Regarding Customer Account group

Hi Guys,
I've got confused at one step in Customer master.
When i open my customer master, it shows me the description of account group but no code is visible.
so tell me what settings are needed to be maintained in the screen here to make customer account group code & description visible.
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hi tarun
this thread is routine thread first in form ,
first you will go to sap easy access , here menu bar down one icon is their customizing local layout this is line of the save icon in last  icon, other wise press (alt+f12), click on this icon system sows some tabs , you select expert tab here you activate all , then you will check , number ,codes it automatically come.
it is not available , check this
click on customizing local layout icon , and click on options here integration design- visualization &interaction tab-activate  contorls -batch input list ,
and also check accessibility &scripting setiings
please try this

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  • Change customer Account Group

    Hi Experts,
    We have two different account groups with different number Ranges. When i try to change the customer account group from one to other through XD07 system given the following warning message.
    Customer 600021 not in External Sold-to-Party
    - number range 0000100001-0000199999
    Message number F2691
    We have tried to change this warning message in to Error message through OBMSG and OBA5
    after that also system showing warning message.
    Where we do mistake? is there any other process to do the changing message?

    If You are trying to change the account group of a customer whose partner function is Sold-to-party.
    Changes to the account group and the relevent partner functions only made from lower level to higher level.
    Sold-to-party cannot be assigned the function of a payer(Higher level to lower level) because you are trying to change the higher level partner function.
    Your can assign sold-to-party function to a payer (Lower level to higher level) because you are trying to change lower level partner function.
    Krishna Kishore

  • Vendor/Customer Account Group and Master Records

    Hi Gurus,
    Please tell me during implementation Vendor/Customer account groups and Master Records will be prepared by FI Consultants or MM, SD Consultants?
    Waiting for reply

    Dear Verma
    It is the usual practice that FI consultants should prepare Account group and also maintain General data and Company code date in Vendor/Customer masters. SD and MM consultants are informed by FI to maintain Sales and Purchase organization respectively by SD and MM consultants.
    If this helps please reward with points.
    Best Regards

  • Customer master Query report doesnt pick all the customer account groups

    Hello experts
    We have a custom Query report created using customer master tables KNA1,KNVV,KNB1 etc. We have customers maintained under 5 customer account groups. One of the selection fields in the query is account group. But it displays customers only in 4 of the 5 account groups for some reason, even though we have customers maintained in that group(prospective customers).
    Any reason why this could occur? How do i ensure that customers from all account groups are visible?
    Thanks in advance

    Hai Ravi
    In SAP query if you join
    KNA1 - KNB1- KNVV
    General - Sasles data - company data
    May be your 5th Account type is created without company code data.
    The query will display only if the data is linked in all tables.
    In case if you don't have company code data but you want the details of the account group customer
    In the query join screen.
    Right click on the joining line between KNB1 and KNVV  and select Left outer join.
    Now run the report , it will show all the account group data.

  • What should i take for customer account group

    wat is the best to customize customer account group
    i m thginking to creat one exportcustomer and other one is domestic
    or else i ll make one one as sold to party
    plz help

    <i><u><b>Customer Master</b></u></i>
    <u><b>Account Group</b></u>
    <b>Maintain Number Range for Account Group</b>
    The purpose of this activity is to control number range of Account Group.
          Access the activity using one of the following navigation options:
    IMG --> Financial Accounting (New) &#61614; Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable &#61614; Customer Accounts &#61614; Master Data &#61614; Preparations for Creating Customer Master Data &#61614; Create Number Ranges for Customer Accounts &#61614; Select the Icon to maintain Number Range
    Transaction Code     SPRO
    Data to be maintained:
    No | From | To | Current No | Ext (Tick in Check Box)
    01 | 0000000001 | 0000099999 | 0 | No
    02 | 0000100000 | 0000299999 | 0 | No
    XX | A | ZZZZZZZZZZ | Yes
    <b>Assign Number Range to Account Group</b>
    The purpose of this activity is to maintain number range of Account Group.
          Access the activity using one of the following navigation options:
    IMG --> Financial Accounting (New) &#61614; Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable &#61614; Customer Accounts &#61614; Master Data &#61614; Preparations for Creating Customer Master Data &#61614; Assign Number Ranges to Customer Account Groups
    Transaction Code     SPRO
          Data to be maintained:
    Group | Name | Number Range
    0001 | Sold-to party | XX
    0002 | Goods recipient | XX
    0003 | Payer | XX
    0004 | Bill-to party | XX
    <b>Define Account Groups with Screen Layout (Customers)</b>
    In this step, you determine the account group of the customer.
    Access the activity using one of the following navigation options:
    IMG --> Financial Accounting (New) &#61614; Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable &#61614; Customer Accounts &#61614; Master Data &#61614; Preparations for Creating Customer Master Data &#61614; Define Account Groups with Screen Layout (Customers)
    Transaction Code     SPRO
    The groups indicated below are a few examples. There are many groups in Standard SAP & if we require additional Group, it can be copied from appropriate group & maintained.
    Group | Name
    0001 | Sold-to party
    0002 | Goods recipient
    0003 | Payer
    0004 | Bill-to party
    0005 | Prospective customer
    0006 | Competitor
    Select Sold-to-party &#61664; go to Details &#61664; Double Click on General data / Company code data / Sales data. It will take to next screen which details Tab Pages of General data / Company code data / Sales data. Double Click on Tab Page for example: Address, Control, Marketing & so on. Here you can maintain whether the field is to be Suppress, Req. Entry, Opt. entry or Display
    Rajesh Banka
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  • Reg : Customer Account Group Change

    Hi Dear All,
    Can any one Tell me that what effect will be there if i change the Customer account group from 0001-sol to party to EXPO-acc gr for Export customer.
    As the customer is old and by mistake it has been created in 0001 instead EXPO acc group.
    i need to know that what will be the effect on all sales data and accounting documents created already for that customer .
    This i have to do for  around 1500 records
    pl suggest me the probable effects for the same.
    ok thanks

    Hi sunil,
    You can change Account Group of a customer at any time. Its not going to effect the previous records.
    But once after changing the Account group, what ever you customers you create will follow the new account group procedure.
    But the thing is, if you want to process the old account group customers, must check that the corresponding fields are active / already in use or not. For example if you dont maintained one field in old account group customers and now with new account group if you want to process with that field, then you have to go the change mode and maintaine those field for all those customers which are not maintained earlier.
    Like this if you can check the change in the Fields from old account group and new account group, then there wont be any problem.
    Hope this gives you some idea.

  • Customer Account Group Mark for deletion

    Hi Experts,
    As per the business requirement i need to block some of the customer account groups like(z001,z002 and z003)
    is there any config settings available for marking these account groups as blocked or only  deletion is possible.
    Thanks in advance

    I am not sure whether the account group can be blocked by any means. I would not recommend deleting from the SPRO account group table data as it will affect the historical data.
    However, you can control using these account group using authorization objects. Check with basis personal to exclude these account groups from using in XD01

  • Customer -Account group Field Status

    I trying to make "Regional Structure Group" field in the customer master as mandatory.but iam unable to see the above mentioned field Customer -Account group Field Status.can anybody tell me how to bring that field in the  Customer -Account group Field Status so that i'll make it as required entry

    Hello Karthikeyan,
    The field REGIONAL STRUCTRAL GROUPING is in the General data of the Address tab.
    You can maintain it in OBD2
    Select the  Account group in OBD2 and click on the General tab----->Address ....
    In the second page you can find that field and then maintain as per your requirement.

  • Customer Account Group with Output Procedure assignment

    Hi Gurus,
    Is there any assignment is possible between Customer Account Group & Output Procedure? What is the function of Output procedure DB0001, I mean how its works. How in Customer Master Output box will get open. Please give details as much as possible.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Dear Savi,
    Yes it is possible to assign the output determination procedure to the account group.
    IMG path to assign output determination procedure
    SPRO>Financial accounting>Account recievables and Account payables>Customer accounts>Master data>Preparations for Creating Customer Master Data>Define Account Groups with screen layout (Customers) select account group then go in to details here you can find the field Output determ.proc. under general data tab.
    If you assign the output determination procedure to the account group, the output box will open in the customer master record in the Sales area data as Documents tab here you can enter the output types which are related to you.
    I hope it will help you,


    I am trying to create a Inter Compnay Stock Transport Order.
    Could anyone please suggest what will be the Customer account group while creating the customer via T-code XD01.
    Thanks in advance

      It might be 0001 - sold to party / 0002 - goods recipient / 0003 - payer / 0004 - bill to party..all depends up on the customer.

  • Credit contorl of Customer Account Group

    Dear All,
    My exact requirement is we are going to create a New Customer Account Group. Whoever the customers are there in this customer group the CREDIT LIMIT should be One Rupee as a default. It should not be changeable.
    Whenever User wants try to change the Credit Limit system should not allow.
    Is it possible by transaction Code FD32 or is there any other way?
    Kindly help me out.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Dear Farooq,
    It seems it may useful to resolve my requirement. But i am not able to understand how to do the configuration before asking Basis person.
    My requirement that restriction should be applicable to all the customers who will come under one Customer Account Group which we are going to create as new. IT SHOULD NOT EFFECT OTHER CUSTOMER ACCOUNT GROUPS.
    Kindly explain me clearly so that i can resolve my issue.
    Thanks for your kind help.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Creation part of Customer Account Group

    When we have going to create customer account group why we have to start with Y & Z why dont we start with numbers, can any one explain plz...

    We use a prefix of Y or Z only when we are defining our own object like sales doc. or item category likewise account group.
    they will not be overwritten while upgrading the system also sap recommends to use Z for modifications done in a standard program. Copying the standard one and naming it with Z.

  • Change of Customer Account Group

    Hai Friends
    I want to change my customer from ship-to party account group to sold to Party account group.
    Please help in solving this issue.
    Srinivasa Rao

    hello, friend.
    definitely you can use XD07 to change customer account group, as the others have said.  but if you encounter some problems, most likely you have to check if the field statuses (mandatory, optional, suppress) are configured the same for the old and target account groups.
    also, the SAP system default allows you to change account group from ship-to to sold-to, but not the other way around especially if you already have transactions for a customer as sold-to.

  • Customer Account Group Number Range

    Hi Guru's,
    The Customer Account Group Number Range has currently taking 10 digits. But my client wants to be 12 digits.
    Could you please guide me, to do the necessary setting for the same.
    Kindly suggest.
    thanking you,

    Dear Sreeni,
    You can't change standard customer no range flied width.
    You can create a new ZTABLE with 12digits.

  • How to view List of Customer Account Groups

    T-Code OBD2  to create a new Customer Account Group.
    To avoid using an existing name, i would like to have an idea about the current existing Group  names .
    What is the T-Code to view that list ?

    Hi Mr. Emad
    you question is fully clear..  but you can see all existing names of the account group for customer at the creation screen for new customer T-code XD01  like below attached
    Mahmoud El Nady

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