Sales Order Created with reference to Contract - Exchange rate Issue

When Sales Order created with reference to contract VBKD fields KURSK and KURSK_DAT gets copied from contract and not redetrmined based on pricing date and Exchange rate type. I expected it to be determined based on pricing date is standard. What I am missing, should it be controlled by data transfers
If Document currency and condition currency are different it cause problems with incorrect condition values are calculated, as KOMP-KURSK are copied from VBKD-KURSK
Any help or directions would be greatly appreciated . We are on 4.7 ISOIL
Sincerely Julietta

and if we have the same issue, but we don't have OIL Version, but simple 4.6C, which solution has to be applied then?
Thank you

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  • Change of Sold to Party in Sales order created with Reference to Contract

    Dear Gurus
    I want to change the sold to party in Sales Order created with reference to contract.
    When I create a Sales order with reference to contract the system copies all the partner functions- Sold to, Ship to, Bill to and Payer alongwith other data.
    However Sold to is marked as "Grey" and not changable, rest of the partners can be changed.
    There is no subsiquent document created with reference to this Sales Order.
    Please advice.
    Thanks a lot.

    Hi ,
    Please follow the below mentioned step.
    1) Create a partner function letts say Authorized SP .
    2) Assign all the possible authorised  SP (customer) in the contract.
    3) When you create sales order with reff to Contract. Put the customer for whom you wish to create a sales order in release partner tab.
    Hop this will resolve our problem
    Krishna O

  • Error while posting a sales order created with reference from contract for

    I am posting a sales document( Type: WA)  created with reference from contract document(  type wk2) for delivery.  The item category in the sales order of the Item is WAN. On posting this document for delivery I am getting the error as "Item category WAN is not defined".  Please help me out how to resolve this issue.

    Hi Jayant,
    I think its value contract releated error,
    You suppose to check material item category group through T.code-MM02 into sales2 tab and maintain VCIT,
    and do item category assignment through T.code- VOV4.
    plz.maintain like that,
    WK2 -          -VCIT-         -           - WAN(contract item category),
    wk2  -          -        -VCTR-          - WAN((contract item category),
    you should also maintain same against your standard Sales Document type and for Standard Item category into VOV4,
    WA(standard docu.type) -VCIT-                             -                -TAN(your standard docu.type item category),
    WA(standard docu.type) -         -VCTR(item usage)-              -TAN(your standard docu.type item category),

  • Sales order create with reference to contract order

            I am trying to create a sales order with reference to an
    existing contract order. I have given the contract order and clicked on the selection-list button to select the items I want to copy. It listed the items, but I am not getting all the details of the item. Material description (VBAP-ARKTX) is not coming.
    Is it related to config? This is happening in my quality system where as in my development system, I could see the material
    shorttext appearing.
    Please let me know how to proceed.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Vishnu Priya

    please check if there are any missing transports between Development and quality. and also check if there are any customizations done either to bring them or prevent on any specific conditions. Also check if all the required master data is maintianed correctly.
    sadhu kishore

  • Re. Sales order Created with reference to Contract

    Hi Guru's,
    I have create a Contract with Sold to party, Ship to party and material combination. So when i am creating a Sales order for the same combination system is not proposing the availability of contract. I manually need to assign the contract to the sales order.
    Am i missing any configuration. Can any one suggest the solution for the same.
    It would be of great help.
    Thanks in advance.
    With Best Regards,
    M. Rajendran.

    Hi Rajendran M, 
    Maintain the copy control in VTAA
    select your Sales document type & contract document type
    In Header
    Data T- 051
    Data T- 101
    Data T- 001
    copying req- 001
    check mark copy item number
    in Item - select yourcontract item category
    Data T- 151
    Data T- 102
    Data T- 002
    FPLA- 251
    copying req- 301
    check mark copy schedules
    x update document flow
    pos/neg qty - +
    pricing type- G
    Let me know if your problem is solved

  • Error  : Sales order 'create with Reference' to the contract

    We have made a value contract. Now we are trying to make a Sales order 'create with Reference' to the contract.
    when we do that, we am getting error 'copying material in any value contract item is not permitted'
    Any help or directions would be greatly appreciated . We are on Ecc 6.0

    As of now my value contract has just one material. so i dont need assortment module settings. right?
    in VTAA settings are as follows
    Target type: OR  
    Source type: ZK1
    there is only on item category
    Target item category: TAN   
    Source item category: WKN
    Copying requirement : 301
    update doc flow : 2
    pricing type : C
    cont item copy mode : A
    DataT am using 151,102,002
    There are no schedule line.
    Edited by: rohit kumar on May 15, 2008 7:36 PM

  • Problem in Sales Order Creation with reference to Contract

    Hi All,
    We had enhanced Contracts (VA41) by adding fields thru append structures in VBAP and the same is provided in the "Additional Data B" tab at the item level.
    The Z fields are populated with data and gets saved along with the contracts line items.
    But when a sale order is created with reference to a contract, the data in the Z fields (maintained in Append Structures) of the contract are not getting copied to the line item of Sales orders.
    Should a routine be necessarily written for copying Z fields from contract to Sales orders or Copy control must be set up for Z fields separately?
    Any info on this would help.

    Hi VJ,
    The copying from Contract to Orders worked. I copied the standard routine (151) in data transfers and added the code to transfer Z fields from work area CVBAP to work area VBAP and attached the same in the copy control. It works!!!
    Thanks for the help VJ.

  • Sales Order Creation with reference to Contract

    Hi all ,
    Existing Setup in the System:
    1)  I have a contract created with a validity period of 30 days. When i create sales order with reference to contract, then i get a pop-up box, from the box i can select my contract.
    2) I have a Lead time configured as 5 days for the Sales document type , I,e when I create sales order I can see my Requested delivery date is always system date + 5 days.
    3) I have a Pricing date configured as Today’s date. Therefore when I create sales order I can see pricing date becomes the system date.
    Execution of Sales Order:
    4) When I create Sales Order with reference to contract document. Always Requested Delivery date is compared with Contract Validity Dates.
    Example: Contract Validity 01/03/2008   -    31/03/2008
    Sales Order: Sales Order Creation date -> 19/03/2008, Pricing Date: 19/03/2008 Requested delivery date 24/03/2008.
    But my requirement is when i create Sales Order it should consider System date or Pricing Date( since pricing date is today date)  for to compare with contract validity dates.
    Can it be done with standard config or do we need to some type of custom?  Appreciate your help

    Hi ,
    As said when I create Sales Order with reference to contract document. Always Requested Delivery date on Sales Order is checked against Contract Validity Dates.
    But i want Pricing date  in Sales Order should be checked against Contract Validity Dates.
    Can someone suggest me on this?

  • BAPI Sales order create with reference

    I need to use BAPI to create sales order with reference to Quantity Contract. The line item material quantity would be less than or equal to quantity contract quantity.
    Sales order needs to be created with new quantity.
    Quantity contract quantity change needs to be maintained.
    Document flow needs to be maintained.
    Is any one aware if this is possible using BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2. If yes, how?
    Any insights would be highly appreciated.

    Hi Maninder,
    The BAPI does not allow the Pricing Conditions to be sourced from the Contract. I debugged the BAPI and it uses a piece of code (don't recall which subroutine though) from SAPMV45A which is relevant for dialog processing where it reads from the VBAP and *VBAP structures. Well this structure is only populated when you are using the Front End transaction (VA41, VA42, etc). Because this structure is empty, pricing conditions do not flow across.
    Here is a little prototype program I whipped up to test my method of creating a Sales order and then changing the Sales Order:
    REPORT  ypat_salesorder_create LINE-SIZE 256.
    * This program will create a ZOC Sales Order with Reference to Contract
    * 20000720 / 10. This will be done via BAPI. There are 2 BAPi calls,
    * perform 2 BAPI calls as the BAPI to create the Sales Order does not
    * bring across the Pricing Conditions properly. To get around this we
    * create the Order with reference to the Contract, then we get the
    * related Pricing Conditions from the COntract and then update the newly
    * created Order.
    * Constants
    CONSTANTS: c_contract  LIKE vbak-vbeln VALUE '0020000720',
               c_item      LIKE vbap-posnr VALUE '000010'.
    * Structures
    * Structure to hold BAPI Header
    DATA: st_bapisdhd1   LIKE bapisdhd1.
    * Internal Tables
    * Sales Order Create BAPI Return Messages
    DATA: tbl_return     TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF bapiret2
                         WITH HEADER LINE.
    * Sales Order BAPI Line Item
    DATA: tbl_bapisditm  TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF bapisditm
                         WITH HEADER LINE.
    * Sales Order BAPI Line Item
    DATA: tbl_bapisditmx  TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF bapisditmx
                         WITH HEADER LINE.
    * Sales Order BAPI Pricing Conditions
    DATA: tbl_bapicond   TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF bapicond
                         WITH HEADER LINE.
    * Sales Order BAPI Partner Functions
    DATA: tbl_bapiparnr  TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF bapiparnr
                         WITH HEADER LINE.
    * Sales Order BAPI Schedule Lines
    DATA: tbl_bapischdl  TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF bapischdl
                         WITH HEADER LINE.
    * Sales Order BAPI Schedule Lines
    DATA: tbl_bapischdlx TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF bapischdlx
                         WITH HEADER LINE.
    * Sales Order BAPI Pricing Conditions
    DATA: tbl_bapicondx    TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF bapicondx
                           WITH HEADER LINE.
    * Customer Enhancement for VBAK, VBAP, VBEP
    DATA: tbl_bapiparex    TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF bapiparex
                           WITH HEADER LINE.
    * Table to hold BAPI Detail Conditions
    DATA: tbl_bapisdcond   TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF bapisdcond
                           WITH HEADER LINE.
    * Table to hold Return Messages from Sales Order Change BAPI
    DATA: tbl_return_chg  TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF bapiret2
                          WITH HEADER LINE.
    * Variables
    DATA: g_vbeln_created   LIKE vbak-vbeln,
          g_valid_contract  TYPE c,
          g_cont_price_date TYPE d.
    * Start of Selection
      PERFORM validate_contract.
      PERFORM create_sales_ord.
      PERFORM update_sales_ord.
    * End of Selection
      PERFORM write_output_report.
    * Subroutines
    *&      Form  create_sales_ord
    *       Create the Sales Order
    FORM create_sales_ord .
      PERFORM populate_bapi_tables.
      PERFORM call_create_sales_ord_bapi.
    ENDFORM.                    " create_sales_ord
    *&      Form  populate_bapi_tables
    *       Fill up the BAPI Tables
    FORM populate_bapi_tables .
      PERFORM populate_bapi_header.
      PERFORM build_bapi_partners.
      PERFORM build_bapi_items.
      PERFORM build_bapi_sched_lines.
    ENDFORM.                    " populate_bapi_tables
    *&      Form  populate_bapi_header
    *       Build BAPI Header Details
    FORM populate_bapi_header .
      CLEAR st_bapisdhd1.
      st_bapisdhd1-doc_type     = 'ZOC'.         "Order type
      st_bapisdhd1-sales_org    = '026'.         "Sales Org
      st_bapisdhd1-distr_chan   = '00'.          "Dist Channel
      st_bapisdhd1-division     = '00'.          "Division
      st_bapisdhd1-purch_no_c   = 'Cust Po No'.  "Cust PO No
      st_bapisdhd1-name         = 'Orderer'.     "Name of Orderer
      st_bapisdhd1-ord_reason   = ''.            "Order Reason
      st_bapisdhd1-sales_off    = '3001'.        "Sales Office
      st_bapisdhd1-sales_grp    = '301'.         "Market Area
      IF g_valid_contract = 'X'.
        st_bapisdhd1-price_date = g_cont_price_date.
    ENDFORM.                    " populate_bapi_header
    *&      Form  build_bapi_partners
    *       Build BAPI Partner Functions
    FORM build_bapi_partners .
      CLEAR tbl_bapiparnr.
      tbl_bapiparnr-partn_role   = 'AG'.
      tbl_bapiparnr-partn_numb   = '0000100750'.
      APPEND tbl_bapiparnr.
      CLEAR tbl_bapiparnr.
      tbl_bapiparnr-partn_role   = 'WE'.
      tbl_bapiparnr-partn_numb   = '0000504472'.
      APPEND tbl_bapiparnr.
    ENDFORM.                    " build_bapi_partners
    *&      Form  build_bapi_items
    *       Build The BAPI Line Items
    FORM build_bapi_items .
      DATA: l_matnr LIKE mara-matnr.
          input  = '10000072'
          output = l_matnr.
      CLEAR tbl_bapisditm.
      tbl_bapisditm-itm_number  = c_item.
      IF g_valid_contract = 'X'.
        tbl_bapisditm-ref_doc     = c_contract.
        tbl_bapisditm-ref_doc_it  = c_item.
        tbl_bapisditm-ref_doc_ca  = 'G'.       "Contract
      tbl_bapisditm-material    = l_matnr.
      tbl_bapisditm-plant       = '3012'.
      tbl_bapisditm-target_qty  = '5.000'.
      tbl_bapisditm-target_qu   = 'M3'.
      tbl_bapisditm-item_categ  = 'ZZOC'.
      tbl_bapisditm-sales_dist  = '301'.
      tbl_bapisditm-dlv_prio    = '02'.
      tbl_bapisditm-prc_group5  = '080'.
      tbl_bapisditm-cust_mat35  = 'kdmat'.
      tbl_bapisditm-route       = 'TESYS'.
      tbl_bapisditm-usage_ind   = 'CIV'.
      APPEND tbl_bapisditm.
      CLEAR tbl_bapisditmx.
      tbl_bapisditmx-itm_number = c_item.
      tbl_bapisditmx-ref_doc    = 'X'.
      tbl_bapisditmx-ref_doc_it = 'X'.
      tbl_bapisditmx-ref_doc_ca = 'X'.
      tbl_bapisditmx-material   = 'X'.
      tbl_bapisditmx-updateflag = 'I'.
      tbl_bapisditmx-plant      = 'X'.
      tbl_bapisditmx-target_qty = 'X'.
      tbl_bapisditmx-target_qu  = 'X'.
      tbl_bapisditmx-item_categ = 'X'.
      tbl_bapisditmx-sales_dist = 'X'.
      tbl_bapisditmx-dlv_prio   = 'X'.
      tbl_bapisditmx-prc_group5 = 'X'.
      tbl_bapisditmx-cust_mat35 = 'X'.
      tbl_bapisditmx-usage_ind  = 'X'.
      tbl_bapisditmx-route      = 'X'.
      APPEND tbl_bapisditmx.
    ENDFORM.                    " build_bapi_items
    *&      Form  build_bapi_sched_lines
    *       Build the BAPI Schedule Lines
    FORM build_bapi_sched_lines .
      CLEAR tbl_bapischdl.
      tbl_bapischdl-itm_number  = c_item.
      tbl_bapischdl-req_qty     = '1'.
      tbl_bapischdl-req_date    = sy-datum.
      APPEND tbl_bapischdl.
    ENDFORM.                    " build_bapi_sched_lines
    *&      Form  build_bapi_conditions
    *       Pull the BAPI Pricing Conditions from the Contract
    FORM build_bapi_conditions .
      LOOP AT tbl_bapisdcond.
        CLEAR tbl_bapicond.
        MOVE-CORRESPONDING tbl_bapisdcond TO tbl_bapicond.
        APPEND tbl_bapicond.
        CLEAR tbl_bapicondx.
        tbl_bapicondx-itm_number = tbl_bapicond-itm_number.
        tbl_bapicondx-cond_st_no = tbl_bapicond-cond_st_no.
        tbl_bapicondx-cond_count = tbl_bapicond-cond_count.
        tbl_bapicondx-cond_type  = tbl_bapicond-cond_type.
        tbl_bapicondx-updateflag = 'I'.
        tbl_bapicondx-cond_value = 'X'.
        tbl_bapicondx-currency   = 'X'.
        tbl_bapicondx-cond_unit  = 'X'.
        tbl_bapicondx-cond_p_unt = 'X'.
        tbl_bapicondx-varcond    = tbl_bapicond-varcond.
        APPEND tbl_bapicondx.
    ENDFORM.                    " build_bapi_conditions
    *&      Form  call_create_sales_ord_bapi
    *       Call the Sales Order Create BAPI
    FORM call_create_sales_ord_bapi .
      CLEAR g_vbeln_created.
          order_header_in    = st_bapisdhd1
          salesdocument      = g_vbeln_created
          return             = tbl_return
          order_items_in     = tbl_bapisditm
          order_items_inx    = tbl_bapisditmx
          order_partners     = tbl_bapiparnr
          order_schedules_in = tbl_bapischdl.
          wait = 'X'.
    ENDFORM.                    " call_create_sales_ord_bapi
    *&      Form  update_sales_ord
    *       Update the newly created Sales Order with the Pricing Conditions
    *       from the Contract
    FORM update_sales_ord .
      CHECK g_valid_contract EQ 'X'.
      PERFORM get_contract_details.
      PERFORM build_bapi_conditions.
      PERFORM call_change_sales_ord_bapi.
    ENDFORM.                    " update_sales_ord
    *&      Form  get_contract_details
    *       Get Contract Details
    FORM get_contract_details .
    * Need to manually get the relevant Pricing Conditions as the BAPI
    * BAPISDORDER_GETDETAILEDLIST causes problems when we call the BAPI
    * this is due to the fact that these BAPIs belong to the same Function
    * Group and there must be some common structures that are not cleared
    * causing us all sorts of grief when we try and call the next BAPI)
    * Pricing Condition Master
      DATA: BEGIN OF tbl_t685a OCCURS 0,
              kschl     LIKE t685a-kschl,
              kaend_wrt LIKE t685a-kaend_wrt,
            END OF tbl_t685a.
      SELECT *
             INTO TABLE tbl_vbak
             FROM vbak
             WHERE vbeln = c_contract.
      READ TABLE tbl_vbak INDEX 1.
      SELECT *
             INTO TABLE tbl_konv
             FROM konv
             WHERE knumv = tbl_vbak-knumv AND
                   kposn = c_item.
      CHECK sy-subrc EQ 0.
    * We now need to make sure we only bring across the Condition Types that
    * are EDITABLE. If we bring across non editable conditions (such as
    * 'ZPR1') the Change Sales Order BAPI will fail
      SELECT kschl kaend_wrt
             INTO TABLE tbl_t685a
             FROM t685a
             FOR ALL ENTRIES IN tbl_konv
             WHERE kappl     EQ 'V'             AND  "Sales
                   kschl     EQ tbl_konv-kschl  AND
                   kaend_wrt EQ 'X'             AND  "Value is Editable
                   kmanu     NE 'D'.                 "Process manually
    * Prepare for Binary Search
      SORT tbl_t685a BY kschl.
      LOOP AT tbl_konv.
        READ TABLE tbl_t685a WITH KEY kschl = tbl_konv-kschl BINARY SEARCH.
        IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
          MOVE-CORRESPONDING tbl_konv TO tbl_komv.
          APPEND tbl_komv.
      CHECK NOT tbl_komv[] IS INITIAL.
    * Map KOMV into the more BAPI friendly BAPISDCOND structure
          fxvbak        = tbl_vbak
          fxkomv        = tbl_komv
          fxbapikomv    = tbl_bapisdcond
          entry_missing = 1
          OTHERS        = 2.
    ENDFORM.                    " get_contract_details
    *&      Form  call_change_sales_ord_bapi
    *       Call the Change Sales Order BAPI
    FORM call_change_sales_ord_bapi .
      DATA: st_head_chg      LIKE bapisdh1x,
            st_logic_switch  TYPE bapisdls.
      CHECK NOT g_vbeln_created IS INITIAL.
      CHECK g_valid_contract EQ 'X'.
      st_head_chg-updateflag     = 'U'.
      st_logic_switch-cond_handl = 'X'.
          salesdocument    = g_vbeln_created
          order_header_inx = st_head_chg
          logic_switch     = st_logic_switch
          return           = tbl_return_chg
          conditions_in    = tbl_bapicond
          conditions_inx   = tbl_bapicondx.
          wait = 'X'.
    ENDFORM.                    " call_change_sales_ord_bapi
    *&      Form  write_output_report
    *       Produce Output Report
    FORM write_output_report .
      IF NOT g_vbeln_created IS INITIAL.
        WRITE:/ 'Success! Sales Order', g_vbeln_created, 'was created!'.
        WRITE:/ 'Failure! Sales Order was not created!'.
      WRITE:/ 'Sales Order Create Log'.
      LOOP AT tbl_return.
        WRITE:/ tbl_return-type, tbl_return-id, tbl_return-number,
      WRITE:/ 'Sales Order Change Log'.
      LOOP AT tbl_return_chg.
        WRITE:/ tbl_return_chg-type, tbl_return_chg-id,
                tbl_return_chg-number, tbl_return_chg-message.
    ENDFORM.                    " write_output_report
    *&      Form  validate_contract
    *       Make sure that the Contract is Valid
    FORM validate_contract .
      DATA: l_gueen  LIKE vbak-gueen,
            l_prsdt  LIKE vbkd-prsdt.
      SELECT SINGLE  vbak~gueen vbkd~prsdt
             INTO (l_gueen, l_prsdt)
             FROM vbak
             INNER JOIN vbkd
             ON vbak~vbeln = vbkd~vbeln
             WHERE vbak~vbeln = c_contract AND
                   vbkd~posnr = '000000'.
      IF sy-datum LE l_gueen.
    * Contract is valid! Set Order Price Date
        g_valid_contract  = 'X'.
        g_cont_price_date = l_prsdt.
    ENDFORM.                    " validate_contract
    Hope this helps.

  • Sales Order CReated with Reference

    I created a sales order with reference to an existing order. I created delivery based on the new order that was created with reference. HOwever, if i try to get the sales order number of my delivery, the sales order that i am getting is the sales order number that was referenced. How will I retreived the new sales order number from VBFA?

             We can follow the below Procedure to get the Sales Order Number from VBFA Table.
    1. Input the Delivery in VBELN field to get VBELV (Sales Order)
        Number with VBTYP_V = 'C' (Order). 
    2. Now, if the Sales Order which is fetched is the one which is
        referenced, then Input the Sales Order Number again in the
        VBFA Table into the Field VBELV and fetch the Sales Order
        Number (New) in the VBELN Field with VBTYP_N = 'C'.
    3. You should be able to satisfy your requirement.
    Hope it was clear.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Venkat Phani Prasad Konduri

  • Remove Header text from a sales order, created with reference to quotation

    Hi all,
    I have a sales order(in VA01) which is created with reference to quotation (in VA21).
    If header text (Notes for logistics, Note for responsible person, Header text Doc & Declaration) in texts tab is maintained in the quotation they are getting copied in Sales Order which is NOT the requirement.
    I need suggestions on how to disable the text that is getting copied.
    Any pointers would be of great help.
    Vamsee Priya.

    Hi Nilesh,
    I created a routine in vofm and this solved my problem.
    Now, I'm having a similar problem where I'm creating an Invoice(through transaction VF01) giving the delivery document number and document type (Invoice F2).
    we are maintaining Header text in Order through which the above mentioned delivery document number is created and this header text should get copied in the Invoice.
    For this, I went into Transaction VOTXN, from there selected billing header, from here kept a break point for the routine BEDINGUNG_PRUEFEN_001 through which the text will get copied.
    Now, when I'm creating the Invoice this routine is getting executed, but still the text is not getting copied.
    Any pointers on this would be of great help.
    Also at the end of your previous mail, you are telling about SPRO - text assignment. Can you please let me know how to I should navigate to this text-assignment??
    Thanks and Regards,
    Vamsee Priya.

  • Need no document flow update for sales order create with reference

    Dear All.
    We would like to have the ability to create a sales order with reference to another sales order, and have the document flow of the sales order not updated.
    Unlike the case of a standard create with reference where the documents are linked, in this case there is no relationship between the documents.  The first document is just acting like a template for the remaining documents, to save time during order entry.
    We have turned off update of document flow at the line item level.
    But I don't see a way for us to turn this off at the header (document level).  So wondering if there's another way to turn this off, or possibly through user-exit or VOFM requirement?
    Has anyone else done this?
    I think that CRM has this functionality, but we're still entering orders through ERP-SD.
    Many Thanks!

    Hello Colleague;
    The issue you have reported is SAP standard.  The checkbox "Update Document Flow" (V_TVCPAAP-UPFLU) controls document flow at item level.  If this checkbox is set to blank, there will be no document flow at item level.
    However, the document flow cannot be completely turned off - if the 'update document flow' indicator is blank, you will still see an entry in the document flow, but there will be no update to table VBFA (Sales Document Flow) and the document flow of the predecessor will not be updated at item level (no record in VBFA at item level).                                                                               
    The reason is that the system checks VBAP (Sales Document: Item Data) for fields VGBEL (Document number of the reference document) and VGPOS (Item number of the reference item) for values.  You will always have document flow information on header and item level in the successor because it stores this information in table VBAP.                                                                               
    Related with this issue, you can find a Note 53383 for your review.
    I hope it can clarify the case.
    Ruy Castro

  • BAPI Sales Order create with reference Invoice document

      I am using BAPI ''SD_SALESDOCUMENT_CREATE''  to create debit memo request with reference Invoice document.
      First time its successfully created with reference Invoice.When i am going to create 2nd time debit memo request with  same reference Invoice and item
      no its giving following error.
          Reference quantity:             
    10 EA (total referenced:             
    40 EA)
           Error in SALES_ITEM_IN 000010
           Condition ZSLS is not allowed as header condition
           Sales document  was not changed
        Please help any one to resolved this issue.

    SD_SALESDOCUMENT_CREATE is not a BAPI. Is there any specific reason you're using this FM when the actual BAPI exists?
    ZSLS is a custom condition. There might as well be some user exit that attempts to add it [possibly incorrectly], how would we know this on SCN? There is enough information in the error message to troubleshoot on your own, it seems. What kind of analysis have you done before posting on SCN?

  • How to create sales order Automatically with reference to contract?

    how to create sales order automatically through batch or online? can anyone please suggest what needs to be change in SAPMV45A program?

    Wt am able to understand from the above question is, you want to create automatic sales order against contract on a day to day basis by doing batch program, hope am wright.
    See you can do it in two ways.
    1. By using BDC, in SHDB T code record how exactly you will do transaction and then give it to your abaper rest he will do. he will write a program and he will schedule that program every day night.
    2. By using BAPI. Just check in there are many threads are there which gives sales order bapi. Tell your abaper to map that bapi and tell them to schedule back ground job.
    Hope this will help out in solving your problem.

  • Sales order document with reference to Contract

    Hi Sap gurus,
    I have question pertaining to sales order with refrence to contract documents,
    I have created 2-3 contract documents, and with reference to these contracts i am creating a sales order, while i am creating the sales order i am supposed to get the Pop-UP box stating that this customer and particular material has got open contract documents , but i am not getting any such message why.? though there are open contract documents for that particular customer and material combination.

    To get the pop up message, u need to Goto  t. code VOV8, under transaction flow tab, there is a field called outline agreement messages.
    There u need to enter an entry as per ur requirement.  After that u can try to create the release orders.
    Hope it is useful,
    Reward points if useful...

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