Teamwork still a factor?

I just wondered through how much hassle and flaming some Java students are willing to suffer just to get an answer to problems like recursive method creations.
It especially makes me wonder because if I don't know something, I ask my pals or my co-workers. It works much faster than posting here, is guaranteed to raise no flame and I usually get very good answers and explanations. But asking friends or teachers seems to be out of question, nowadays. Are people beginning to lack personal skills? Are they to shy to ask? Or is everyone too scared to show a moment of weakness by asking a question?
Is looking competent more important than being competent? The look only holds up as long as nobody asks a question. People who try it that way should try very hard to get promoted to "pointy-haired boss"-level before being assigned to real work. Otherwise, they might get fired.

I've found that kind of intellectual openness to berare in both my academic and working lives.
Where I work its the opposite. You basically move up
the ladder by having your name mentioned more and more
often. Someone who is relied upon for answering the
difficult questions will find their name being
mentioned in several meetings as the resident guru to
talk to. Depending on who is in those meetings, that
persons stock could rise considerably. I'm not saying
its a good system or that I particularly like it
(except when it works in my favor :p) but maybe it has
helped to create an environment where people are quick
to assist others, which my place of business certainly
has.Well I've found that the technically skilled people usually get known and get called for help where as those that think they're 'Gods gift' go around shouting how marvellous they are and get heard by managers that way. Also, these people talk c**p but its what the boss wants to here so they get promoted to manager. This is my explaination for the majority of managers not having a clue what they're on about but still being able to waffle on for hours. Thats why they like pretty diagrams, they can't understand the things they're supposed to.

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  • Mini display port to

    I have all my options selected and was just about ready to click purchase on a new 2010 17" MBP and thought I would double check one more thing...Mini display port to HDMI with audio.
    I see many post about this, but most seem to be on 08 models...have the new ones changed? I am more less getting this for my wife to use and she needs it for presentations. I finally got her to go from PC to my old 17" G4 laptop and it's time for an upgrade. The one issue we run into is that files are commonly sent as Power Point, but we got through that with a Mac/Microsoft upgrade.
    I am told the location that these presentations are displayed, plans to get a new monitor and they are looking at BestBuy and such for TV style monitors with the HDMI option. This seems like a cheap way to get away from the projector system they have now that only supports S-video or VGA. I'm hoping that Apple now supplies audio thru the HDMI cable which is in my (limited) understanding the main reason the change over from DVI to HDMI was implemented in the first place.
    If the no audio issue is still a factor, maybe I should put off the new MBP, because I am trying to get away from having to make the trip with her, in order to make sure we have both audio/video. With the projector system they now run, I have to take a PA and output the audio from the headphone jack and then run the S-video to the projector. I am hoping the new MBP will have one cable connection and she be on her way!

    Well for starters, anyone who puts audio into a PPT presentation needs to be taken out back, beaten, drawn and quartered, beaten again, put in a stockade, flogged, then beaten one final time for good measure. The only audio coming from a presentation should be the presenter speaking. The PPT slides are meant to be secondary in nature, highlighting the major points of the presentation as you go along, not be the presentation. Audio and video, even those stupid transition effects, just distract from the content. The people at Microsoft responsible for putting those features into PowerPoint, and thus opening the floodgates for all their competitors, should have all the above happen to them, and then add being shot to the very end of it. It's still far too good a fate for the **** those people have loosed unto the world.
    That being said, I'm under no illusion that this is going to do anything but get worse over time, so here's the deal.
    You need a MDP to HDMI adapter that is designed to also carry the audio signal. But it couldn't hurt to teach her how to ensure that the audio output device is set properly. Just in case. Or, you could do the right thing, and start smacking the people who think it's cute to put all these animations and sound effects into presentations. There are a very select few times when that sort of thing is justified, and 99.99999999999999999999999999999% of the time when one is used, it's not one of those times. Then you wouldn't really have to worry about getting audio AND video. Might be rather cathartic too.

  • Need a code for finding prime no.s from 0 to 100.

    i need a code for finding prime no.s from 0 to 100.
    Please help me out.
    Santosh Kotra.

    hai santosh,
    here is an example program to find the prime number...........
    DATA: BEGIN OF primes OCCURS 0,
            number TYPE i,
            exp    TYPE i,
          END OF primes.
    DATA: w_mult TYPE i,
          w_limi TYPE i,
          w_prem TYPE i.
    DATA: w_outp TYPE text132.
    DATA: w_rtime TYPE i,
          w_stime TYPE p DECIMALS 3.
    DEFINE add_part.
      sy-fdpos = strlen( &1 ) + 1.
      &1+sy-fdpos(*) = &2.
      condense &1.
    PARAMETERS: p_numb TYPE i,                "number to check
                p_fact TYPE c AS CHECKBOX,    "display components
                p_nbpr TYPE c AS CHECKBOX.    "nb of primes
      GET RUN TIME FIELD w_rtime.
      IF p_nbpr IS INITIAL OR p_numb LE 12000.
        PERFORM eratostene USING p_numb.
        add_part w_outp p_numb.
        READ TABLE primes WITH KEY number = p_numb.
        IF sy-subrc = 0.
          add_part w_outp 'is prime'.
          IF p_fact IS INITIAL.
            add_part w_outp 'is not prime'.
            add_part w_outp '='.
            w_limi = p_numb.
            LOOP AT primes WHERE exp GT 0.
              CHECK primes-number LE w_limi.
              IF w_prem GT 0.
                add_part w_outp '*'.
              IF primes-exp GT 1.
                add_part w_outp '('.
                add_part w_outp primes-number.
                add_part w_outp '^'.
                add_part w_outp primes-exp.
                add_part w_outp ')'.
                add_part w_outp primes-number.
              w_limi = w_limi / ( primes-number ** primes-exp ).
              IF w_limi = 1.
              w_prem = 1.
        WRITE: / w_outp.
        IF NOT p_nbpr IS INITIAL.
          DESCRIBE TABLE primes LINES sy-tmaxl.
          CLEAR: w_outp.
          add_part w_outp 'Number of primes:'.
          add_part w_outp sy-tmaxl.
          WRITE: / w_outp.
          LOOP AT primes.
            WRITE: / primes-number.
        PERFORM factors.
      GET RUN TIME FIELD w_rtime.
      w_stime = w_rtime / 1000000.
      CLEAR: w_outp.
      add_part w_outp 'Calculation time:'.
      add_part w_outp w_stime.
      WRITE: / w_outp.
          FORM eratostene                                               *
    FORM eratostene USING in_number TYPE i.
      DATA: BEGIN OF no_primes OCCURS 0,
              number TYPE i,
            END OF no_primes.
      DATA: cnum TYPE i,
            dnum TYPE i,
            limi TYPE i,
            mult TYPE i,
            puis TYPE i,
            cmod TYPE i.
      IF NOT ( p_fact IS INITIAL AND p_nbpr IS INITIAL ).
        limi = in_number.
        limi = sqrt( in_number ).
      cnum = 2.
      WHILE cnum LE limi.
        READ TABLE no_primes WITH KEY number = cnum.
        IF sy-subrc NE 0.
          primes-number = cnum.
          mult = 2.
          puis = 1.
          dnum = mult * cnum.
          WHILE dnum LE in_number.
            READ TABLE no_primes WITH KEY number = dnum.
            IF sy-subrc NE 0.
              no_primes-number = dnum.
              APPEND no_primes.
            IF NOT p_fact IS INITIAL.
              cmod = dnum MOD ( cnum ** puis ).
              IF cmod = 0.
                cmod = in_number MOD ( cnum ** puis ).
                IF cmod = 0.
                  primes-exp = puis.
                  puis = puis + 1.
            mult = mult + 1.
            dnum = mult * cnum.
          APPEND primes.
          CLEAR: primes.
        cnum = cnum + 1.
          FORM factors                                                  *
    FORM factors.
      DATA: ex_factors TYPE string,
            mod        TYPE i,
            still      TYPE f,
            factor     TYPE i,
            exponent   TYPE i,
            square     TYPE f,
            fac_string TYPE text40,
            exp_string TYPE text40.
      IF p_numb LE 3.
        ex_factors = p_numb.
        factor = 2.
        still  = p_numb.
          CLEAR: exponent.
          mod = still MOD factor.
          WHILE mod = 0.
            exponent = exponent + 1.
            still    = still div factor.
            mod      = still MOD factor.
          IF exponent EQ 1.
            fac_string = factor.
            CONCATENATE ex_factors '*'  fac_string
                                   INTO ex_factors
                           SEPARATED BY space.
            CONDENSE ex_factors.
          ELSEIF exponent GT 1.
            fac_string = factor.
            exp_string = exponent.
            CONCATENATE ex_factors '* (' fac_string
                                   '^'   exp_string ')'
                                   INTO  ex_factors
                           SEPARATED BY space.
            CONDENSE ex_factors.
          factor = factor + 1.
          square = factor ** 2.
          IF square GT still.
        IF still GT 1.
          CATCH SYSTEM-EXCEPTIONS convt_overflow = 1.
            fac_string = factor = still.
          IF sy-subrc NE 0.
            fac_string = still.
          CONCATENATE ex_factors '*' fac_string
                                INTO ex_factors
                        SEPARATED BY space.
          CONDENSE ex_factors.
        SHIFT ex_factors UP TO '*'.
        SHIFT ex_factors BY 2 PLACES.
      WRITE: / p_numb RIGHT-JUSTIFIED.
      IF ex_factors CA '*^'.
        WRITE: '=', ex_factors.
        WRITE: 'is prime'.

  • Why do we need the table TCURF?

    Hi Friends,
    Can't we get our currency translation job done without our sweet currency factors table TCURF. Say we want to convert fig's from FROM curr to TO curr at Daily avg rate (M) and we have an exchange rate as 2,642.34. Factors for this currency combination for M in TCURF are say 100,000:1.
    Now my question is can't we have an exchange rate of 0.02642 and not at all use the factors from TCURF table?.
    I suppose we have to still maintain factors as 1:1 in TCURF table if we are using exchange rate as 0.02642. am I right?. But why is this so?. Can't I get rid off TCURF.
    What is the use of TCURF co-existing with TCURR.
    Please enlighten me!!

    Hi Simon,
    So now I can say to whole word what is the use of TCURF I right!!
    Thanks you for sharing the knowledge.

  • Designing Application

    I have a question ,when desining enterprise application is it better to write whole businnes method code in EJB or
    To make helper java classes that and business logic is in there ,So businness method from EJB just calling the second method in java file for business processing?
    Second thing...EJB is now so easy that i like to implement it in my every project running with glassfish ...I want to know exactly when to avoid it and when to use it in enterprise enviornment.?I googled it but didnt get the concrete answer,thats why i want to know here.

    Blackmirror wrote:
    I have a question ,when desining enterprise application is it better to write whole businnes method code in EJB or
    To make helper java classes that and business logic is in there ,So businness method from EJB just calling the second method in java file for business processing?
    there are arguments to be made for both paradigms.
    The first is quicker to write and possibly easier to comprehend, the second is easier to test and reuse.
    Second thing...EJB is now so easy that i like to implement it in my every project running with glassfish ...I want to know exactly when to avoid it and when to use it in enterprise enviornment.?I googled it but didnt get the concrete answer,thats why i want to know here.The extra overhead imposed by EJB calls is still a factor to be taken into consideration. And of course the extra infrastructure needed to deploy the application.

  • Thread safe - again

    Hi guys,
    If I have 2 threads
    Thread one = new Thread();
    Thread two = new Thread();
    In each Thread (one, two) in run method, I new a class called MyClass
    public class myClass
    public int a;
    public int b;
    public int geta()
    return a;
    public int getb()
    return b;
    public void seta(int x)
    this.a = x;
    public void setb(int y)
    this.b = y;
    Is this thread safe. My result is not a thread safe. Does these 2 thread access the same memory block of myclass? I am really confused now.

    I agreed with the previous reply that the two myClasses shouldn't share the memory. But there are still many factors which may let them actually share the memory, such as you are actually implementing the two threads by putting the two myClasses into same variable (like static). Anyway, I think it is better for you to post how you create and store those classes in here. Then a clear reason and solution will come out.

  • WRT54G does not work or what am I doing wrong?

    My setup: DSL -> 2wire modem router (bridge mode, firewall shutdown) ->WRT54G -> LAN with 1 IPPBX, 1 wired PC and 3 wireless PC.
    VoIP is running fine within our LAN, we have 2 SIP trunks running fine, But we just cant make an external softphone to work properly from WAN (outside the LAN).
    As long as I know, the simplest way to explain what a firewall does is 'everything requested from the inside should be wellcomed, anything unsolicited from the outside should be disallowed UNLESS explicitly told otherwise' this is, why the heck do we have unreachable ports althought we have allow those to receive extern traffic?
    Please check the pdf´s (snapshots) here:
    All those are for showing current setup, firewall, port forwarding and the results of a port scanner wich shows that efectively, we cannot use our extern SIP client because the WRT54G is blocking it...
    Thanks in advance as we are urged to fix this ASAP

    Yes. NAT is a function in the router. Just like the firewall. But still, both are different functions of the router. The firewall filters traffic to the router. NAT is responsible for mapping IP addresses. The reason why unsolicited packets from the internet won't get into the LAN is because NAT cannot deliver those packets and not the firewall rejecting some incoming connection. NAT does not filter. NAT tries to deliver and if it does not know where it drops it. But not because it wants to filter something.
    The settings on the router are correct. But as I have mentioned before, forwarding a port does not mean it's open or accessible. There are still other factors which could cause the port to be closed...
    Regarding the modem: you can check that if you connect a computer directly to the modem, open a port on the computer and then do the internet port scan again.
    I also explained how to check with telnet if TCP port 5060 on the IPPBX is really open or not. Why don't you just do this test? It would be much easier and faster, giving relevant answers. I don't mind whether asterisk usually uses both protocols on 5060 or not. Maybe it does. Maybe not. Maybe it can be configured. Whatever. Enter "telnet 5060" into a command prompt window of a computer connected to your LAN and you see if the port is open or not. Then we know something for sure instead of thinking about what should be or should not be...
    Also do the same telnet test with port 23 and 80 and then use the internet port scanner to scan for tcp port 23 and tcp port 80. Then we could see if anything goes through or not instead of discussing theory...
    I did not say you have to set up a lab setup. I only explained that you were mixing NAT functions and firewall functions of the router. The NAT function may look like some firewall in certain respects but it is still a different function with a completely different purpose.
    I also can't say if the IP settings are all correct. Maybe the IP address is correct but the gateway address is not. Or the DNS server.
    The subject of this thread is "... or what am I doing wrong?". It's impossible to comment on something if you don't give the details which would allow to verify that you have set it up indeed correct...

  • Komvd-kbetr field automatically divided by 10?

    Hi all,
    I hope someone can help me on this one.
    Since recently I have a problem when I try to write the field komvd-kbetr to SAP-script. For some reason it sometimes automatically divides this value by 10.
    A little bit more explanation:
    I created 2 invoices and a set them up for printing (creating an iDoc with SapScript, so no layout attached).
    Both invoices are identical to each other and contain discount conditions. In this case the field komvd-kbetr is a percentage and should be divided by 10. I do this manually in the print program. When I print only 1 invoice, everything works perfectly.
    When I process the two invoices using the RSNAST00 progam, the first iDoc is created ok (percentages shown are 1% discount and 21% tax, = OK), but the next invoice shows these values divided by 10 (0.1% discount and 2.1% tax). During debugging the values are shown ok in ABAP (1% and 21%), and immediately after that I call the function WRITE_FORM with the element that should print this value.
    Here's an exerpt from the coding I use:
    DATA: hkomvd TYPE TABLE OF komvd.
    REFRESH hkomvd.
    Collect price conditions etc., fill hkomvd table
           comm_head_i = komk
           language    = nast-spras
           comm_head_e = komk
           comm_mwskz  = print_mwskz
           tkomv       = tkomv
           tkomvd      = hkomvd.
    Because these values are percentages, divide them by 10
       hkomvd-kbetr = hkomvd-kbetr  / 10.
    After performing this action, the kbetr values are shown as 1% and 21% which is OK.
    Write the data, including hkomvd-kbetr
           element   = 'MISC_COSTS'
           element   = 1
           function  = 2
           type      = 3
           unopened  = 4
           unstarted = 5
           window    = 6
           OTHERS    = 7.
    After performing this action, the iDoc contains values 1% and 21% for the first invoice, 0.1% and 2.1% for the second (and following) invoice(s).
    I don't know for sure if this error occured since the upgrade to ECC 5.0, according to the users it might have been there before as well.
    Does anyone know what might be the problem or can give me a hand in the right direction?
    Thanks in advance!
    Dave Verkoelen

    Hi Anurag,
    This is what my first thought was as well, but sadly enough this is not the case.
    Just before filling the hkomvd structure with function call RV_PRICE_PRINT_HEAD I refresh and clear the structure.. Debugging shows that the structure is then completely empty before it is filled.
    Just to be sure I tested with 2 different invoices (values), but it made no difference. The values on the second invoice are still a factor 10.
    The weird thing is still:
    During debugging the values are shown OK in ABAP, but AFTER the WRITE_FORM function call, the values are divided by 10.
    I debugged the sapscript as well, here the values are already wrong. In the WRITE_FORM everything is OK.
    I expect something happens in or direcly after the write_form function but I cannot figure out what it is.
    Thanks anyway for the suggestion!
    Message was edited by: Dave Verkoelen

  • Trouble downloading Yosemite Recovery Update 1.0

    Hi folks!
    So, like many of you, judging from other postings here, I had great difficulty downloading and installing the 10.10.3 update via the App Store. It would just hang and hang and hang. However, downloading the Combo Updater directly from the Apple Support site took minutes.
    Unfortunately, I have encountered the exact same problem with the Recovery Update. I have followed all the troubleshooting steps I could find (clearing the App Store cache and temporary items, repairing permissions, etc.). It still is taking hours and hours to download, and has just given up more than a few times. Indeed, it is listed numerous times in the "recently installed" section, and yet, it does not appear to have ever successfully installed.
    To make it all a little more interesting, I tried downloading a game through the App Store, and it worked perfectly. So, this problem seems to be specific to Mac OS updates. Thus, I am starting to think that the App Store, in itself, is not the problem.
    Furthermore, although perhaps unrelated, it took hours and hours to update my iPad and my iPhone to the latest iOS yesterday. Are there servers just overloaded? Is that possibly still a factor at this point today?
    I cannot seem to find a direct download at the Apple site for the Recovery Update, nor can I figure out how to check if perhaps it DID install. It's clearly not as simple as checking the OS version, or the version of this or that application.
    Has anyone else managed to get around this somehow?
    Thank you!

    I am very sorry to hear that. Perhaps you won't want to read this, then, but I think it finally installed correctly. I tried yet again shortly after my last post and left it to do something else. Now, it has been listed as "installed" perhaps a dozen times, but as you know, it would just time out or give up or whatever, and the "Update" option would still be there. This time, that option is gone, and there is no longer a notification number indicating an update is available. With great trepidation, I reloaded the page, but still no change. So I think it has finally installed legitimately.
    This does not mean, however, that the problem (which remains unidentified) has been solved. All it means is I am stubborn. Why it took several days to download and install a little 500 MB update is beyond me.

  • SI_LOCALE - dashboard problem - query result error

    Dear Sirs,
    I have:
    1. Business Objects Business Intelligence platform 4.0 with SP2 and FP 11.
    2. Dashboard Design 2011
    On BI launch pad I have problem with dashboard design object. When user tries to run the dashboard, it shows a error message.
    Query result error:
    The property with ID SI_LOCALE does not exist in the object.
    On the same workstation, If I try to do the same, but using a different user, dashboard displays properly.
    Let me add that the dashboard has 2 queries (from universe).
    I tried to change the regional settings, but without results.
    What does it mean?
    Any idea how to resolve this problem?
    Best regards,

    I met the same issue, till now it remains.
    I referred to SAP note
    Receive Error: "The property with ID SI_LOCALE does not exist in the object" when viewing "
    However we already applied SP5. It seems still other factor entails this.

  • World travel: MacBook Pro or iPad?

    I will be leaving for Peace Corps service in a few months, and I'm debating: MacBook Pro or iPad?
    It is unknown if I will have access to electricity very often.  Even less likely will I have internet available very often.  Battery life is something to consider.  Cruising the web probably won't be an option, regardless of device.
    My main use of either device will be photo and video storing/sharing/editing.  This is very important to me.  Word processing is less important, but still a factor (blogging, e-mailing, etc. and preparing them ahead of time to be uploaded quickly at an internet cafe).  Obviously a MacBook pro will have more hard drive space and more capabilities.  But is the iPad a decent replacement?  I have to think about ease of transport as well as security (an iPad would be much easier to hide and keep secret).
    Things not important to me: iBooks, games, taking pictures and video (I already have good cameras for those)
    Can you back up iPads with an external hard drive?  Does it take a USB flash drive?  Do you have experience with traveling with either?

    The iPad is great, but I would never have it as my *only* computer. Definitely go with a MacBook (Pro or Air).
    Video editing and word processing will be very limited on the iPad, and it sounds like you'll want to upload stuff from a separate camera, which could be problematic as well. The other things you want to do will also be a pain without a reliable network.
    If size and weight are an issue, you might consider a MacBook Air as a compromise. Except for the optical drive, it has all the functionality of the Pro, but the 11" is only slightly larger than an iPad.

  • Mobile Documents and OS X Server

    Hi, I'm having problems with "mobile documents" and OS X server.
    All our user accounts are on a OS X server (mountain lion). When trying to access documents on iCloud from a desktop I see following error in the logs:
    2012-09-24 14:31:58 -0400 librariand[4413]: unable to enable mobile documents
    2012-09-24 14:31:58 -0400 librariand[4413]: error in _handle_client_request: LibrarianErrorDomain/10/Unable to configure the collection.
    2012-09-24 14:31:58 -0400 Pages[4520]: [warn]  [0.000s] Path_Utilities.c:101 get_homedir_path_once() Home directory is not local, iCloud document storage will not work
    2012-09-24 14:31:58 -0400 librariand[4413]: [ERROR] [141.284s] framework_client.c:794 IPCSyncingEnabled() failed to contact ubd: -1
    2012-09-24 14:31:58 -0400 librariand[4413]: [ERROR] [141.284s] framework_client.c:810 IPCEnableSyncing() failed to run server: -1
    2012-09-24 14:31:58 -0400 librariand[4413]: [ERROR] [141.284s] UBService.c:598 UBServiceEnableMobileDocuments() IPCEnableSyncing failed with error: The operation couldn’t be completed. (UBErrorDomain error 8.)
    2012-09-24 14:31:58 -0400 librariand[4413]: unable to enable mobile documents
    2012-09-24 14:31:58 -0400 librariand[4413]: error in _handle_client_request: LibrarianErrorDomain/10/Unable to configure the collection.
    2012-09-24 14:31:58 -0400 Pages[4520]: [ERROR] [0.336s] framework_client.c:552 IPCServiceStartActivityCallback() Failed to start service activity callback
    Sounds like you can't access documents on iCloud when serving your accounts from an OS X Server? Would be bad, any thoughts?

    I am discovering the same issue.  I have come to the same conclusion as you and am terribly disappointed.  Did you have any luck figuring this out?  Did you submit a bug report?
    There is still one factor I am trying to isolate.  Is the version of Pages (or other iWork app) being used downloaded from the Apple Store or installed from a DVD?

  • OS X Server - Mobile User - cookies.sqlite and places.sqlite

    We have OS X Server running our Mobile User Accounts and HomeSync back to the server in the background.
    All the users have problems with the same 2 files not being able to be backed up - belonging to firefox: the cookies.sqlite and places.sqlite file.
    Please help if you can.

    I am discovering the same issue.  I have come to the same conclusion as you and am terribly disappointed.  Did you have any luck figuring this out?  Did you submit a bug report?
    There is still one factor I am trying to isolate.  Is the version of Pages (or other iWork app) being used downloaded from the Apple Store or installed from a DVD?

  • WARNING: Month-to-Month subscribers

    The lack of care at Adobe Customer Service (and lack of email contact) has forced me to post a warning to all users on a month to month plan. Apparently the billing system used by creative cloud software doesn't re-activate your software in real-time. I spent over an hour chatting with 3 different departments trying to get my software re-activated today after being billed for it.
    Gaurav S in the "concern department" provided some very frusterating insight.
    "Gaurav S: Could you please elaborate your query.
    JP: Yes, my Muse subscription I recently re-activated but the software still states the account is expired
    Gaurav S: May I know when have you reactivated it
    JP: this morning
    Gaurav S: Ok. It usually takes 24hours to update your subscription
    Gaurav S: So I would suggest you to wait till 24 hours"
    Mind you, only the software won't activate, but on my account says it's been paid for and is active. When I originally activated my muse subscription it was immediate.
    There are two major problems with this. First, as a professional and a NAPP member, I expect that when I pay for a product such as a subscription based piece of software I have acess to that software immediately once billed for it. If I didn't need it starting today - right now- I wouldn't have paid for it.
    Second, less important but still a factor, is on a month-to-month subscription you are basically paying for 24-hours when you cant use the software. So you're really only paying for Month minus 1 day. It just wrong.
    There should have been some way for them to force the connection through so that the software sees my account as paid. Totally unacceptable for a professional application. I would buy it if it wasn't subscription based, but that's their choice. I'll definately never subscribe to any of their other software as long as there's the option of owning a copy.

    First, I would like to apologize for the terrible experience you've had -- we'll make sure we improve. Are you still having trouble logging in? If so, please try deleting the following folders:
    Please delete the "MBLStore" and "OOBE" folders found in
    on Mac: <yourusername>/Library/Application Support/Adobe
    on Windows XP: <youruser>\Local Settings\Application Data\Adobe
    on Windows 7: <youruser>\AppData\Local\Adobe
    and delete the "AdobeMuse" folder found in
    on Mac: <yourusername>/Library/Preferences
    on Windows XP: <youruser>\Local Settings\
    on Windows 7: <youruser>\AppData\Roaming
    Then launch Muse. It will go through the first launch experience of asking for UI language, AdobeID, etc.
    Please let me know if this works.

  • IPhone 6 rattle

    I know that this is a topic that has been done to death for previous iPhone releases... but I would be interested to hear thoughts on the new iPhone 6, is this still a factor of the phone's design.
    My iPhone 6 rattles when I tap the top portion of the screen, if you turn the phone over and tap it along the top band below the camera lens the rattle becomes slightly more pronounced.
    I spoke to Apple chat last night and was told that this is normal and that it is the auto focus lens. He also said that it could be the gyro or another moving part housed in the top of the phone. Do other people have similar noise?? I haven't been able to get to an apple store to tap their demo phones!
    I am content to accept it as 'normal' if others are experiencing similar.

    Having taken apart previous iPhone models, it's definitely in the camera assembly, so more than likely the 5 element lens.

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