Search function in ical.

Doesn't give same results on same calendar on MacBook Air & Imac with same Lion & Ical version on both computers.
The two calendars are both synced through same Icloud Account.
Searching options selected are the same on both computers to.
Searching on MacBook Air is retrieving events that  Imac does'nt find although they do exist on the two machines.
Anyone having an idea ?

I finally found the solution :
All the events Ical search option couldn't retrieve,
I Erased my calendar from the Imac, and reloaded it from a backup I made on my Macbook Air,
where I had not the same problem bacause it was running native Lion OS.
I think I could as well have reloaded it from Icloud.
Hoping this may help someone.

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  • Search function in iCal doesn't work

    Can't search in iCal. Notice other posts, but where's the fix?

    Notice other posts, but where's the fix?
    What have you tried?
    Have you tried to...quit iCal, open System Preferences>Spotlight>Privacy, and add your Macintosh HD to the list?
    Wait a couple of minutes, and then remove your Macintosh HD from the Privacy list. You should notice (after a short delay) that Spotlight is reindexing your HD. After Spotlight completes the index, open iCal and see if your search works.

  • Can't search event in iCal Leopard

    After upgraded to Leopard, the search function in iCal doesn't work. When typing a event title in the search field, the search pan appears with empty contents. Does anybody get the same result?

    Yup, I'm having the same problems over here.
    Entering the exact word in a timed event title that's right in front of me leads to a search results panel without that event listed. At all.
    Seriously, this is not good.
    It's bad enough they took away the info drawer, but stuff not coming up correctly when searching just compounds the crapiness of it all

  • ICal Tasks/To Do Items Keep Disappearing, plus search function doesn't work

    Ever since I upgraded my Mobile Me calendars about two or three weeks ago, which as I understand makes my calendars now LIVE on the Mobile Me cloud instead of directly on my computers, I have had nothing but trouble with iCal. I use Bento with iCal for my project management system — I use the iCal Tasks for my basic information, and I added extra fields in Bento for other details I like to track. Anyway, the upgrade completely unhinged where those two came together so that the basic information that Bento was getting from iCal no longer matched with the extra details.
    But that's no longer my problem. I fixed that easily by completely changing the way I track things now — I did away with the extra fields and decided to have Bento work directly and only with the information in my iCal app.
    Still, another problem came up, the one I need an answer to. New tasks I entered through Bento, wouldn't KEEP on iCal. They'd show up momentarily, but a day or two later, they would be gone.
    I thought I fixed it a few days ago when I discovered that Time Zone Support wasn't checked on iCal. I made sure it was checked on all my computers AND on Mobile Me because I suspected that Tasks were disappearing every time my computers synced with Mobile Me. It seemed to work fine after making sure everything supported time zones. I even synced a few times, just to test it, checked all calendars at all places, and whatever Tasks or To Do Items I added from within Bento appeared to sync fine, appear at all the proper places, at all instances of the calendars, AND stay put.
    BUT I just discovered tonight, that the new Tasks I entered in the last week for one of my calendars have ONCE AGAIN disappeared. For some reason, though, the new tasks I entered for another one of my calendars managed to stay put. I have no idea why one calendar was affected and another wasn't.
    The point is, I can't for the life of me figure out why my newly entered Tasks keep disappearing. Is it an iCal thing? Is it Mobile Me? Is it because I am entering the tasks/to do items from within Bento? What?
    And the icing on the cake? The search function on the iCal app on one of my computers no longer works. I will search for a task/to do item that I KNOW is there and can actually see on the side bar, but it will not pop up in the search results. I searched online about how to fix that, but none of the fixes work — many of them, I believe, are outdated and so can't work in my case.
    Does anyone have any ideas how I can fix these issues?

    with iTunes and the web site, you don't hit
    the Magnifing glass, after typing out what your
    searching for, you hit enter on the keyboard. The mag
    glass (Atleast in windows) is just for decor showing
    you its a search field, its not an actual button like
    it would be in most Microsoft/Windows apps
    Thanks. I thought the magnifying glass was a clickable icon.

  • Clicking an search result in iCal does not open this item

    I am running Version 5.0.2 (1571) of iCal.  When I use the search function and try to click on a returned item to open it what gets opened is whatever is selected in the Reminders.  Is this a known bug?  Is there a solution?  Please let me know.  Thanks.

    It was also discussed without resolution in the Using Leopard forum. I will try filing a bug report.

  • IPhone 5s Voice memo to mp3. Now music on iPhone. Won't play from search function.

    I record my band rehearsals using the voice memo on my iPhone 5s. Then I sync to iTunes and convert file to mp3. When i sync back to my iPhone it appears in my music. So far, so good. When I use the search function in music it finds the file but won't play from tapping. I must troll through all my music songs (currently 2227 of them) to find it and then play it. Is it something to do with it still being under the genre "voice memos" or what ?  Anybody help please.  Thanks

    iWeb is an application to create webpages with.
    It used to be part of the iLife suite of applications.
    iWeb has no knowledge of the internal speaker on your iPhone.
    You may want to ask in the right forum.

  • Weird Search Behavior in iCal

    I have noticed in the past 1 month or so that if I use the search box in iCal to search for particular events, sometimes it brings up completely incorrect results. So if I type in "dad birthday" it might bring up something like "picnic at the park". Quitting iCal and then restarting it fixes this problem, but then the problem comes back after a little while of using iCal. Does anyone have any advice on what might be wrong or how to fix it?

    a lot of people are suggesting rebuilding the spotlight indexes - this can be done globally for the whole hard drive or just for iCal.
    In System Preferences, Spotlight, uncheck then Events & To Do items category and then recheck it for an iCal only reindex, or drag your hard drive to the Privacy list and then remove it to re-index the entire hard drive...

  • How do I use the new search function for ipod?

    itunes 7.0 and ipod is up to date:
    when i scroll through the music, i get the nifty little grey box with the letter in it, but how do i get to the search where i use the click wheel to input a query and search through all items in my ipod?

    Unless your iPod is one of the recently announced upgraded 30GB or 80GB iPods, you don't have the search function. It was not added to existing devices in the recent update. It may or may not be added in some future software update but there's no official word on that.

  • Search function in Help not working in any application

    The Search function is not working in any application's Help. Upon entering the terms I need help for I get a hang at "Searching..." but never any result. This problem started sometime in the last year or so. Prior to that the search function in Help worked fine. My network connectivity is excellent.
    I recently reinstalled OS X 10.5 but I'm sure the problem existed before that and persisted after the reinstall.
    The reinstall was due to upgrading to 10.7 and only then finding that I had lost needed functionality, but I don't think this has anything to do with the current problem. All other aspects of Help seem to be working fine
    I don't find any reference to this problem anywhere so I'm hoping someone can help with my Help(!) problem. Thanks in advance.

    Try running your Leopard install disk again, as well as the 10.5.8 combo updater. This might reinstall any 'missing bits'.
    You can do this without deleting the hard drive, just install straight over your existing system, but close all applications and external devices first.
    Or you could also do this via an Archive and Instal:
    How to Archive & Install:
    and this also:
    This document explains how to correctly reinstall a prior version of Mac OS X in the event that other troubleshooting does not resolve an issue:
    BUT: Don't install older versions of Mac OS than what came with your computer:

  • RH9 Webhelp Search function is not working properly

    My organization is using RH9 for a Webhelp project.  My company and our client are restricted to using IE9 for the online help I have created for this project, and our OS environment is Windows 7.  When I generate using the Webhelp layout, with the TOC, Index and Search options chosen, my resulting browser window shows two frames.  Left for the Contents/Index/Search and right for the content.  In the left panel, there are three links at the top for Contents, Index and Search.  When I click on the Search link, the only thing I see is the alphabet A-Z (which are links to filter items beginning with these letters (much like the index link) and a list of what I would say is garbage.  For example, if I click on H, I see items like "half 1 2 3" or "held" or "honor # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8", etc.  If I run my cursor down this list, I notice that maybe the word honor is a link.  If clicked it brings up one of my topic pages.  I can also click on the random numbers that appear, like clicking on 3 it brings up another topic page.  The search function does not allow me to type in a search criteria, since there is no search field as well.
    Do you have any suggestions for this issue?  Is this a bug, or do I need to change settings somewhere within RH9?  The same thing is happening when using this help project that is running on our clients server.  Is there any suggestion you can give to try and make this work properly?

    Rick,  Thanks for stepping in.    I assumed that was the reason why I was not receiving the search field, and that is fine for now.  We have discussed with our client the possibility of having two different help projects one for each, but that decision was kind of put on the back burner.
    However, the other issue I am having is still there and I don't quite understand why.  Since I only have clickable A-Zs for the search, and it lists links much like the Index section, I'm still seeing lists of just numbers and characters (i.e., "# 1 2 3 4 5", or "%" or "& 1 2 3 4 5" sometimes all the way up to 18 or so).  And each of these characters or numbers are clickable links as well to either page that doesn't contain that number or to nothing.
    Doing a bit more research, I have noticed that a lot of these links are being picked up by the PDF file we have as part of the project.  Our help project has a link to the documented version of the help in the form of a User Guide.pdf file.  So the search is listing items from that guide like the heading numbers 1.0, 1.0.1, etc.  Also each of these are clickable links that go nowhere.  But then there is still the numbers 1, 2, etc that go to pages that don't have this anywhere on the page.
    Do you have any insight as to why these types of things are being listed under Search at all?  They make that selection look very messy and unorganized.  Not professional at all.  I have checked and tested the properties settings and can't seem to find what is causing this to happen.  Any idea would be most appreciated!!

  • Crash on search function for HTML Help file (.chm) when connected to a Visual C++ application

    Crash on search function for HTML Help file (.chm) when
    connected to a Visual C++ application
    I use the RH_ShowHelp API command to connect a HTML Help file
    (.chm file generated by RoboHelp Word X 5) to my Visual C++
    application. My application is able to call up this HTML help file
    in context-sensitive mode and everything is working great in the
    Contents and Index panels EXCEPT when I click on List Topics (after
    I enter a KEYWORD for search) in the Search panel.
    I got an error that said “Unhandled exception in
    xxxx.exe.(HHCTRL.OCX):0xC00000FD: Stack overflow”
    I am able to execute this .chm file by itself and the search
    function works well in this case. I am using HHActiveX.dll that is
    created on 2/23/04. Is this the correct version?? Any advice what
    to do here??

    Hi agschin and welcome to the RH forums. The hhactivex.dll
    file is not used by the search function so you can rule that our.
    Have you tried recompiling and seeing if the problem still happens?
    You can also start the Bug Hunter feature in RH - View > Output
    View and then select the Bug Hunter button - and see if that throws
    up any clues.

  • When I 'Tab Groups,' the search function immediately pops up (and it won't go away) every time, preventing me from accessing my grouped tabs. How can I prevent this from happening?

    Using Firefox 5.0 with Windows 7 on a laptop, whenever I click the 'Group Tabs' icon to the right of my tabs, the search function immediately comes up over my grouped tabs, preventing me from using any of them. When the search function comes up, the screen goes semi-dark and the search bar appears - any text I type at this time is entered into the search bar (the search function works normally). If I click any section of the screen at this time the search function disappears and the screen regains color - but only for a fraction of a second, and then the search function comes up again, along with the darkened screen. Hitting 'escape' or 'backspace' produces the same effect. Is there any way to disable this unceasing search function?

    This is something you need to report via the Feedback button (or use the link on the Help menu).
    Firefox 5.0 is still in BETA and not slated for release until June 21.
    Reinstall the full version of the current release which is v4.0.1, download link at the top of this forum.

  • When an album has multiple artist how can you make them show up on an iPod Touch 4G? I can find an artist using the search function but they don't show up in the artist view on my iPod. iTunes shows them OK when you sort by artist.

    Tech support seemed to understand the question but had no answer. Why would an album with only one artist show the artist but an album with multiple artist not show any of them. The album art show various in iTunes. That makes sense but on my iPod I would expect to see all artists.

    Wish I did. I tried the group function but that didn't help in iTunes. The search function is the best I came up with. I can answer the question do you have susch and such artist. But I can't browse for an artist I don't remember exactly or have misspelled. Fortunately I don't think I've bought anything from iTunes that i already had. If you can't see an artist it's possible you think you don't have something you actually do have. Sorry, still hoping for a better work around or better yet a fix.

  • Is there "To Do" functionality in iCal 5.0  If So ... how?

    Wondering if there is a "To Do" function within iCal 5.0 that I'm missing. I would find it very beneficial and have to believe I'm just not finding it.

    The first step in Upgrading... is to Snow Leopard = OS X 10.6.x
    It is Not available as a download... It is a Paid Upgrade.
    Do this first...
    Check that your Mac meets the System Requirements for Snow Leopard...
    Snow Leopard Tech Specs
    If so... Purchase a Snow Leopard Install Disc...
    Other countries...
    After the Successful Install, run Software Update to get the latest updates for Snow Leopard.
    Be sure to make a Backup of your Current System Before Upgrading...
    Next... Check that your Mac meets the Requirements for Mountain Lion.
    Upgrade to Mountain Lion
    With Regard to ML...  Check here for compatibility of 3rd party Software you may be using... Also note that Rosetta is no longer supported in Lion and Mountain Lion...
    You should also consider more RAM... Get the Maximum you can for your Mac...
    It is important to get the Correct and Matching RAM
    See Here  >  OWC RAM  >
    The above site also has videos on how to Install RAM should you need it...

  • RoboHelp 8 vs. 9 - Search Functionality Comparison and "All of the Words" vs. "Any of the Words"

    Our organization focuses a lot on the accuracy of our searches, which is a necessity when we have hundreds of very lengthy topics (no matter how well organized they are).
    I finally completed a detailed comparison of the search functionality of 8 and 9 and came to the realization that 8 is a disaster, while with 9 things get better, but there's still TONS of room for improvement.  I have reported this to Adobe and so far there has been no official response. There are many blogs on here related to the search functionality, but I thought it may be a good idea to try to sum some of them up. I do hope that someone somewhere at Adobe runs into this and shares with all of us why Adobe's Search functionality is still in the 20th century!
    I hope this helps everyone else who is curious to know about how the tool's search functions work and whether it's worth upgrading from 8 to 9 at this point. I have included some examples which are in a way internal to us, but they will give you a good idea of what to expect and I'm quite confident you'll be able to recreate them on your side in seconds.
    I also wanted to ask a question or two, and if anyone can assist, that would be greatly appreciated:
    Currently if we search for several words at once (not exact phrase), both 8 and 9 perform an "Any of the words" search which always returns too many results. Does anyone know a way to change the default to an "All of the words" search? For years I have not encountered a tool out there that doesn't have the option to modify this, alas with RoboHelp 8 and 9, we can't find a way to do it (with or without modifying the source code).
    Out of curiosity, are there any other tools out there which offer Conditional Tag (or similar) functionality and which behave better than RoboHelp? (easier to maintain, less buggy, web interface, etc)?
    RoboHelp 8 vs 9 - Search Functionality Comparison Table with some Examples:
    Search Example              
    RoboHelp 8     
    RoboHelp 9        
    Expected Results
    (based on industry standards)
    1. Searching for Exact Phrase "Correspondent Banking"
    Such a search returns topics which contain "Correspondent Banking" and "Correspondent Bank". The last one is included because "Bank" is the root of "Banking". The topics that contain the exact phrase appear at the bottom. When we click on any of them, we're not automatically taken to phrase so we have to scroll and look for it or use CTR+F.
    Identical behavior except that when we click on the topics which contain the exact phrase, we're taken straight to it.
    When we hear "exact" we expect "exact" and nothing else. Unfortunately, both versions keep searching for the roots of each word as well and incorrectly display those results at the top. Adobe has made it clear that this is a part of their functionality, BUT this is something we would not expect to see for exact phrase searches that are in quotes.
    2. A Non-Exact phrase search of "Geographical Limits of market area"
    The tool automatically performs an "Any of the Words" search instead of an "All of the Words" search. This is also related to the question I asked above this table. As you can imagine, this is returning almost every topic and it becomes virtually impossible to find what we're looking for. It even returns topics which contain "of" and nothing else.
    Identical behavior
    There to be an option which allows us to choose what the default search would be - "Any of the words" vs. "All of the Words"
    3. Exact Phrase search of "low-score" with a dash
    None of the topics that were returned contain the phrase. As some of you know, RH8 has problems with special characters, including dashes.
    RH9 returned only the topic that which contains the phrase and we were taken straight to it when we open it.
    The expectation is to see exactly what RH9 currently offers. Unfortunately 8 has a big problem with these types of searches.
    4. Exact Phrase search of "2.4"
    This is similar to the one above. Adobe doesn't like periods as well. It doesn't not find any of the topics which contain this phrase. In our case, this is a section number and sometimes people want a quick way to get to a specific section or sub-section.
    We were hoping that this will be fixed with 9, just the way they fixed the dashes. Unfortunately, still ZERO results returned.
    Expectation is for the topics which contain that exact phrase to be returned, no matter whether there's any special character inbetween.
    5. Exact Phrase search of "300,000" or $300,000"
    The tool only returned several random topics which contain "000" as part of larger numbers. The topic that contains "300,000" was not on that list, even though it also contains "000".
    Identical behavior
    Expectation is for topics that contain the exact amount to be returned, no matter if there is a coma or a dollar sign anywhere within the phrase.
    6. Exact Phrase Search of "525-B5". Goal was to have a special character, a letter and numbers.
    ZERO Results returned.
    Only the docs that contain the phrase were returned and nothing else. It seems that this this was addressed in version 9 and now it behaves as expected.
    Expectation is only for the docs that contain the exact phrase to be returned.
    7. Exact phase search of "log" in order to test the Substring Functionality
    Here's an extract from Adobe's Support Site:
    “Substring search (WebHelp/Pro, FlashHelp/Pro) - If you enable this feature, a search for "log" returns topics containing the words "catalog" and "logarithm." Substring search takes longer than whole-string search.”
    So with that in mind, we decided to test if turning the substring searches on and off does exactly as advertised, unfortunately the answer was NO. We even used an example almost idnetical to what Adobe provided on their site.
    With Substring Searches disabled, we searched for the word "log". Unfortunately it returned words like "logbook" and methodology". How is that possible?
    Identical behavior
    Our expectation would be only for docs that contain"log" to be returned, no matter whether substring is enabled or disabled. In our case it was disabled.

    Hi there
    Out of curiosity, why is it that you expect to hear from Adobe? I'm hoping it's not simply because you posted here. Certainly we have Adobe folks that visit here and we are thankful for that, but it isn't to be expected.
    Cheers... Rick
    Helpful and Handy Links
    RoboHelp Wish Form/Bug Reporting Form
    Begin learning RoboHelp HTML 7, 8 or 9 within the day!
    Adobe Certified RoboHelp HTML Training
    SorcerStone Blog
    RoboHelp eBooks

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