When using webcam for movie making no sound heard

i am trying to use the web cam to make a movie, but when i play back what i rerecorded no sound heard at all
i checked the mic settings and it seems working OK. if you have any ideas it would be greatly appreciated

We do not know your machine and its OS therefore can't help.
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    For reasons unknow, when I try to stream full length movies (Lion King and Nemo bought from iTunes) from my iPhone or Macbook Pro using Airplay, there is no sound.  When I stream smaller movies, like Boundin' the Pixar Short, there is no problem.
    Side note 1: Why do purchased movies not show up like purchased TV shows on Apple TV?  I feel like I shouldn't have to use Airplay for movies if I don't need to use it for TV shows I buy.
    Side note 2: For some Netflix movies played directly from Apple TV there is no sound.  Other movies work fine and the movies that work or don't work seem to change day to day.
    Thanks for your help.

    Gldsndz wrote:
    Side note 1: Why do purchased movies not show up like purchased TV shows on Apple TV?  I feel like I shouldn't have to use Airplay for movies if I don't need to use it for TV shows I buy.
    Apple has not negotiated the rights to allow this is the assumed reason.
    We can't even play Purchased music or TV Shows from the cloud in UK.

  • I have a HP610-1150f. not recording sound when using webcam in touchsmart screen.

    I have a HP610-1150f. not recording sound when using webcam in touchsmart screen.  I have looked thru this forum and I don't see anyone else having this problem. (unless I missed it).  The recording works in Notes, but not when I open Webcam and try to record from there. video recording works fine. I have had this computer less than a month and I am having a couple of problems with it. Still loving it though.

    Hello schae731: Welcom to HP Forum and your new Touchsmart. You need to contact HP Direct Support on line your Touchsmart comes  with one year warranty so use it why you can. You can contact them through your HP Support Assistant or on line. They will help you with trouble shoot the web-cam software. Goto your computers model and make support web-site. They will also help you with your other issues as well.
             I am using the older version software so I won't be much help. Please repost if HP direct support is un able to help you resolve your issues. While you are chatting with them have them check out your computer do it before your 1 year warranty expires. Have fun with your new computer.

  • When using imovie for Ipad, how can I fast forward a project to cut the length down?

    When using imovie for Ipad, how can I fast forward a project to cut the length down to fit under the 15 minutes required for Youtube? My current project is 23 minutes, and need to cut it down below 15 minutes. I was hoping to speed up the video. The content would actually be better viewed in at a faster speed anyhow.

    It sounds like you did, just as you should, Save_As and Delete everything that is unwanted. If you did the Deletion from the Timeline, there should be nothing from the old Project, that should be included. A DVD is Transcoded and burned from the Timeline. If the Assets are not there, they will not included in the DVD, even if you did not Delete anything from the Project Panel.
    Tell us about the Clips now on your Timeline. Also, can you check the Timeline, by hitting the \ (Backslash key), and looking near the end of the Timeline. Do you have any "orphans" out there? Check all Video Tracks, even if you have to scroll to see them all. Does the Duration of the Timeline (viewed in the Program Monitor) match what you think that it should? If not, then you most likely have orphans, that you missed Deleteing.
    Good luck,

  • How to use webcam for Yahoo Messenger on MacBook Pro, How to use webcam for Yahoo Messenger on MacBook Pro

    How to use webcam for Yahoo Messenger on MacBook Pro, How to use webcam for Yahoo Messenger on MacBook Pro because it's not working =(

    The cheap & easy way is to just drag the app to the Trash.
    If you want to get all of the associated files use an app deleting app like the free AppCleaner;
    Just drag an app and drop it on the AppCleaner icon in the Dock and it will find and present to you all the files it thinks are associated with the app. You can uncheck any that you want to keep and then let AppCleaner Trash the rest.

  • Mac user, PS CC 2014 latest version. When using "Save for Web" I bring my 900 x600px @72 ppi in to SFW and the output becomes 300ppi. The only way it stays at 72ppi is if I check "none" for metadata. I know to should not matter much, but I would prefer to

    Mac user, PS CC 2014 latest version. When using "Save for Web" I bring my 900 x600px @72 ppi in to SFW and the output becomes 300ppi. The only way it stays at 72ppi is if I check "none" for metadata. I know to should not matter much, but I would prefer to keep all my web jpgs @ 72ppi. Any solutions?

    It opens up as 900x600 @300ppi
    Here's a screenshot-

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    How stop PS6 from removing the DPI-value from an image when using "save for the web"?
    - Open a tif image, that contains a dpi value (resolution).
    - Use the splice tool in PS6.
    - Export the slices with "Save for web", as gif-files.
    Then the dpi value is removed, the gif files has no dpi value (it's empty).
    How can we stop PS6 from removing the dpi value when using "save for web"?
    When using the slice tool, how can we save the sliced pieces without PS removing the dpi value?

    you can make your art go a little bit over the bounds. or you can make sure your artboart and art edges align to pixels

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    When using templates for envelopes can you import names/address from the address book?

    Drag the VCard from Address Book onto the open envelope template.
    If you want mutiple addresses make a Group of those in Address Book and drag the Group icon onto the Pages template.

  • Is it possible to ignore "Rigid relationships between attributes cannot be changed" when using ProcessUpdate for Dimension?

    As per the title is it possible to ignore "Rigid relationships between attributes cannot be changed" when using ProcessUpdate for Dimension?
    We have a case where very rarely an item might have been miscategorised so the brand is manually changed.  We want this dimension to be rigid to speed up ProcessUpdate.
    We do a ProcessFull each night, so it will get corrected then, but during the hourly updates we would just like to ignore this error if possible?

    The rigid relationship should be defined when the members will not change over time. Here are some threads regarding rigid relationship for your reference, please see:
    Processing OLAP Cube: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/sqlserver/en-US/17a55593-9543-404e-a579-0a011965585d/processing-olap-cube?forum=sqlanalysisservices
    Flexible and rigid relationship: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/sqlserver/en-US/2d8f5443-065d-4485-9385-6f0b5fa417da/flexible-and-rigid-relationship?forum=sqlanalysisservices
    If you have any feedback on our support, please click
    Elvis Long
    TechNet Community Support

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    What is a valid location for autorecovery files when using Word for MAC?

    Microsoft Word for Mac support forums is probably a better place to ask.

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    My outgoing email as stopped working when using Outlook for mac 2011. I have deleted and reinstalled the account twice. I have 11 gig free on my iCloud account. The outgoing server is set at smtp.mail.me.com using port 587. If I was able to reinstall the account, I am positive I have the correct password. I can log into my iCloud accout using the same credentials.
    Any suggestions?

    I called Microsoft to fix my problem...for those maybe having the same issue, I was told by the Tech to use this outgoing server setting - p06-smtp.mail.me.com
    All is working fine since doing so.

  • Noise when using isight in Movie 08

    I have substantial noise when using iSight in iMovie '08. Please see my example on Youtube Mirno63 labeled test. I would like to have my daughter practice for a recital using isight but the noise is so loud. Please help!

    Hello, Marian (mirno)
    If I am listening to the correct YouTube video, I think that at least some of the sound that is troubling you is background noise. Sookyas may also be right that feedback is causing your problem.
    In either case, using an external Mic that is positioned closer to the voice you want to record than to your MBP should help you.
    I use this Logitech USB Desktop Microphone when I want to get sound from a person who is not close to my Mac. My Logitech does a GREAT job on spoken words. Although it is not advertised as (and does not cost as much as) a music microphone, it gives better sound recordings than my laptop's built-in mic unless the voice being recorded is very close to my laptop. It certainly meets my singing and other amateur music needs. However, other brands should work, too.
    Unless you can buy one from a trusted retailer who will give you full exchange or refund credit if a new microphone does not correct your problems, I suggest you take your wonderfully portable MBP with you when you shop, add any needed driver, and test the mic before you buy.
    Here is how I would perform the test. 
    • Leave "AudioMide" settings at default. (You should not need to change these settings when using iMovie except in extraordinary circumstances.)
    • Set your  > System Preferences > Sound > Input to use the new mic as your input device.
    • Extend the microphone's cable away from your MBP, and start recording.
    • Leave the computer where it is and physically move near the mic so your mouth is approximately half a meter from mic.
    • Sing or speak in a normal voice for a few seconds and then stop the recording.
    • Now change your System Sound Input preference back to user you MBP's built-in mic again.
    • Start recording again.
    • Leaving the MBP in place, move back to the same place where you tested the external mic.
    • Sing or speak again at about the same volume you did when using the external mic.
    • Stop the recording, and play back both recording so you can compare them.
    This test should let you easily determine whether the external mic meets your needs.
    If the noise is still there when recording from the external mic, there is most likely something wrong with your Mac. Contact Apple or your Apple-Authorized Service Provider.
    EZ Jim
    PowerBook 1.67 GHz w/Mac OS X (10.4.11) G5 DP 1.8 w/Mac OS X (10.5.2)  External iSight

  • Terrible image quality when using Save for Web in Adobe Illustrator CS6

    When saving images of any format and of any ppi using "Save for Web", "round" corners become blurred and pixel , "acute" (vertical and horizontal) angles are clear and of good quality. Reinstalled system with the hope that the cure (Windows 7 64-bit) - has not helped. Up to this point, such a problem did not face, all was well. How can i deal with this?

    You are not really making sense.
    a) Viewing images at more than 100% in any viewer will introduce resampling from image to screen space. Different tools use different algorithms, but none of them will ever be perfectly "sharp". Again, simple mathematics.
    b) JPEG is a compressed format that will never produce "sharp" lines in areas that don't coincide with the underlying block compression. If you wanted that, you'd use PNG or other formats.
    So unless you can provide screenshots that illustrate your issue better at 100% zoom, I see nothing out of the ordinary here. Of course there could be all sorts of issues liek color space conversion or odd pixel sizes causing unfavorable distribution of compression blocks, but we realyl cannot judge any of that based on teh info you provided. Just saying that something doesn't look like you experct it to isn't really helping...

  • Question about file size when using "Export for Web"

    I created a .mov file and worked to get a great balance between file size and quality so that I could deliver it via the web and make it easier for end users to see the video on a slower connection.
    My question: When I use "Export for Web," my .mov file is converted into a very large .m4v file--more than double the size of the original file. I know that this export option is to optimize the file for a wide variety of users/internet speeds. Am I correct in guessing that the end size is not an issue? I would post the .mov file instead, but I really like the option of embedding into a html page along with the "click to play" option.
    Bottom line--is it better to post the smaller .mov file that i originally started with or to go ahead and link to the bigger .m4v file that was created with the "Export for Web" option?

    "Export for Web" is a feature of QuickTime Pro and it makes 4 files and the html page code for easy copy/paste Web page editing.
    The very first file is called a "reference movie" and it links to the other 3 files (56kbps, 900kbps and 1.5Mbps). It, and the page code, "read" the connection speed of the viewing hardware and "serve up" the correct file based on that connection speed.
    In nearly all cases the "Desktop" version would still be smaller in file size than the original source. The times the file would "increase" in file size would be when an already compressed was used as the source file. You can find out more about your source file by opening it in QuickTime Player and viewing the Movie Inspector window information.
    There are dozens of other html "tricks" that could be used if your source file is already compressed but you want a different display size:
    Page code to show "aspect" or scale="tofit". This code allows values "outside" of those found in the actual QuickTime file be used for the Web page display. A 320X240 QuickTime .mov file looks pretty good at double size (640X480) but the file size would still be that of the source file.
    "Poster Movie" is another html trick that loads the Web based file directly in the QuickTime Player application (bypassing Web page layout restrictions). These files are also known as "Presentation Movies".
    Another method is the QuickTime Media Link file (.qtl). These are simple text based files that are used as a "direct link". These use simple XML (Extensible Markup Language) and are easily created in any text editing application. The simple syntax has amazing control over a simple QuickTime .mov file. You can launch (and quit) the QuickTime Player, display at other dimensions and even embed "links" inside the display.
    Some of my files as examples:
    http://homepage.mac.com/kkirkster/Lemon_Trees/ a "Poster Movie" style.
    A QuickTime Media Link file. A tiny file should download to the viewing machine, launch QuickTime Player, present the movie and it even includes a "link" to my Web page.
    Edit: It appears you must now double click the .qtl download to launch QuickTime.

  • Some Direction needed for Movie Making

    First Year user here using imovie 11 on MacBook Pro mid 2010 13" and ready to buy a AVCHD progressive scan camcorder with flash memory for greater quality vids. Considering Sony, Panasonic, Canon cams. I intend to burn to HD and Standard DVD for tv viewing and also use on PC/Mac computers. I want as much flexibility as possible to grow.
    Since I'm relatively new to Mac and movie making I may seem lost at times... I am. I've been on the support pages for FCE and FCP and used the supported camera tables and found them lacking for various reasons. I've also come to realize that there are some drawbacks to imovie/FCE/FCP... I think? Here is what I think I know and whatever insight you can provide is welcome..
    imovie and FCE do not support 1080p. If you want real 1080p you need to bump up to FCP. My system will not support FCP. So, I will need to look at 3rd party software that will run on mac and match same with whatever camcorder.
    Any thoughts/comments are welcome.
    <Edited by Host>

    I think this is a broad question, but in a nutshell, let me say that if you're concerned about whether iMovie, FCE and FCP can make 1920x1080 movies, the answer is YES for all three of them. iMovie does it a bit more automatically for consumers and so doesn't let you tweak settings much. FCE and FCP certainly let you tweak those settings a lot more (and in some cases MAKE you do that).
    Now, if you're concerned about Progressive vs. Interlaced, that will depend more on where your footage comes from, but FCP and FCE can deal with either. For example, the Canon Vixia series AVCHD camcorders record in an interlaced stream, but can be set to a progressive record mode within that stream so that the progressive footage can be extrapolated from that later. It's complicated. The Sony cams in the same price range (and even well above that price range) ONLY shoot in interlaced, so progressive is not an option with Sony at the consumer level. Panasonic is similar here, but I will hold off comment because of those three brands, I know the least about the Pannys.
    If you have more money and are willing to shoot with DSLRs, many of those typically shoot ONLY in progressive. The video is great, but I'm not sure if iMovie will work with this footage. FCE and FCP can.
    In short, research your cameras as well as you can. Ask as many questions as you need to so you know what you're getting and what you can do with it.

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