Valuation with material cost estimate: error with product

Hi Experts,
Message no. KE350, Valuation with material cost estimate: error with product "2286940000". Please suggest me to resolve this issue.
Points will be provided for good solution.

Hi Jaya
This means that your customization is wrong then...
In KE4J or KEPC you have assigned costing keys to your material types or some other combination... You should have done this config in a way that costing key is not called  for in the case of non valuated materials...
In Ke40 you have defined costing key where in you have specified "Issue error msg if no cost estimate found".. This costing key is assigned in KE4J or KEPC in a way that it is getting called even in case of non valuated materials...
Do you have a separate mat type for non valuated material? If yes, remove this mat type from KE4J/KEPC..
If you dont have separate mat type i.e. in the same mat type if you have both valuated and non valuated, then you have a problem.. You would get stuck in that case
Ajay M

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  • Valuation with material cost estimate: error with product "117122"

    Hi people,
    We have the error:
    Valuation with material cost estimate: error with product "117122"
    In Profitability Analysis (CO-PA), the system tried to valuate a line item using the current standard cost estimate.
    In order to determine the current plan period, the system needs to read the valuation segment of the material master.
    The system has found that the current plan period is not filled forproduct "117122" in plant "UBE1".
    We have the follow configuration in trans.: KE40:
    . Determine material cost estimate
       . Transf. Standard Cost Estimate
    . Costing Variant
    . Control Data for Standard Cost Estimate
       . Period Indicator = "Current Standard Cost Estimate acc. to entry in mat master
    . Addiitonal data CO-PC
        . Transfer cost estimate in controlling area currency  "activated"
    We think the reason about our error is because the field above is activated and some configuration more is necessary for this case. For examplo: Trans.: OKYW and this one was not configurated yet.
    Do you know what happend?
    If we need to configure some transation, or sonly process the cost estimate?

    Hello Guido
    Thank you very much for your return.
    It is happenning in a Client that some people are doing the configuration.
    Before we didin't have in KE40, the fiel "Transfer cost estimate in controlling area currency" activated.
    And now, the people activate that in this new Client and I don't know the impact about that.
    I think we have to make the configuration in OKYW.
    The other transation you told me, we don't have any information.
    Could you tell me some other idea what happend?
    Message error is just "Message no. KE350"
    Abou claculate the cost:
    It was calculated by trans.: CK11N for future planning and the real wasn't not possible to release because this material already have moviments.
    Could you tell us is there is some thing more to do?

  • Valuation with material cost estimate: error with product " 200038 "

    I am getting an error:
    Valuation with material cost estimate: error with product " 200038 "  (Message KE350).
    Kindly assist on the same?

    If this material is mto material go to t.code KE40 and maintain define access to standard cost estimate define cost key with
    "Transfer sales orde cost estimatex".
    If it is mts material define costing key with Transfer std cost estimate  and in costing data
    costing variant : ppc1
    costing verstion: 1
    period  indicator:  Release std cost estimate matching with goods issue or material costing matching posting date.
    This will resolve ur problem.

  • Valuation with Material cost estimate

       I am getting an error: "Valuation with material cost estimate:error with product 003443434(material number)
    Does anyone know which transaction is used to correct this error?

    Go to MM02. Select the views of the materials i.e. accounting 1 & 2 , costing 1 & 2 . Look at the valuation class u have maintained for the same material in the view Accounting 1.
    Hope u will get ur problem solved..Assign points, if helpful.

  • Valuation using material cost estimate

    Ciao a tutti,
    We have create a material cost
    estimate without standard structure(unit costing) not FOR ALL MATERIALS, but only for ONE
    VARIANT of generic material (retail solution) (because the other variant have the same price, and because we have to reproduced 5000 BOM in unit cost for just
    one variant with transaction KKPA LSMW)
    So, now we have to valuated the material cost estimate when the customer create the billing document and put the split of the cost estimate in co-pa
    Our prolem is : we have calculate standard cost estimate for 5000
    variant not for all variant (because our customer crete the BOM in unit
    costing with transaction KKPA and LSMW, and they refuced the idea to
    calculate 30000 cost estimate with lsmw) so when we crete a billing
    document with a variant that haven't cost estimate created the system doesn't
    valuated the cost estimate (the system works well), but how I can change the variant in the valuation and put the variant that have the cost
    estimate calculate?
    Wiht the transaction "Assign Costing Keys to Any Characteristics" I think
    is not possible.
    I must to use enhance COPA0002?
    Thank you very much
    Paolo Artini
    tel: +393299223804

    Hi All,
    I am also facing the problem for Sales Order Cost Estimate. and the Costing Status is VO(Marked without errors).
    I have done the following
    created the Costing Key (sales order cost estimate)
    assigned costing key to the material type.
    assigned to the respective value fields
    sales order cost estimate,
    Run the RA
    Settlement done.
    But in COPA, cost estimates are not being split up based on the cost component (like Material, Labour and Over head) and it is getting posted to COGS only.
    Do we need to change the costing status to FR, if yes, but how to do ?
    Ramesh KR
    +91 9884020411

  • Material Cost estimate error in CK11N

    Hallo friend,
      While I cost estimate in particular material through CK11N then this error occur as No price could be determined for material/batch 1002769-750/ plant XYZ. Even the material is maintained in BOM and Routing also.  What would be the procedure for costing calculation ?
    With Regards,
    Edited by: Samrat Roy on Feb 25, 2008 3:07 PM

    kindly tell me urgent solution which is still pending.
      With Regards,

  • Material Cost Estimate Error

    Dear all,
    Can you please help me resolve error "No price could be determined for internal activity A0110 7250."?  In KP26, i have input the variable price.
    Please help.
    Thanks and regards,

    T.code KP27 - Dispaly Activity type/Price Planning.
    Enter Version,
    activity type
    From to period
    Fiscal year
    cost center
    Check Activity type rate are maintain or not for perticular month for which you are doing entry..
    If activity type rate is not maintained then maintain it in T.code
    KP26 - Change Activity type/Price Planning.
    As you maintained it your issue will be resolved.
    Hope above will helpful.

  • Cost Estimate Error

    Hi Experts,
    The user executed standard cost estimate for the month of 6 - 2010 and after that they did enter the price manually in MR21, Now they are getting the error Valuation with material cost estimate: error with product "1200004626"  and Message no. KE350... Kindly help me how to fix this issue...

    I think first you have done standard cost estimate thru CK40N and for next month you might have updated the price through MR21. So system is looking for standard cost estimate and not considering this MR21 price..
    So please run standard cost estimate for current month.. this error will be fixed.
    Fit 4 Nothing

  • Material cost estimate with quantity struchture : problem

    while running the costing transaction CK11N , the word u201Croutingu201D is not appearing under the explanation facilities.
    rate routing is already available
    what will be the reason and solution.

    There is a standard report you can use - S_P99_41000111 - Analyze/Compare Material Cost Estimates .
    With this report, you can report the standard cost estimates for a range of materials.
    Good Luck!!!  Assign points if this was a useful input to you.
    Thanks and Regards,

  • Material Cost Estimate with Quantity Structure (How to download)

    Is there a standard report or feature available in SAP to download the material cost estimate with quantity structure?
    Currently we have to print screen and it is very tedious and can't do analysis with those screenshots.
    Please advice.

    There is a standard report you can use - S_P99_41000111 - Analyze/Compare Material Cost Estimates .
    With this report, you can report the standard cost estimates for a range of materials.
    Good Luck!!!  Assign points if this was a useful input to you.
    Thanks and Regards,

  • Error  - Material cost estimate with quantity structure

    Hello Gurus!
    Can anyone please help with the following problem:
    I’m trying to do the material cost estimate with quantity structure, but the system is throwing back the message  " There is no exchange rate for exchange rate type P on 1.01.2008: CHF -> EUR". 
    This happens because I have a subcontratation in my routing in CHF, and in transaction OB08, and I don’t had defined that rate (type P CHF –EUR).
    I need to know if there is any solution to the system assumes other Type of Exchange Rate (the last real exchange rate that I have introduced in my system, not the planned!)
    Points will be assigned to the suitable answer.
    Thanks in advance.
    Mary Jane

    Hi Sridhar
    Thanks for your reply.
    In OKEQ for the version 0, I have the rate type M.
    I don't understand why the system throwing back the message  " There is no exchange rate for exchange rate type P on 1.01.2008: CHF -> EUR".!
    Do you know why?
    Thanks and regards
    Mary Jane

  • Material cost estimate with quantity structure (tcode: CK11N)

    Hey dear friends.
    I donu2019t know in which forum I should put my question above.
    In fact, Iu2019m new to SAP PM module.
    Iu2019m trying to create material cost estimate with quantity structure (tcode: CK11N) for a material u201CXu201D.
    This material is manufactured.
    While running the transaction CK11N, I got an error message.
    After analyzing this error message, Iu2019ve realised that somebody had assigned wrong activity types to cost centers which are linked to this material in tcode: CR03, tab: costing.
    So Iu2019ve changed and assigned the right activity types.
    Then, Iu2019ve tried to run the tcode CK11N again. But the system still brings the wrong activity types and seems to ignore the ones that Iu2019ve assignedu2026
    It seems like the old activity types still linked to the cost centers somewhere else than in tcode CR03u2026
    Any idea about what am I mising ?
    Thank's in advance.

    Dear Bahia,
    If its rate routing means,i guess you must be working in REM scenario.
    So goto CA22,delete the existing operation and then assign the same work center in a new
    operation,check what activity types is it proposing in the rate routing,if its reflecting correctly means
    save the datas.
    Also goto KKF6N--->click the change mode icon and then calculator button to create a preliminary cost
    estimate and then save the datas.
    One of our forum friend has asked you to check the production order read PP master data once
    again,but understand there is no production order concept in REM scenario,only planned orders.
    Then come back with your queries.
    Edited by: Mangalraj.S on Jun 17, 2009 12:05 PM

  • Material cost estimate with Quantiy structure

    Hello All,
    Can anyone please help in the following problem. When we do material cost estimate with quantiy structure, system is throwing message as "source of supply cannot be determined".
    Maximum points will be assigned to the suitable answer.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi, Srini,
    Please check in material master data whether this material is in-house produced or externally procured, which can be found in MRP view.
    Please also check your costing variant and valuation variant for material cost estination, I think possibly you chose stratey L FROM Purchasing Info Record. If not, ignor it.
    If it's externally procured, SAP logic is that firstly it will check the source list, then determine the quota arrangement and find proper vendor for the selected material. The error message is possibly caused by missing vendor or wrong quota reason. So please follow the SAP logic to check data one by one.
    Please check the following link on vendor determination in online help document.
    Please specify if you also used mixed costing for material.
    Good luck!

  • Re: create material cost estimate with ck11n without

    hi gurus,
    i need to do create material cost estimate with ck11n without cost result but before i need to check the BOM with material component 11111, and also instruct me how to correct maintain BOM list to get the standard cost
    if anybody do the same scenoria giveme your golden inputs
    thanks in advance,

    As note 351835 explains, calculation needs an inforecord to calculate prices from purchasing. Prices from outline agreements are generally not taken into account. According to note 499699, the system may consider entries in the source but it will ignore entered agreements (before this correction, any source list entries with agreement were ignored).
    Prices from agreements could only be considered either via a modification or by using the user exit for material valuation (COPCP005).
    This unfortuntely is a restriction resulting as a side-effect from note 499699. As soon as an agreement is entered in the source list, the fixed indicator will not be considered anymore.
    You therefore have two options to overcome this.
    1) You create a second source list entry without an agreement; then the fix indicator will be reflected; report Z_CREATE_EORD from note  409960 could be used to do this automatically
    2) You are using user-exit EXIT_SAPLMEQR_001 in order to 'overrule'   the standard search for source of supply (enhancement LMEQR001)

  • Material cost estimate and mateiral cost estimate with quantity structure

    Hi sap guys,
    What is the difference between material cost estimate and material cost estimate with quantity structure

    Both are in one way the same.
    Material cost estimate can be calculated as
    1. Material with quantity structure
    2. Material without quantity structure
    You can get more insight into it at the following link

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