Reversed PGI on the wrong date

dear sir,
i created a sto for a material and transferred the material from plant A to B. on 10th Oct,
now against this material i created an order on 20th October. created delivery .and issued it against order.
now on 25th..we had to cancel the order and we wanted the material to be in our stock on 20th October.but by mistake the user reversed the doc on 25th. via VL09.deleted the outbound delivery.
now i am unable to reverse the Material document generated.
so stock is available on 25th Oct.
i need this material in my stock on 20th October.
please suggest me some solution.

hi sri,
thanks for the quick reply. i am mm person, and not much familiar with SD ..but i have some doubts, and i m sorry if doubts are childish.
We cant reverse the vl09 material document.
how can i turn the stock into MTO stock, also how will it allow me to backpost the stock on 20th october.

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    Good to hear .  Happy computing!

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    You will need to contact Customer Support to fix the date-of-birth:
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    Also I had to re load the code modules that run the application they disappeared during the migration process. Is that normal?
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    The table had the wrong columns and the wrong data, basically it was mapped to the wrong table.
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    since Quantity(units PC??) can not be in decimals,Bex will round off 1.5 to 2 in bex report.
    Use NODIM function i.e. NODIM(Qty) instead of Quantity.
    NODIM function is available under data functions of Formula builder.
    From context menu fo KF structure>new formula>NODIM(Qty).
    try by setting Decimal places to  2 or 3 in KF properties in Bex Query.
    hope this helps.
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    try rebooting your phone
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    I'm retreiving a java.sql.Date, and using a SimpleDateFormat("dd.MM.yyyy") to format it. For some reason, some of my users (located in other countries) end up with the wrong dates (it's an applet)and others don't. Any similar experiences/thoughts?

    Thanks for the info....I'm using 1.3, so that's unlikely to be it.
    I narrowed it down to a timezone problem difference problem between my applet and the server. Does anyone know how I can get an applet to behave like it's in a different timezone. Is there a single place I can set it (like maybe a System.setTimezone or something?). I don't want to go around messing with my Locales in every single Date or Calendar object I use. I just need my applets to think they're running in the same timezone as the server. Any similar experiences/quick fixes?

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    When you have a bad request in your data target, what you can do is make the QM status red manually for that request and then go to the data target and delete the bad request; and when you run the IP again it will ask you confirmation for repeat the last delta request. So, you can get last delta (that failed one for which we deleted the bad request) along with new delta.
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