ADF 11g - Issue with Custom Skin for CommandButton & InputNumberSlider.

Any Help relative will be greatly appreciated !!!
Currenlty we have an requirement to override the UI Skin of ADF to custom one.
Where the page design has some command button & InputNumberSlider(replace with skin of scroll bar)
FYI, we are working with Integrated Weblogic Server, Jdeveloper Version(Build JDEVADF_MAIN.BOXER_GENERIC_081002.2127.5156)
Following is the JSPX, containing style (CSS) with in
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='windows-1252'?>
<jsp:root xmlns:jsp="" version="2.1"
< contentType="text/html;charset=windows-1252"/>
<af:document binding="#{backingDisplayImageShell.document1}" id="document1">
<af:form binding="#{backingDisplayImageShell.form1}"
inlineStyle='align:center; background-image:url("img/flex-skin.jpg");background-repeat:repeat;'
<style type="text/css">
@platform window, linux {
@agent ie, gecko {
af|inputNumberSlider::minus-button {
background-image: url('../img/skin/horizontal_scrollbar_arrowUp.gif');
background-image: url('../img/skin/horizontal_scrollbar_arrowDown.gif');
background-image : url('../img/skin/horizontal_scrollbar_knobLarge.gif');
background-image: url('../img/skin/horizontal_scrollbar_knobLarge.gif');
background-image: none;
background-image: none;;
background-image: none;
background-image: none;
background-image: none;;
background-image: none;;
background-image: none;
background-image : none;
<trh:script>goGetShuffled = function(event) { var source =
event.getSource(); AdfCustomEvent.queue( source, "OnImageClick"
, {}, false); event.cancel(); }; /*function hidePopUpWindow(){
hide(); }*/</trh:script>
<af:spacer height="100"/>
<af:panelGroupLayout layout="horizontal" halign="center"
inlineStyle="width:45%; height:16px; background-color:transparent;"
<af:commandButton text="Download" icon="/img/download.jpg"
inlineStyle='background-image:url("img/skin/commandButton.gif"); background-repeat:no-repeat; border-color:transparent; border-style:none;'/>
<af:commandButton text="Promote" icon="/img/promote.jpg"
inlineStyle='background-image:url("img/skin/commandButton.gif"); background-repeat:no-repeat; border-color:transparent; border-style:none'/>
<af:commandButton text="Delete" icon="/img/delete.jpg"
inlineStyle='background-image:url("img/skin/commandButton.gif"); background-repeat:no-repeat; border-color:transparent; border-style:none'/>
<af:commandButton text="Zoom" icon="/img/zoom.jpg" partialSubmit="true"
inlineStyle='background-image:url("GlowingButton_disabledSkin.png"); background-repeat:no-repeat; border-color:transparent; border-style:none'></af:commandButton>
<af:commandButton text="Open" icon="/img/open.jpg"
inlineStyle='background-repeat:no-repeat; border-color:transparent; border-style:none'/>
<af:spacer height="50"/>
<!-- Scroll Bar for pagination : Start -->
<af:panelGroupLayout id="panelGrpScrollBar" layout="horizontal"
halign="center" valign="top"
inlineStyle="width:60%; background-color:transparent;">
<af:commandImageLink icon="img/skin/horizontal_scrollbar_arrowUp.gif"
<af:inputNumberSlider simple="true" autoSubmit="true" immediate="true"
minimum="0" maximum="7" minimumIncrement="1"
contentStyle="width:1100px;" rendered="true"
inlineStyle="text-decoration:none; border-color:transparent; border-style:none; border-width:0px; font-size:0%;"/>
<!-- 0.05 -->
<af:commandImageLink action="#{backingDisplayImageShell.nextShelf}"
<af:outputText value="0 - 20"
noWrap="true" id="outputText1"/>
<!-- Scroll Bar for pagination : End-->
Rani Velu

With the Skin changes provided in CSS is not been reflected.
Since, it seems to have ADF Skin, but not the custom one.
I tried even using this way as well, but not progress.
<af:inputNumberSlider simple="true" autoSubmit="true" immediate="true" styleClass="af|inputNumberSlider::major-tick { border-color: red; }"
id="inputNumberSlider1" inlineStyle="border-color:transparent; border-style:none"
minimum="0" maximum="7" minimumIncrement="1"
contentStyle="width:100px;" rendered="true"

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    Thats a bad idea. Office dos not react well to having it's prefences copied from one machine.
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    Using layers has not worked either. The background layer is set to "Never Prints", but will still show up when printed.
    I was wondering if anyone else has run into this and has a solution, or has any recommendations.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi setrev2012,
    How are you adding the backgroud?
    The only way I can think to accomplish this is via a watermark.
    The basics...
    Open PDF in Acrobat. Choose Pages > Watermark > Add Watermark.
    Select a jpg or PDF of your background and adjust scaling options as desired.
    Then click the Appearance Options.. and uncheck the Show When Printing option.
    In this image the PDF is a blank page with the word "Test" on it. The watermark is the stamp and impression (a stock photo jpg).
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     I am interested to know if first of all if others would agree with this and second how SCCM while running a TS matches itself up to a system to retrieve the custom set variables before client install etc... Or a good place to start looking
    to dig up more information!  Or anything else!

    Have you taken a look at this hotfix?
    We had to apply it in order for our variables to be seen.

  • ADF wont work with custom LoginModule! Question for Mr. Nimphius!

    ive setup login module as shown in:
    actionContext.getHttpServletRequest().isUserInRole("Administrators") works! but i also want this code to work in ADF:
    with default loginmodule "" everything is ok! i can get roles in adf but with custom login module i cant!
    in ApplicationModule config i have setup = = = Must = oracle.sample.dbloginmodule.DBTableLM.DBTableLoginModule
    please help!

    thank you very much for the reply!!!!
    i did what you told but no luck... :(((
    i still can not get user role from application module!
    this code:
    if (AppModule.getSession().isUserInRole("Administrators"))
    System.out.println("User is in role! ");
    simply does not work!
    ive tested on standallone oc4j, ive tested on embeded jdveloper !
    i get NullPointerException at at
    the thing is that i can use isUserInRole() from request but i can not from application modulle....
    ...ive lost hours in decompiling and tracking down ADF code just to realize that there is no way to use custom login module with ADF because the thing is hard coded to use xml or ldap..
    the only way i see how to solve the problem is to extend oracle.jbo.server.SessionImpl
    and override
    isUserInRole(String s)
    i can substitute session class with my own by setting
    SessionClass = oracle.jbo.server.ExtendedSessionImpl
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    the easier way is to write my own function isUserInRole() in EntityImpl... i always can get user principal name with AppModule.getUserPrincipalName()
    what do you think?

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    Kindly note that I have already checked the My Account of these users and the email address is well present there.
    Can anyone help us investigate on this issue.
    Thanks and Regards

    Where do you have your LDAP configured
    Is it in RPD or in Weblogic?

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    I pre-order my phone and fallout the trade in form for my iPhone 4 (which was still working).  My trade in was canceled after i received the new iPhone!  Apparently the system couldn’t catch up fast enough and then when you call the Trade in # you can not get through.  I fill out a 2nd application and this was sticks.  I mail the iPhone 4 in…. and 3 weeks later is it received and processed - but apparently in the shipping process the phone was damaged and now I am being “penalized”.  I was supposed to receive $40 for the iPhone 4 and $160 for the new phone as a promotion. 
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    So now I sent another email in.  This is ridiculous!  I would have never sent in my phone for a “rebate” or order the new phone if it had not been for that promotional offer.  My phone worked just fine, no cracks, no dropped calls, no Bluetooth issues, etc. like i have with this new iPhone.
    This lack of customer service is unacceptable.  I would have never signed up for a new 2yr contract with them if I knew all the issues I would have.  4 years of loyalty and this is how they treat their customers.

    The phone was an iPhone 4, and we were informed that the Find My iPhone feature was on. However, my wife turned it off, and I double-checked this before the phone was sent in. When the feature was turned off, the instructions provided by Verizon were followed exactly, however we were informed that the feature also needed to be turned off on iCloud (even though there were no directions indicating this in any of the Verizon documentation or on the website).
    At this point it isn't as much about getting the $111 as it is about letting someone know how rudely my wife was treated by Adam (he was at station 34 on Monday, February 10 - she noted this, because he refused to give out his last name). She was told several times by Adam that he does not report to anyone, that he had no supervisor, and there was no one higher up we could speak with. He was rude, condescending, and obviously blatantly lied. Additionally he intentionally kept my wife on hold for 30 minutes hoping she would give up and hang up. The reason we know that he did so intentionally, is because he also indicated that it was "actually pretty slow" in the call center. He also indicated that she had no additional recourse and should just "hang up" and "give up."
    It's really just that we don't feel like we can trust the trade-in program, and won't be trading in any additional phones through that program. Thank you for responding, at least we can be sure that there is some customer service still happening at Verizon. We have just had our faith in Verizon's customer service pretty rudely shaken.

  • Issue with customer Incoming Payment

    Hi Gurus,
    I need your help related to an issue with Incoming customer payment. This is the first time I am doing this Incoming payment set-up. I have odne the payment program set-up for outgoing payments. I need to configure the automatic payment program for incoming payments. After the payment run is successfully executed, we need to create and send Idoc's to the bank. This process of payment run and Idoc creation is being used successfully for outgoing payments.
    From configuration side, I have created a new payment method and have set it up for incoming payments. I have selected ACH as format and PPD as format supplement. I did the bank set-up and have assigned a partner profile to it. I have assigned a reference key 17 in the SPRO-> Print->Payment media.
    The issue is that when I run the payment run for customer open item, the payment run is successful and the item gets cleared but no Idoc's are being generated. I have entered my House bank and account number in the variant as well. I am getting the following error:
    Step 001 started (program SAPFPAYM_SCHEDULE, variant &0000000000869
    No variants found for format ACH
    No Payment Media Created in Format 100
    I would really be thankful if you can help me in resolving this issue. I am not sure which step I am missing.
    Best Regards,

    Hi Lakshmipathi,
    Yes the Document split has been activated. This issue is the specific one. We have different C&F location. Sales happens accross India. Hence we have created the Business area concept for each location to get the location wise balance sheet. I have also activated the zero balancing for Profit center and also Business area so that i can derive the Location wise Balance sheet.
    Now the sales invoice has been processed from C&F Location. Customer deposit the Cheque directly to the Head office Bank and not at the C&F Location bank. I don't want to clear the existing open item because 50% of the cheque gets bounced. So i am booking the incoming payment without clearing the open item.
    While processing the incoming payment user is entering the C&F location business area in the customer line item (Credit line item) and Head office business area for the Bank line item as the bank is at the Head office so that we can arrive the Balance sheet.
    Now system is not deriving the profit center for the customer line item even though the business area wise zero balance has been activated. Recon account field status group has market as optional for profit center but in F-28 i am not able to get the profit center field (Because it is balance sheet item).
    The Document type already been configure for Document split and the Recon account also categorised as Customer inthe doc splitting. I don't have any problem with document split other than this issue.
    For this issue anything can be done in the document split??

  • Issue with Apps adapter for Create_Cust_Account API

    Hi ,
    I need to invoke this package from apps adapter in BPEL(
    Create Customer: HZ_CUST_ACCOUNT_V2PUB. create_cust_account. This is a Over loaded procedure. Look for the Procedure with these Parameters.
    PROCEDURE create_cust_account (
    p_init_msg_list IN VARCHAR2:= FND_API.G_FALSE,
    p_cust_account_rec IN CUST_ACCOUNT_REC_TYPE,
    p_organization_rec IN HZ_PARTY_V2PUB.ORGANIZATION_REC_TY
    p_customer_profile_rec IN HZ_CUSTOMER_PROFILE_V2PUB.CUSTOMER
    p_create_profile_amt IN VARCHAR2:= FND_API.G_TRUE,
    x_cust_account_id OUT NUMBER,
    x_account_number OUT VARCHAR2,
    x_party_id OUT NUMBER,
    x_party_number OUT VARCHAR2,
    x_profile_id OUT NUMBER,
    x_return_status OUT VARCHAR2,
    x_msg_count OUT NUMBER,
    x_msg_data OUT VARCHAR2
    But I’m getting the following error,
    An error occurred while running Jpublisher.missing method
    · I’ve tried with Database adapter. But in the runtime I’m not able to pass oracle apps initialization parameter in spite of using transaction and idempotent property in partnerlink.
    · Then I’ve tried to invoke fnd_global.apps_initialize first then call the package from database adapter, but it fails again, apparently its not able to execute both DBadapter in same database session although they are in same BPEL transaction.
    When I’m passing the initialization parameters in adapter created wrapper procedure then its working fine and customer got created.
    Please let me know where I’m going wrong or issue with apps adapter.
    It’s urgent …
    Thanks in Advance,

    Thanks for the reply.
    I'm able to execute the BPEL flows using DB adapter in same session and customer got created.
    But I'm wondering why I cant invoke the API using Apps adapter though its standard one.
    wsdl file is not getting generated as the adapter wizard not get completed.
    Do u have any idea why its giving ' error occurred while running Jpublisher.missing method' error?should I conclude that apps adapter does not support overloaded procedure.

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