SRM 7.0 extended classic - attachments to backend

We are in SRM 7.0 and have a requirement to store SRM attachments in the backend ERP.
This is for the extended scenario going through Badi BBP_ECS_PO_OUT.
Has anyone got a solution for moving the attachments to the backend?
Kind regards,

The purchase order in the Extended Classic Scenario is transferred to the backend system with different Function Modules. The
attachment transfer logic was only implemented in the Classic Scenario.
One reason for this decision was, that the leading Purchase Order in the extended classic scenario is the local one, and in the local purchase order the attachments are available.
At the moment it is not planned to support the attachment transfer in the Extended Classic Scenario. The transfer of attachments to backend PO is developed only for Classic Scenario.
I am sorry that this is not the result that you wanted. This also explains why in the ECS PO transfer BADI BBP_ECS_PO_OUT_BADI does not have the parameters for attachments where as the Classic PO transfer
We have some notes related to SC and POR reporting issues when transferring attachments to ECC side, but ther are related to Classic scenario:
1400088: SC attachments transferred to ECC PR are lost on EHP upgrade
1413792  Attachment deleted after changing purchase order
Ihope this information help you to understand this issue,
Kind Regards,
Rafael Rhoden

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    Note : SR base IV  flag cannot be maintained in Vendor master in ECC  because of  business constrain  so it has to be pass from SRM PO only

    Make some tests using R/3 BAdI BBP_PO_INBOUND_BADI.
    Nevertheless, only BBP_MAP_BEFORE_BAPI method has field SRV_BASED_IV in changing parameter BAPI_POITEM.

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    I didn't find any lead on this and appreciate your inputs.
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  • SRM 7.0 extended classic possible for multiple backends?

    Hi all,
    I know that SRM 7.0 can be set up for multiple backends in the classic scenario.
    And i assume it is also possible to do so in the EXTENDED classic scenario.
    Could somebody please confrim that this is possible?
    Has somesone already set up this landscape and any recommendations, advice, hits, do's and dont's?

    Hi Ulrike,
    SRM 7.0 supports ECS for multiple backends. We are using it now.

  • Extended Classic- GOA to backend-SOS

    Hi All,
             We are working in extended classic scenario. SRM 5.0 with backend as ECC6.0. We want to distribute GOA as a contract to backend. Also, we want to use backend contract as a source of supply in shopping cart and then in PO. How can it be done? Is that possible to distibute GOA as a local contract in SRM and in backend too? I know in the standard system it can only be distributed to backend but is there any way of doing it? It is quite urgent. Every useful reply will be rewarded with full points.

    Hi Kapil,
    Just a thought, you can upload the same contract from back end to SRM using a report <b>BBP_CONTRACT_INITIAL_UPLOAD</b> and can be used for procurement in SRM.

  • Extended classic scenario - no backend PO created

    I try to activate the extended classic scenario. It's not activated in customizing, tried to do it only with BADI implementation for special material groups. We are able to create POs in SRM but transfer to backend doesn't work.
    I get following error messages in application monitor as backend application errors:
    No instance of object type PurchaseOrder has been created. External reference:  
    PO header data still faulty  
    Document number 100000093 not within defined inter val  
    What's going wrong here?

    Check if you have set up the customizing as below:                                                                               
    Extended classic scenario:                                                                               
    a) at SRM side:                                                                               
    - To assign the transaction type to the extended classic scenario you have to maintain the transaction type name (= the R/3 PO document type) to the attribute DP_PROC_TY (in contradiction to BSA in classic scenario) in PPOMA_BBP of the responsible Purchazing group.                                           
    - Create a number range for a local PO.                                                                
    - Assign the local PO number range as a internal numer range to the transaction type.                                                                               
    b) at R/3 side:                                                                               
    - Enter the Number Range (corresponding to the SRM number range PO) and flag it as an external number range (trx. OMH6 Number Range for Purchasing Documents)                                                                               
    - Maintain the document type corresponding to the SRM transaction type and assign the R/3 number range for POs as "NoRge Ext" (field V_T161-NUMKE) (trx. Document type within Purchase Order Customizing)                                                                               
    - Make sure that the SRM and R/3 number ranges match are exactly the same.
    Kind regards,

  • SRM PO Pricing condition from SRM to ECC -Extended Classic Sceanrio

    Dear SRM experts,
    We have created couple of conditions in SRM7.0 and ECC 6.0 as per requirement. When we create PO in SRM and If we add any condition in SRM PO, PO is getting transferred with netprice(including condition amount).
    We would like to see conditions also in ECC which are there in SRM.
    For ex:
    I have created SRM PO with net price 30 and having freight amount(15) in that PO with Fregiht condition type but when it comes to ECC PO net price is changing from 30 to 45.
    We would like to see net price as 30 and 15 as Fregiht condition.
    Overall I can say that Is it possible to pass conditions from SRM to ECC in Extended classic scenario.

    the challenge lies in synchnizing the conditions and ensuring that price returned by IPC in SRM matches the price in the backend.
    Please see thread
    Pricing Conditions

  • SRM standalone and extended classic

    Hi Experts,
    Configuration: ECC 6.0  (with Ehp4 installed - (not activated)
                           SRM 7.0
    Just want to seek confirmation of my understanding re: SRM implementation scenarios. Is it possible to have a extended classic and standalone setup using the same SRM server with same client? Both will have the same product categories. These will be for two separate entities/companies.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Mike,
    How did you end up solving your problem, as i have the same scenario.  Did you use this BADI (
    SRM Server->Business Add-Ins->Control Extended Classic Scenario->Activate Extended Classic Scenario)?  Based on my reading, it seems this BADI is relevant to switch between extended classic and classic scenarios. 
    From what i understand, we can control the standalone scenario via the define backend system configuration (SAP SRM -> SRM Server -> Technical Basic Settings -> Define Backend System for Product Category).  In your scenario, you have one set of product categories, just like mine, so i assume you had to implement this BADI (BBP_DETERMINE_LOGSYS, method:   DETERMINE_LOGSYS - SAP SRM -> SRM Server -> Business Add-Ins ->Shopping Carts and Requirement Items -> Determine Backend System / Company Code) in order to determine the correct backend system based on company/plant for example. 
    Did you then leave the extended classic scenario activated *
    MG --> Supplier Relationship Management -> SRM Server-> Cross-Application Basic Settings->
    Activate Extended Classic Scenario)? 
    Or how did you achieve both standalone and extended classic using one SRM server?

  • Use of Purchase info records in SRM SC in Extended Classic scenario

    Hi All,
    We have implemented SRM 7.13 with Extended classic scenario. If we have Purchase info record in SAP ECC for the material, it gets populated in SRM SC in Source of supply Tab but the price of Purchase info record does not get updated in the SC line item.
    Can anyone let me know which configurations is required to fetch the Purchase info record price or we need to have a customization to achieve this.

    HI Ankur
    when you say the price did not get updated did you check the sequence which is used for price determination ?
    1. User entry
    2. Contracts
    3.  Info record
    If still you think it is an issue please check the report  EBP_GET_BACKEND_PRICES and let me know if your problem gets fixed?

  • P-card  process available for SRM 5.0 extended classic scenario

    I didn't find the information, so I'm posting this message.
    Is  the p-card functionality available for the extended classic scenario in SRM 5.0 ?

    Use of Procurement Cards are supported in Extended calssic scenario from SRM 2007 ..onwards

  • Archive Purchase Order in SRM 5.0@ extended classic senario

    Dear SRM Guru,
    I use SRM 5.0 in extended classic senario, how can i archive purchase order with limit order using standard SAP?

    Hi Kim,
    your question is a quite open one. So I try to answer with different flavours - hope there a right one for you.
    In case you'd like to archive over system boundaries, i.e. since to ECC PO is a copy of a leading PO in SRM, you might expect that you somehow can archive both at once. This is not happening - i.e. you have to archive both separately.
    When you look up notes 726509 SRM archiving: Archiving of R/3 documents with SRM, 723685 SRM: History after the archiving of R/3 documents you might figure out more.
    There was an issue in archiving that the workitems were not archived with reference to the SRM document - but this is resolved via note as well. Search for related notes with 'Archiving' + 'SRM' in the service portal.
    When you want to figure out more regarding the archiving dependencies you can look up the archiving trx. SARA resp. the archiving programs in SE38:   BBP_DP_ARCH_* (CHECK, DELETE, WRITE, SET_STATUS).

  • SRM with PPS = Extended Classic Scenario

    Does SRM Procurement for Public Sector (PPS) require Extended Classic Scenario? If so, could some one refer me to an official documentation that states such? Thanks.
    PPS is only possible by ECS only.

  • Creation of assets at Local PO in SRM 7.0 extended classic

    Currently we are working in SRM 7.0 upgrade. Here we got a requirement to create Assets at SC as well as PO level.
    Actually the requirement is like without depending on the SC we need to create Asset at PO level.
    When we tried to do the same it is observed that when ever we click on 'Create Asset Master' button either in SC or PO
    the FM ' META_CREATE_ASSET' is triggering. Actually in this only the object id BUS2121 related to SC is existing . Bcos of this even when we try to create Asset at PO level also it is considering object id BUS2121 instaed of BUS2201.
    If anyone of you worked in this particular scenario can you pls help me out in this regard. My main criteria is the FM ' META_CREATE_ASSET' should identify the correct object id.
    Thanks in Advance.

    generally SAP keeps the same functionality in SRM as well as MM. kindly check with SAP>
    your concern is that you could not create a asset while creating a PO as like shopping cart.
    if SAP says this functionality not availble for PO while creating a PO in SRM .
    create a sset class in ECC and utilise rather than creating from SRM PO.
    nowadays like PDP , In CRM they create a SHopping cart and come for sourcing .
    Note 1273921 - Some fields in the PO should be non editable in case of LAM
    there are some blogs i have seen LAM integration with asset.
    i am sorry i could not help you on this.

  • POR (BUS2209) in SRM 5.0 (Extended Classic scenario)

    Hi Experts,
    I configured the BUS2209 transaction type (Purchase Order Response) and it is working fine in SRM 5.0 -> i am able to create POR for a PO. But when i check the PO in ECC, the "Delivery Date" field updated with the confirmed date from POR in SRM.
    In this flow I would like to have an "AB - Order Acknowledgmenet" in ECC PO at "Confirmations" tab and I don't want the system to update the original "Delivery Date" in ECC PO.
    Is there any standard solution for my problem or I should consider a development here?
    Thanks in advance for your help!
    Best Regards,

    Hi Manjunath,
    The functionality of POR is fine in SRM. Our requirement is when a POR is generated in SRM and the information is sent to ECC (to update the PO) we do not want the system to update the "Delivery Date" field in the ECC PO automaticaly. In this case we would like the system to create one line in the "Confirmations" tab in ECC PO, because in this case we can monitor the delay between the expected delivery date and the confirmed delivery date (we have some reports in ECC which should consider the data from ECC -> when the confirmation is done directly in ECC that's fine...but now we have to figure out this "problem")
    Thanks for your help!

  • PO 'Complete' and 'Delete' buttons behaviorin SRM 5.0 , Extende classic

    My understanding of how these buttons work in SRM 5.0 ECS is as follows.
    If anybody has any input or want to correct me based on your experience of these buttons feel free to throw your input
    Delete button
    1) Will be enabled when the PO is in 'Held' status and no follow-on documents exist
    2) Once PO is deleted, no changes can be made to the PO and no cofirmations or invoices can be created against this PO
    Complete button
    1) When clicked, the system status changes to 'Transaction completed'. Cannot change the PO but can confirm goods receipt and process invoice against the PO (Is this true?)
    2)  Complete button will be active after a PO is created
    3) Any situations where the button will be disabled?

    <b>Please try this -></b>
    Try to delete the PO line item first.I donot have any idea about your support pack level.
    Note 982448 - Impossibility to delete an item in PO
    See also this one as this disable under condition</u>
    Note 852327 - Disable Deletion of Confirmed PO Items
    If you are in EBP 4.0,see this note Note 710827 - EBP 4.0 When creating a new PO, status is 'Error in Process'
    <u>If scenario is ECS, you maybe have an RFC communication issue (network ?...) else check is bbp_get_status_2 is having error (ST22...) in both systems.</u>
    <u>If EBP PO status is not correctly updated, delete button is disable</u>. Also Please look at transaction RZ20 in B2B procurement monitor what kind of error do you have.
    <b>Related links -></b>
    Re: Complete purchase order
    Do let me know.
    - Atul

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