Why won`t apple support siri on iphone 4 ?

Why won't apple support siri on iphone 4 ?

We are just users like you. So we can't answer that question. However, there are hundreds of posts about it, so a search of the forum might be enlightening.
The iPhone 4 is four generations out of date. Have you noticed that when any company releases a new product or version of a product it has features that previous versions did not? If it didn't then what would be the point of coming out with a new version?

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  • Why won't apple give Ting the iPhone?

    Why won't apple give Ting the iPhone?

    Ting is a "MVNO", a virtual network provider; basically, they're a reseller of Sprint's cellular network, only with way, way, better pricing than basically anyone else. They don't do "contracts", and they don't charge separate fees for everything. So if you had five phones on an account, you'd pay $6/phone, plus a single fee for all the data. No $20-per-line "data plans". If I moved my current six phones (including friends and family) to Ting, I'd pay about 70% less per month for cell service... But I'd have to buy the phones up front. Which I'd do, but I have a couple people who want iPhones, and Apple-or-Sprint (it's not clear which) is not willing to let Ting do them.

  • Why won't Apple support printing to mobile 3 rd party printers

    Why won't Apple support printing to mobile 3 rd party printers

    It's up to the printer manufacturer to provide an app for printing from. Many do, and any support AirPrint which is what iOS devices use for printing.
    It's not Apple's job to create printer drivers for every third party printer on the market. Printer manufacturers provide drivers with their products.

  • Why won't Apple support Flash?

    I posted this same question on an Adobe Flash forum and the answer I got was that Apple has to approve Flash for its operating system.
    If this is true, why won't Apple do this? Not supporting it means we, the customers, lose out on a great deal of internet content--which we simply can't view in the Safari mobile browser.
    Best, David

    freedda wrote:
    As a non-techie user, this is seeming like a chicken-and-egg sort of thing: the Apple people point to Adobe. Adobe people point the finger at Apple.
    In either case, I and other users seem to be on the loosing end of things. 
    Please show us where we might see a copy of the Adobe Flash Player for IOS then, and we will know who's the chicken, and who's the egg.

  • TS1702 Why won't apple support my 1st edition iPad any longer. Apart from greed?

    Why will apple no longer support my iPad 1.
    I am no longer able to read magazines I have subscribed to because the app now needs iOS 6.
    And apple won't let me upgrade my software.
    Rip off I thinks.

    Neither Apple (nor any other company) will support a product forever. The iPad one is, by technology standards, obsolete. It has nothing to do with corporate greed - unless you define greed as making a profit.
    Your iPad still works, apparently. If you wish additional functionality, buy a new one - it is your money and decision.

  • Why won't apple support the charging cable I bought?

    I bought a cheaper charging cable online. It worked just fine before the ios7 upgrade. Now the software won't let the cable charge my phone because I didn't pay apple $30 for it. This is ridiculous and the opposite of why I was an apple fan before. Not to mention how overpriced the apple cable is. Not cool.
    #dealbreaker #applediedwithstevejobs

    Apple has no obligation to support someone else's product. Why you would expect that is beyond understanding.

  • Why won't Apple support "text blocking for teens while driving"?

    I was watching the Today show and they did a spot on teens and texting.  Did you know that 18 teens die PER DAY because of texting?  Fortunately, there are many products out there that can block texting and phone calls (except 911) while the car is moving.  Unfortunately, Apple will not support any of these products.  Why?  Are they not concerned about the safety of our teens?

    This is a user-to-user forum. You're not actually addressing Apple here. Submit your feedback using the Feedback page:
    You might also want to contact your carrier and have them block text messaging on your teenagers' phones if they have demostrated they can't use texting responsibly.
    Best of luck.

  • Why won't Apple support iBooks on Mac

    I am curious as to why Apple doesn't have an iBooks App for the Mac

    Nobody knows, and Apple isn't saying.  The issue has been discussed here many times already in the last year.

  • Why won't Apple give an update on why SIRI has crashed?

    why won't Apple let us what is going on with SIRI, it's clearly a HUGE issue for people like me who have had an iPhone since day 1 five years ago and who have waited for them to get this phone right, the very least they could do is let us know what the issue is and what they are doing to resolve it. Not to mention my new phone for some reason doesnt pick up as good as the last phone, does anybody else have this issue??

    All sales are final
    This has alwasy been the case.
    On rare occasions, Apple will allow an exception

  • Why won't Apple give out the unlock code for an iPhone 3Gs when the contract was honored and I am still an AT

    Why won't Apple give out the unlock code for an iPhone 3Gs when the 2  year contract was honored and I continued to be an AT&T customer with an iPhone 4. I wanted my old 3gs unlocked so my daughter could use it overseas when she is deployed. AT&T service over there *****, the international plan was not worth it. The individual SIM cards per country are much more reliable and cheaper. Teslestial in Iraq and Afghanistan, Telecom in Croatia,Vodafphone in Germany and Italy.  Why Apple will not unlock these phones for our military to utilize is incomprehensible to me.  These young men and women are fighting for these Apple people to go to work every day, safe, to live lives they have become accustom to yet releasing a phone to use on another network they can't do at least for the military.... WHY APPLE??  WHY?   A good excuse not some of the many lame excuses I have received on the phone many times. AT&T states it is Apple that will not allow them to unlock the phones...  Please tell me why?  All I want Is my daughter to have a phone I trust, to be able to call me when she is given the free time to do so and I trust the apple phone.
    Apple, please reconsider your stance on this issue.  I am having a hard time understanding why you will not unlock the iPhone. 
    A simple code could allow me to talk to my daughter while fighting for our country the Great USA.  Apple should be on the front line and enabling those fighting for our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness to use unlocked phones on reliable local GSM networks.
    I honestly hope that someone who has some sort of authority to begin allowing the release of unlock codes, and not forcing people to unlock their phones with some program produced by some hack just to be able to use your wonderful phone.  That is is in a nutshell, People love the iPhone so much that they want the ability to use it on the most reliable GSM carrier available to them.  That should be a major compliment. Even men and women on the front line want your phone. I agree, my service is not the best where I live either, love the GSM technology so stay with it, but if I had the ability to change to the other GSM network that has much better coverage in this area of the country I would change. To change now I would not have my iPhone and that I will not part with. 
    Apple, please reconsider opening up the lock code and allow your gem of a phone to be used by many more people in many more areas and most importantly overseas fighting for our country.  I know if this is really thought about Apple would understand and come to the conclusion to release the unlock codes, and stop the people from hacking in to use the iPhone on other networks.
    I would love for my daughter to be able to use my iPhone 3gs while fighting for our Free country.
    A response would be appreciated.
    Thank you.
    An Apple customer for 10 years, phones and computers.

    I did sign a two year contract and completed that contract. The 3gs is no longer in service. My daughter is going overseas to protect you and your family. I was attempting to find a way for her to have a reliable phone that could offer her some connection with home as she travels through the middle east.  She travels in missions all over.
    At&T unlocks other phones of theirs why not the iPhone?  AT&T says that Apple will not give them the code, it is not the carrier.  If I would have known this situation would have come up I would have bought and unlocked 3gs phone"Deggie" .  My main complaint is that Apple has not good excuse as to why they will not allow their phones to be unlocked from services well, AT&T .  I bought the phone full price, completed the contract terms, even went for and iPhone 4 with another2 year contract, along with owning an apple computer... I love the product.  My main issue is give me a good answer as to why you won't allow a phone to be unlocked. It doesn't hurt Apple, People still have to buy the phones from them, and use their App store and iTunes.
    Sorry, just upset about my daughter heading over there, boots on the ground, and just pray she will be safe. Would have liked to facetime her while she is in the airports and in specific areas allowed for that.
    Please don't come down on me for asking this question. I understand all the contracts etc.... but to single out the iPhone specifically to not unlock after contract is over does not seem fair.
    Thank you for your responses.

  • Why won't Apple allow Verizon to let me upgrade from an Android phone to an iPhone 5 early at the reduced price?

    Why won't Apple allow Verizon to let me upgrade from an Android phone to an iPhone 5 early at the reduced price?

    Here's one of my responses from Verizon:
    Dear Kevin,
    Good Afternoon; I know how frustrating it is to want a new phone, and be told that you are not eligible to upgrade early. My name is Shane, and I will be assisting you today regarding your most recent email.
    I am sorry to say that it is not possible for us to do the upgrade. We most certainly don’t want to lose a valued customer, but we can’t break our contract with Apple. If we did this for you, we would have to do it for everyone. If we did this for everyone we would risk losing our contract with Apple, and not be able to sell iPhones at all. I understand it is a savings to cancel your contract with us, and move to another provider we certainly don’t want you to do that, but that is an option for you.
    Kevin, I am sorry that we were not able to give you the resolution you were wanting. I do appreciate you being a valued Verizon Wireless customer, and I hope you have a good day!
    Verizon Wireless
    Coordinator IRT

  • Why won't Apple accept debit cards?  I ordered 2 new iPhones at ATT on Monday using my debit card.  I was just notified by ATT that Apple wont accept debit cards so my order cannot go through.  I don't use credit cards so I don't carry debt!

    Why won't Apple accept debit cards to buy an iPhone 5?  I ordered 2 new iPhones at ATT on Monday using my debit card.  I was just notified by ATT that Apple wont accept debit cards so my order cannot go through.  I don't use credit cards so I don't carry debt!  They (ATT) re-emphasized this is not their policy, but Apple's and that I would have the same problem if I went to Verizon.  Is this really the policy and if so why?  Apple has no problems accepting debit cards for my iTunes account?!

    I think this is an AT&T thing not an Apple policy, I had this battle with them before when the 4s came out.So this time I went directly to the Apple stor, I had no problem pre-ordering my Iphone5 on the 14th with my debit card, already shipped will be here the 21st. I'd go straight to the Apple store and purchase them there...

  • Why won't Apple Mobile Device Support install with itunes setup??

    Why won't Apple Mobile Device Support install with itunes setup?? I keep trying to reinstall, and installs everything but Apple Mobile Device Support. How come. will someone please help me?? I updated windows, and thoroughly removed everything before i reinstalled itunes. I don't know why it's Apple Mobile Device Support isn't going on there. HELP! Is there anyway i can just download and install Apple Mobile Device Support by itself???!

    For general advice see Troubleshooting issues with iTunes for Windows updates.
    The steps in the second box are a guide to removing everything related to iTunes and then rebuilding it which is often a good starting point unless the symptoms indicate a more specific approach. Review the other boxes and the list of support documents further down the page in case one of them applies.
    Your library should be unaffected by these steps but there is backup and recovery advice elsewhere in the user tip.
    The section Install missing components has advice on breaking down the iTunes installer into the individual .msi files which might prove useful if a component such as Apple Mobile Device Support won't install normally.

  • Why won't apple allow current "AppleCare" holders upgrade to "AppleCare "? Doesn't this seem unfair for such a giant in the tech industry to not offer such an opportunity?

    Why won't apple allow current "AppleCare" holders upgrade to "AppleCare "? Doesn't this seem unfair for such a giant in the tech industry to not offer such an opportunity?

    Sorry - not understanding. What do you mean by "upgrade"? When you purchase an Apple Product, you get AppleCare automatically - 90 Days of Telephone Support, and a 1-Year Warranty.
    You can then purchase an AppleCare Protection Plan for Mac, iPod, and Apple TV, or AppleCare+ for iPad or iPhone.
    AppleCare Protection Protection Plans can be purchased any time within the 1-year warranty period.
    Apple+ must be purchased within 30 days of purchase.
    AppleCare Protection Plan extends the warranty to 3 years for Macs, and to 2 years for Apple TV and iPod.
    AppleCare+ extends the warranty to 2 years for iPad and iPhone.
    There is no "upgrade"....You either purchase the extened warranty protection plan or you don't. And unlike most extended warranty plans, you are NOT required to purchase it at the time you purchase your Apple product.
    What's the beef here?

  • Why won't my apps on my iPhone 4 update?

    Why won't my apps on my iphone 4 update?  If I select "update all" OR "update" for individual apps, they still won't update.  I have 18 that need updating. Any advise would be appreciated.

    As the iPhone 4 doesn't support iOS 8, it might be useful to establish what phone and iOS you actually have. Go to Settings>General>About. What is the model number? What is the iOS version?
    What do you mean by "maps app will not load?". Do you mean the built in Maps app? What happens when you try? What troubleshooting steps have you already taken? Have you tried resetting your device by pressing and holding the Home button and power button until the apple appears?

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