Unable to print to my Oki C3200 via Airport Express

I wish to print wirelessly via Airport Express using my Oki C3200 printer. I have followed all the recommended install procedures.
I am using a Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit PC, have configured the printer with Bonjour for Windows, and still cannot print.
The printer works fine if connected by USB direct to the PC.
Any help appreciated.

Yes, my iMac is hooked to my Airport Extreme through it's ethernet port.
No, I don't have AIM.

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  • Trouble printing to Epson Workforce 435 via airport express network

    We have an Epson Workforce 435 printer that connects wirelessly to our home network via Airport Express.  After we switched to AT&T, we could no longer print from our Windows 7 PC connected to the network via Airport as well.  Our Macbook air works just fine.  The printer's network status sheet says it is connected, but it's like our computer can't find it on the network.  Can't ping the printer's IP address either. 

    Okay, I have checked the settings on the AX - it is set up to be 802.11b/g compatible, so that doesn't appear to be the problem.
    I had a friend come over with her macbook - she was able to detect the wireless network, but wasn't able to connect to it, even when I gave her the password. Does this help diagnose the problem?
    Here is additional information about how the AX is currently configured:
    In the Airport tab in AirPort Utility:
    Wireless Mode: Create a wireless network
    Radio Mode: 802.11b (802.11b/g compatible)
    Channel: 1
    Wireless security: WEP
    MAC Address Access Control: Not Enabled
    In the Internet tab in Airport Utility:
    Connect using: Ethernet
    Configure IPv4: Using DHCP
    Ethernet WAN port: Automatic
    Connection sharing: Off (Bridge mode)
    I have tried turning wireless security off, but that didn't help the problem. I have also tried turning MAC Address Access Control to Timed Access, inputted the MAC address of the printer, and gave it permission to access the network all day, everyday, but this didn't work either. I have looked at changing the connection sharing settings, but I don't really understand what I'm doing here, so I am reluctant to mess with things much. This seems like the most promising potential solution?

  • Unable to print to Epson SP 3800 via Airport in 10.5.6

    I have my Epson Stylus Pro 3800 connected to the USB port on an Airport Express and have been using it without problems for more than 1 year. I just tried to print a photo and it no longer works. The printer queue opened, the job appeared to be printing, then was removed from the queue as if it was done, but the printer never did anything. I haven't tried printing to the printer for a while so the last time I printed I may have had 10.5.5 or even 10.5.4.
    I did a search online and found very few posts with similar problems. One, on the Luminous Landscape forums, seemed identical to mine and can be seen here:
    http://luminous-landscape.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=28141&st=20&p=228888&#en try228888
    As a test, I removed all my printers from the Print Fax Preference Pane, reset the printing system then downloaded and installed the latest Epson printer driver. I then re-added the printer twice—first while the printer was connected via USB directly to the computer, then while the printer was connected to the Airport. The interesting thing is that each printer shows a different print options dialog even though they both show they are using the same driver.
    If I connect via USB directly, I get the normal Epson print options including all the sections: Printer Settings, Advanced Media Control, and Page Layout Settings. If I connect to the printer through the Airport instead I get a section called "Printer Features" which has a much more limited set of options that don't look like the standard Epson printer driver options:
    EPIJProfileSpec (you can choose a value from 0-13)
    Color Model - choices are:
    - Color
    - Black & White
    - Advanced Black & White
    - RGB16
    Media Type (choice for usual paper types)
    Resolution (two options: 360x360 and 720x720)
    There are no selections for things such as High Speed, Finest Detail, AccuPhoto HD, etc. A picture of this more limited print dialog can be seen here:
    Attempting to print using the Airport-connected setting causes the same behavior where the print queue appears, the job looks like it prints, but nothing happens.
    I cannot leave the printer connected to the computer directly because the printer is too big and needs to be in a different location so that is not an option. I need to figure out how to get the Airport-connected option to work again. Any ideas?

    After trying for weeks, I finally came up with a very simple workaround that allows me to print to the Stylus Pro 3800 wirelessly again. I don't know why I didn't try this before. All I did was change the way I connect the printer to the Airport Extreme Base Station from using USB to Ethernet. In the printer's front panel "Network Setup" menu I made sure that the Bonjour option was enabled.
    After this, it was just a simple matter of adding the printer again from the Print Fax preference pane and everything worked!
    So, if anyone else is having a similar problem, try using the Ethernet port on your printer instead of the USB one.

  • Printer not recognised on network via Airport Express

    I have recently purchased a Canon MP630 and installed all the drivers etc onto my Mac. I can print from it easily from my Mac via a USB connection. However, Im hoping to connect it to my Airport Express via the USB. I have done that, but the printer isnt being recognised and I cant print.
    Can someone explain what to do, to fix this problem.

    HP Jetdirect is what Apple calls IP printing to port 9100. It's a standard protocol which your printer supports. We often recommend it because it uses a specific port (9100) rather than using a queue name. Using a device-specific queue name is required in the "standards" documents for LPR and IPP (yes I realize OS X claims that a blank gives a default queue name).
    In short - try it.

  • HT3669 Failed printer setup, bonjour via airport express on 10.8.3, unable to download drivers?

    Trying to install a Samsung SCX-4500 printer over bonjour via airport express. My Mountain Lion machine sees the printer and I've manually installed the latest Samsung drivers, it says it can't find the software on Apple's servers. I just downloaded the latest drivers from Samsung directly, it did not resolve the problem.
    I am unable to select printer drivers manually for the 4500; even if I manually select the 4500W drivers it still attempts to download software (unsuccessfully). It works perfectly on 2 Lion machines and a PC, unsure what the deal is.
    I'm having trouble even getting the post message' button to work now, it isn't my day...

    Link to Apple supplied print drivers:
    Samsung Print Drivers
    You can also try resetting the print system:
    Reset Printing System

  • Can we print with a non-wifi printer via Airport Express?

    Is it possible to print with non-wifi printer via Airport Express?

    Read through this previous thread for answers: https://discussions.apple.com/message/21994667#21994667

  • Printer Spooling via Airport Express...

    My G4 is connected via Airport Express to a printer. It has worked fine, in the past, but now when trying to print, it appears to connect but then a message reads, "spooling" and hangs without ever printing. What should I do to correct this, please?

    Have you tried posting this in the "Airport Express" Category of the Forum?
    If not, I'd suggest that as you may get more help there.

  • Trying to add HP Photosmart C4280 via airport express. "Add Printer" correctly finds printer as Bonjour kind but "add Printer" cannot find printer software from Apple

    trying to add HP Photosmart C4280 via airport express. "Add Printer" correctly finds printer as Bonjour kind but "add Printer" cannot find printer software from Apple (although it says that the software is available from Apple)

    You are technically way ahead of me, so I can't argue with what you did.
    How about an even simpler WiFi network consisting of only the AirPort connected by an Ethernet cable to the printer?  If the iPad still can't find the printer when connected to this network, then something is broken!
    (Also try a different Ethernet cable.)

  • Epson Aculaser CX11NF printing via Airport Express

    Well today has been an interesting day...
    Connected printer to airport express usb port - had problems printing via this in the past but since I'd moved the printer so I could plug it into the usb port on a computer and then share it that way I thought I'd give it another go.
    Macbook 10.5.2 prints perfectly first time
    Powerbook 10.4.11 can see it and connect but won't print
    Toshiba XP laptop) can't see it
    Check out the net, try out the info I find and hey presto! Toshiba XP laptop sees and prints perfectly
    Share printer via Markbook and Markintosh and Powerbook prints fine but still won't print directly via airport express.
    Feels wrong that an xp book can print via an apple airport express easier than an apple laptop...
    Anyone have any thoughts?

    Thanks for all your replies. I tried repairs pewrmissions in disk utility again and got slightly excited when printer utility automatically selected a generic post script driver but my printer just printed jibberish.
    I've just run repair permission in pinter setup repair and this is my log:
    The file /System/Library/StartupItems/PrintingServices/PrintingServices is missing!
    The file /private/etc/cups/classes.conf is missing. This file is deleted when using the Reset Printing System option.
    The file /private/etc/cups/ppds.dat is missing. This file is deleted when using the Reset Printing System option.
    The permissions for the file /usr/libexec/cups/filter/rastertodymo are incorrect!
    They are lrwxr-xr-x, but should be -rwxr-xr-x
    Recreating symbolic links...
    Verification complete.
    2075 files examined. 1 problem was found and repaired. It is recommended that you verify the permissions again to make sure the values are correct.
    3 missing files/directories found during the verification process. They may be responsible for certain printing problems. Printer Setup Repair cannot replace these items. Please refer to the log file for a list of the missing files/directories. You may need to reinstall OS X to resolve your printing issues. Certain files and directories are deleted when using the Reset Printing System option. These files and directories, if required, will be recreated during normal printing.
    Does it mean anything to anyone?

  • Share printer with Windows 7 via Airport Express?

    I would like to share a printer with a Windows 7 Laptop via airport express. The Windows 7 Pc does not detect the printer whereas printing from the Macbook Pro works fine. Any ideas?

    Hi,  I was searching for the same (my colleague has a windows PC; everyone else here has mac). I have not tested this, since I am working on mac, but it seems like you need to install "Bonjour" for windows.
    Hope this helps (though it's a bit late)

  • HP printer not printing via Airport Express

    I have a HP DeskJet D2330 printer that I am trying to use via Airport Express. The issue is that while the printer is detected in the Airport Utility, and is detected in System Preferences as a Bonjour printer, I can't print to it. Documents sent to the printer appear in the queue and then disappear but no pages come out of the printer.

    Hi - similar problem. Mine talked a little (test page would print about ~1 inch then grind to halt). No luck with escalated apple network tech. Problem (apple sez) is with HP. HP is quiet but has list of printers "likely" to work with Airport Extreme , but dated (indicates rendezvous with extreme vice bonjour). FYI, my printer works fine when USB direct to mac. Also Works fine from Mac or PC as ethernet-connected printer on home network (with Linksys/N Giga router) as network printer (also sets up as "bonjour" printer for what that is worth). Also problem exists with imac connected to Airport extreme via wireless or wired. So...problem seems to be pretty specific to talking via airport extreme USB. Havent tried to use ethernet yet, but need the slot for other equip.
    Anyone else having any luck?
    Also anyone have proven good printer hookup? I need photo quality printer.

  • Can't find certain servers connecting via Airport Express

    For the last couple of weeks I've been intermittantly unable to access certain websites (time.com / nytimes.com) when connected to the Net via Airport Express. Sometimes these pages come up, more often then not, they don't. I have no problem receiving email or accessing other sites. Also, I always loose my connection when streaming news stories from NPR. However, I have no such problem when connected directly via ethernet. Thus, it seems to be some glitch with airport express. Does this make sense to anyone?

    Gerard Van Schip wrote:
    I have 3 printers connected to the network via Ethernet and as long as I'm connected directly to the network I can print but as soon as I connect to one of the 4 Airport Express units I have I can no longer print.
    You don't describe what happens when you try to print.
    Does the IP address your computer is granted in both configurations match in the first three elements (such as and If not, then your AirPort Express unit is creating a new "subnet", which can cause problems when your computer tries to communicate with the printer.
    Try adding the printer in the "Print & Fax" panel of System Preferences by choosing the "IP" option and entering the IP address of the printer.

  • Canon IP4300 utility unavailable in Snow Leopard (via airport express)

    I´ve tried to install my Canon IP4300 trough Airport Express in Snow Leopard. It ´s recognized by Airport Utility and it is listed in the Print & Fax panel of System Preferences. It prints the test page without problems.
    However i´m unable to access the Printer Utility (from the options & supplies tab in the printer preferences panel) when connected through Airport Express. The printer isn´t listed neither in the USB nor in the Network options in the drop down list.
    I´ve tried to connect the printer directly to my mac via USB and everything works as expected. I have access to the Printer Utility as it appears listed under the USB dropdown selection in the Utility tab.
    But how do i access it trough Airpot Express? Should n´t it be listed under the Network in the Utility tab? (This is used to clean the printer´s head/noozles and to perform other maintenance operations).
    I´m using the latest drivers available from Canon (USA):
    Thank you.
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    Hello and welcome to Apple Discussions.
    The inability to open the Printer Utility for a printer when connected to the USB port of an Airport device, such as Express, is a known limitation and documented by Apple in these articles.

  • Best way to extend wireless via airport express and time capsule

    best way to extend wireless via airport express and time capsule
    i live in a two storey house where i use my airport express to create a wireless network in the main floor, and time capsule to extend it in the upper floor, where my room is. i have like 16 mbps in the main floor, and 2-3 mbps in the upper floor after having speediest.
    i used time capsule in the upper floor because i use wireless backup daily and don't want to put internet down while i im doin it and consequently my parent can have internet access in the main floor, am i right? or do i have make just the opposite in order to have a good internet speed?
    secondly, while checking airport express wireless mode on airport utility, there is like 4 different type of radio mode(802 11n bg comp, 802 11n 2.4, 802 11n a comp, 802 11n 5ghz) which i have no idea what they mean
    what do you recommend?
    we have like iphone4, iphone 3g, mbookpro, ipad, ipad 2, samsung tv and a sony vaio laptop in the wireless network
    thank you

    What you have would appear to be working but I can comment how I would redefine your setup.  Note that both Airport Express and Time Capsule can function as wireless base stations so you do have wireless everywhere and at all times — using the Time Capsules for backups doesn’t mean your parents won’t have internet access regardless of the where the base stations are located.
    You appear to have devices to connect to your network that use the 2.4 GHz band with 802.11g such as the iPhone 3G and perhaps the 5 GHz band with 802.11n such as likely the Macbook Pro if it’s a recent model.  The iPhone 4 can use 5 GHz and 802.11n.  Can’t comment on the Sony and Samsung but you can check their specs.
    Now the Time Capsule (if it’s a recent version), can simultaneously supply 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band signals, but the Airport Express (if it’s recent) can only use one of those bands at one time.  Likely the lowest common denominator for your devices is going to be the 2.4 GHz band since the devices that are capable of using 5 GHZ also support 2.4 GHz.  If you don’t use 5 GHz, you won’t lose much in a two-storey home because likely it’s the 2.4 GHz band is better signal anyway because 5 GHz signals drop off quickly with several walls/floors to penetrate.
    You also didn’t mention if the Airport Express is used to support a printer and/or AirPlay (using iTunes to play on remote speakers via the Airport Express connection) but that might also be a factor in the best location to place the Airport Express.  Although the printer could be switched between the Time Capsule and the Airport Express if needed, only the Airport Express will support your remote speakers.
    Recommend you use the Time Capsule as the Base station.  When using Airport Utility to define the network, after you name your network, etc., select the Wireless tab, check the box “Allow this network to be extended” and set the Radio Mode to "802.11n (802.11b/g compatible)”.
    Using the Airport Utility, click on the Airport Express; after you define the device and network name, select the Wireless tab, define the Wireless Mode as “Extend a Wireless Network” and check the box “Allow wireless clients”. 
    Hope that helps.

  • Connecting computers via Airport Express

    I have a problem that I've been trying to solve, but so far nothing has worked.
    I have three Macs, 2 G4 PowerBooks and an iMac (Core 2 Duo) which are all connected via an Airport Express. All of the computers can access the net and my printer just fine. The iMac can connect to both of the G4s, and one of the G4s can connect to both the iMac and the other G4. The problem is that one of the G4s can only connect to the other G4, not the iMac. It's as though the iMac does not exist for it's purposes. Yet I can connect to that G4 from the iMac, just not the other way around.
    Any clues as to a fix for this would be greatly appreciated.

    That is what you want to select.
    You jumped into the middle of this thread. What
    problem do you have?
    More to the point - what is YOUR problem...I think your response was a little rude...
    One who has common sense can see what issue I am having simply by looking at the subject of the original post - and reading my entire post.
    For your benefit, the subject is: Problems Connecting Two Computers to Cable Modem via AirPort Express.
    If you read my post again, you will see that after following the advice given by Rj, I am still having problems. I will not re-post my question. Simply restating things in this post has been a waste of time.

Maybe you are looking for

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