Date issue in webi report after migration to XI 3.1

Hello All,
We had designed a webi report in BOXIR2 with run date present in report header section. This report was working fine in XIR2 environment.
However after migrating this report to XI 3.1 with sp2 and fp2.2, we have observed that date part is getting eliminated from the report header. If date is 13/01/2010, then only 13 is visible and rest of the date is getting out of report. This happens when we export report to PDF (We need final output in PDF).
The same thing was working fine in XIR2. From 'properties' section of report,  we have verified that report format has not changed. Also we are using latest version of Adobe (9.2).
Can you suggest us the steps to resolve this issue?

When you view the Report in WebI Format is the Date shown correct ?
When you export the Report in xls. is the Date shown correct ?
Could you please re- validate your formular in XI 3.1 for the date
Compare the Format of the Object in the Universe between Rel.2 and XI 3.1 (if the Date informations in an object in your Universe)
Only Adobe Reader 8.1.2 and 9.0 are supported. Can you please install one of these versions and retry ?

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    can you please tell me the default time lag and show me where I can change it if required?

    Thanks for the reply.
    Our BO is 3.1 SP4.
    We just implemented PBF (Public Budget Formulation) and our forms are running on NWCE server.  It's being written to our backend BW 7.01 SP8 server.  I was told by our users that after she updates some new information on the form, it takes a while before she can see it on the reports.  My understanding was the universe should see the updated data from our BW immediately after they refresh.  Just as you both mentioned.  But according to the users, its not.  there's a time delay.
    I'm going to test this myself if there's a delay.  In the meantime and suggestion would be helpful.

  • How to read Data of a Webi Report

    Hello Friends,
    I have a task where I need to read data of a Webi Report, how can it be done?
    Basically I have a trigger report which runs every day and get the latest RACN number from the database. I am trying to get that RACN number from trigger report using BOBJ SDK.
    I really appreciate your suggestions on this.

    Hi Rakhy,
    Is the RACN Number a column or dimension in your webi report? Is it a universe object(webi based on universe)
    Also what version of BusinessObjects you are using?
    If you are using XI 3.1 and you need to retrieve objects from a webi report it can be done using the ReportEngine SDKs.
    Please refer to the developers guide and API referrence guide available at
    Also refer to the document at for better understanding the workflow.
    An example snippet of how to retrieve an object is below
    DocumentInstance wiDoc = widocRepEngine.openDocument(oInfoObject.getID());
    ReportDictionary reportDictionary=wiDoc.getDictionary();
    for(int a=0;a<reportDictionary.getChildCount() ;a++)
    String name=reportDictionary.getChildAt(a).getName();

  • How can I capture Webi server name in a webi report after refresh.

    Hi Experts.
    My BOE clustered with two or more webi server, I want to capture the webi server name in the webi report after I refreshed this report. Is there any standard webi funtion I can use to show the server name or any variable in the universe I can use?

    Hi Bruce,
    May the following links lead you to the solution......

  • How to show muliti language data correctly using webi reports

    Hi ,
    Can you please suggest me how to show multi language data correctly in webi reports .
    Do we need to install any lang pack in both server and client machine ?
    Thanks & Regards

    you mean using translation manager? or data from DB? or both.
    You need to make sure that your DB is already configured for multiple languages.
    Enable the OS for multi languages
    On XIR3.1, you will need to install language packs on the processing servers.  then you can utilize translation manager.
    Installation of Language Packs are a pain to install and update.

  • Testing the Reports after Migration

    Post Author: vreddy
    CA Forum: Migration to XI R2
    Hi all,
    Can any one tell me how can we test the reports after migration from BO 6.5 to BOXIR2?

    Hi Sripathy
    Together with the guy informing me of the problem we reproduced the error situation.
    The errormessage displayed at the screen is: "RWRBE60.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to restart the program. An error log is created." We looked at the local hard drive of the PC to find some extra error information. The only things we found were a crash dump file user.dmp and and another file with dump information. From the dump-info I can see that the proces rwrbe60 caused an access violation and crashed. To me it seems now that there is no Oracle error log, but it is a Windows error message.
    I fear now that the question is becoming more a windows question than an Oracle question. Still it is an Oracle process causing the access violation. So any tips how to continue are welcome. I do not have experience to read windows crash dump files. What could cause the access violation? Could it be a missing font file, or is it necessary to set write access to some specific directories, or other?

  • Export Data of a Web Report  having 2-3 Queries(tables) Onto 1 Excel Sheet

    I have a Report designed in Web Application Designer. It has 2 or more Table Web Items in it to which different queries are bound.
    Although the data of these queries is shown as one Report but to the user it is very annoying when he has to export the Data separately for each block and then copy-paste in order to have a single Exported File (as till then the user thinks it is just one Report).
    The question is : Is there a way in which one can Export entire Data of a Web Report  having 2 Queries(tables) Onto 1 Excel Sheet once, so that 2-3 exports or more from context Menu, and then copy-paste from excel, can be avoided?

    Hi , I have gone through this document
    got this installed (the pre requisites) through SAP admin.
    & now the  code in html pane is  as below :
    First I am trying with Button option with only one dataprovider. Later will do changes for context menu option & more dataproviders.
    But when i click on "Web printing with excel" , progress bar finishes & nothing happens.
    Should't the result set be exported to Excel
    Am i missing on some part.
    Best Regards

  • Bex Hierarchy issue on Webi report

    Hello Experts,
    We are facing issues on use of Bex hierarchy in webi report,
    Issue statement: We have webi report on bex query which have table and chart with input control on year and month to filter the report, table and chart uses hierarchy object to disply data. When we refresh report table and chart shows data with hierarchy on first level but once we check or uncheck any value from input control hierarchy in table and chart gets expanded and shows as flat structure. to get correct behaviour we have to collaps hierarchy.
    Above behaviour happens for all report level filter like, block filter, drill filter, input control.
    Please help me to know this is a bug or something wrong happened with development.
    Priyank Bhayani

    Hello Everyone,
    I have got SAP note which states this is expected behaviour hence closing the discussion.
    1702356 - Hierarchy Nodes expanded automatically to all levels after selecting value in the input control in a webi report.
    Priyank Bhayani

  • #MULTIVALUE error in SAP BI 4.1 SP3 WebI report after upgrade

    Facing issues after upgrading from BO 3.1 SP3 to SAP BI 4.1 SP3.Below are the details:
    1.The WebI report is created with 2 data providers. The report tab has a vertical  table with 2 dimensions and 3 measures.
    2.In the report layout the objects displayed is coming from base dimension and not merged dimension.
    3.The data in some of the rows displays as #MULTIVALUE and some of them display the value.
    4.The report also have Sub totals and no breaks.
    Based on point no 3, not able to verify whether the subtotals are been calculated correctly. Please share your inputs,suggestions or solutions to resolve this issue.
    Thanks in advance.

    Do you have the Associated object on layout?. Drag and drop in a column and if you dont want to display hide it.
    Also , did you check the Extended Merged dimension option in properties?.

  • Multi Value error observed in one report after migration from BO 3.1 to BO 4.0

    Can someone help me resolving the #multivalue error after migration of report from BO 3.1 to 4.0 environment
    I have compared all the formulas and they are same in both the
    I have observed, if I create a new  tab with the report, The multivalue error is not observed
    Can somebody please help me regarding this issue

    Hi Javed,
    MultiValue error appears if you have multiple result values for the same row values combination.
    Try including an object from object panel which can differentiate the values for that row.
    For Example,
    Lets say you have an item & you have a keyfigure Invoiced amount where it has 2 different values at schedule line level.
    So the values in webi BOBJ depends your BW architecture like how the infoprovider is designed. If your infoprovider has the invoiced amount values based on item and schedule line level then if you dont add the schedule line in webi report, you ll get the "#MULTIVALUE" Error.
    If you are using any Variables in the webi Report, try using
    =[keyfigure] in [Dimension]
    Hope this helps.

  • Strange issues in WebI report on standard Universe on top of BW Query

    We have a BW query with a standard Universe on top of it (generated automatically via the connection in universe designer).
    However, very strange things happen when playing with the data in WebI.
    There are some characteristics and just one key figure (which is just 'number of records').
    - key figures just disappear when adding characteristics
    - the wrong assignment is made from the infoobject to a dimension in webi when combining several characteristics in the WebI report (for example the 'customer' field holds the 'date' and the 'date' field is empty.
    I think it has something to do with BO that starts from the text of an infoobject instead of from the key.
    Also I constantly have to refresh the data when adding fields to the report.
    Did anybody have similar issues? How did you solve them?
    I also tried 'restructuring' the universe by deleting everything that's less relevant for the report, and taking the longest available text as dimension with key of the info object as detail and this seemed to work a lot better. However we shouldn't have to restructure a universe that's generated from a query?

    We had a the same thing.  Assuming it is the same cause, it is a known issue.  SAP had us install two Notes on BW and the problem disappeared..  Evidently it has to do with an MDX generation problem.  See response below and do some investigation.
    This is a known issue.
    Here are the notes that fix this issue. The second note has two composite notes in it that will need to be applied as well if they still have problems after they install the first two.
    There are some items that are broken in SP6. You'll notice that SAP note 1404328 is already in SP6. You'll still need to install it again along with the second SAP note 1420169
    Please install both of these and try your work flow again. If it's still not working, then you'll need to go through the composite notes in the second SAP note 1420169.

  • Cosmetic issue in WEBI report while creating on top of BEX query

    While Creating WEBI report on tob of BEX Query, it is displaying both Technical names and descriptions at webi design level.
    The infoobjects we had used in BEx Query is Navigation Attributes.
    In case if we are using normal Infoobjects, we can able to restrict as per my requirement like uniqe name, description or both.
    In this webi report user(Power user) having flexibility to drag and drop available characteristics.
    Due to this issue column heading is displaying both technical name and description. For example Customer(ZCUSTOMER)

    How come , if  it is display for data means it also need to be display for header (Dimension also).
    you can try alternatively in webi by creating variable  for that Iobj .
    Refer below blog provide details:
    BOBJ Tricks: Toggle the Display of Text and Key in Webi

  • How to Sort prompt date in BO Webi report

    Hi Gurus,
    I am facing a critical issue in selecting date prompt in my webi report.
    Please find the below image as the dates are not getting sorted as per year.
    Please suggest solution for this.

    Hi Bikash,
          Create a predefined filter in the Universe. The edit the date object by changing the LOV SQL, ordering it on the date field. Now click on the option 'Export with Universe" in the propereties tab and the export the universe.
      Hope it should wok.
    Thanks and Regards

  • Strange issue in Webi Reports

    I have a Webi Report created on SAP BW Hierarchy Query -- BW 7.01 SP05 and this report is working fine.
    Then i have imported this report to another BO system having the same version BOE XI 3.1 SP1. But after import the Webi report
    is not working when we refresh in new system and getting the following error:
    "A database error occurred. The database error test is: An error has occurred. No further information AVAILABLE basis. (Wis 10901)"
    I have recreated the same report in new BO system but the error is same. I have implemented the Notes 1441767,1432162, and 1438091 in BW system to solve the issue but no use.
    Can any one help me how to solve this issue?
    Best Regards

    Hi Ingo,
    Thanks for the reply. For both the reports the underlying BW system is same.
    I found out a Note "1420169" which helped me to solve this issue. The values in the collumns are behaving differently each time.
    one time it will give wrong values some times it will not fill with values etc..
    Finaly after aplying the above note issue got solved.
    Best Regards
    Edited by: Raju Kota on Apr 27, 2010 4:42 AM

  • " Data Retreival in Webi-reports "

    Dear  Friends ,
                                   I have established a  Universe on Top of Info-cube ,I have checked the Integrity of the universe and Exported the universe .
           But the Data which is present in BI is not coming to my Bo tool :: Web-Intelligence Report.
      Can anybody tell me the solution to display the reports in Web-Intelligence.
    Or possible send me some steps to display the data in Web-Intelligence from BI .

    Hai  Saathiya,
           My issue is ,Data is not coming to the Webi-report.
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