2.1 Update & Bluetooth

Weird problem after updating to 2.1. Bluetooth works great paired to my Acura TL, but when I turn off my iPhone and turn it back on bluetooth defaults back to Off. Simple answer is to not turn off my iPhone, but I like to turn it off at night to conserve power. Any one else experience this? Annoying bug or should I restore again?

I'm having this same issue since upgrading to 2.1. After powering off the iPhone and then powering back on, the Bluetooth setting on the phone will frequently (not always) change from powered on to off. I'm not sure why Bluetooth turns itself off, but it's very annoying when I'm sitting in my car in the morning trying to get the iPhone to recognize my headset. I have to go into Settings and turn Bluetooth back on. That's the only problem because it immediately pairs with my headset once Bluetooth is turned back on. Hopefully this gets fixed in the next firmware update.

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  • After ios 5 update, bluetooth on ipod touch not funcioning-keynote app no longer pairing with ipad

    Since the ios 5 update--bluetooth longer funcioning on ipod touch.  iPad no longer syncing with keynote remote app on ipod touch.  My iPad no longer sees the iPod touch.  The Bluetooth indicator does not come on or flash on the ipod touch.
    any help or suggestions?

    alex.g wrote:
    I've got a fix, even for  those who don't have hotspot (like me) who want to get the ipad and iphone talking over bluetooth again.
    First, I should say that I said when I got my 4s, the problem was solved. It was not. I was just connecting via wifi, but I wanted bluetooth back.
    Here is how I got it back without hotspot.
    1. Launch keynote on one device and the remote on the other as you normall would.
    2. Find another app that bluetooth links ipad and iphone (I used 'pictransfer light'). Install on both devices and launch on both devices. Follow the promt to get a bluetooth sync.
    3. Double push the home button both devices to pull up the multi-tasking and open keynote and keynote remote on the relevant devices.
    4. In keynote, go to settings; advances; remote. You should now be able to get the remote to link (you may, on the device running the remote, need to hit settings and then 'new keynote link'.
    Once I launched pictransfer, the bluetooth logo was blue on both devices the whole time I ran through the other steps. I suspect that that was also the point of using the hotspot service.
    Also noteworthy: I am yet to try this 'in the field'. For all I know, this won't keep a connection for as long as one might need. I'll find out on Thursday when I rely on the remote for 90min. On the positive side, I was able to keep the connection even when I double clicked home and closed pictransfer while leaving keynote and keynote remote open...
    This work-around worked -- I found that as long as I launched the "Pictransfer for iPad Lite" app just before the presentation that it seemed to work fine.  However, if Bluetooth gets turned off or you disconnect I think you will have to repeat the work-around -- nice find.
    Apple really needs to fix this.  They even have a posted document describing how to link two devices by Bluetooth and the truth is that it just does not work as they say.  They need to add whatever code into the Keynote & Keynote Remote apps to initiate bluetooth to connect the devices.  It's fine if it prefers WiFi, but it should give you the bluetooth option as well.

  • Update Bluetooth 2.0

    I can't update my Bluetooth Firmware to 2.0 with Software Update.
    It says: "There was a problem updating Bluetooth so that the update cannot continue. Turn off any unnecessary Bluetooth devices you are using and try updating again."
    Also, I am new on a Mac. Any suggestions on what to do? Thanks

    I started Bluetooth Firmware Update 2.0 about 14 hours ago and the progress bar shows no progress. I have received no errors so far, but there is no progress.
    - Bluetooth shows on the menu bar as being turned off
    - No Bluetooth devices are configured for this machine
    - "Discoverable" is turned off
    - No Bluetooth device has ever been paired with this Mac
    - Sleep mode is disabled to let the firmware update run
    - No applications have been running for about 10 of the 14 hours
    - Time Machine has run from time to time, but it doesn't seem like that would matter
    When I try to quit Bluetooth Firmware Update, I get a message saying "You cannot quit while the update is in progress."
    When I try to restart the Mac, I get a message saying "The application Bluetooth Update canceled restart."
    I'm afraid to do anything more drastic to restart the Mac, as I don't want ruin things in the middle of a firmware update. However, it doesn't look like the update has even started, judging from the status bar.
    Any suggestions?

  • After 10.6.3 update: Bluetooth won't turn on

    After installing the incremental update, Bluetooth will not reactivate after sleep. The Bluetooth icon is in the menu bar, but Bluetooth is 'off' and wasn't before sleep. If I try to turn it on, it won't come on. Works fine if I do a full restart.

    Since the latest updates I have exactly the same.
    Bluetooth Mighty mouse works fine. Logout and put the iMac to sleep.
    Pressing the mouse doesn't do anything at all.
    To wake the mouse I have to press the keyboard at which point the screen displays an outline of the mouse with connection lost.
    20 - 30 seconds later connectivity is fine and I can log in again.
    Very frustrating.
    I booted from a 10.5.x on an external disk and the wake from sleep functionality works fine.

  • Update bluetooth on driod 2

    How do you update bluetooth on a driod2 phone.

        Hello bclautz! I'm very eager to help you with your device's Bluetooth capability. In order to do that, I'll need some information. When you say that you're looking to update Bluetooth, what does that mean? Are you attempting to add a Bluetooth connection profile?
    Dion M.
    VZW Support
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    These are user-to-user forums, they are not monitored by Apple (there are too many forums/threads/messages for that to happen). If you want to leave feedback for Apple then you can do so here : http://www.apple.com/feedback/iphone.html

  • Since update Bluetooth mouse doesn't detect

    Updated last night, with new security update & may have also updated bluetooth firmware and since then my Microsoft bluetooth mouse doesn't detect, it worked perfectly before. Bluetooth detects phone so it is working. Are there any fixes to this?

    Tried everything. Even tried detect new device. Mouse is definately working on other computer.
    Tried Open Bluetooth Setup Assistant at Startup. At startup bluetooth icon briefly shows connected for a few seconds, then nothing.
    Seems a lot of people on forum have lost mouse/keyboard connectivity since updating last night.
    Would appreciate any help. Trackpad is def no comparison for photoshop etc.

  • Updating Bluetooth on 8120

    I have recently updated a software on a Garmin satnav that I use to pair with my 8120 for hands free phone usage while driving. Prior to update reception was excellent.  Post update it is dreadful.  The satnav is now Bluetooth vs 2.1 while my 8120 remains on vs 2.0.  Is there a way to update Bluetooth on my 8120 to vs 2.1.  They are meant to be 'backwards compatible - my experience indicates otherwise.  Any help grateful appreciated.

    Your carrier decides what software
    updates are released. Check their download site for any available updates:
    Thank you
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  • Gingerbread update - Bluetooth no longer working in car

    I have seen people complaining about this issue on other forums - lots of phone models and car models are affected.  My bluetooth was wworking perfectly for hands-free calling prior to the Gingerbread update.  Bluetooth stopped working the day I received my Gingerbread update last week.  I've tried everything I can try.  Apparently there is no resolution to the issue yet.  Verizon tech support could not help - they told me to contact HTC.  HTC tech support had no clue.  I want to revert back to Froyo, but apparently that's not possible either.  I am VERY frustrated.  I loved Android, but bluetooth in my car is a very important feature for me.  Might be time for an iPhone...
    If anyone has any solutions for this issue, please let me know.  By the way, I have read in other forums that a factory reset does not work - it keeps the same phone software.  It's something that changed in Gingerbread that is causing the problem.  I would love to get rid of Gingerbread.

    I don't have Gingerbread (yet, and I'm thinking that's a good thing at this point), but I've had the same problem with my DInc before with my 7 week old new car.  After an initial successful link-up and upload of my phone book, my phone wouldn't maintain a connection either.
    Here's my suggestion for you, because It's my current work around to get my bluetooth connection to work:
    1) Unpair your car bluetooth and your phone so you can start from scratch
    2) Re-pair your DInc and your car
    3) When your phone connects to your car, you'll hopefully get a pop-up dialogue box on your phone asking to link to your phone book.  At this point, say no to the phone book link.  You *should* hopefully have a good bluetooth connection now, and you'll still have the ability to dial from your phone book.  If you don't get the pop-up, well...I'm out of ideas.  Sorry. 
    I don't know what capability that pop-up dialogue box on the phone supports, but it sure screws up my bluetooth connection in my car.

  • HT201401 since iSO 7.02 update bluetooth with my car is no longer working at all. also can no longer access my mail! the browser is turned off and I can not turn it back on!!!!!

    last week my phone was automatically updated after a trip to Europe, now I can no longer access gmail because the browser capability for cookies has been turned off and I can NOT get it back on. Before the trip bluetooth was on partially working with my car and now since the newest update works no more in any form. Anyone else having these problems? Need help!!

    As far as automatic update, the iOS cannot be updated without user intervention, so it could not have been automatically updated.
    You need to provide more information about your mail. Does this mean you cannot access the Mail app, you cannot download mail, or what? Not sure why you cannot access the cookies setting in Safari. Go to Settings>Safari>Block Cookies>set to what  you want.
    Problems with 3rd party Bluetooth devices, such as car audio, etc., generally has to do with vehicle manufacturers not providing updates to match the current Bluetooth stacks that are found in today's phones. You can go into the phone and remove the pairing for the car, and then go into car settings and remove the iphone. Then put both devices back into pairing mode and attempt to connect them again. See this support document http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3581

  • Iphone 3gs with ios5 update. bluetooth connection with car problem.

    I updated my iphone 3GS to IOS5. After the update, the bluetooth (handsfree) connection to my car (Lexus RX350) does not work anymore. I can connect  any other cell phone bluetooth to my car. Only iphone after the IOS5 update is failing. Any suggestions (I reset many times)?

    Some people havent had one problem when updating to iOS4, others have been over run with problems. I myself have lost virtually all sound from my loud speaker so calls, txt messages and ipod are virtually unheard now..
    Went to my local Genius bar in Liverpool today, complete waste of time, the guy restored it like I hadnt already done that a 100 times, then said oh yeah it is qeit not heard of that one before, to get a new one will cost you £139!!
    Yeah right mate, not payin that as its not my fault! did ask him if he ever looks on the Apple forum about faults people are having, and I got a blank look. Told him a thread with tens of thousands people all having the same problem with low sound from the speakers and calls being ended in mid conversation since updating to OS4 seems a bit strange then... another blank look!
    Ive lost all faith with apple as a company now and will not be upgrading to a iPhone 4 anytime soon or any apple product, no one seems interested in helping but quick enough to take your money, thats my opinion anyway..

  • After Update Bluetooth is not available - any ideas?

    After running the update I lost all my menu icons as did a few others by the sounds of it. Fortunately I was able to re-enable them all manually.
    I forgot about bluetooth though as I wasn't using it at the time. I've since re-started my powerbook, and the bluetooth icon is back, but marked unavailable. The preference pane is missing from System Prefs, and if I try and run it directly it just opens System Prefs so clearly it is missing.
    If I try and run Bluetooth File Exchange I get an error message saying "No Bluetooth Hardware Found" - but there is because I use it quite often!
    Any ideas about where the pref pane has gone or how to get it to work again much appreciated.
    Powerbook G4 12   Mac OS X (10.4.5)  

    Hmm. Not sure if this is progress or not.
    My laptop has crashed again - the second time since the update - forcing me to restart it.
    Bluetooth is back, as is it's preference pane, I'm just concerned that it has crashed twice in 6 hours.

  • 10.5.7 update: Bluetooth gone, disks won't mount

    Installation of the 10.5.7 update sort of worked. My system says it installed, but I did get a message saying something like "Update was not completely succesful".
    The one reason for updating was that I hoped to be able to use my wireless mouse again, which on 10.5.6 would disconnect seconds after I connected it.
    Now, Bluetooth isn't even able to connect to the mouse.
    So I tried to do a Combo update reinstall of 10.5.7, but then I got the message "Mounting failed". I tried a random piece of different software and got the same message.
    When I double click the .dmg file, I get the message "Device not configured".
    Any solutions?

    Thanks for replying. It's Apple's infamous Mighty Mouse.
    Just ran Disk Utility > Repair permissions to see if that would solve anything, but no luck.
    It did give warnings that the following permissions could not be repaired:
    - System/Library/Filesystems/AppleShare/afpload
    - usr/bin/setregion
    - System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Install.framework/Versions/A/Resources/runner
    - System/Library/Printers/IOMs/LPRIOM.plugin/Contents/MacOS/LPRIOMHelper
    It's the first time ever that an OS X update has given me headaches.

  • 10.4.6 Update: Bluetooth is gone

    Hi guys.
    Yesterday I updated my PB to 10.4.6 but now my bluetooth is gone (Not available). Restarts didn't work to fix it.
    Many thanks in advance.

    Same problem. On G5 iMac (dc iMac OK), fter 10.4.6 bluetooth gone. "No info available" in system profiler. Network control panel shows BT greyed out. Menu bar BT item shows BT not available. Do not use any BT devices, but used to work with a BT mouse. Did not notice it was gone until I went to try connecting my iMacs via BT internet sharing instead of the FW connection I am now using. Reason is that I have WinXP native on the dc and it does not do FW TCP as well as the mac.
    Anyway, tried the power off and disconnect all USB & FW and PRAM reset process described in other posts without luck. Anyone figured this out yet? My G5 iMac is the no light sensor unit.

  • Latest OS X update & Bluetooth problems

    After installing the latest software update on Tuesday, my bluetooth won't work properly. I have a Palm 650 that I sync with my Mac, and now the computer can find the phone but the phone can't find the computer, and I'm in desperate need of help. Anyone?

    Restart, booting from your bootable backup/clone of 10.5.4.

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