Hi everybody,
    I have the following setup installed at home: An Apple TV 2 + Two iPads. My wife and I are using the devices together, so each of us has their own Apple ID / account ("MyAccount", "WifeAccount") which we are using for our iPads. However, I have entered the same account for homesharing on all devices, so it looks like this:
    Apple TV 2: iTunes = MyAccount, iTunes Match = MyAccount, Homesharing (HS) = MyAccount
    First iPad (me): Overall: MyAccount, HS = MyAccount
    Second iPad (wife): Overall: WifeAccount, HS = MyAccount
    We are using the Apple Remote iPad App on both iPads to control the Apple TV 2. However, we have the following issue:
    When I use the Remote App on my iPad, I can directly access the music files which are in the iCloud through iTunes Match. "Directly" means I don't need to turn on my TV, i.e. I can see, browse through and select all music files directly on the iPad and they will start playing on the Apple TV.
    So I am not streaming from the iPad to the ATV2 (i.e. no Airplay); the iTunes Match songs play directly on the ATV2 as if I were selecting them via TV. So far, so good...
    Now, when my wife starts the Remote App on her iPad, she can see and select the ATV2 and she can control it via TV (with swiping and clicking), however, she doesn't see any of the music files on her iPad. This means that she always has to turn on the TV and click through all the options to select music (because that way she can see the files in the cloud), but she can't select them directly on her iPad.
    I understand that she doesn't have my iTunes Match account activated on her iPad, however, from my perspective this should not be required., since the ATV2 is logged in to the iTunes Match account and thus we both can select the music via the TV interface - but only I can see and select the files via iPad.
    Does anyone experience the same problem and/or has a solution for this so that my wife can select the songs on her iPad as well?
    Thanks a lot!

    Hi Winston,
    Thank you for your answer! I agree that this seems to be a logical explanation, but then it is a strange way of implementation. After all, anyone can access all my music by going through the TV interface with the physical silver Apple remote, regardless if any computers, iPads or iPhones are turned on. So the ATV2 has access to all the music files and also lists them all, however, in the App only I can see them - my wife has to use the TV & remote.
    Further, home sharing should enable all my family members to listen to all "my" music. My MacBook Pro provides music via the "physical" iTunes library, my ATV1 provides music via the physical iTunes library (stored on the HDD), my ATV2 provides music via access to iTunes Match.
    So now I can access & see all files directly: MBP, MBP via ATV2, ATV1 and of course ATV2.
    My wife on the other hand can only access MBP, MBP via ATV2, ATV1 but not ATV2 unless she turns on the TV.
    So maybe Apple followed the logic you described when designing home sharing & the remote app, but then they moved from a great implementation on the ATV1 to a "user unfriendly" solution on the ATV2...
    Oh, well, looks like I'll be keeping my ATV1 longer than I had expected ;-)

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    Same here, Remote is the only app not rotating. Have tried everything I could imagine might fix it to no avail. Considering that the app icon hasn't been "sevened" my guess is someone missed the briefing or Apple doesn't understand how important this app is to some of us. There are already a few other threads on this, haven't yet found a solution in them.

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    This app now lists the albums as a list alphabetically which means I have to scroll thru the list to find the album I want.Can we have this facility back?
    I called the support desk and he could not find this feature!

    This is all about the experience and accessibility. I don't even mind if the new desing is beautiful or not, but if I find myself, like you, avoiding looking for my music, my experience becomes frustrating. I have about 35 albums of a single artist and I used to love going over them and choose the right thing for me, especially being on the road a lot, and now I have to think twice about even entering his name.
    I really hope Apple will take those kind of things into consideration when they issue updates for ios 7, and maybe also give us back the goole search which was embeded into the spotlight search (which is really not that big of a request).
    And for your 4s - get the new iphone, it's MUCH better

  • Using a single remote app to control multiple Apple TVs

    Can you use the remote application which is loaded on my IPad 2 to control multiple ATVs independently? If so, how is this done.

    Yes you can.
    I have a mixture of AppleTV 1 and 2 and several itunes libraries.
    The top level screen lists all devices/itunes libraries - when you choose one it enters the control mode for that and app tends to restart with that iTunes library or AppleTV device.  Press icon that looks lie 2 overlapping squares with rounded edges on top left of display to get back to top level screen.

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    The scopes controls are somewhat twitchy ... and definitely affected by which vid-card/ram on which CPU and whether the full moon comes before the 15th this month. I need to keep down to 1/2 on that dynamic quality setting ... and yea, really really want a mobo/vid-card that Sg likes so it works more smoothlier ... 

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