Where can I get a free BIG5 font?

Hi all,
would appreciate if you can let me know where I can get a free BIG5 font
rina roy

An encoding is a mapping from a coded character set's values to a byte sequence. Some common encodings include ISO-8859-1 (latin-1) and ASCII. The IANA registry lists many:
An encoded character is nothing more than a byte sequence, which is independent from the character's visual appearance.
A font maps character values to glyph representations. A font provides a visual representation of a character.

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    Where can I get a free download of saplicense.exe?
    saplicense is the SAP tool, that is mostly used for installing a new SAP license. This tool is command line based. In the easiest way, you just issue the following command:
    saplicense -install
    Then you are asked for the SID, the installation number, the license key etc.
    The SAP License can be ordered online in the SAP Service Marketplace at:

    Thanks Mark, for the hint!
    I too was missing saplicense.exe from my ABAP trial install.
    Eventually, I found it in the zip file "51032266_3",
    "NW 2004s SR2 Kernel 7.00 Windows Server on IA32 32bit".
    (SAP Support Portal download)
    unzip 51032266_3.zip
    cd NW_2004s_SR2_Kernel_WINDOWS__LNX_X86
    cd KN_WINDOWS_I386
    cd DBINDEP
    d:\sap\NSP\sys\exe\run\sapcar.exe -xf SAPEXE.SAR saplicense.exe

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    There are none. You need to install it from the computer's original disks(phone AppleCare if you don't have those), or a retail iLife 09 or earlier DVD(iLife 11 requires at least 10.6.3), which are available from sources such as Amazon or eBay.

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    Try here:
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    MicroFocus license is valid for the first 30 days after installation. Somewhat like a trialware (but with full features). After that, it has to be bought from Oracle. It cannot be bought/ got in 30 days installments. Refer to the following doc:
    [Document 747059.1|https://metalink3-dr.oracle.com/od/faces/secure/km/DocumentDisplay.jspx?id=747059.1]

  • I have a powerbook g4 i want to upgrade to leopard where can i get the free download from ?

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    There is no free download of Leopard. Any offered on the internet are illegal pirated copies; reports here from people who tried them indicate that either they don't work or come with malware and misery.
    We don't know where you are located but, if in the US, you can phone the Apple Store at 1-800-MY-APPLE and ask for an operating system specialists. Ask if they  have copies. Some people--not all--have been able to get 10.5 that way at a modest cost.
    If they say no, you must buy it on the open market and some people are selling vaild and proper Leopard install disk sets for as much as many G4 PowerBooks are worth on the used market.

  • I can't download Mavericks on my home iMac because of the 10 GB limit, where can I get the free copy?

    My problem is that I want to get the free copy of 10.9, Mavericks, but my mid-2007 iMac uses the Verizon Internet Wireless service and there is a 10 GB limit. If I tried doing it (has 4G and it is very fast) I'd have $40-60 in overage charges. I could use the Public Library computer but it is PC and won't let me download. I was told by an Authorized Apple dealer that I would have to have to bring my computer in and install it there which isn't practical. I was told by the owner to ask this question, he would like to know too. If it's a DMG file I could put the upgrade file on my solid state memory device and install it on my harddrive (I have four).

    It has a 10 GB monthly limit, 5.2 would take 52% leaving little for the rest of the month. Typically this is a non-issue for most cable internet providers which have a 100+ GB upper limit. The Library is a cable internet Lenova PC. Next year I will be at a different location and will have Mediacom's internet and this problem will go away. Overage charges for Verizon are $20/1 GB over the limit (better than ATT was which would simply cut you off at the limit.)

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    No, not possible.  It is a commercial program and you have to buy it.
    You may be able to recover your key - see http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/support/how-do-i-recover-or-replace-a-lost-mic rosoft-office-product-key-HA104172018.aspx but I don't know about getting replacement media from MS (you can always ask them).
    You could check out the free options - OpenOffice or LibreOffice for OS X and see if they'd work for you instead though.

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    BTW, I also have no clear understanding of splitscreen. Could anyone suggest any online tutorials which cover this subject?
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    Ripple Training has 12 Free Classic Generators. No split screen in there.
    Crumplepop has a free split screen. They ask you to sign up for their newsletter to be able to download it.
    And check out Alex4D for 60+ free downloadable plugins and effects for FCP X.

  • Where can I get a free christmas template for Mail?

    I would like to send out an invitation for a Christmas luncheon and would like a template with a Christmas theme.  Can you tell me how to get one?
    Thank you

    apple mail template christmas

  • Where can I get a free trial of Final Cut Pro 7?

    I'm looking to buy Final Cut, but hear that 7 is better than 10. I'd like to try them both before I buy.

    I don't think Final Cut Pro 7 is available anymore.
    After using both, I personally think FCP 10 is better, so it'll probably be safe to buy it.
    The trial of FCP 10 is here.

  • Where can i get an ipad for free?

    Where can i get an ipad for free?

    Go to a store that offers store credit for refunds.  Buy something that costs at least as much as an iPad.  Return that item for store credit.  Use your store credit to get an iPad.
    Or do like everybody else who wants an iPad, and buy one.

  • Where can i get my activation date ,...or first startup phone,..because i lost my warranty and my carier free unlock my iphone 3gs after 24 month

    Where can i get my activation date ,...or first startup phone,..because i lost my warranty and my carier free unlock my iphone 3gs after 24 month!
    tank you

    Kline25 wrote:
    So even if I just ask to pay them to replace the lock button they won't because my screens are third-party?
    Apple does not repair devices beyond replacing the screen on some models or a battery replacement.  They replace the ENTIRE device.
    For the Out of Warranty replacement cost, you could have gotten a fully functional replacement device.  Instead you chose to spend less to get only the screen replaced and continue to live with additional issues.
    Apple will not touch the device now.  They will know that it was opened elsewhere and that the replacement screen is not original.

  • Where can i get free plug-ins for my photoshop?

    where can i get free plug-ins for my photoshop?

    Be careful to check for compatibility, you need to check whether a plug-in works with the version of Photoshop you purchased/subscribed to.

  • Is there a firefox or best browser (except IE) for Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard? if so, is it free of charge (open source) forever? where can I get it? details. need answers to all questions

    is there a firefox or best browser (except IE) for Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard? if so, is it free of charge (open source) forever? where can I get it? details. need answers to all questions

    # As to what is the best browser, it is subjective. I think it is the best, others will disagree. There is no special version for Windows Server 2003, the usual version works on it.
    # It is free of charge and will always be free.
    # It is open source.
    # You can get it from http://www.mozilla.com

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