Why doesn't firefox open youtube videos, istead whole server get jam.

Only way to get out is stop process. When open videos sound and music is playing, but video stops after 0-2 second. Then firefox is jammed, nothing works.

Make sure that you allow the plugin-container in the firewall.
You can also try to disable the hardware acceleration in the Flash Player.<br />
* https://support.mozilla.com/kb/Cannot+view+full+screen+Flash+videos
* http://www.youtube.com/swf_test.html (right-click the player: Settings)
Flash "Display settings" window:
* http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/help01.html

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  • Why won't Firefox open Youtube when Internet Explorer will?

    I can open Youtube on my conmputer using Internet Explorer, but when I use the latest version of Firefox it sits at the "Connecting to youtube.com" stage until it times out.

    Separate Issue;
    Your System Details shows;
    Installed Plug-ins
    Adobe PDF Plug-In For Firefox and Netscape 11.0.9
    Adobe PDF Plug-In For Firefox and Netscape 10.1.12
    Having more than one version of a program may cause issues.
    '''[https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/troubleshoot-firefox-issues-using-safe-mode Start Firefox in Safe Mode]''' {web link}
    While you are in safe mode;
    Type '''about:preferences#advanced'''<Enter> in the address bar.
    Under '''Advanced,''' Select '''General.'''
    Look for and turn off '''Use Hardware Acceleration'''.
    Poke around safe web sites. Are there any problems?
    Then restart.

  • Why "DOESN'T" Firefox open a new Application in a "NEW TAB" Like it used to?

    I want a new tab ope for each app. I am using so I can just click on the tab, and continue to work on that app. I "Don't" want to use the "History" and then wait for it to "Reload" that tab!! I want my tabs all open until I close them. Also, why isn't there an"X" in the current tba to be able to close it??

    The setting in Tools > Options > Tabs: "New pages should be opened in": "a new tab/window" is for links that specify a target window to open the link.<br />
    That option allows you to divert such links to a new tab or to the current tab.<br />
    For other links use a middle-click or hold down Ctrl and left-click the link or use the right-click context menu.<br />
    Left-click a JavaScript link to avoid getting a blank tab.
    Some extensions that you can look at:
    * Tab Utilities Lite: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/62581
    * Tabberwocky: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/14439
    * Tab Mix Plus: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/1122

  • Why doesn't firefox open as a full screen page?

    I tried opening firefoz but it didn't come to be a full screen but safari did. I would use safari but then i have to redo all of my bookmarks!

    Firefox is not supported yet using full screen mode. However, you can expand the window to full screen by clicking on the green button at the top left, or dragging the window to full size. Does not hide the menu and dock like full screen mode, but will cover the screen.

  • Why doesn't firefox resize my video to correspond with the video frame size?

    I'm trying to find a way to render a video to both IE(8) and FF(3.6.12) in the same size(dimension) for both video frame and video itself.
    I have the latest basic real player installed and using the following code, the video plays in both browsers but only in IE does the video dimension match the frame size.
    <pre><nowiki><object id=RVOCX classid="clsid:CFCDAA03-8BE4-11CF-B84B-0020AFBBCCFA" width="150" height="160">
    <param name="src" value="http://www.mydeo.com/videorequest.asp?XID=8417&CID=158224" />
    <param name="autoplay" value="true" />
    <param name="autostart" value="1" />
    <param name="controls" value="all">
    <param name="console" value="one">
    <!--[if !IE]> type="application/vnd.rn-realmedia" data="ldtermsvid.rm" <-->
    <object type="application/vnd.rn-realmedia" data="http://www.mydeo.com/videorequest.asp?XID=8417&CID=158224" width="350" height="460">
    <param name="autoplay" value="true" />
    <param name="autostart" value="1" />
    <param name="controls" value="all">
    <param name="console" value="one">
    <!--> <![endif]>
    As you will see if you paste this into a text editor, save as .html and render in both browsers, FF renders the file much bigger than IE.
    Thanks for any advice.

    That shouldn't be a surprise because you set the dimensions different for Firefox: width="150" height="160" for IE versus width="350" height="460" for Firefox
    <pre><nowiki><object id=RVOCX classid="clsid:CFCDAA03-8BE4-11CF-B84B-0020AFBBCCFA" width="150" height="160"></nowiki></pre>
    <pre><nowiki><object type="application/vnd.rn-realmedia" data="http://www.mydeo.com/videorequest.asp?XID=8417&CID=158224" width="350" height="460">

  • Why when i try to open youtube videos on facebook they don't work, I receieve a message (an error occurred, please try again later) but when i open the videos at youtube they works ???

    ''Duplicate post, continue here - [https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/questions/791508]''
    why when i try to open youtube videos on facebook they don't work, I receieve a message (an error occurred, please try again later) but when i open the videos at youtube they works ???

    Can you open up your Real Player and tell me what version you have? I think Real Player 15.0.6 is supposed to fix this problem. There was a conflict between Real Player and Flash this whole summer that broke Flash videos. Real Player released a update that might help in your case.
    If that doesn't help, I think a addon might be to blame here. So do this:
    <br> '''Firefox button <img src=https://support.mozilla.org/media/uploads/images/2012-03-27-09-22-48-1204f1.png> > Help > Troubleshooting Information'''
    <br> (or '''Tools > Help > Troubleshooting Information''')
    Then click the "Copy all to clipboard" button then paste it here. It will tell us what addons you have installed and I can see which one might be causing problems.

  • Why can't I watch YouTube videos on Apple TV?

    Why can't I watch YouTube videos on Apple TV?  Problem started yesterday.  I'm able to watch via Airplay from my iPhone.

    You may want to describe the issue in just a little more detail. "Can't watch" doesn't tell us much.

  • HT1338 Why can't I play youtube videos on macbook pro 10.7.4

    Why can't I play youtube videos on macbook pro 10..7.4

    death to my hometown wrote:
    Why can't I play youtube videos on macbook pro 10..7.4
    Do you have the latest Adobe Flash Player installed? If not then go to the Adobe site and download and install it.

  • Why can't I open facebook videos on my ipad and iphone?

    Why can't I open facebook videos on my ipad and iphone any more? I used to be able to open most but now I can't open any.  Now it just comes up with a message 'unable to play video.Check your internet connection and try again' There is nothing wrong with my internet connection. I am on wifi and full signal strength. This is happening on both ipad and iphone. It's not the problem where sometimes a video wants Adobe to open it. This message comes up as soon as you try to click on the video play button in the video. Can anyone tell me how to resolve this please?

    Thanks for this Griff but it's not the app that isn't responding.  I am in the facebook app (on both iPhone and iPad) and the app is working fine but if people post a video I can't look at the video on the iPhone or iPad.  i always used to be able to but now it keeps coming up with the message I mentioned above.  So I can no longer watch videos from facebook on either my iPad or iPhone.  Here is a screen shot of my phone of what is happening.  As you can see I have full wifi so there is nothing wrong with my internet connection. This is really annoying as I used to be able to watch videos on both phone and ipad out of facebook.  now I can't.  Hope you can help.  regards and thanks Vicki

  • I cannot open youtube videos to full screen after downloading the latest version of flash. HELP

    I cannot open youtube videos to full screen after updateding flash to the latest version (11. something) HELP! youtube says it is adobe's problem

    To help troubleshoot we'll need the following system information:
    Operating   system  
    Flash   Player version
    When reporting issues with video or audio, it's also helpful to get your system hardware and driver details.  Instructions for finding this information can be found here:
    Finally, sometimes video and audio problems are caused at a lower level and not directly related to Flash Player.  I recommend trying both of the links below to see how they perform.  If the problem exists with both, then Flash Player is most likely not the culprit as the HTML5 video link does not use Flash Player when playing.  You can verify the use of HTML5 by right clicking the HTML5 video and looking for the words "About HTML5" at the bottom of the context menu.
    HTML5   video  
    Non-HTML5 video

  • Why I can't open some video in my facebook?

    Why I can't open some video in my facebook?

    Hi Chris.
    Ok every son gneeds artist and album, but why in my 20 G photo Ipod I can see the songs searching via artist without any problem. And why in the new 30G video Ipod it only happens with some artists, cause for example I have 40 u2 songs, some with album name and some not, and all of them appear searching via artist. But with another artist, for example def leppard, I have 15 songs (some with album name, and some not) and searching via artist I can see only the ones in some particular album, and others that also have album name dont appear unless I look for them via song

  • I can not open youtube videos on my macbook pro

    i can not open youtube videos on my macbook pro, it says "this video is currently unavailable" in every video I open

    I had the same problem when I first got my macbook retina. I downloaded adobe flash and shockwave and I've been able to play YouTube videos ever since. They are free downloads off the adobe.com website.

  • I cannot open youtube videos now,on my i pad, when sent to me in email,..i was able to before, what has happened?

    i cannot open youtube videos sent to me in email, i was able to before, what is the problem? i use i pad, i phone

    i,ve done that,..verizon techs did all they know to do,..apple people say to restore, but you must restore with a pc to keep all your information

  • Why doesn't Firefox auto-update Flash Player like Chrome does?

    For security reasons and less hassle, I like Chrome auto-updates Flash Player. Why doesn't Firefox do this?

    Google Chrome has it's own version of the Flash plugin that is apart of the Google Chrome installation files.<br />
    So Google needs to do a full update with every Flash release.
    Firefox uses the Flash plugin as installed in your Linux distribution,<br />
    If your Ubuntu Linux distribution doesn't have an automatic update for Flash then you need to do that manually.

  • When saving files from the internet, why doesn't Firefox 'know' to put .jpg files in "Photos" and pdf files in "Documents"?

    When saving files from the internet, why doesn't Firefox 'know' to put .jpg files in "Photos" and pdf files in "Documents"? IE always saved photos in the "Photos" file and documents in the "Documents" file. Firefox makes me choose every time. Very annoying.

    How about if Firefox is programmed like IE in this ONE thing...
    When saving files from internet sources, if the file ends in a typical photo extension such as .jpg, .bmp, .tif etc. it defaults to save it in your PHOTOS folder.
    When saving anything like a .doc, .pdf etc. it defaults to save it to your DOCUMENTS.
    You could still change it to 'desktop' if that if really where you want all your photos and documents... or some other folder that you decide, but DEFAULTS to the LOGICAL folder.
    I have carpal tunnel SO bad that even typing this suggestion is painful and having to make the extra click along with moving the mouse EVERY time I want to save something is painful.
    ALSO, I shouldn't need a bunch of ADDONS to accomplish this. I tried downloading one and it did nothing. The problem still exists.

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