Request for Webcenter demo (viewlets) for Mobile devices (PDA/iPhone)

Hi ,
We are working on a deal opportunity for webcenter suite.
We are looking for a demo artifacts (recording/viewlets/live vm) for webcenter integration with mobile devices (pda/ iPhones etc).
Please advise.
Thanks and regards

904559 wrote:
Our client would like to access workflows of WebCenter in Mobile devices like IPhone, Android devices, Blackberry, Nokia etc. Is there any generic way we can develop workflows for all devices or should we develop it specific for each devices.
An immediate response would be higly appreciated
RafiqueMobile development is a bit more involved than simple WebCenter. :-)
In short, the best approach at present to have mobile access is to create a "mobile" site based on HTML5. You will likely need to re-design your application to be mobile-accessible, either creating a simplified WebCenter app/skin for mobile applications (e.g. the 320 px screen, etc.) targeted at the smartphone-type screen. This does not solve the feature-phone problem. (Nokia?)
The other approach is to use RESTful services that you can either use or create in order to serve mobile clients that are either native apps or HTML5/JS apps that are created with a tool like PhoneGap. (This would allow for non-web-browsing access.)
There are also some inklings that a new "ADF Mobile" is coming that will allow for a more ADF-like mobile development approach.

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    our java app that we have just ported from PDA to laptop uses AWT components as these work on the PDA. need to go for what will work on the windows mobile device, abnd this may restrict you to older and less functional components.
    NOTE platform is defined within the application on the server side (the name of the database on the client), and therefore you will need two applications in terms of oracle lite publications, so define the database name external to the code in some kind of a properties/config file

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    You can look here.
    ...display the data on any mobile deviceI suspect that is not going to happen without coding to each device. But that is just a guess.

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    This will go back to your other post about the CSS tables, it depends on how much you know.  CSS3 is a style language and while support is growing in Dreamweaver and within browsers it is taking some time so the more you understand the code the better off you will be.  With regards to HTML5 animations, you will find that no tool out there can do this easily outside of some Apple developer tools and if you are serious about programming to work with the iPhone/iPad you will want to sign up (registration is free) and download their developer tools.  Adobe has mentioned making some strides and trying to use their existing tools (ie: Flash) to help transition to HTML5 animations from Flash and Illustrator has also gained some HTML5 vector tools to help out.
    To find out more about what Adobe is doing for HTML5 there was a post made on John Nack's blog not too long ago that you might want to read over (and follow the links).
    Dreamweaver is not going to hand you everything though.  To get the most out of it you have to put something into it.  It is easily the most advanced tool in the PHP and ColdFusion realms (ASP/.NET goes to Visual Studio).  But in order to do more and customize things to your needs, understanding the code is a must in the world of web design.

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    It's true that people would, as you put it, be just guessing as to what's actually going to happen after Adobe's decision to bail in the Flash-mobile device market. Nobody knows absolutely. However, that's not a good reason for putting a lid on it or for never asking the question. Some people are good at guessing about these things (remember Steve Jobs) and, being well informed to boot, they might have an intersting scenario to present. From my superficial understanding of the situation, I can only raise the question so that I might learn more by reading others' responses. Then I will decide for myself as to their credibility.
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    Additionally, any references for use of the "templateeditor.exe" appreciated!

    Create a different framework for your mobile devices.
    You can set different framework pages according to
    User, Role, Group, Bandwidth, URL Alias, Browser Type and Browser Version
    in Rule Collections.
    You can define your own rules in
    System Administration -> Portal Display -> Desktops & Display Rules
    If you are using different users on mobile devices best option is using different Desktops according to Groups otherwise you can use Browser Type or Browser Version...

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    Recently I have been doing a lot of POC's to render a webcenter portal in a mobile device . But nothing has turned fruitful so far.
    Can you guys point me the correct direction to render a webcenter portal in a mobile device.
    Any help is highly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.
    Edited by: Anand on Oct 9, 2012 3:31 AM

    Yannick Ongena wrote:
    There's more to do it than just the HTTP protocol.
    There is also javascript, css which causes most of the issues.
    If you build your website and define in your css that the width of a page is 1000px than you can imagine it will not show up properly on a mobile phone...
    Some mobile phones don't support the latest features in javascript.
    ADF uses a lot of PPR which depends on javascript and if the mobile/table browsers don't support those features than you will loose a lot of functionality.Agreed, css might cause formatting issues and extensive Javascript usage might not work on tablets or mobiles browsers. Thanks!

  • Peer to Peer on Mobile Devices

    I am trying to develop a real-time game for mobile devices that will allow multiple players. The basic connection concept is:
    1) One person puts their game in "host" mode. That causes it to listen for outside connections.
    2) A player (client) fires up their game and says to search for a host. The  client goes in sequence through all addresses in its IP stack (255 of them) and sends a  server connect request. All but one, probably, will come up with no  connection. But we get that response from one address and...
    3) Server receives the connect request, does a bit of handshaking,  assigns the connected player to be one of the players in the game.
    4) Once the game is started, the client sends only action-signals to  the server.
    5) The server calculates the action and sends data packets to all  connected clients, perhaps once every 1/10th of a second, containing all  updates to the in-game action. This time cycle will be the subject of  some trial and error.
    6) The server must be sensitive to clients logging out or losing connection mid-game.
    The ServerSocket class is designed for the Host machine to listen for incoming connection requests and handle them. However, it is NOT available on AIR for mobile devices! I read this in documentation and proved it by my own testing.
    So, how can I set up a multiplayer game, using socket TCP communications (not UDP, which can be lossy and time-insensitive), for mobile devices like my Android phone? What programming can I do on the "host" to listen for and handle incoming connections without the ServerSocket class?
    It is important that we do not involve an intermediary server to handle the multiplayer communications. The game engine should be able to find any "host" on its local network and communicate with it directly.
    I do not want to use the UDP-based Stratus, which also would require setting up my own user-management server.

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