Webi  - How to use group by function and to make data distinct in that column

Hi Everyone
I'm a begginer in BO and i'm experiencing problems when trying to create a webi report that shows different courses, how many males and females in a course, their race and how many people attended each course. My challenge comes in wen i try to group by distinct courses:
For Example
Course name     Gender     Race         Attendees 
BEXX11             Female     Coloured    2
BEXX11             Male         African      1
C3                    Male         Indian        2
F3                    Female      White       1
BEXX11            Female      Indian        3
C3                   Female      Indian        4
Course name     Gender     Race         Attendees
BEXX11             Female     Coloured    2
                        Male         African       1
                        Female      Indian        3
C3                    Male         Indian         2
                        Female     Indian         4
F3                    Female      White       1
Thanks in advance

Hi Olebogeng Marumo,
Apply the break on Course Name and then check the output.It will fulfill your requirement.
Web Intelligence 4.0: Create breaks between groups of data

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    Step by step:
    1. On your main vi Front Panel, create your boolean indicator.
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    Now, in some instances you will absolutely need to create the second module as Carsten describes, however it should also be noted that you can reference objects in things like Expressions even if you have not loaded up the metadata. It is only when you need strong binding that it becomes neccessary to import objects. For everything else, as long as the reference will resolve at compile-time then you are good to go.
    For example, I have a function in one target schema (S1) and a private synonym to it in another(s2). A mapping in the S2 schema has an expression object that uses the synonym to the function in the expression property for a couple of the output attirbutes. The synonym has not been loaded into metadata - indeed OWB has no knowledge of its existance. But it resolves at compile time so the mapping validates and generates successfully.

  • How we use group by function while inserting data through datablock

    Hi All
    i have datablock in tabulor form
    i want when i insert data (commit) then data will insert in group by
    my table is like that
    desc table
    dress_name     color             qty
    and i am inserting data into it like this
    dress_name    color     qty
    nice_dress      BLK       1
    nice_dress      BLK       1
    nice_dress      BLK       1
    vik_dress        GRY      1
    vik_dress        GRY      1
    vik_dress        GRY      1
    i want when i retrive the data it will like this
    dress_name    color     qty
    nice_dress      BLK       3
    vik_dress        GRY      3Thanks and Regards
    Vikas Singhal
    Edited by: vikas singhal on Feb 14, 2011 4:05 PM

    Hi vikas singhal
    before insert i need to group it is possible or notPls note : Whenever you do a "group by" or "order by" operation, Oracle will invoke a sorting operation. Using the "group by" inside SQL syntax is also useful for doing summaries
    i want when i retrive the data it will like this Pls try the following...
    SQL> select
      2    dress_name,
      3    color ,
      4    qty,
      5    count(quantity) Num , sum(quantity)summation  -- may be the same
      6   from
      8    ur_table_name
      9  group by dress_name   ,  color  ,   qty ;u can also try Francois's Suggestion by creating a view based on the last Query...
    want when i insert data (commit) then data will insert in group by
    make the view to be insert from it as follow...
    Hope this helps...

  • How to use grouping by field and have a tatol of records per group

    Dear All
    I have a repiort that i have created but i want code that allows me to group the report by a certain field then i give a tatol number of records per each group.
    Thank you in advance

    Hi William,
    Lets suppose itab be the final internal table u are displaying.
    First sort this by the group field.
    declare a variable g_grp.
    data : g_grp(10) type c.
    loop at itab.
    at new group.
    g_grp = itab-group + g_grp.
    at end of grp.
    write g_grp.
    clear : g_grp.

  • How to use the BIEE function to analysis the data. such as regression

    i want to know some details information about the function of oracle BIEE . and i need a regression analysis or any other logistic methods in my data.how to solve it thank you!

    i can't found the website?
    it say:
    Page not found
    Sorry, the page you were looking for in the blog kpi partners does not exist.

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    using the LiveCycle XSLT service.  How do you specify the URI of the XML document that is specified as an input in the xsl document() function. Your insight is appreciated.   Regards

    Hello Steve,
    I checked the reference that you cited (XSLT Transformation).   The reference omits discussing how to use xlst document() function within a stylesheet.  I think that probably means that feature of xslt technology is not directly available through LiveCycle.  When I find a workaround, I'll post an update...for the user community that might encounter the same issue.  Thank you for your response and insight.  Regards, jb1809

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    You might consider connecting it to the charger and charging up the battery overnight.
    Please Get the iPod Touch User Manual for iOS 5

  • How to Use the language function for assignment and validation

    Hi All,
    If anyone can explain me in details with example ,how to use the language function for assignments and validations?

    Hi Arnab,
    The expression is checked only for the current MDM session.
    If u login with the ABC language it will always show the ABC language no matter how many times u execute it.
    Try connecting to the DM with the XYZ language.
    It should go to the if part rather than else.
    Hope it helps.

  • How to use the set functions effectively in webi ,please let me know with detail

    how to use the set functions effectively in webi ,please let me know with detail

    we use use set functions on heirarchies with aggregate functions mostly .
    If you include member_set, Min returns the minimum value of the aggregated data for all members in the member set.
    Member_set can include multiple sets separated by semicolons (;).
    The list of member sets must be enclosed in {}.
    If the member set expression does not specify a precise member or node, the hierarchy referenced must be present in the table, then the member set expression references the current member in the hierarchy in the table. If the hierarchy is not in the table, the function returns the message #MULTIVALUE.
    Eg .
    1)     Ancestor
    =Sum([YTD] ; {Ancestor([Test Hierarchy];2)})
    2)     IsLeaf
    =[Test Hierarchy].IsLeaf
    You can use this function when you want to show your Measure only at lower level .
    3)     .Depth
    =[Test Hierarchy].Depth
    This is also function used with hierarchy to find Level of Members .
    Follow this link for PDF reference .
    Page 147
    search on SCN this question was discussed before also one those links .
    Hope this will help you .

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    I have the same problem on my IPAD 2. One calender that i cant delete or find any settings for... Its just in the calender app under diffrent calenders.  how do i delete it?

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    1. I would like to link a project (or WBS) to the Invoice Approver (for the workflow)
    2. I would like to link a project to a Customer or several Customers
    3. I would like to link a project to a Vendor or number of Vendors
    Not clear how to use a partner function for that reason and where this will be visible.

    Getting following error message for the Customer:
    Customer for function Y2 may not have account group Z010
    Message no. VP303
    Why and where such restrictions are applied?

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    Open your mail,
    lower left corner click on settings,
    go to composing and check BCC, save and your done

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    Hi All,
    How to use the CMS functionality using the ccd.war(Portlet) which is available in the library as i could add it to my channel but not able to show the functionality as it is showing the error msg "You are currently not logged in. Please login." should I create userid and there respective roles inorder to use the CMS functionality.
    Has any one used this as I could this in glass fish server.
    Any Input is appreciated.
    Thanks & regards

    Have a look at the "*Roles*" section of the portal server 7.2 content management system guide
    http://docs.sun.com/source/820-4275/index.html . You can also look at [project mirage|https://mirage.dev.java.net] for some screencasts
    1. ccd.war has 3 portlets in it:
    (a) custom content definition portlet
    (b) custom content portlet
    (c) workflow portlet
    2. Inorder to work with these portlets, user needs to be in anyone of the below roles:
    (a)Consumer (b) Editor (c) Approver (d) Administrator (e) Submitter (f) Contributor (g) Publisher
    3. By default ccd.war gets deployed using a default roles file (/var/opt/SUNWportal/tmp/ccd.roles.properties)
    Note: In windows, you may not find this file
    4. Access the portlets as a user in any of the role mentioned in the ccd.roles.properties
    you can use a new roles file which has mapping to your custom roles. For this , undeploy existing ccd.war and deploy again with a new roles.properties file
    Hope this helps!

  • How to use Round off function in TAX Formula

    Dear All,
             I have to do Round off in the Tax Formula. Hence I was suggested by the SAP Forum Team to use Round off function in the Tax Formulae.
             But sir I don't know how to use Round off function in the Tax Formulae.
            For Eg. BaseAmt = Total
                        TaxAmt = BaseAmt * Rate
               Now within this Eg. How will i use the Round off function and where i will use it.
               Please guide me with example.
    Hitesh Parsawala

    Hi Hitesh,
    you can do like this
    where you can introduce rounding function by choosing from dropdown available in Operation and by click on Insert.
    It will post following in formulla window
    Round (Number, Decimals as Number)
    where in parameter you have to give 1.Number-which is to be round and 2.Decimals as Number-as per your requirement like by 2 decimal or 0 decimal
    If required give me call,
    Samir Gandhi

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