Cost center assignment of GRIR clearing account

Hello Expert,
There is a purchase order assigned to an asset.  the cost center K8071 is maintained in the asset. Later, the cost center is changed to K8410. Normally this cost center will always be determined from the asset. But in goods receipt (MIGO) and invoice verification (MIRO) , the wrong cost center K8071 is derived for GRIR clearing account. Can i get any help from you how to solve this issue? Thanks a lot!
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Ou Qin

the cost center is really assigned to GRIR clearing item. It is standard system design.  if checking GRIR line item, the cost center is filled for invoice verification of asset PO.  Seems the function of derivation exists bug.  Can any one know how to  fix such error before? Thanks!
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Ou Qin

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  • Cost Center Assignment in OKB9 issue

    Hi All.
    I have one issue related to Cost Center Assignment.
    1.Our profit center structure is based on Product
    2. 70% of FG we get from Sub Contracting and thus we have to pay sub contracting charges to them for that.
    3  sub contracting charges  GL account is a Primary cost element thus have to assign cost center.
    4. In OKB9 we can assign one cost center per valuation area.
    our requirement is that in one plant we have many profit center according to product thus having diff cost center so we want to capture cost in that respective cost center according to product.

    Hi Thanks for your reply.
    @AP  I tried but not found any exit for that.
    @yogesh  .. we dont assign cost center at material so no logic of picking cost center. Entry is posted at the higher level i.e at the level of PC and not at tbe level  of CC. system pick PC  from CC and not CC from PC.
    Hope this is clear to you.

  • Cost center assignment based on material master

    Hi Experts:
    My client wants cost center assignment to be based on material master, for example, SAP system should be configured in a way that when costs arise due to a product price variance, then SAP should automatically post to the cost center for the specific brand instead of posting to only one default cost center. Is this really possible? In OKB9, I am only able to assign only one cost center to the GL account. Because of this, at the end of each month, the accountant manually allocates the costs from the overhead cost center to the respective cost centers for the brands which incurred this cost.
    Is it possible to configure SAP to detect that the cost belongs to product A therefore post this cost to Cost center for product A; or this cost belongs to product B therefore post this cost to cost center for product B?
    Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

    For your scenerio, try Derivative rule of Profit center. If you maintain Derivative rule for Profit center with product which is indirectly assigned to cost center.
    For example :
    Product A - Profit center1-cost center1
    productB- Profit center2- Cost center2

  • Tcode F.19 and program  RFWERE00 - Analyze GRIR Clearing accounts

    My client requirement is to include the field WBS Element in the report - Analyze GRIR Clearing accounts (F.19).
    Also how to capture the WBS Element assigned to a PO at the time of Goods receipt in the GRIR account.
    Please do the needful.

      I don't think that is possible using SAP Standard.
      You may try out with Enhancement concept if you are in Updated version in SAP standard or you can
      go for a Custom program if vendor designation and code is requried.

  • Grir clearing account

    may i know where in customizing to define the grir clearing account so that system will automatically post to the clearing account during Goods receipt and invoice verification?

    u can assign grir clearing account in OBYC in WRX transaction key,then system automatically pickup that gl
    assign points if useful

  • Exchange Rate Difference in PO with cost center assignment

    Hi All,
    In case of exchange rate difference in a PO with a cost center assignment the system Do not post the difference in the exchange rate difference account (maintained under transaction type - KDM - in T-code OBYC). However if the PO is a normal material PO it posts the exchange rate difference to the exchange rate difference account.
    I want the exchange rate difference to be posted to the exchange rate difference accout for PO's with cost center assigned as well.
    I have searched for SAP notes and found that note # 980402 & 1102481 provides a solution for this issue - but it seems both the notes are valid for 4.6 and 6 release only. We are on ECC 5.0
    I have also checked note # 1136145 for this and implemented in the system successfully without any luck.
    Can some one please help me with a solution for this issue.
    Thanks and regards,

    Even I have implemented this note in our 4.6C system for account assigned POs, but no luck. Please let me know if are successful.

  • Default Cost center in Foreign Exchange fluctuation account

    I am doing FB60 of 100$ (1$ = Rs.45). Cost center used at the time of FB60 is 1100 (i,e, engineering division) Now i am paying in full and clearing the same invoice. Exchange rate at the time of Payment is 1$ = Rs.47.
    Now the SAP is picking the cost center given in FB60 i.e. 1100 instead of cost center (i.e. 7500 - finance) defined by default in the cost element. Let me know why the system is picking cost center from FB60.

    Is this issue solved?  If not try this thing. Remove the cost center assignment in the cost element, as you are assigning the profit center in OKB9. For a cost element if it is a revenue item profit center should be assigned, if it is a cost item cost center should be assigned.
    In your case, cost center is assigned in cost element and also profit center is assigned in OKB9.
    For one cost element we can not assign both cost center and profit center.
    Hope this should help you
    Thanks and Regards
    Om prakash RA
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  • Using Substitution (GGB1) to change Cost Center assigned in (OKB9)

    Dear all,
    SAP Platform: ECC6
    I've configured both VKOA (GL assignment) and OKB9 (auto acct assignment) for sales billing. In OKB9, I've mapped one cost center to one GL, i.e. GL-123456 = Cost-center-A.
    Alright, now that I've a specific condition that requires to change the cost center at ad-hoc basis, i.e. for material # 2345678 only, I need to assign to GL-123456 but Cost-center-B instead. So, I attempt to use the substitution rule - GGB1 to replace the cost center based on material #. I did the configuration under Cost Accounting | Line Item by creating a new substitution and defaulted the constant to Cost-center-B when material # = 2345678.
    So, I ran the billing in VF01 but the Cost-center-A was pickup instead of Cost-center-B. It appears that the substitution hasn't been triggered. Did I miss a step?

    Have you tried after removing the cost center assignment in OKB9? 

  • Cost Center Assignment-OrgManagement

    Dear experts,
    I have created Org Units, and I have assigned multiple Suborgunits and under those suborgunits, and I have maintained multiple positions.
    Now i have assigned Cost Centers at each suborgunit level, since each suborgunit(Department) is a separte cost, and I have not assigned any cost center to the Main Org unit(which are Head office,multipleLocations ). Just assigned Cost center at suborg unit level.
    And now when i am hiring an employee and select the Position, under the suborgunit, which I have assigned the cost center and when the prompt goes to Org Assignment Infotype, this system doesnt pick the Cost center assignment that as assigned to it in Org managment.
    Can any you guide me if I need to follow any other process in Cost Center assignment, so that my problem gets rectified.

    Hi Renato,
    Are you using the same cost center for more than one org unit?
    Yes absolutely, I am using the Same cost Center for more than one Org Unit, for clear understanding
    My org structure is this
    I have ABC-Org Unit,(Company) under that I have Sub orgunit which are Multiple locations (Paris,London,Berlin,Chicago etc.,) and under those suborgunits, I again have multiple Org Units(Departments(Legal,HR,Admin,Sales etc.,) and these Departments mentioned would be there for all Locataions. So, Under Paris, I have HR,Sales etc., and even In London I have HR,Sales etc.,)
    Now Finance has given me only One Cost Center per each Department Like HR corporate, Sales Corporate etc.,)
    Although I have multiple orgunits Like Berlin,Paris and under them I have same suborgunits, HR,Sales etc., where I use HR,Sales or other departments, I need to only assign only one Corporte Cost Center which is being given to me against each Department(HR,Sales,IT etc.,) no matter wheter it is Paris HR department or Chicago HR department they only gave me one Cost center for HR and I need to only assign this Cost Center against any HR department across the company.
    When hiring the employee and in infotype 0001 the system brings you a different cost center, have you checked in ppose if the cost center assigned to that org unit and the one in infotype 0001 are the same?
    I have checked in PPOSE, although I assign Cost Centers to Org Units and save I can view the assignments done in this transaction code but when I hiire an employee by giving the position under its relevent Org unit (either for Paris or chicago) in 000 and when I go to 0001-Org assignment, the Cost Center assigment which I have done, is not getting picked up and its not getting reflected in 0001
    Please answer these questions because I'm getting the feeling that your problem is the time constraint of the relationship K B011 O.
    I don't know what is this. Please guide me on this.

  • Cost center assignment in subcontracting ??

    hi Experts
    i want to change the costcenter assignment in subcontracting scenario.
    Here my query,
    1.I have created subcontract PO
    2.GR done. accounting docs been gnerated.
    3.In GR document display , u can view line item1 as finished material, then in 2nd line item the consumption of raw material will be generated automatically with 543 movement type.
    In this 2nd line item i want to change costcenter assignment for consumption of raw material account .
    Where trhis configuration setting been done ??
    How and where i can change this cost center assignment ??

    Use t.code OKB9 and assign G/L ACCt to cost object with ur company code and save.
    Now try ur transaction.
    Check the field status of the account  in FS00. If this account requires CO object as mandatory then check whether a cost element is created or not , this error normally occurs when CO object is mandatory but relevant cost element is not created.
    Example: CO object may be cost center, cost element, WBS element
    Use transaction code: KA02: enter(Cost element) and in default acct assinmt TAB,assign the Cost Center and save.
    For more check the link

  • Cost center assignment view as soon as the open the cost assignment section

    Hi SRM Experts,
    When creating a shopping cart we have to click several times to view the cost center assignment, is there a way to have it viewable as soon as the open the cost assignment section to complete their project code information.
    Standard Process: Item Details -> Cost Assignment -> Details -> Cost Center (here we are able to enter cost center) - BBPSC02 Transaction
    Required Process: Item Details -> Cost Assignment -> Cost Center (here we are able to enter cost center)  - BBPSC02 Transaction
    SRM Version: 4.0 and Extended Classic Scenario.
    Thanks a lot in advance for your help.
    Edited by: KOYYA SUDARSANA NAIDU on Mar 12, 2009 11:17 PM

    Cost centre should be displayed by default if you check the Defualt check box for that user in the org.structure attribute setting for CC attribute. So check the default check box against the CC.
    If your user is only using Cost Centre then exclude WBS element and other account assignment for that user in the org.structure attribute then the user defualt to cost centre only. Please note that this applicable only if that user don't want to use WBS element anymore.

  • Cost Center assign Profit Center Issues

    Hi Controlling Expert,
    i have one issues regarding, Cost Center assign to Profit Center
    wht happened , we have made MIS Report Thru Report Painter KE80, we have map based on   Primary Cost Element, at the time of Business Transaction, we have capture the Finance Cost center i.e FI000, Marketing Cost center i.e MK000 , HR Cost Center i,e HR000 and assign the same cost  center FI000 to Profit Center i.e FI000 also same name, respectively. in MIS report there is two Head  i.e Sustaining Cost and Development Cost ,where we have to capture only Cost center  for Sustaining Cost related  to display i.e FI000, MK000 and HR000. KE80 report belongs to Profit Center wise you can see the Report. But same FI000, MK000 and HR000 also updated related with business transaction and capture above cost center like in depreciation  GL Amount 1000 cost center FI000 and sustaining cost also updated the same amount 1000 because we have assign FI000, i.e wrong . last 3 months post the amount now wht should I do for not updated sustaining cost, as I understand , should be delete sustaining Cost as well Development, and later on we can take report from KSB1 for FI000, MK000 and HR000, for management purpose, so if I cannot assign profit center FI000 to Cost Center .kindly correct me whether ryt or wrong. Coz Fianance, HR cost and marketing is only cost center. not suppose to assigh profit center, in this case how Profit Center removed from Cost center. kindly let me knw, or give me other option.
    wen we see the report same Profit Center showing two times along with amount i.e wrong coz of Sustaining Cost we have assign Profit Center
    in this report particulars are Below
    Revenue  : Relevant GL ( At time of Business Transaction we have captured the Relevant Profit Center i.e Finished Product i.e R100: RA Tube
    and RA Tube R100 assign with same Cost Center R100.
    B.Material Cost : Relevant Primary Cost Element
    Manpower      : same like Above
    2.Energy            : same like Above
    3.Consumption   : same Like Above
    Conversion Cost (1+2+3)
    Sustaining Cost   : Here we have given Profit Center i.e FI000, MK000 and HR000 these profit center assign 
    Development Cost : Here we have given profit Cente EN000
    Profit      (A-B-C-D-E-F)
    G.Depreciation : Relevant Primary  Primary Cost Element
    Financing Cost : Relevant Primary Cost Element
    I. Other Income/Loss : Relevant Primary Cost Element
    PBT : (F-G-H-I)
    Kind regards
    Pranav Kr. Gupta
    SAP FICO Consultant.

    Hi Pranav
    You are logging same issue twice. I didnt see any difference in the two threads though.
    If its the same issue, request you not to repeat this in future.
    KE80 report two times value effected

  • GRIR clearing accounts - PO & PO line items

    Hi gurus,
    In ECC 6.0 with new GL functionality being active in TCODE FAGLL03 for all GRIR clearing accounts we would like to see purchase order and p.o line item to appear in the report.

    Both the fields are available i.e. Purchasing Document and Item but they are not populated...........  Let's find the reason why it's not getting populated.  I'll search and get back to you when able to find it. 

  • How to find cost center assigned to a work center

    Hi Guys,
                 I need to find cost center assigned to work center.
    from Which table I should to get it.
    S Kumar

    Please use the table CRHD to get the object ids and then go to the table CRCO with the object ids and get the Cost center assignment to resources.or you an create a query by SQVI and use it.

  • VA01 Sales order (line items) and different Cost center assignment

    Hello gurus,
    im searching for solutions how to assign different cost center to sales order line items, but only thing that i found is the substitution (Using Substitution (GGB1) to change Cost Center assigned in (OKB9))
    Trying to do this i was unable to create something that could work, since there was no Logistic.
    Could somebody explain me the Line item in SO assignment to Different cost centers?
    I know alot about OKB9, VKOA and other transactions, but still cant find anything suitable to solve this issue
    Best regards

    What i mean is that, on the end of every month we are gathering information for Statistical Key Figures (from Controlling) entering as CO document and then distributing the costs using KSV5 TC on Internal Orders according those entered statistical key figures.
    i.e. we got INCOME 1000000 from 10 internal order, which we distribute on even percentage parts like 10 cost center, each getting 10% of the income.
    I tried to create the SO, but the Profit center field, after i entered a number, was changed automatically into another.
    And the posting didnt reach Controlling and the assigned Cost center. I think it is a lack of configuration.

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