Adding a 2nd Airport Express to extend the network using WDS

I am a bit of a novice, but after I installed an airport express with my d-link wireless router to play itunes on my home stero, the music kept breaking up and stopping. I tried to change the channel, but it said mine was set on automatic and I cannot figure out how to change manually.
So reading apple's suggestions, they said to get another aiport express and extend the network with WDS. I purchased my 2nd express today and have been trying to install it using the airport express assistant. I have had to reset the 2nd express and the original several times. However, what i keep running into is after it gets through all the steps, it asks me for a password for "this basestation". I have read several help topics and it looks like i need to use "public" for this new airport express. I get through that step and then it gives me an unknown error (-6753). Does anyone know what this is? Or is there a way to set-up the 2nd airport express manually? Do I even need a 2nd one? Should I just get an airport extreme? Will that extend the range of my wireless network? Any help is greatly appreciated. I have been at this for about 6 hours now. My wife is going to kill me.

Will the manual for D-Link describe how to set up the
first airport express as a roaming network
do that via the apple settings once its connected via
ethernet cable?
Different channel.
Same network name, same security.
Ensure that distribute IP addresses (under Network) is unchecked.
When this is done, will I still be able to play
itunes through the first airport express?
Also, then once I do that with the first, then do I
just do the regular set-up for the second as a
network extender via the airport express assistant?

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  • Airport express stopped extending the network

    Hi all,
    I have had working an Airport Extreme acting as a wifi base plus an Airport Express to extend the network for more than one year and could receive an excellent wifi coverage all over the appartment.
    Recently, I decided to update my laptop OS version (an old Leopard) first to Snow Leopard and immediately after to Lion. After lots of software updates, at some point I begun receiving warnings to update the Extreme firmware. I did so and that same day I realized that the Express was not working as network extender any more. I further got frustrated to see that the latest Airport Utility didn't even "like" my Express and I had to downgrade to Airport Utility 5.6 in order to be able to configure the Express.
    This was almost one month ago and I have spent many hours and tried all kind of combinations since then. For instance, I checked that the express was ok by creating with it a new network. This worked perfectly. I also reseted the Express to manufaturing defaults several times. I have even created a full new network from the beginning. Nothing works.
    Both devices show green lights, but when I'm close to the Express, the BSSID I get is that of the Extreme, not the Express BSSID. I can see the Express in Airport Utility 6 but it is shown as connected to the Extreme with a dashed line.
    I don't know what else to try. The worse thing is that even by buying a new Express I don't get any guarantee that the problem won't persist, since the network extension has worked perfectly in the past and doesn't work any more.
    Any ideas are welcome.

    I am starting to think that I have a non-functional device.
    That is looking like a possibility.
    Try a Factory Default Reset if you have not done so already.
    Leave the Express powered off for 15-20 minutes
    Hold in the reset button first, and keep holding it for an additional 9-10 seconds while you simultaneously plug the power back into the Express
    Release the reset button after the hold period and allow a full minute for the Express to restart to a slow, blinking amber light
    Try to configure the Express in the same room as the main router. Restart the main router before you try to configure the Express. If it works, then move it further away....but do not reset see if it will connect and behave.
    If you still cannot configure the Express after the Factory Default Reset, I think you have a defective Express.

  • Can I use an Airport Express to extend a network using a Bwrg500 router?

    Can I use my Airport Express to extend my wireless network while using a Bountiful BWRG500 wireless router? The Bountiful wireless router has the WDS abilities.
    Thank you for looking.

    It is in fact possible to extend your network using WDS. I say this under the assumption that your statement regarding the WDS capabilities of the Bwrg router is correct. However, keep in mind that you cannot use a WPA or WPA2 password with a WDS extended network. You must either use no encryption or use WEP. Unfortunately some routers require WEP passwords that use either 10 or 26 digits ONLY while the express uses a 13 digit password.
    This can be a troubling problem considering that most people need a wifi password to ensure safe and secure browsing.

  • How do I install a new airport express and link a second airport express to extend the network of the first airport express?

    I currently have a linksys wireless router attached to the Internet.  I have an A1264 Airport Express connected by Ethernet to the linksys router.  I have two network names, one for each wireless network.
    I purchased a new A1392 Airport Express to replace the linksys router and join to the A1264 Airport Express, and I want to have one network name as a result.
    How do I do this?  I realize that I have to reconfigure the A1264 device so that it is an extension of the A1392 device.

    You have a fairly complicated set up, so I suggest that it would make sense to tackle things in stages, testing each stage as  you go, before proceding to the next stage.
    Stage 1 would be setting up the A1392 first to the cable modem, and then making sure that everything is working correctly on the A1392 Express
    Stage 2 would be adding the Netgear switch and testing each port with a laptop connected via Ethernet to make sure that everything is operational on the switch
    Stage 3 would be connecting the A1264 Express and testing to make sure that it is extending the network correctly
    Stage 4 would be adding other Ethernet devices to the Netgear switch and testing each one at a time before adding the next device. There is some question about whether an iOS device can print to an Ethernet connected printer....even if the printer is AirPrint compatible. You may need to connect the HP using wireless...not gain full AirPrint functionality, or use another application that will allow printing like Printopia or Print Central using the Ethernet connection on the HP.
    Stage 5 would be adding the printer to the A1264 AirPort Express.
    You do not mention how the printer will connect to the A1264 Express, but I assume that it will be USB from your description.  Most printers will work, but you really will not know if your printer will work until you try.
    Remember that only printing will be supported at the USB port of the Express. If you have an all-in-one type device, scan, maintenance, and other advanced features will not be operational whent the device is connected to the AirPort Express.
    If you want to print from an iOS device like an iPad or iPhone, plan to add additonal software like Printopia or Print Central to possibly allow this function. There are no guarantees here as far as the iOS devices.

  • Airport express to extend the network

    Hi all.
    I was using a Mac connected to a wireless access point (acer) which is gateway to the Internet.
    When I installed the Mac everything went smooooth!
    Now I added an Airport Express thingie, in order to have more signal strength and use airtunes.
    If I set up the airport as a separate network, Airtunes works and I have to 'switch' networks to go online.
    When I try to integrate both networks, everything fails, and if I go with the wizard, I end up with hard-resetting the airport express to make it work again.
    I suspect it is something in the network configuration, that I understand I NEED to do manually.
    However, I didn't figure it out yet.
    I have the AP-gateway-to-internet at
    Airport at
    And the mac switches between the two neighborhoods when I switch network ( or

    You are doing two things wrong.
    First off, both airport express units need to be on the same subnet (using the same IP address range) in order to extend the range of your wireless network.
    Second, and more importantly, Airport docs state that Airport Expresses can only be used to extend the network from another Apple Airport Express or Extreme base station. Sell your acer on eBay, and pickup another airport express.
    Once you have two Airport Express units, just follow the Airport Admin Utility instructions for setting up WDS and Air Tunes. Auto config of the remote airport express will place it on the same subnet as the main airport express.

  • I have a netgear n300 router broadcasting my wpa secured wireless network and bought an airport express to extend the network.  I did an Ethernet setup from a MacBook, got the green checkmark but no extension.  help.

    I have a net gear n300 router transmitting my WPA secured network, and I bought an airport express to use as a network extender.  I configured it  via an Ethernet cable from a MacBook using manual setup in airport utility.  I got the green checkmark at the end, but it is not extending my signal.  Can you help me?

    Unfortunately, most non-AirPort routers are not compatible with Apple's implementation of Wireless Distribution System (WDS) it very unlikely that your Netgear router can be extended wirelessly with the AirPort Express Base Station (AX).
    The few non-AirPort routers that are known to work are:
    Linksys WRT54G or WRT54GS (not v5)
    Belkin F5D7230-4 and F5D7231
    BT Voyager 2091
    Netgear WGR614 v6
    Buffalo WGR-G54

  • HT1515 The wifi router I use to connect to the internet is in the room directly above me. I am trying to use my airport express to extend the network for better coverage down here. It works fine with the setting "join a network" but will not extend it.

    I have 2 airport expresses. The issue is the same with both of them. What am I doing wrong?

    I assume that you already have one Express configured to "join" the network.
    Power up the other Express for a few minutes, then hold in the reset button firmly on the back of the device for 10 seconds and release. Allow a full minute for the Express to restart to a slow, blinking amber light.
    Connect an Ethernet cable from the LAN <--> port on the "joining" Express to the WAN "O" port on the second Express.
    Open Macintosh HD > Applications > Utilities > AirPort Utility
    Click Other WiFi Devices
    Click on AirPort Express
    Click the Other Options button and select the option to Create a new wireless network.
    Follow the guided steps, and ignore the step about powering off the modem and restarting.
    Once the Express restarts, it will still have a slow, blinking amber light. Open AirPort Utility and click on the amber dot, then select the option to ignore the Double NAT error so the Express will display a green light.
    Select the wireless network that you named during the setup of the second Express and enter the password to connect to the network.

  • Can i use more than one airport express to extend the airport extreme?

    my house is too big, and i use one airport express to extend my network,but the other half of the house doesnt get access to the internet.The question is can i use another airport express, without any complications?

    Yes, up to 255 if I remember correctly. But before you do that take a look at the products offered by QuickerTek to amplify the output power of a router and/or add gain antennae to help increase the router's range without the need for adding access points.

  • I have an airport extreme attached to cable, then one airport express to extend the range. when i try to add an additional airport express to extend range in another area of house, can't get it to work. unility says it has found a new base station

    i have an airport extreme attached to cable, then one airport express to extend the range. when i try to add an additional airport express to extend range in another area of house, can't get it to work. utility says it has found a new base station and asks if i want to use it. if i click yes, then the old setup is disabled.

    Ok, thanks for clarifying which models you have. Please see the following Apple Support article on how to configure these older base stations for a Wireless Distribution System (WDS).

  • Help: Using Airport Express to extend the range of Airport Extreme

    I am trying to use the Airport Express to extend the range of the network created by my Airport Extreme. The Express works in terms of streaming music from iTunes on the PC connected to th Extreme.
    However, I am trying to run a short Cat-5 cable out of the Express to a nearby PC in order to have access to the internet. If the Express is recognized by the Extreme and can play music through connected stereo cables, why can I get an internet connection through the LAN port..??
    Here's a real basic representation of my connections...
    Cable Modem >>-- Cat5 -->> Airport Extreme >>-- Wireless -->> Airport Express >>-- Cat5 -->>PC#2

    To wirelessly extend the range between two AirPorts, you need to configure them in a Wireless Distribution System (WDS).
    To facilitate the WDS set up, try the following:
    o Perform a "hard" reset on the AirPort Extreme Base Stations & a "factory default" reset on the AirPort Express Base Stations (AX) before setting up the WDS.
    o Place the base stations within near proximity of each other during the set up phase, and then relocate them to their desired locations when complete.
    o To avoid having to "switch" wireless networks during the WDS setup, attach each of the remote/relay base station, via an Ethernet cable, to the main base station. Of course, this would be dependent on the AirPort types used for the main/relays/remotes.
    o Be sure to jot down the MAC addresses for each of the base stations to be used in the WDS as these will be required during the setup.
    o When enabling wireless encryption, configure the relay/remote base stations first and the main base station last.

  • I am trying to install a second airport express to extend my network. When I use the aiport utility it does not see the second airport express.

    I am trying to install a second airport express to extend my network. When I use the aiport utility it does not see the second airport express.

    Suggest that you perform a Factory Default Reset as follows:
    Pull the Express from power
    Wait a few moments
    Hold in the reset button and keep holding it an additonal 8-10 seconds while you plug the Express back in to power
    Release the reset button and allow 40-45 seconds for the Express to restart
    Apple's instructions to do what you want are here:
    It will often help to temporarily connect an Ethernet cable from your Mac to the AirPort Express for the setup. Once the Express is configured, you can disconnect the Ethernet cable and move the Express to the desired location.
    Although an AirPort Extreme is shown as the extending device in the example, the setup for an AirPort Express is exactly the same

  • HT4259 I am trying to connect airport express to extend the range of my airport tower. What type of cords do I need to connect the airport express to a hardwired outlet in the wall of a bedroom?

    I am trying to connect my airport express to extend the range of my network to a bedroom that is hard wired for internet. What type of cord/cords do I need to do that?

    You can connect the AirPort Express to the wall port in the bedroom for the setup.....but first....if you have not already done would be a great idea to make sure that the connection in the bedroom is working correctly.
    To do that, turn off the wireless on a laptop and connect the laptop directly to the wall port in the bedroom using an Ethernet cable. Make sure that the laptop can get a good Internet connection that way.  If it can, this tells you that the cabling is working correctly, so the Express will work well when you connect it up.
    If you don't have a laptop with an Ethernet port, then we'll have to assume that the folks that pulled the cables and installed the jacks tested things as part of the installation.
    When you are ready to install the Express, you can use an iPhone or iPad if you have one handy for the setup.

  • Why are my Airport Expresses not extending my network?

    I have an AirPort TimeCapsule connected to the Internet.  It provides wifi perfectly within about 20 feet.  I purchased two Aiport Expresses to extend the network. The airport expresses are set up with Network Mode = "Extend a wireless network", with the goal of having wifi available farther than 20 feet from the Airport time capsule.  According to the Airport Utility on my iMac and on my iPhone, this configuration is working perfectly.  Everything is plugged in and all the devices are showing green lights in Airport Utility, all in one daisy chain (airport timecapsule is connected to express 1 which is connected to express 2).  There's only one problem:  I get no wifi connection when I'm about 4 feet away from the airport express which is farthest from the time capsule.  The Airport Express has a green light, but I have no signal even 4 feet away from it.  It seems as if the Expresses aren't doing anything.  My wifi is still only available within 20 feet of the airport time capsule.  How can I be 4 feet from an Airport Express that has a green light (which is also displaying green in Airport Utility) and yet have no wifi?

    You may not be aware that you can only "extend" one time.
    Apple's extend setup works like the hub and spokes of a wheel.  The Time Capsule would be the "hub" and each extending device resides at the end of a separate spoke.
    The extending device at the end of the spoke communicates directly to the hub.
    You can have additional extending devices, but each one connects directly to the hub.....not to another device at the end of another "spoke".
    If your display in AirPort Utility displays a "chain", the last device is NOT extending anything.
    In order for both of your Express devices to be working correctly, both of them will display as connecting directly to the Time Capsule. Both Express devices will be displayed on the same horizontal line side by side with dotted line connections to the Time Capsule.
    Ideally, your Time Capsule would be located in a central location, so that each extending device would be located about the same distance from the Time Capsule.
    If you have an AirPort Express closer to another Express that it is to the Time Capsule, it will connect to the Express....just as your display likely indicates.

  • HT4260 Can I use a new airport express to extend a network?

    If I am using an AirPort Extreme as my main wifi, but it is in bridge mode because I already have another router setup in dhcp on my network, can I use an airport express to extend my network, but use it hard wired?

    can I use an airport express to extend my network, but use it hard wired?
    Yes, assuming that you are asking about a new Express, or the 802.11n version. 
    This is very easy to do with the Mountain Lion operating system that you have.
    (The "roaming network" link above assumes that you are using the Leopard or Snow Leopard operating system...although the general information there is good).
    Connect an Ethernet cable from one of the LAN <-> ports on the AirPort Extreme to the WAN "O" port on the AirPort Express.
    Power up the AirPort Express and wait a full minute
    Click the fan shaped AirPort icon at the top of the Mac's screen and look for the heading of New AirPort Base Station. Just below that, click directly on AirPort Express there
    AirPort Setup will open automatically and take a minute to analyze your network and then announce that the Express will be setup to "extend" your AirPort Extreme network
    Enter a device name for the Express and click Next
    AirPort Setup will take another minute to configure the Express
    When you see the message of Setup Complete, click Done
    That's it.

  • HT204371 How to setup Airport Express to extend my network range?

    I have an Airport Extreme as main router and want to install an Airport Express to extend the range of my wifi. However it only works when connected through an ethernet cable. How can I setup my Airport Express to work wirelessly and extend the wifi range?

    I have a Time Capsule in the basement and my daughter is 3 stories up on her iMac and she complains about speed while online. She is about 40 feet up from me with 3 ceilings in between.
    It is a nothing short of a miracle that she can get any signal at all under those conditions.
    Found an AirPort Express Base Station (the one that looks like a power bar for Apple laptops) - model # is A1084.
    Unfortunately, this older version of the Express does not have the capability to "extend a wireless network" using wireless only.
    You need the A1264 version, or the "new" AirPort Express (that looks like a miniature Time Capsule) if you want to try to "extend" using wireless only. In this case, you would want to locate the extending device approximately half the distance between the Time Capsule and her computer.
    I can't say that this will do a lot to improve's going to be one of those situations where you won't know if it will work until you try.
    (or am I better off trying to run a super long Ethernet cable to her somehow?)
    This is by far the best choice in terms of performance. There is no signal loss in a wire. She will be amazed at how well and fast her Mac runs this way.

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