Acct assignment required for GRIR clearing

User was performing GRIR clearing and has the following error :
"...require G/L 600008 to match to an assignment..."
When checked under OKB9, the company code has 2 plants assigned to 2 different cost centers for this GL acct / cost element.
Please advise.

Can you specify the full Text of the message and also the message no
Sanil Bhandari

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  • Pass single entry for GRIR clearing

    Dear Expert,
    I want single entry for GRIR clearing by F.13 in spite of multiple Clearing entries, can anyone tell me how to configure this?
    Saurabh Chaplot

    System groups the items based on clearing criteria in OB74. The purpose of this setup is to correctly match the open items during clearing. If this is not the case, open items cannot be related to open Purchase orders. If this requirement is only for specific cases, then better use manual classic clearing transactions.

  • Error in FB60 - Additional account assignment required for field BSEG-HBKID

    Hi Experts
    While posting an Invoice for a particular company code in FB60, we are facing the following error :
    "Additional account assignment required for field BSEG-HBKID"
    Message no. F5A122
    Additional account assignment has to be carried out for some fields on the detail screen.
    System Response
    Error message
    Select the relevant items and call up the detail screen.
    We are unable to post any Non PO Based Invoices in this company code.
    Kindly guide us on possible methods to rectify this error.

    First Check the setup as described by Atif,
    Also in OBC4 you will not find HBKID field, for this u need to select appropriate FSG, Under Payment Transaction Group please check if own Bank field is optional or not. by doing this as optional system will show House ban Field in Payment Tab of FB60, will be enabled and there will be two field one for House Bank and Other will be for Account ID.
    Hope this helps.
    Br, Vivek

  • MR11 for GRIR clearing

    Dear Gurus,
    I am trying to clear GRIR by MR11 with the reference of PO but I am not able to clear it there system throwing the error that is
    No data selected. Check selection parameters!!
    Message no. CKMLGRIR009
    The GRIR list data is available in MB5S.
    Please assist me anyone thanks in advance.

    If no difference exists for a P.O between GRN & IR, But still runs the MR11 system will not post any accounting documents.

  • BAPI Function required for Vendor clearing F-44

    Dear all,
    Do we have a BAPI Function for Posting entries for f-44
    ( Vendor Clearing ).
    Gaurav Sood

    Hi gaurav
    with regards
    Rohan Shetty
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  • Cost center assignment of GRIR clearing account

    Hello Expert,
    There is a purchase order assigned to an asset.  the cost center K8071 is maintained in the asset. Later, the cost center is changed to K8410. Normally this cost center will always be determined from the asset. But in goods receipt (MIGO) and invoice verification (MIRO) , the wrong cost center K8071 is derived for GRIR clearing account. Can i get any help from you how to solve this issue? Thanks a lot!
    Best Regards,
    Ou Qin

    the cost center is really assigned to GRIR clearing item. It is standard system design.  if checking GRIR line item, the cost center is filled for invoice verification of asset PO.  Seems the function of derivation exists bug.  Can any one know how to  fix such error before? Thanks!
    Best Regards,
    Ou Qin

  • Error of Specify Chart-of-Dep.-Dependent Screen Layout/Acct Assignment

    My previous asset error was cleared by assigning non-tax  While  using the option of Specify Chart-of-Dep.-Dependent Screen Layout/Acct Assignment the following error is coming ..... Steps are attached (File and URL) 
    pls help me ....
    Thanks & Regards,

    There are 2 set-up parts:
    General setting that is working for all depreciation area's
    Chart-of-Dep.-Dependent Screen Layout/Acct Assignment (Tcode: ANK1)
    When you have only 1 area it don't have sense to create Chart-of-Dep.-Dependent Screen Layout/Acct Assignment.
    For me  20 Chart-of-Dep are using the standard one and for 1 is using his own Chart-of-Dep.-Dependent Screen Layout/Acct Assignment   
    This is the reason for the errors

  • Acct assignment in customer Master

    Dear All ,
    We have Abc customer for which we have normal acct assignment grp : 01 for normal revenues. in customer master.
    but some times, we have to make invoice for labour revenues as well for the same customer .
    Then how to handle these two acct assignment grp for same Customer .
    Or we suppose to create two customer master for the same?
    Pl guide

    but some times, we have to make invoice for labour revenues as well for the same customer
    This means for the same customer according to invoice GL account has to be different
    No need to change the records of the master and it is not advisable to change the master also
    Account assignment group is a modifiable field in billing doc creation for both customer and material
    So during the invoice creation itself you can change the Account assignment group which has come from CMR and take an another one and make it flew to another GL account by maintaining the relevant VKOA settings
    Solution is readily available in standard itself

  • MR11 - GRIR clearing for account assigned PO.

    Hi Folks,
    I have a doubt on MR11 Account Maintenance for account assigned  C - Sales order PO and GR non Valuated.
    In this system is not allowing to Post AccM. document as the GR posting is not hitting GRIR clearing account and the same is happening after posting IR too.
    So please clarify whether my understanding is correct or not.  If possible please give the detailed explanation about the Accm for account assigned PO's.
    Thanks to you all
    Pratap J

    Please refer below link...

  • Account assignment deatils of PO in GRIR clearing line item

    Can we get the account assignment details from purchase order in line item of GRIR clearing account at the time of Goods receipt? We have created a purchase order with account assignment a WBS element. At the time of goods receipt the WBS element is appearing in P&L account but it’s not in GRIR clearing account but at the time of Invoice verification (MIRO) the WBS element updated in the line item of GRIR clearing account.
    Thanks and Regards
    Vinay Thakre

    I'm rather new but maybe my ideas can help you.
    Have you maintained a warehouse for this plant? (In my company some plants don't have) Is there a G/L account assigned?(I think this can be configured, because we have at least 3 different) Is maybe the material blocked for warehouse? (we have materials that are for direct consumption only).
    Just ideas.
    Regards, good luck. Paul

  • St. loc. for Acct Assignment category K

    Hi Team,
    We have come across strange scenario while creating PO for Acct assignment categoty "K".
    As we know, when we are using "K" means procuring material for Cost centre (free text mtrl). For this type NO st. Loc is required as material will be directly treated as consumed when you made GR.
    But in system, Storage location field is automatically getting filled after filling up the Line item information.
    Anyone aware of any settings where I can check why this is happening????

    Hello Sonia,
    First of all, can i know if the Sto.loc can be remove after it is been filled automatically. {Guessing some userexit behind}
    Additional, you may also check if the setting for Acct.Assignment K is ticked for Good Receipt, if yes, this item line will required for Good receipt thus the Stor.Loc will be required too. But this Good receipt setting won't impact to the automated filled of Stor.Loc.
    If you really have no clue what is the problem why stor. loc is been filled automatically, then just go into debugger mode to check if any userexit there?
    Thanks and Regards
    Chee Wee

  • GRIR - Criteria set in OB74 - Additional rule for automatic clearing

    WIth reference to the subject of this post, I would like to have advice on the commonly used criteria for the GRIR GL account.
    My GL master for this GRIR settings: sort key is 010: Purchase order no., which is EBELN (Tcode: OB16).
    Currently the settings at OB74 - Additional rule for automatic clearing for my GRIR are as follows:
    DMBTR, loc.cur.
    ZUONR, Assignment
    EBELN, Purchasing Document
    My issue is due to the criteria of DMBTR, loc.cur, I am not able to clear the GRIR GL using F.13, and after I remove the criteria: DMBTR, loc.cur, I manage to clear all my GR and IR entries which have 0 balance in amount in local currency.
    KIndly advise.
    P/S: DO I need to have the following settings, additionally?
    Define Tolerance Groups for G/L Accounts
    Define Tolerance Groups for Employees
    Assign Users to Tolerance Groups
    Create Accounts for Clearing Differences
    Thanks in advance.

    But my problem is as follows:
    My issue is due to the criteria of DMBTR, loc.cur, I am not able to clear the GRIR GL using F.13, and after I remove the criteria: DMBTR, loc.cur, I manage to clear all my GR and IR entries which have 0 balance in amount in local currency.
    Do you have any idea?

  • GR/IR clearing account is being assigned to a acct assignment object

    Hi there!
    My key-user asked me a question which I really don't know how to answer.  He asked me about the reason why in an accounting document automatically generated by MIRO the item which contains the GR/IR clearing acct is always assigned to an acct assignment object (such as WBS element or cost center).
    I noticed that all the acct documents generated by MIRO has this mentioned assignment but, unfortunately I don't know why it happens yet.
    That's I count on you to help me solving this issue I'm facing now. 
    Thanks in advance,
    Rubens Luiz
    SAP SCM Consultant
    +55 21 2141 0033

    Hello there!
    A friend of mine told that it's not a problem at all. And that the reason that the cost object was assigned (or appeared) when you displayed FI accounting document is that since GR/IR Clearing Account is treated as the balance sheet account (I would assume it is the same in your system) and given the Profit Center was appearing in both P&L and Balance Sheet Account Report, SAP will have to use the cost object to derive the ultimate profit center. 
    Thanks in anyway!
    Rubens Luiz
    SCM Consultant

  • Which authorizations are required for assigning a query to a role?

    Hi everybody,
    we try to set up some roles for "reporting power users". These guys should be alble to define new queries using BEx (works fine) and also should be able to assign these new defined queries to a role, so other users can use these roles.
    The idea is simple, but we're searching for the right authorization object (or - as i suppose - set of authorization objects) that enables the user to assign a query to a role (using that "enter to a role" button in the open / save dialog).
    At the moment, the user can user that button, and the role, he should the query assigned to is shown. After selecting the role and clicking button "create" it take some seconds and a message "error when saving. entry has not been created" is shown.
    Obviously, there is a problem with writing the role (or adding the new information to that role).
    So, could anyone help me and provide me with a list of authorization objects that are required.
    Thanks in advance,

    The above mentioned authorization objects are enough to add in the role and required for the accessing a query.
    particularly, S_RS_COMP, S_RS_COMP1, S_RS_MPRO, S_RS_ICUBE are the most important auth objects which are directly getting involved in authorization of a query in a role.
    SO, you have to assign the respective info area, info cube and info providers names in these auth objects.
    The same scenario , i am using in my project to give access to the queries in all the areas for my end users.
    The values and access/authorizations restrictions is up to your project requirement.
    Hope this would help you.

  • Assignment of key for tax clearing account to tax clearing account

    I need a tax clearing account for gross display of down payments. In order to do so, I set a key for tax clearing account in OBL3 t-code but, afterwards, I am unable to link that key to the account that I need. Where can I assign the key to the clearing account?

    Go to spro-> MM -> purchasng ->condition->define price determination process->define transaction and Event key
    Reward if helpful,

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