What movment types used for stock transfer from Non-WM sloc to WM sloc?

Hello experts,
Can some one tell me , what movment types used for stock transfer from Non-WM sloc to WM sloc in the same plant through MB1B?

When I try to use the Movement Type 311 with Tcode MB1B, in order to move the stock from IM storage Locations to WM storage Locations, I do create the Material Document Successfully, but when I try to convert the Material Document to Transfer Order, I get the message "select atleast one storage type first", but there is no storage type appearing on the screen.
Can you please help me to resolve the above issue.

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  • Report for stock transfer from plant to plant

      Is there any standard report for  stock transfer from plant to plant .
      If not is there any enhancements to get the above report.

    Hi Ravi,
    U can use the tcode MB51 and their u can give the input as 301 if it is 1 step in the mvt type or use 303 and 305 for 2 step transfer. and generate the report.
    if u want the list of stock transport orders then use tcode ME2N and the input parameter as  item category "U" and generate the report.
    hope it wud have answered ur question
    Reward if useful

  • Requirement date in reservation for Stock transfer from one storage locatio

    Hi ALL,
    I have activated the resevration creation  by MRP for stock transfer from mail ware house to service storage location  by creating MRP area for service storage location  when there is requiremnt from service and when MRP is run on the MRP area the resevration in created and trasnfer order is created .but the requiremnt date in reservation is not the same asd of on service order.so kindly let me know why it is ahppening.

    check the GR processing time for the material . System may be adding GR processing time with reservation requirement to arrive at the service delivery date.

  • Movement type for stock transfer from investment order to the regular stock

    Is there any movement type for the transfer from investment order to storage location stock? We have wrong created purchase orders, where the GR transferred the items to the investment orders. The problem is, that there already a lot of invoices posted on this items..
    Is there any clever solution?
    Points granted,

    In MTO scenario the stocks are manufactured for the particular sales order and in MMBE the stocks are managed as sales order stocks assigned to that particular sales order no
    This is due to the sales order item cat in MTO carrying specal stock indicator as E
    Opening these stocks to unrestricted is meaningless and not possible because costing and all would have been done according to the sales order
    Non MTO scenario
    +Note MTO stocks are different and sales order stocks are different+
    All MTO stocks are managed as sales order stocks
    But not all sales order stocks are MTO stocks
    But if you want move the stocks from a sales order to unrestricted then MB1B movement type 411 E
    Moving stocks from one sales order to another sales order  MB1B movement type 413 E

  • Stock value for stock transfer from depot (RG23D) to manufacturing (RG23A)

    Dear all,
    The forum posts that I found are all relating to the process of how to do stock transfer from depot plant to manufacturing plant.
    The question I want to post is relating to the transferred stock value.
    When stock first goes into depot plant (RG23D), the excise duties (CVD, Education Cess, Higher Education Cess, Secondary Education Cess) are all inventorized. However, in manufacturing plant (RG23A), they are CENVATABLE and not inventorized.
    In the transfer of stock from depot to manufacturing, how can we split out the stock value from depot and take out the excise duties to CENVAT in manufacturing plant?
    If using Stock Transfer process (move stock from depot to manufacturing),
    1. Create Stock Transfer Order in ME21N using UD order type
            no accounting
    2. Create DO in VL10B and goods issue
    During goods issue, moving average of stock in depot plant, will increase stock with the same value in manufacturing plant and reduce the stock value in depot plant. How can we reduce the stock value transferred to manufacturing plant by the original excise duties amount, and pass this amount into J1IEX? Is it done in this step or later steps?
       Dr Stock into manufacturing plant  [this value by right, should be reduced as it consists of original excise duties in RG23D?]
            Cr Stock from depot plant
    3. J1IJ- RG23D selection for excise invoice for delivery at depot
        no accounting
    4. VF01 for proforma invoice
       no accounting
    5. MIGO into manufacturing plant (capture excise invoice)- part 1 register. the excise duties can be manually keyed in based on the original RG23D entries when stock is first brought into originating depot plant
         no accounting
    6. Enter Incoming Excise Invoice by J1IEX
         Dr CENVAT Input AED
         Dr CENVAT Input BED
         Dr RG23A ECess
         Dr RG23A SHECess
               Cr CENVAT clearing
    7. Question: Where to Debit CENVAT clearing? In normal domestic purchase process of raw materials into manufacturing plant, Dr CENVAT clearing will be posted during MIRO time.
    If this process is not the correct way to do, please advise the standard SAP recommended way to transfer from depot to manufacturing plant. 
    Thank you in advance.

    You have to add the Excise duty condition types as a Delivery cost Pricing condition types in STO Pricing procedure and have used them in STO. In Pricing procedure, there is no concept of Deductible and Non Deductible. So, what ever the Delivery cost condition you add in Pricing procedure, the amount gets loaded on to the Material cost..To avoid this, a negative condition type needs to be inserted in Pricing procedure with a different accrual key.
    You have to add One Positive condition and One Negative Condition type for the same. Negative condition type is to reduce the condition value from the Material cost during GI.
    Try this scenario in development server and revert back with your observations.

  • Excise invoice for Stock Transfer from Mfg. Plant to excisable Depot

    Hi Experts,
    Which tcode (j1iin or j1is) should be used for creating excise invoice in mfg. plant for transfer the goods to exciseable depot and why.
    And if we procure the material in mfg. plant and transferring the procured material to excisable depot then how can we map or assign incoming excise invoice to outgoing excise invoice so that same duty can be transferred.
    Thanks in advance and points on satisfying answers.
    Kuldeep Dahiya
    Edited by: Kuldeep Dahiya on Jul 4, 2008 4:41 PM

    Hi There
    we will be using J1IIN for the transfer for the simple reason that you cannot move the goods from the manuefacturing plant without paying the excise duty.
    regarding your second query I am unable to understand your exact requirement but as per my understanding you will do the good receipt and CENVAT will be credited and outgoing or stock transfer will happen as the regular process afterwards by debiting the excise duty from the CENVAT account
    Hope this will help
    Manu Seth

  • In Physical Inventory Check_Which movement type used for stock difference.

    In Case of Physical Inventory we are getting the stock differences after count results, Help me in doing the transaction thru which the stock is adjusted and which Movement types are used for the difference posting, What all documents are created in the process.
    The system has Warehouse Management in place, so please answer in reference to WM.
    How the Bin is identified in that case if there is stock addition.
    Thanks in Advance

    Check for your ware house  physical inventory process in spro whether it is done through continuous inventory process or Through annual inventory process.
    SproLogistics execution-WM>Activities->Physical inventory--> Define types per storage type
    PZ-Continous inv

  • What movement to use for stock in transit w/o STO reference

    Is there a movement for carrying out stock in transit to receiving plant w/o reference to STO.
    The STO process is not wanted.
    User does the movement to complete the transaction

    I found it.
    Use movement 303/305

  • What Cable to use for recording albums from turn table to Imac?

    Hey guys can I use the rca to usb cable to record my records to my Imac?
    Or your suggestions?

    Hey guys can I use the rca to usb cable to record my records to my Imac?
    Or your suggestions?

  • Solution for Data transfer from Non-network location

    If i  needed 10 non-networked locations around Australia to submit data (say text files ranging from 20 - 100 mb each) each day to my server, and the data loaded and manipulated into a database in a secure environment, would you be able to describe the key points and a possible solution to this problem ?

    Hi Amar,
    FTP [File Transfer Protocol] alone isnu2019t a viable option to give the insight, security, performance, and, ultimately, the risk mitigation necessary to responsibly conduct business.One of the solution to protecting and transferring sensitive or mission-critical data securely is Managed File Transfer (MFT). Managed File Transfer solutions provide a greater level of security, meet strict regulatory compliance standards and give you the reliability you need in a data transfer solution.
    Points to look for in a solution:
    a.  Providing file transfer transparency throughout your entire organization.
    b. Solution should support the most modern security standards and methodology including SSL encryption, X.509 certificates and proxy certificates.
    c. The solution should streamline the audit process while also being able to access that audit information from a central point, saving you time and money.
    d. Solution should include functionality that allows data to be pre-and post-processed.
    e.  Solutions should ensure that all interrupted file transfers resume where they left off after a connection failure without manual intervention.
    f. Should tightly integrate with your existing job scheduling solution to issue alerts if connections are not re-established after an acceptable time interval.
    g. Should adhere to current security and audit requirements including SOX, GLBA and HIPAA.
    Hope this helps.

  • No Quality Inspection for Stock Transfer

    There is a scenario now in which a material is activated for quality inspection. This same material is also used for Stock transfer from other plant with same company.
    So if material if received using STO, how can I deactivate Quality Inspection and just transfer to unrestricted use.
    Thank You,

    check user exit.
    QAAT0001 Inspection type determination different from variant 01
    You can install enhancement QAAT0001 ,the function modules contained in this enhancement are called up in the
    programs in which you can access the master inspection type if necessary.
    The inspection lot is then created with the inspection type that was
    determined using the enhancement.
    logic will be for STO it will consider Z mvt type of origin 08 ,for STO material activate a Z mvt type & do not tick on Post to inspection.
    For normal stock trnsfer system will create 08.
    I hope this will add some value

  • Inspection lot with 01 origin for stock transfer (Intra company STO)?

    Hi Sap Gurus,
    As per standard SAP configuration for 101 movement type, 08 is the inspection type used for stock transfers (Intra company STO). But, there is a requirement from business to use 01 for Intra STO. Is it possible to get an inspection lot with 01 origin while GR to the delivery created for Intra STO ( Stock transfer B/n plants from same company code)?.
    Thanks in advance
    Venkat V

    Hi All,
    Thanks for your replies..
    Its STO Purchase order between two plants under same company code. System triggers movement type 101 with movement indicator B - Goods movement for Purchase order and Receipt indicator X - Stock transport order. Here system expects inspection lot origin 08 as per standard SAP configuration(OMJJ).
    I just wanted to check, is it possible to get inspection lot from 01 origin for this type of stock transfers. If anyone who worked on this area, please share your inputs. 
    Thanks in advance
    Venkat V

  • Movement type used for ISSUE.

    Hello all,
      I need to create report,where i need to list out all the  movment type used for ISSUE(Consumption).
      How to list out all movement type used only for ISSUE(consumption).Is there any logic can be used here?
    Useful answer will be appreciated...

    go to MB51 and enter the movent types shown below for issues or consumption, then you  will get list of all documents related to consuptions.
    201-consumption for cost centrer
    221-consumption for project
    231-consumption for sales order
    241-consumption for assest
    251-consumption for sales
    261-consumption for order
    281-consumption for network
    291-consumption for all account assignments.
    you have to remember the movement types, i think there is no special logic to get these movement types separetly.

  • I have an iphone 4 with videos on it that I'd like to transfer to an IMac so that I can email them.  (the iphone isn't in use anymore.)  What's the procedure for transfering videos from an iphone to an iMac?

    I have an iphone 4 with videos on it that I'd like to transfer to an IMac so that I can email them.  (the iphone isn't in use anymore.)  What's the procedure for transfering videos from an iphone to an iMac?

    Connect the iPhone to your Mac with its USB cable and launch iPhoto.  In iPhoto you can select which files to upload into the library.  Once in the library export them out of iPhoto to a folder on the Desktop via File ➙ Export ➙ File Export  with Kind=Original. That will give you copies of the videos in the folder for use outside of iPhoto.
    If you want to bypass importing into iPhoto try launching Image Capture and manually upload the selected video files to the folder of your choice.

  • IDOC - message type WMMBXY(Stock transfer from quality to unrestricted)

    Hi Gurus,
    I have IDOC problem.
    Inbound message type WMMBXY(Stock transfer from quality to unrestricted), The status if I check in WM02 of Doc is "51-Application document not posted"
    Error Message ""Required function
    MB_CREATE_GOODS_MOVEMENT is not being processed".
    Please Help.

    The Idoc whcile Posting using Message type WMMBXY calls the Function module L_IDOC_INPUT_WMMBXY & in turn this calls the function module MB_CREATE_GOODS_MOVEMENT.
    This function is not getting executed.
    Please check if the Movemnt type used is not active for WM movemnts.
    If you have used previously this movemnt type & now it is not working. Please take hlep of ABAPer  for debugging & finding the Root cause
    Thanks & Regards

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