Report failing with error

Hi All,
Application R12.1.3 with Shared Application Tier 2 nodes
Database : 11g R with RAC 2 nodes with ASM
We have a concurrent program which gets fired when submitted thru API . For each order program is run once . If there are more orders it will run n number of times . At this time one request is failing with error
But for the same failed request when we run separately(with same parameters) it is completing Normal . There is no other error in Manager Logs.
please help what can be the issue.

Please see the following docs/links.
Concurrent Processing - Concurrent Reports Failing With Errors REP-0004,REP-0082 and REP-0104 [ID 844976.1]
If the links did not help, please enable trace/debug and see if you get more details about the error and post the contents of the log file then -- How Can Trace and Debug Be Turned On For A Concurrent Request? [ID 759389.1]

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  • Request of one report fails with error: unable to extend tablespace

    Hi All,
    When I submit one request of report, the request end up with error:
    unable to extend temp segment by 128 in tablespace XXXX
    The request costs too much tablespace in short time, but the temp is about 20 G large.
    The sever have been add storage recently, but I don't know whether it is related to the performance issue, because the request had not such issue.
    How do I deal with it ?

    What report is it ?
    Did you try and search metalink ?
    How to handle 'ORA-01652: unable to extend the temp segment by 128 in tablespace' error messages? (Doc ID 1359238.1)
    R12 Journal Entries Report (XLAJELINESRPT) Has Performance Issue Or Fails With Error: "java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01652: unable to extend temp segment by 128 in tablespace TEMP1" (Doc ID 1141673.1)
    This forum may be the right one for your question - General EBS Discussion

  • Crystal 10 Reports fail with error: "Load Report Failed"

    this seems to be a mystery. A client has Crystal 10 reports run from a Visual Studio 2003 application  (.NET 1.1) running fine on and old server.
    Once the .NET application is installed on a new Windows 2003 server, all Crystal 10 reports fail with the error message: "Load report failed" Source: CrystalDecisions.CrystalReport.Engine.
    I set the worker process in the application pool to "system admin" and all Crystal reports failed. I had thought it was a security issue. I even removed Crystal 10 and installed Crystall XI Developer Edition and all reports raised the exact same error message from CrystalDecisions.CrystalReport.Engine.
    Crystal does call the stored procedure to retrieve the data but cannot load the PDF. I have used 3 different physical servers, one Win 2003 64-bit and two Win 2003  32-bit and get the same error.

    Hi Mak,
    It seems that you are having issue with SDK's.
    Post your question in  Business Objects SDK Application Development  ->
    .NET Development - Crystal Reports Forum.
    That forum is monitored by qualified technicians and you will get a faster response there. Also, all SDK's queries remain in one place and thus can be easily searched in one place.
    Thank you for your understanding,

  • Scheduling a Deski report fails with error message: "Failed to get property

    We have created few Desktop Intelligence report. Now when these report are schedules to be refreshed weekly (on Sunday), it fails with the following error message:
    "Failed to Get Property"
    Have tried to refresh the reports manually in Full Client too but the report fails there too.
    Have checked for the connection information. The servers are up and running.
    Have tried to re-create the connection and even tried to re-import and export the Universe.
    If we rename the report and save it and export, it works fine. Can not try this workaround as have more that 500 reports.
    Please suggest.

    Hi Maria,
    usually the message "Failed to Get Property" is followed by an item name such as SI_FILE, or SI_VARIABLE, or SI_USE_ORIGINALDS, and so on.
    Could you please specify as much information coming from the error message as you can?
    Furthermore, is this issue happening with any Desktop Intelligence reports you schedule?
    Are the reports using the same Universe?
    Which DB are you using?
    Samanta F.

  • Windows 7 update fails with error 8000FFFF

    I've got a Windows 7 x64 installation that I've had for around three months.  Everything has been fine and working up until a few weeks ago.  When I run Windows Update it finds updates and allows me to select them, but when I run the install it fails with error 8000FFFF.  Update used to work, but then suddenly quit.
    I've dug through tons of forum and web sites regarding this specific error, but they all of their solutions do nothing to fix my problem.  In frustration I decided to put in a spare hard drive and install Windows 7 from scratch.  I did that and the first thing I tried to do after logging in was updates and it failed for the same reason (8000FFF).
    I have the same situation with a Windows Storage Server 2008 x64 that I have as well.  It has been runing for about six months or more and updates were working fine.  Then update started failing for the same or some other reason about the same time.  On this machine I can start the update and see it report a percentage downloading the update.  It gets to about 5 or 6 percent and then fails.
    Is there some possible networking issue at play in my situation?  I have earlier Windows versions (XP, XP64, Svr 2003 and Svr 2003 R2) and updates work fine on those.  I know those are using a different mechanism, but I do not notice any other kind of networking issues from my house to the Internet.  I have not changed anything or any settings in my firewall at all.  Is there some specific protocol, port or something that has to work prefectly in order for the new Windows update to work? 
    All of my machines are pretty much Intel based.  Win7 box is a Core2Duo on an EVGA 680i motherboard.  The servers are Intel Xeons with Intel motherboards, chipsets and nics.
    Thanks for any advice and help

    Wow, suddenly I have the same bizarre error at 11% of downloading, then error #8000FFFF.
    Fix IT, registry keys and SoftwareDistribution folder cleaning, uninstalling previous updates, manual downloading of appropriate updates and attempt do install it and creating/deleting user profiles - don't work at all.
    Any new ideas?
    Win7 x64 SP1
    Package KB2633873 failed to be changed to the Installed state.
    Status: 0x8e5e0408.Windows update "Security Update for Windows (KB2633873)" could not be installed because of error 2388526088 "" (Command line: ""C:\Windows\system32\wusa.exe" "C:\Users\Wiewior\Downloads\Windows6.1-KB2633873-x64.msu"       
    Package KB2645640 failed to be changed to the Installed state. Status: 0x8e5e0408.
    Windows update "Security Update for Windows (KB2645640)" could not be installed because of error 2388526088 "" (Command line: ""C:\Windows\system32\wusa.exe" "C:\Users\Wiewior\Downloads\Windows6.1-KB2645640-x64.msu"       

  • EvtFormatMessage function fails with error code 15033 (ERROR_EVT_MESSAGE_LOCALE_NOT_FOUND) on non-English Windows OS

    I have an App which subscribes to Windows events and if it is matching the filter criteria, it reports it.
    I have observed a strange problem on non-English windows 2008 OS. 
    If the Windows event is of source = EventLog (e.g. Event ID 1102: Security log was cleared), then EvtFormatMessage fails with error code 15033. But if the event is of any other source (e.g. Microsoft Security Auditing), then it works absolutely fine.
    While calling EvtOpenPublisherMetadata, I have created locale ID as MAKELCID(MAKELANGID(0x09,0x01) i.e. Primary language = LANG_ENGLISH and Sub Language = SUBLANG_DEFAULT.
    I want events details in English only and hence primary language is put as English. If I change this macro to have primary language as LANG_CHINESE and sub language as SUBLANG_CHINESE_SIMPLIFIED, then it works fine but gives back event details in native
    OS language (Chinese in this case). That's not a desirable output for me.
    Following is the way I'm calling EvtFormatMessage 
    EvtFormatMessage(hMetaData, hEvent[0], -1, 0, NULL,
                                   1 /* EvtFormatMessageEvent */, 
                                   m_pTextBuffer, &dwBuffUsed);
    A work-around for this is to install a MUI pack for English language. If the MUI pack is installed then it works fine. But I cannot enforce users to have this pack installed on all their systems.
    My question is  why this API is working for some set of Events whereas failing for some specific Events? Am I doing something wrong?
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Was on vacation and hence the delay in replying.
    As mentioned earlier, while calling EvtOpenPublisherMetadata, I have created locale ID as MAKELCID(MAKELANGID(0x09,0x01)
    i.e. Primary language = LANG_ENGLISH and Sub Language = SUBLANG_DEFAULT.  If I change this macro
    to have primary language as LANG_CHINESE and sub language as SUBLANG_CHINESE_SIMPLIFIED, then it works fine but gives back event details in native OS language (Chinese in this case).
    This is not an option for me as I want event details in English language only.
    Regards, Yogesh

  • Backup failed with Error: (-50) Creating Directory

    Repeats ad nauseum.
    This is backing up to a second internal drive that is an exact duplicate (in terms of HD model and size).
    Does anyone know what Error -50 means? Lack of permissions? Invalid name (doesn't seem like it)?
    8/30/08 9:06:37 AM /System/Library/CoreServices/backupd Starting standard backup
    8/30/08 9:06:37 AM /System/Library/CoreServices/backupd Backing up to: /Volumes/Sliffy Time/Backups.backupdb
    8/30/08 9:06:58 AM /System/Library/CoreServices/backupd Error: (-50) Creating directory 2008-08-30-090658.inProgress
    8/30/08 9:06:58 AM /System/Library/CoreServices/backupd Failed to make snapshot container.
    8/30/08 9:07:03 AM /System/Library/CoreServices/backupd Backup failed with error: 2

    Hi Glenn,
    Thanks for the suggestion. Nope, it's not listed. The only thing listed is my Time Machine volume.
    After a reboot, Time Machine seems to be working. It's making backups on schedule and the logs look good, not reporting any strangeness.
    A bit bummed about these phantom errors that go away on reboot. I'll keep on eye on the error/reboot frequency.

  • Activity report failed(Communication error)- while check-in Activity

    Hello SDN,
    I am getting following error while Checking in activity from open activities .currently we are using NWDS7.3
    CHECKIN      Finished24s.9Files scuceeded.
    ACTIVATE     Activation Performed.Build request ID : 166
              Internal Problem(Activity report failed(Communication error
    [cause: Unalble to open connection to host<host>:<port>][reason:Address already in use : connect]]))
    Check-in completed successfully but Activation is not completed and giving connectivity error described above. Again
    I activated activity from Activation view. Still I am getting following error description.Plesae provide me solution
    to resolve this issue.
    GET_STATUS      could not retrieve activation status of request '166' (Unable to connect to
    host:port-Address already in use:connect(Service call exception; nested exception
    IOException: Unable to connect to host:port-Address already in use:connect))

    Just check the full hostname of your DTR server, should be like
    and check if somewhere only
    is being used.and both are getting successfully pinged. DO not try the NWDS ping. Use command prompt and
    ping hostname
    Also this happens due to some clash with some other developer. Please check after some time, may be after a desktop restart. things should start working.
    Edited by: Varun Biswas on Nov 29, 2011 11:53 PM
    Edited by: Varun Biswas on Nov 29, 2011 11:53 PM

  • 703: Subdaemon connect to data store failed with error TT9999

    I'm getting the following error whilst trying to connect to a TimesTen DB:
    connect "DSN=my_cachedb";
    703: Subdaemon connect to data store failed with error TT9999
    In the tterrors.log:
    16:39:24.71 Warn: : 2568: 3596 ------------------: subdaemon process exited
    16:39:24.71 Warn: : 2568: 3596 exited while connected to data store '/u01/ttdata/datastores/my_cachedb' shm 33554529 count=1
    16:39:24.71 Warn: : 2568: daRecovery: subdaemon 3596, managing data store, failed: invalidate (failcode=202)
    16:39:24.71 Warn: : 2568: Invalidating the data store (failcode 202, recovery for 3596)
    16:39:24.72 Err : : 2568: TT14000: TimesTen daemon internal error: Could not send 'manage' request to subdaemon rc -2 err1 703 err2 9999
    16:39:24.72 Warn: : 2568: 3619 Subdaemon reports creation failure
    16:39:24.72 Err : : 2568: TT14000: TimesTen daemon internal error: Deleting 3619/0x1558650/'/u01/ttdata/datastores/my_cachedb' - from association table - not found
    16:39:24.72 Err : : 2568: TT14004: TimesTen daemon creation failed: Could not del from dbByPid internal table
    16:39:24.81 Warn: : 2568: child process 3596 terminated with signal 11
    16:39:25.09 Err : : 2568: TT14000: TimesTen daemon internal error: daRecovery for 3619: No such data store '/u01/ttdata/datastores/my_cachedb'
    I've checked and the datastore does exist and is owned by the timesten UNIX user.
    TimesTen Release (64 bit Linux/x86_64) (tt1122:53396) 2011-12-23T09:26:28Z
    Instance admin: timesten
    Instance home directory: /home/timesten/TimesTen/tt1122
    Group owner: timesten
    Daemon home directory: /home/timesten/TimesTen/tt1122/info
    PL/SQL enabled.
    Datastore definition from sys.odbc.ini:
    Kernel parameters from sysctl -a:
    kernel.shmmax = 68719476736
    kernel.shmall = 4294967296
    Memory / SWAP:
    MemTotal: 2050784 kB
    SWAP: /dev/mapper/VolGroup00-LogVol01 partition 4095992
    I'm new to TimesTen and I'm planning on evaluationg it to see if it could solve an issue we're having. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Hi Ian,
    Can you please answer the following / provide the following information:
    1. What are your kernel parameters relating to semaphores set to? Is anything else on the mahcine using significant numbers of semaphores?
    2. Please provide the output of the following shell commands:
    ls -ld /u01
    ls -ld /u01/ttdata
    ls -ld /u01/ttdata/datastores
    ls -ld /u01/ttdata/logs
    3. Please provide an excerpt of the detailed message log (ttmesg.log) between around 16:38 and 16:40 (i.e. from a little while before the problem until after the problem).

  • REP-56071: Security check failed with error message: Error code30009 - Gene

    REP-56071: Security check failed with error message: Error code30009 - Generic access check failed..
    I am also receiving the above error - these reports are deployed on our Portal - to which all registered SSO users should have access to.
    one more thing...
    We obtain the error only when execute under some "load", example: 15 reports running simultaneously.

    I am also facing this problem - I've deployed the reports on the Portal and authenticated users can access the reports.
    The problem is that when any authenticated user tries to access the report, on his very first access this error is shown.
    REP-56071: Security check failed with error message: Error code30009 - Generic access check failed..
    But after the user click on the Personalize link of the portlet and specify the parameters values(which are empty initially) then report runs fine.
    Plz let me know the solution as no user will like to see this error message for the first time he opens the report.

  • Help !!!  Re: Fianacial Analytics failed with Error Code = 36331

    I am getting an error exactly reported under another Post 'Re: Fianacial Analytics failed with Error Code = 36331'
    workflow log shows DB error to OLTP database..
    ERROR : LM_36488 [Wed Aug 19 15:05:52 2009] : (5928|2384) Session task instance [SDE_ORA_GLJournals_Full] : [TM_6193 An error occurred while expanding the connection parameter [Database connection name ORA_R12 for database connection variable $DBConnection_OLTP is not well defined.
    Can someone point to where the probem is
    I have Physical datasource definition of OLTP Warehouse -> Test Connection works fine -->

    I am unit Testing the activity SDE_ORA_GLJournals under Execution Plan, i can see an error.
    ANOMALY INFO::: Error while executing : INFORMATICA TASK:SDE_ORAR12_Adaptor:SDE_ORA_GLJournals_Full:(Source : FULL Target : FULL)
              Irrecoverable Error
              Error while contacting Informatica server for getting workflow status for SDE_ORA_GLJournals_Full
              Error Code = 36331:Unknown reason for error code 36331
              Pmcmd output :
    any ideas

  • The report terminated with error:  REP-501: The specified database cannot b

    Dear All,
    We are usning forms and reports 11g in weblogic . while running the reports from forms
    frequently getting the error The report terminated with error: REP-501: The specified database cannot be connected..
    Can anyboby help me to solve this problem

    REP-501 typically means that Oracle Reports are unable to locate any available Oracle Databases. By default, Oracle Reports (similar to Oracle Forms) will only look for available databases in tnsnames.ora. Not only that, but the Reports environment by default will always look for the tnsnames.ora file in %ORACLE_INSTANCE%\config ($ORACLE_INSTANCE/config in Unix). I have seen these scenarios happen before especially if the TNS_ADMIN variable for your Forms environment variables is a directory different from %ORACLE_INSTANCE%\config. This would be the first place I would look.
    If tnsnames.ora is located in %ORACLE_INSTANCE%\config, do all generated reports fail with this message or a select amount of them? If only a select amount of them, are there any similarities with these reports (e.g, size, parameters, etc.)?

  • App installation fails with error 0xE8000004

    i have purchased a navigation (GPS) application for iphone and ipad but installation fails with error 0xE8000004, even if the application is the only one (i have removed all other apps). I have tried on iphone and ipad and using different OS: Windows 7 professional 64 and Windows XP 32.
    Has anyone an idea of the problem ?

    Already done and this was the reply:
    Response (Frederick) - 03/01/2011 12.59 PM
    Dear Ettore,
    Thank you for contacting CoPilot Technical Support.
    If you are experiencing download issues between two Apple platforms (here between the iPhone and iTunes), I advise you contact Apple directly from your purchase history in iTunes then 'Report a problem' as ALK is not in charge of the installation on this device.
    Then i contacted Apple and the reply was:
    Ettore, please call up to the iPhone technical support. To find the appropriate phone number, please visit:
    I am a little bit disappointed.

  • Partition failed with error input output

    Hi All,
    I installed a new hard drive (WD 500G) into my 2006 Macbook, Mac OS X 10.4.10.  I also increased the RAM to 2G.  My Macbook reconized the hard drive. However, I followed the steps below to format the HD, but got the partition failed with error input output msg.
    1. Went to  Disk Utility, selected the name of new hard drive in the sidebar.
    2. Select the Partition tab, and selected 1 partition from the drop down menu.
    3. Click Options, then choose GUID .
    4. Select Partition
    In previous posts someone suggested updating the softward to 10.4.11 or the erasing the HD, but erasing the hard drive would take 13 hours according to my Macbook.  Any suggestions?  Please Help!

    The error usually means the drive is bad. But you can try this:
    Erase and Install OS X
    1. Boot from your OS X Installer Disc. After the installer loads select your language and click on the Continue button.  When the menu bar appears select Disk Utility from the Utilities menu.
    2. After DU loads select your hard drive (this is the entry with the mfgr.'s ID and size) from the left side list. Note the SMART status of the drive in DU's status area.  If it does not say "Verified" then the drive is failing or has failed and will need replacing.  SMART info will not be reported  on external drives. Otherwise, click on the Partition tab in the DU main window.
    3. Under the Volume Scheme heading set the number of partitions from the drop down menu to one. Click on the Options button, set the partition scheme to GUID then click on the OK button. Set the format type to Mac OS Extended (Journaled.) Click on the Partition button and wait until the process has completed.
    4. Select the volume you just created (this is the sub-entry under the drive entry) from the left side list. Click on the Erase tab in the DU main window.
    5. Set the format type to Mac OS Extended (Journaled.) Click on the Security button, check the button for Zero Data and click on OK to return to the Erase window.
    6. Click on the Erase button. The format process can take up to several hours depending upon the drive size.
    7. After formatting has finished quit DU and return to the installer. Install OS X.

  • Backup failed with error: 11 -Error: (-41) SrcErr:NO Copying

    Like many of you, I was unlucky to get the famous TimeMachine error message: "The backup was not performed because an error occurred while copying files to the backup disk". I started to get as much help as I could from Google and all your forum posts.
    Until recently I could not get an easy answer and it seemed that various people had success by:
    - renaming their machine to remove say extraneous characters (such as apostrophe)
    - delete the last "in progress" backup
    - reset the TM
    - etc.
    I did all of that plus reformatting my new WD HDD but nothing changed. After 2 days of frustration with this piece of software (Time Machine), the good news for me is that I can consistently reproduce the error as well succeed in performing a backup. The solution for me seems to make sure that I +*do not have a source directory structure deeper than 15 levels*+. As soon as I have a file that is 16 levels deep from the root of the HDD that I try to backup, I get this error:
    +*Error: (-41) SrcErr:NO Copying /Volumes/<HDD to Backup>/<Deep Directory Structure>... to*+
    +*/Volumes/<Your TM Drive>/Backups.backupdb/<Your Machine>/<Timestamp>.inProgress/<AutoGenerated-GUID>/<HDD to Backup>/<Deep Directory Structure>...*+
    +*Copy stage failed with error:11*+
    +*Backup failed with error: 11*+
    The Console app shows the system log with the path to the file that failed during backup. I tried to make the pathname shorter than 255 characters to make sure this is not an 8bit limitation of some string length in the code. Even if I have a path shorter than 255 characters, TM fails with the above error when the source files are at least 16 levels deep in the directory structure.
    What is most frustrating about this is not the careless and uninformative error message or this apparently non-sense limitation of 15 levels - it might be something historical in Apple's code - but the lack of documentation. In the absence of proper logging and error handling in this piece of code, wouldn't be nice to have some explanation from Apple with regards to what this error #11 means or perhaps what caused this "Error (-41) SrcErr:NO Copying"? I guess most of us would be just fine to know that as per release notes, Apple has this limitation of 15 levels for the source directory structure.

    solongpc wrote:
    Regardless if this is a general problem or not, does anyone know of any documentation/release notes for common/generic TM error codes? That would be helpful.
    Yeah, many of us would love it! But no such thing exists, at least not that us mere mortals can find.
    There might be another variable that I don't understand right now but at least it is consistent.
    Could it be something funky in the name of one of the folders? Or could the folder object itself be corrupt? Or have some odd extended attribute?
    All I can suggest is calling AppleCare, and/or reporting it as a bug:
    *_Submitting a +Bug Report+ to Apple._*
    This requires a membership in the +Apple Developer Connection,+ but you can get one for free.
    Register here:
    Once you receive the confirmation, go to: and login.
    Click +New Problem+ at the top.
    Click Help at the top, and/or any of the items underlined in blue for more information.
    Provide as much specific detail as possible, and attach a log, screenshot, etc., as appropriate in the lower section.
    When done, click Submit at the bottom.

Maybe you are looking for

  • PI 7.11 problem with configuration wizard

    hello guys, during the configuration wizard to use PI functionalty of my PI system I receive a massage regarding the not correct registration of my system into SLD ABAP technical system 'SID on HOSTNAME\SID' not found . But it's correctly in the abap

  • CRM_ORDER_READ giving no output when it is called in RFC.

    Hi , I have written a FM in CRM which is to be called from R3 and further processing logic is there  in R3. I am facing problem when i call this function from R3.. I am getting no output in pridoc i.e. it is blank. I have checked connection also it i

  • Can you find the problem in this code?

    I've searching some examples of the using of JTable on this forum. So I've used a code found here. But nothing happens, the JFrame doesn't appear on screen. I'm sure my database "CLIENTES" exists inside the db folder. And also there's data inside "CL

  • Switching what page you link to on the fly?

    I am trying to see if this is possible. We have a report, and one of the columns has a link that goes to a detail page. No problem...except we don't always want to go to the detail page. We want to basically set it up conditionally so that in a certa

  • Custom Doc over MLLP

    Has anybody worked with configuring B2B with custom document over mllp? I have an outbound scenario that I need to work on but I am not sure how to go about it. The format I need to output is positional. Is there any document on configuring a custom