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Hi all,
Can any one tell me how can we test the reports after migration from BO 6.5 to BOXIR2?

Hi Sripathy
Together with the guy informing me of the problem we reproduced the error situation.
The errormessage displayed at the screen is: "RWRBE60.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to restart the program. An error log is created." We looked at the local hard drive of the PC to find some extra error information. The only things we found were a crash dump file user.dmp and and another file with dump information. From the dump-info I can see that the proces rwrbe60 caused an access violation and crashed. To me it seems now that there is no Oracle error log, but it is a Windows error message.
I fear now that the question is becoming more a windows question than an Oracle question. Still it is an Oracle process causing the access violation. So any tips how to continue are welcome. I do not have experience to read windows crash dump files. What could cause the access violation? Could it be a missing font file, or is it necessary to set write access to some specific directories, or other?

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  • Hyperion IR 9.3.1 - Issue in printing the report after exporting it to pdf

    Hi All,
    I am facing a problem in printing the report after exporting it to pdf format using Hyperion Interactive Reporting 9.3.1. I have set page size of report section to 11X17 inch landscape. Now I am exporting this report section to pdf. Report gets exported to pdf with size 11X17 inch landsacpe. But when I am trying to print this pdf it is shrinking the documnet size to A4 size paper and printing it rather it should print it on 11X17 inch paper size. Please suggest if there is fix available for this issue.

    "File > Print Setup > Paper > Size" on PDF.
    I think this issue is only to do with the printer and not IR.
    I think the question now is "Can your printer print 11X17 pages or not".

  • Missing Discoverer reports after migrating the EUL to new Database.

    Our Environment is Discoverer Relational- OLTP
    We have recently migrated the source database from Oracle to RAC, this made us to migrate the Discoverer to new database in production.
    Below are the database objects we migrated to new database.
    1. EUL schema
    2. Schemas referred by the Objects in the EUL (schemas containing functions, tables, views etc)
    3. Based on trigger we created to filter active discoverer database accounts, migrated only active database users to new database.
    Note: we had almost 4000 Discoverer users from 2005, since many of these users moved out of company or not using discoverer permanently, and there are users who used discoverer once in year or once in 6 months.
    Finally we come up with 300 Active Discoverer users to be migrated to new database.
    Issues: After migration
    Some of the migrated users did not get their reports migrated which are shared by other users? [Since we didn’t migrate these users schemas as they are not active].
    We have queried the EUL5_DOCUMENTS table in new database for a particular inactive users account (account which is not migrated) is not showing any reports owned by him.
    Since we have migrated EUL schema and active users new database, is this will effect the EUL, [Information related to non active users gets deleted from the EUL in New Database]
    Some users who are not figured in the active migrated list are requesting to get access to discoverer on new database. Can you please suggest the correct way to migrate these accounts.
    Exporting the accounts will work?
    Thanks in advance.

    Kanchana Devasurendra wrote:
    Hi ARS,
    Please check the following item in your new database.
    1. log_archive_max_processes Most properbly value set for this parameter is low ( may be it's set to 1.) Please increase up ( 4)I am curious to know what makes you think 4 is the right magic number for log_archive_max_processes - after all, he's only got one archive destination.
    Jonathan Lewis
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  • Unable to print the report after SP2 (CR 2008 / VS 2008)?

    I'm developing an ASP.NET application using VS 2008 (Framework 3.5). I have installed CR 2008 with SP (0, 1, and 2).
    I created an invoice report and I printed it as test for the report and it works okay. I needed to change the page size of the report to a user defined size and reset all of the margins to zero.
    After I did that I was unable to print the report again and every time I tried to print the report nothing gets printed.
    I checked my environment to find the cause of this problem but I found nothing except that I'm using CR runtime for SP1 and I'm currently using SP2. So I did remove CR runtime for SP1 and install CR runtime for SP2.
    The problem didn't go away and I faced one more problem.
    Usually I'm using a dataset as a data source for my reports. After installing the CR runtime for SP2 I couldn't see any date column in my report data source (Dataset). All other types of columns appear except date fields! Why I have no Idea?
    After I do some more testing regarding my issue I found out the following
    1.     When I add a new report to my web application and I don't change the page setting the report work fine.
    2.     When I change the page setup settings (Page Margins, horizontal width and vertical height) the report show up okay but never gets printed.
    Why I don't know?
    Addition to that the report dataset (Data Source) showing in the field explorer never shows any date type field?
    All of the above issues happened with me after installing SP2.
    OS: WindowsXP Pro SP3
    CR 2008 (SP 0, 1, 2)
    VS 2008 SP1
    Please I need your help.
    Edited by: Sami Aljafer on Oct 12, 2009 8:35 PM
    Edited by: Sami Aljafer on Oct 12, 2009 8:38 PM

    Hi, Sami;
    Are you printing from the Crystal preview window, or in code?
    If you are printing from the preview window, try printing via code, such as:
    An example of print to printer:
    crReportDocument = New ReportDocument
    ''Use error handling in case an error occurs
    ''Set the printer name to print the report to. By default the sample
    ''report does not have a defult printer specified. This will tell the
    ''engine to use the specified printer to print the report. Print out
    ''a test page (from Printer properties) to get the correct value.
    crReportDocument.PrintOptions.PrinterName = "
    dwcb12003\ZDesigner ZM400 200 dpi (ZPL)"
    ''Start the printing process. Provide details of the print job
    ''using the arguments.
    crReportDocument.PrintToPrinter(1, True, 1, 1)
    Please post your question about the dataset as a new post.
    Edited by: Jonathan Parminter on Oct 12, 2009 2:28 PM

  • SQL query was failed in my report after migrating to Oracle 10gR2

    We have a aplication running under Oracle DB. we migrated our DB to Oracle 10gR2. While running the report, we got an error:
    ORA-00904: "A3"."FACILITY_SYSTEM_ID": invalid identifier
    ORA-06512: at "CEAS_MK_RPT.GET_LIST", line 12
    The SQL query which causes this error is:
    INSERT INTO gtt_facility_seq_generator
    SELECT get_list
    (CURSOR (SELECT auf.facility_system_id
    FROM authorized_facility auf
    WHERE auf.facility_system_id = afs.facility_system_id
    AND auf.credit_application_system_id = :p_cred_appln_id
    FROM authorized_facility afs,
    (SELECT af.facility_system_id facility_system_id
    FROM facility_obligor fo, authorized_facility af, party p
    WHERE fo.facility_system_id = af.facility_system_id
    AND fo.party_system_id = p.party_system_id
    FROM facility_third_party_subst iftps
    WHERE iftps.facility_system_id =
    ) tab1
    WHERE afs.credit_application_system_id = :p_cred_appln_id
    AND tab1.facility_system_id = afs.facility_system_id
    ORDER BY afs.creation_date;
    The content of function get_list() is:
    p_cursor IN sys_refcursor
    l_sep VARCHAR2(4);
    l_text VARCHAR2(30000);
    l_text_return VARCHAR2(30000);
    FETCH p_cursor INTO l_text;
    EXIT WHEN p_cursor%NOTFOUND;
    l_text_return := l_text_return || l_sep || l_text;
    l_sep := CHR(10);
    CLOSE p_cursor;
    RETURN l_text_return;
    dbms_output.put_line ('a');
    END Get_List;
    The same report was executed perfectly in Oracle 9i. Kindly help us to short out this issue. Thanks in advance.
    Sengol S

    Hi Nirav,
    Many thanks for your response. I verified the same, but the same query was executed successfully after removing the INSERT INTO part(executed the SELECT part only). What might be the cause for this error?
    For your kind information :
    I have 2 schema in my DB( ceas_mk_app and ceas_mk_rpt ).
    All the source tables are present in ceas_mk_app schema - These tables are used by ceas_mk_rpt schema(using synonym) to generate the report.
    I'm executing the above said query from ceas_mk_rpt to insert the necessary data in to report temp. table.
    Sengol S
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  • Multi Value error observed in one report after migration from BO 3.1 to BO 4.0

    Can someone help me resolving the #multivalue error after migration of report from BO 3.1 to 4.0 environment
    I have compared all the formulas and they are same in both the
    I have observed, if I create a new  tab with the report, The multivalue error is not observed
    Can somebody please help me regarding this issue

    Hi Javed,
    MultiValue error appears if you have multiple result values for the same row values combination.
    Try including an object from object panel which can differentiate the values for that row.
    For Example,
    Lets say you have an item & you have a keyfigure Invoiced amount where it has 2 different values at schedule line level.
    So the values in webi BOBJ depends your BW architecture like how the infoprovider is designed. If your infoprovider has the invoiced amount values based on item and schedule line level then if you dont add the schedule line in webi report, you ll get the "#MULTIVALUE" Error.
    If you are using any Variables in the webi Report, try using
    =[keyfigure] in [Dimension]
    Hope this helps.

  • Date issue in webi report after migration to XI 3.1

    Hello All,
    We had designed a webi report in BOXIR2 with run date present in report header section. This report was working fine in XIR2 environment.
    However after migrating this report to XI 3.1 with sp2 and fp2.2, we have observed that date part is getting eliminated from the report header. If date is 13/01/2010, then only 13 is visible and rest of the date is getting out of report. This happens when we export report to PDF (We need final output in PDF).
    The same thing was working fine in XIR2. From 'properties' section of report,  we have verified that report format has not changed. Also we are using latest version of Adobe (9.2).
    Can you suggest us the steps to resolve this issue?

    When you view the Report in WebI Format is the Date shown correct ?
    When you export the Report in xls. is the Date shown correct ?
    Could you please re- validate your formular in XI 3.1 for the date
    Compare the Format of the Object in the Universe between Rel.2 and XI 3.1 (if the Date informations in an object in your Universe)
    Only Adobe Reader 8.1.2 and 9.0 are supported. Can you please install one of these versions and retry ?

  • Unable to test the report through 9IDS.

    Steps done By me till now:
    1. Started OC4J Instance.----Successfully Started.
    2. To test, I typed the following URL in the browser and it shows the default report page.
    URL is : http://localhost:8888/reports ----this also ok.
    (Also checked ORACLE_HOME/j2ee/oracle9iDS/config/default-web-site.xml)--This is ok like in that I check for <web-site-host="myMachineName", port=8888 and DisplayName="..".
    N.B: I don't have the file name http-web-site.xml but default-web-site.xml (Already checked after changing the name of default-web-site.xml to http-web-site.xml but nothing happens).
    3. Then I placed my reports under the following directory:
    4. I typed the following URL to invoke the report:
    It Gives me the following errors:
    Error:110 :Unable to open File "MyReportName.RDF"
    Error:1070 :Error while opening or saving a document.
    Error:0110 :Unable to open File "MyReportName.RDF"
    Can any suggest me some solution.

    That error generally means that it can't find your report, although you will also get that problem if you've ftp'd the .rdf file in ascii mode rather than binary and then tried to run it. Try http://localhost:8888/rwservlet/showenv. That should show you the environment variables the server is running with. You can check the REPORTS_PATH env var to see if it's pointing at the directory that you put your .rdf in.
    Hope that helps,

  • Print the report after see it on screen

    I4d like to know if someone could tell me how to do the following:
    I have a report on screen and I want to have the oportunity to choose, after see it, if I want to print it or not, so I4ve thought about a button on the screen which allows me to do this but... how can I do this? Appart of that where I should set the position where the values want to be printed in the paper?

    Doesn't the menuitem File->Print do this for you? I don't understand what you mean about where the values get printed on paper. Can you be more specific about where you are viewing the report (Report Runtime Previewer, browser, etc.)?

  • Issue in the report after bookmarking it

    Hi Experts,
    We have WAD reports built on 3.X Query Designer.
    The issue here is:
    The filter values are getting deleted after bookmarking in a report.
    For Ex:
    There are 10 employees displaying in a report and I have filtered 2 employees (using employee number on Employee variable) out of 10. After that if I click on bookmark button a new URL is getting generated but the filter on employees is getting deleted and finally the report is showing 10 employees and not 2.
    The issue is happening only for this Employee variable and if I do the same process on other variables they are working fine after bookmarking.
    If you have any idea on how to resolve this issue then kindly share me.

    Add &VARIABLES_CLEAR = FALSE to end of the URL
    or Check in your WAD for the following commands and add this command at the bottom as shown below. 
             <param name="OWNER" value="SAP_BW"/>
             <param name="CMD" value="SET_PROPERTIES"/>
             <param name="TEMPLATE_ID" value=""/>
             <param name="VARIABLES_CLEAR" value=""/>

  • Summary Report after migrating to Office 365

    Hi all,
    I just successfully performed a cutover migration off a SBS 2011 Server.
    Admins are missing the Daily/Weekly Status report email generated by SBS.  The report still goes to the on-premises mailbox.  I also unticked the users from the list and created new emails as "external" recipients but did not work.
    The DNS is authoritative for contoso.local. I don't know how to create a MX record for contoso.com within that zone.
    I think it may be an attribute in AD that needs to be changed. 
    Could you guys provide help with this?

    Hi Frank,
    On current situation, please refer to following thread and check if can help you.
    email address of SBSMonAcct on SBS 2011
    Meanwhile, please refer to the “Completion of the Migration”
    section in following article.
    Migrating from Exchange 2007 to Office 365
    If any update, please feel free to let me know.
    Hope this helps.
    Best regards,
    Justin Gu

  • Problem in displaying reports after migrating 6i to 9i

    I have migrated the Oracle Reports 6i on NT to 9i running on Solaris. While I don't have any problems in accessing some reports on the web in PDF format, for certain reports it gave me a small dialogue box to install Thai text support. After clicking cancel, it shows 'Terminated with error: REP-300: invalid column name SELECT ....'
    Is it due to the incompatibility of 6i and 9i ?
    or do I need to recompile the .rdf files ?
    Your fast response is apprecciated.

    according to your description you did two things at once, changed platform and upgraded product version.
    although reports 6i and 9i are compatible and you should be able to run 6i reports without any changes in 9i, we always suggest that you re-compile your RDFs on the new version.
    also the change from NT to unix could have something with your behaviour. i would check if the re-compile of your reports helps. if not, please contact oracle support services for further investigation.

  • Problem e-mailing reports after migrating to new Microsoft Exchange server

    I am now unable to e-mail (SMTP) reports to anyone in my company because we just migrated to a new Microsoft Exchange server.  Anyone know how to get rid of this message?
    Status: Failed 
    Printer: The instance is not printed. 
    External Destination: Mail the instance to "____________" with a subject of " %SI_NAME% %SI_STARTTIME% ". 
    Data Refresh Settings:  Use the server defaults. 
    Start Time: 8/4/09 1:00:18 PM 
    End Time: 8/4/09 1:01:07 PM 
    Server Used: gmmc-crs.reportjobserver 
    Error Message: server error. SMTP_E_TCPSOCKET_OPEN(2): CrystalEnterprise.Smtp 
    We tried changing the gmmc-crs.reportjobserver with no luck.

    You need to start with your exchange logs and possibly enable tracing on your BO webi/crystal/destination job servers (depending on the type of report and whether or not it is scheduled) to get an idea of how far down the line the SMTP connection is getting.
    You could also confirm a few key things:
    Have the SMTP destinations on your BO servers been updated with the new SMTP server info
    Can you telnet to the mail server on port 25 from the BO server -  if not, then check the firewall between the two servers and change the existing ruleset to allow connectivity to the new server
    Possibly the old mail server didn't require authentication and the new server does, you could test this through telnet?

  • Weird tables are added in the db after migrating an Access db to Oracle 0816

    The migration workbench has been giving me headache recently. I
    was trying to migrate a small Access 97 db to Oracle081600. It
    used to work fine. But one day, it began to give me problems.
    Each time after I migrated an Access97 db to Oracle, the
    database in Oracle included lots of tables which I don't know
    where they come from (such as ACC_COLUMN,
    LUMNS...etc). And I just could not find the tables that I wanted
    in the migrated oracle db. Is there anyone who knows what's
    wrong? I really need someone's help on this problem.
    The oracle I installed is Oracle0816, running on Windows2000.
    Thank you.
    Li yang

    I am having the same problem. I had never used the tool before
    so i thought it was normal. If you have figured it out let me
    know. my boss wants to know if we can use this tool or should
    pursue other ways of migrating.

  • Changes not reflected on the page after migrating the page to server

    Hi all,
    I have migrated a page to server after making some adding a messageTextInput field but the changes are not getting reflected.
    I followed the following steps to migrate the page:
    1. Copied the page.xml from local machine to server.
    2. Ran the below import command :
    adjava oracle.jrad.tools.xml.importer.XMLImporter $JAVA_TOP/oracle/apps/aear/Refunds/webui/RefundCreatePG.xml -rootdir $JAVA_TOP -username apps -password apps -dbconnection "(DESCRIPTION= (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST=aebsw1d.aetna.com)(PORT=1571)) (CONNECT_DATA= (SID=AEBSDEV2)))" -rootPackage $JAVA_TOP
    It said
    Import completed.
    3. Bounced the apache server.
    4. Ran the below script to see the page definition:
    It has my messageTextinput field info. But I can't see it on front end. Even though when I run the page from my jdev I am able to see that field.
    Plz guide me if I am missing anything.
    Thanks in advance

    Go to 'about this page' from front end and check the path for this PG.xml and compare that path with the one that you are importing.
    As per my understanding, if this is a custom page, then the path you are using is not correct.
    Let me know if you need more clarification.
    [email protected]

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