SO Multiple Line Items but one line item in billing

Hi Experts,
I have a requirement from a client whereby they want to consolidate the items in the sales order and create billing as one line item.
Example: in sales order there are 5 line items (user need to have separate line items due to PR need to be generated for different vendors via 3rd party).
Line item 10: Miscellaneous charges - $20.00
Line item 20: Miscellaneous charges - $20.00
Line item 30: Miscellaneous charges - $20.00
Line item 40: Miscellaneous charges - $20.00
Line item 50: Miscellaneous charges - $20.00
In standard SAP, when the user generates billing document - the billing will show 5 line items. However user wants to consolidate them into 1 single line item  i.e. Miscellaneous charges - $100.00
Please advice how can this be done.

Go to Tcode : VTFL.
There select your  Billing Type with respect to Delivery type. e.g F1 --- LF or F2 -
Select thet option and goto Items.
There at item level , select the item category of your materials. There In Details :
Maintain Billing Quantity : H as Cumulity Batch Quantity.
Let me know weather is has solved ur problem or not.

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  • Multiple line item in billing but only one line item in accounting document

    Hi Everyone,
    I am having one scenario in which sales order has more than one line item. Only one billing document is create for all line items in Sales Order but billing document contains as many items as sales order has. In accounting document of billing i find only one customer line which has total amount of all line items in billing as debited. My requirement is Accounting document also should have as many line of customer-debit as in billing items i.e sales order. For example :
    (1) Sales order has 2 line items.
    (2) Billing document is only ONE and has 2 line items
    (3) currently accounting document has only ONE line of Customet - Debit ( Total amount of both items)
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    Customer - Debit (amount of first line item)
    Customer - Debit (amount of Second line item)
    Sales - Credit
    How can it be done ?

    This is the SAP expected behaviour
    As far as the values correspond to same account key and same GL account as per account determination, then ti will be posted as a single line item in FI document.
    If you want the customer specific items to be posted in two GL accounts , then you have to do the account determination that way.
    For example, you should have a condition table in FICO as follows.
    Sales org/ Account key / Customer
    For this condition table, the entries shoudl be as follows.
    5110/ERS/Customer A  GL ACCOUNT IS 5000100
    5110/ERS/Customer B GL ACCOUNT IS  5000200
    In this case, there will be 2 entries for the invoice instead of just one line entry.

  • Multiple Line Items in One Service Entry Sheet

    Dear All,
    Can we capture multiple line Items of same PO in one Service Entry Sheet
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    Murali raju

    We need to create a service entry sheet seperately for every line items of the PO.But you can create Service entry sheets for multiple lines with in that Line item.
    Ex. if u have 2 line item in the PO,
    Every line item of the PO will have Multiple services in the Item details..So these Multiple service number Entries shall be treated in the same Service Entry sheet. But not the 2 nd Line itme ot the Purchase order as it will have another set of Service entries.
    Please cme back if u hv queries..

  • Production order from sales order with multiple line item(for one material)

    Dear Gurus,
    I am working in MTO scenarios. If there is several line item in a sales order for one material, multiple production order( same as no. of sales order line item) is getting created against each of the line item.My requirement is,since the material code is same in each line item and sales order is one, one production order should be generated for all line item. please tell me how to do it.
    (Here for one material, multiple line item is required for some specific reason)
    Rajib Pathak

    This is not possible.
    In Std SAP will create one production order for one sales order. The stock is also allocated to thet particular sales order only. Because each and every sales order may vary in any one of the parameters. Considering this, SAP has designed like this.
    V. Suresh

  • One line item in po from multiple line items of Purchase Requisition

    Can we merge multiple line items for same item from different different purchase requisition into a single line item in Purchase Order ?
    For example, say department A and B made two different purchase requisition for 1 number of computer system. Now the purchaser viewed these requisitions and he want to make a purchase order to party X for 2 no of computer system. Now how he can do this in Oracle Purchasing.
    Edited by: Saroj.Dash on May 31, 2010 6:02 AM

    Hi !
    thanx to all for your responses.
    But, let me explain better.
    Say Dept A raises an Requisition (Req No: 1 ) for 5 Chairs. In the same time Dept. B raises requisition (req no: 2 ) for 10 chairs.
    Now Purchase Dept. wants to make an PO to procure chair with respective to these 2 requisitions i.e. req no 1 from dept A and req no 2 from Dept B.
    Now my query is that, can the purchase dept. prepare a PO with 1 line item only i.e. for chair (5+10) of 15 numbers from these requisitions of dept A and B ?
    If yes then how ?

  • Create ecatt script for one sales order creation with multiple line items

    Hi ,
    I want to create a ecatt script for one sales order creation with multiple line items. Preferably SAP GUI.
    This selection of data will be from an external file/ variants which will have only one row of data in it.
    Firstly: I have to sort the external file having same PO Numbers in an order.Group them together.
    Second: I have to create sales order for those many line items having same PO Number.
    Best Regard

    Hi Micky
    Firstl you should upload the Line items for a particular sales Order in an Internal table
    and then pass that internal table to your BAPI during your coding corresponding to a particu;lar sales order
    In case of any issues pls revert back
    Reward points if helpful

  • Multiple line items one with default values

    Hi All
    We have a flat file coming into xi that needs to be mapped to an idoc, the idoc will have multiple line items.
    The first line item must have default values but the from the second line item and on must have dynamic value from file? How Can this be achieved?

    I didnt get the the exact prb you have been facing...
    But from my understabding,
    Try giving constants for the default values of first Line Item.
    Then, directly map the file data to the second line items onwards..

  • Consolidating multiple lines in a requisition into one line item on a PO

    I am using project builder in sap, one requisition is creating for all activities on the project. The requisition of cable is spread over multiple activities. ie activity 1 may have 200m of cable (req item 10), activity 2 may have 400m of cable (req item 20). When the purchase order is created I would line line 10 and 20 consolidated on the PO so there is 1 line for 600m of cable.  How is this possible.

    You can consodilate Purchase requisitions lines into one PO. When you create PO just input Purchase requisition no along with line item and qty in PO item detail for PO first line item. It will close multiple lines in Pr's with one PO line item.
    First create PO referring PR and then in PO item detail you can see purchase requisition and line item there you input second pr with line item and qty.

  • How Can I Create One Entry Sheet For Multiple Line Items of A PO

    Please Tell Me How Can I Create One Entry Sheet For Multiple Line Items of A PO

    It is not possible to create single Service Entry sheet for multiple PO line items. It is 1 to 1 relation.
    you have to make different service entry sheets for different item of service master.
    Manish Joshi

  • Setting the value of a single attribute for multiple line items

    Hi all,
    I am working on a Web Dynpro application, I have created this applicaion for an accounting document so it has header data and multiple line item data. As per the requirement I have to put the following logic:
    1. When a user enters a value in the field KBLNR on the line item, all the other fields like cost centerm fund, functional area should populate from a database table based on the value of the KBLNR. to get this I have put the following code:
    TYPES: BEGIN OF t_kblp,
              fipos     TYPE kblp-fipos,
              kostl     TYPE kostl,
                      END OF t_kblp.
      DATA lv_kblnr TYPE wd_this->element_t_bseg-kblnr.
      DATA: lt_kblp TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF t_kblp,
            wa_kblp LIKE LINE OF lt_kblp,
            lt_bseg              TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF bseg,
            wa_bseg              TYPE bseg.
      DATA lo_nd_t_bseg TYPE REF TO if_wd_context_node.
      DATA lo_el_t_bseg TYPE REF TO if_wd_context_element.
      DATA: ls_t_bseg TYPE wd_this->element_t_bseg,
            lo_api_controller    TYPE REF TO if_wd_controller,
            lo_message_manager   TYPE REF TO if_wd_message_manager,
            lo_nd_tbseg          TYPE REF TO if_wd_context_node,
             lo_el_tbseg          TYPE REF TO if_wd_context_element,
             lt_el_tbseg          TYPE wdr_context_element_set,
             lv_bseg              TYPE bseg.
      lo_nd_t_bseg = wd_context->path_get_node( path = `ZDATA.CHANGING.T_BSEG` ).
      lo_api_controller ?= wd_this->wd_get_api( ).
      CALL METHOD lo_api_controller->get_message_manager
          message_manager = lo_message_manager.
      lo_nd_tbseg = wd_context->path_get_node( path = `ZDATA.CHANGING.T_BSEG` ).
      lt_el_tbseg = lo_nd_tbseg->get_elements( ).
      LOOP AT lt_el_tbseg INTO lo_el_tbseg.
                               IMPORTING static_attributes = lv_bseg ).
      IF lv_bseg-kblnr NE ' '.
          SELECT belnr
                 FROM kblp
                 inTO corresponding fields of wa_kblp
                 WHERE belnr = lv_bseg-kblnr and
                      saknr = lv_bseg-saknr.
    lo_nd_t_bseg = wd_context->path_get_node( path = `ZPRELIMINARY_POSTING.CHANGING.T_BSEG` ).
    * get element via lead selection
            lo_el_t_bseg = lo_nd_t_bseg->get_element( ).
                               EXPORTING static_attributes = wa_kblp ).
       CLEAR: lv_bseg, wa_kblp.
    everything is working fine but now the problem is couple of fields that I have in wa_kblp are with different names in bseg table and hence they are not updating... I tried putting the following logic within the loop :
        name =  `PROJK`
    value = wa_kblp-pspnr ).
    but it's only setting the value of the first line item and not working for the multiple line items, can you please tell me how can do this?
    Rajat Garg
    Edited by: rajatg on Jun 24, 2011 5:09 PM

    Hi Chris,
    I tried your code and it worked fine but after I put this code I am getting another issue. within the loop I had a code to make the fields non modifiable on the screen and was working fine but now what's happening is it's making the all the lines uneditable except the one with data on it (which is completely opposite), this is what I have coded:
    LOOP AT lt_el_tbseg INTO lo_el_tbseg.
                               IMPORTING static_attributes = lv_bseg ).
    IF lv_bseg-kblnr NE ' '.
      SELECT belnr
                 FROM kblp
                 inTO corresponding fields of wa_kblp
                 WHERE belnr = lv_bseg-kblnr and
                      saknr = lv_bseg-saknr.
    move: wa_kblp-belnr to wa_bseg-kblnr,
    wa_kblp-fipos to wa_bseg-fipos,
    wa_kblp-kostl to wa_bseg-kostl,
    wa_kblp-pspnr to wa_bseg-projk,
    wa_kblp-geber to wa_bseg-geber,
    wa_kblp-saknr to wa_bseg-saknr,
    wa_kblp-fkber to wa_bseg-fkber,
    wa_kblp-grant_nbr to wa_bseg-grant_nbr,
    wa_kblp-gsber to wa_bseg-gsber,
    lv_bseg-dmbtr to wa_bseg-dmbtr.
    append wa_bseg to lt_bseg.
    lo_nd_edit_property = wd_context->path_get_node( path = `ZPRELIMINARY_POSTING.CHANGING.T_BSEG.EDIT_PROPERTY` ).
          get element via lead selection
          lo_el_edit_property = lo_nd_edit_property->get_element( ).
            name =  `EDIT_FIELD`
            value = 'ABAP_TRUE' ).
            name =  `EDIT_WBS`
            value = 'ABAP_TRUE' ).
    o_nd_t_bseg = wd_context->path_get_node( path = `ZPRELIMINARY_POSTING.CHANGING.T_BSEG` ).
    get element via lead selection
            lo_el_t_bseg = lo_nd_t_bseg->get_element( ).
      CALL METHOD lo_nd_t_bseg->bind_table
          new_items            = lt_bseg.
    Can you please see what I am doing it wrong here....

  • How to Update multiple line Items in Sales order Interactive form

            I have created one online interactive form for sales order. In that I incorporated dynamic table logic .i.e. we can add row and delete row using buttons. Interactive form is working fine with one line item. But if I give multiple lines in table (line item) its creating sales order with single line item. So please help me how to pass multiple lines.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Check out this link, this deals with the problem you are facing.

  • Scheduling Agreement  with multiple line items of different plants

    Dear Gurus,
    In all plants, delivery of goods is done through multiple plants under one sales order.
    The system is given provision to create centralized sales order with multiple delivery plants but it fails at the time of execution.
    Hence sales order of same customer has to be prepared three times which leads to lack of control at central office.
    scheduling agreement is created and scheduled to deliver through multiple plants. While creating outbound delivery flashes error message as " Delivery split due to different shipping points"
    Please help me out.

    Hi Naveen,
    I guess you would like to change the delivery adress in the BBP_DOC_CHANGE_BADI.
    Here you can identify the delivery adress (partner function 00000027) line item by the field P_GUID. This P_GUID in the partner table (ET_PARTNER-P_GUID) consists the GUID of the SC line item (ET_ITEM-GUID).
    When you know the line item GUID, you can find the SC line item number in the item table (ET_ITEM-NUMBER_INT) and you can see which is the first, second... line item of the SC.

  • How to implement bapi for transaction code f-02 for multiple line items

    Hi All,
    I am having one requirement to of implementing bapi for tcode f-02.
    I have identified the name of the badi e.i.  BAPI_ACC_GL_POSTING_POST.
    but i dont have any idea how implement it.
    i have multiple line items for one header.
    Please help me in this.

    In recording once u save, the recording comings out the transaction.
    If u want the pop-up to display before save. Then in recording also
    after entering all data and before Save press enter or do check.Try
    this way after that save the transaction.

Maybe you are looking for

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