Audio Sync error in FCP 7

I have edited a movie and divided the movie into 8 parts so it can be easier for sound engineer for dubbing and putting background score...Now as they do their work in windows I converted the 8 parts(QT .mov format, 24 FPS, Apple Prores HQ, 48 Khz audio) into (.Avi, 24FPS, 48 khz Audio)..............Now when he gave me the New audio of 8 parts and when I am importing them into my FCP's Timeline where the old 8 parts are there then the new audio's size is slightly smaller...i.e The audio and video are not in sync....!!!!!!! When I somehow managed and brought them into sync. Now for giving the movie in print i have to export the audio files seperately too....So then I exported the new Audio from 'Export using Quicktime Conversion' Wave, 48 Khz, 16 bit...then again when i bring the wave audio back in timeline just for checking the sync...Then it also gets OUT OF SYNC!!!! I mean what possibly could be the error???
Once I brought the Audio into sync and after exporting the new synced audio and bringing them back in timeline, again it gets Out of sync................
Would like some help from experts regarding this...........

Yes....its 24p.... my sequence settings are as follows : Apple Prores 1920x1080, 24p , 48 khz 16bit in this case what should I do? are there any import options for audio too like????   Infact when I somehow synced the audio and then exported and brought it back in timeline still its out of sync........
So at what rate so the audio be so that is gets perfectly synced???
Thanks for the reply

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  • Canon cameras have audio sync issue with FCP?

    My mini dv deck died on me so,
    I am using a small palm size Canon mini dv firewire camera to transfer about 50 tapes.
    I am having a weird audio sync issue.
    Sometimes the capture footage plays down in sync - I pause>scroll>play - and it's suddenly out of sync. This keeps happening. Sometimes it plays in sync. Other times it does not.
    Because it's hit and miss- I'm not sure I can even re-sync.
    I imagine it could be the media drive (internal)- but I have other video files on this drive that play fine.
    I don't often use firewire capture.
    Is audio sync a common firewire issue?
    Will the quality suffer if I capture through composite/analog audio outputs?
    I can patch it through my
    decklink card.

    Audio sync is an issue with Firewire, just not all the time. Usually it is fine, but a lot of Avid people don't like Firewire for this reason.
    Most often it is a 5 frame sync issue. Slip your audio 5 frames forward and see if that solves the problem.
    As well, take a look in your Browser after you capture a clip and see if the Aud Rate is either 48,000.5 Hz or 47,999 Hz. I have seen the clips come in as both of these. Once you slip the footage, export the audio only, then reimport and attach the audio to the clip in the timeline. Should take care of it.
    Post back if these don't work.

  • Audio sync error while edit to tape

    I have a sync error for around 1 sec more or less when i´m
    either doing a print to video or just playback my timeline
    in my external monitor.
    I´m using a mac pro (macosx leopard) with a AJA kona LHE video card and
    final cut pro 6.0.2. The deck is a Sony 500 digibeta recorder.
    Anyone has a idea or solution i would be very grateful,
    i need all the help i can get.

    Download the latest drivers again if need be, and UNINSTALL them before you reinstall them. I sort of think the problem may lie there. What slot is the kona in? That could be a problem.
    Also if this fails, you might contact the good folk at AJA, they are the best of the best when it comes to troubleshooting things with their gear. I don't know of any issues here, but don't have a Kona in my current setup. Have an Io HD now.

  • Audio sync issues in FCP X

    Here is the scenario: The video shoot is an interview format. I recorded my audio externally using the Zoom H6. The sample rate was set at 48kHz, 24bit.
    The camera used to shoot the video was a Canon 60D. It appears that it recorded its audio from the internal mic on the cam at 48kHz. The frame rate was set to 1920x1080 @ 24fps.
    I bring the audio and video file into my project on FCP X and sync them to my slate. Slowly but surely the external audio starts to fall behind the video.
    Project settings for FCP X are: 1920x1080 | 24fps. Audio is Stereo | 48kHz.
    Please help! What am I doing wrong here?

    Hi FCPX & Apple...
    I searched the internet to see if I can find this issue and came to this site.  So created my account and logged in and adding my bit (apols for my name that appears...completely accidental! )
    There is an issue with FCPX - ver 10.1.2...I'm convinced...(I bought a iMac 27" full spec machine in Feb 2014).  Very recently I've been working on a show reel and I have imported a file (short film).  I set the project to the film's settings ie.. "set based on first video clip"...(1920x1080 24p, 1080p HD), audio rate bit 1536.  When I play the film in FCPX the audio "hic-cups"..."dips to silence"..."drops-out" briefly and very frequently all the way through (approx 15 mins long film)...note: audio set is at stereo 48kHz.
    I also have a version of the film in 2048x1240 24p at 2k, again Stereo 48kHz...and this does the same audio "drop-out" all the way through.
    So I went off trying to see what was happening.  In the main story this...
    ...Control-click on the picture...and select "Detach Audio" so that audio and video are the film/file where those audio issues'll notice that the audio still glitches i.e. still drops out frequently... on the video component and press "v" to effectively "grey it out" so you do not see any video in the Viewer but your audio is still "active" back to the area where you believe the audio "glitches"/"drops-out"...and play it again. plays issues!
    ...To prove it to you play the film/media and with the video component "v" on/off to activate the video only and notice that the audio plays fine (no "drop-outs") when the video is deactivated...but the "drop-outs" are return when the video component becomes active again (press "v" again)!
    The video component is affecting the audio component in FCPX!  When you output to any file format, these audio glitches disappear...hence an software issue!
    FCPX / Apple Please Fix!  It's driving us crazy!

  • Audio Sync issues since FCP 4.1.1

    I'm going to give a brief description of my problem and I just need to know a few things.
    Now, Batch, Clip capture all give the same results. Panasonic AJ-D250 deck capturing into final cut 4.1.1 through to 5.0.4 via firewire. It doesn't matter what kind of mac and how much memory it has because it has happened on 3 different macs all the way up to the new G5's purchased 6 months ago, starting from a G4 866. I have tried everything, changing the settings on the deck, following panasonic technicians specs on what the deck settings should be (which I recieved a few different settings each time) Changed every setting in final cut pro, different firewire cables, heck we even have 4 AJ-D250's and they all slip out of sync after 20 minutes (7 frames out of sync) and slippage increases with time. Installing FCP 5 for the first time it was out of sync 5 minutes into the capture.
    According to Panasonic, it's apple problem. They also said that apple knows about it and says it's their audio codec.
    What I would like to know is where do I find this audio codec. Supposively (because I haven't been there when this happened) everything was good with FCP 3.0. So that being said can I use that audio codec with FCP 5.0?
    I know it's FCP because I have used quicktime to capture the clips...perfect capture, I have use myvcr to capture the clips...perfect capture, when we had iMovie installed...perfect capture.
    And to add to that depending on the DIF setting in the VTR, renders different but consitant results in the audio capture, DIF Audio=DVCPRO (audio drop out 'flatline audio' for 1.5 frames randomly throughout capture) DIF Audio=DV (audio spike for 1.5 frames randomly throughout capture) None of this happens with the 3 above mentioned programs-quicktime, myvcr, and iMovie.
    Any ideas?

    Is this the 12 bit audio problem?

  • Audio sync problems withs FCP/Shake

    When I reconnect offline mediafiles in FCP after keying in Shake my audiotrack is out of sync. What is the reason for this and how can I avoid it?

    I think I found out.. I have to render i FCP to get audiosync again.. Even though FCP says it will play fine without rendering..

  • Audio midi sync error in logic and other apps

    hey everybody,
    after a system update, all my audio apps freakout when they have to playback midi channels. audio tracks work perfectly in all apps i use but using midi just clips the cpu meter all the way. in live for example which i use 100% midi, droputs and digital distortion will occur alsmost as soon as i press play. in logic it will take a few more seconds until the audio sync error appears asking me to check external devices. the thing is, although i usually output to my mbox 2, i have disconnected everything i use and have been trying it with the built in outputs and it's still happening.
    please note all of this was not happening before the update and the exact same projects played back fine before. i'm positive it's something to do with midi. for example ableton live has been creating text files to its preferences folder titled midijitter etc. etc.
    thanks for any bits help!

    I have the same problem. The problem happened after a system update (few days ago). I don't know which update caused this.(I updated several applications )
    I re-installed Mac OS. I updated everything that the system updater suggested. And finally I tested with my applications. The problem still continues:
    Sibelius, Pro Tools (and other applications using midi) can't play midi files correctly.
    I also tested Quicktime; It can't play midi files correctly.

  • Logic Sputtering, CPU spiking horribly for no apparent reason, gives MIDI sync error even though the computer is set at the same sample rate.

    It's literally making it impossible for me to produce anything, after what seems an arbitrary amount of time in Logic my audio will begin to distort and I will get errors stating that my MIDI sample rates don't match, but they DO and it will spit out some seemingly random sample rate from nowhere. My CPU usage will spike and even my cursor will jitter across the screen until it stops stuttering. The audio problem seems to only be caused by Logic but will sometimes continue to occur in other applications after Logic is closed.
    How on earth do I fix this? It's making it impossible for me to work on remixes that I have to have finished soon, I have deadlines and I simply can't work in these conditions... the audio doesn't work.

    That sample rate error comes up when Logic gets out of sync internally, you will sometimes also see a MIDI/Audio sync error. MIDI timing is taken from the audio driver/sample rate, it's what enables MIDI to stay in sync with audio, when the audio/MIDI engines get out of whack these are the kind of errors that pop up. (there doesn't have to be any MIDI in the song)  Can be caused by bad drivers, interference from another running program, synchronization settings, bad or incompatible plugins!

  • Audio/MIDI Sync Errors

    After working perfectly for months, I now am getting audio MIDI Sync error messages. The result is no audio output either from audio instruments or recorded audio. I am using a MOTU 896HD and audio thru itunes works as long as Logic is not running at the same time. If I switch to built in audio it seems to play back fine.

    There's a few posts on this over at the Sonikmatter forums.
    Two things were recommended.
    Toggle the internal clock to ADAT then back to internal.
    If that doesn't help, unplug the unit (electricity and firewire) then toggle the voltage selector switch, (putting it back to there it was of course).
    After doing this, flip the clock to ADAT then back to internal.
    The idea is to reset the unit.
    Post back if this works...

  • Audio Sync Problem after transitions/filters applied to timeline in FCP

    I have Final Cut Pro 5.1.2 on a MAC Pro. I installed 2 Maxtor SATA II 200gig drives and created a striped RAID. I want to be clear about audio sync issues. I have my easy setup/properties....all those settings set to DV NTSC and I am monitoring out from my DV Deck via firewire, not the audio from the computer.
    After capturing the clip(s) I assemble them onto the timeline, add a few transitions or filters. The audio shifts off a lot. More everytime I add or do more with the clip. After rendering more, the audio shifts more. All scratch disks, rendered clips points to the Video Drive (striped RAID) I've setup. I'm not new to video editing but new to a MAC. Yes, I am a PC guy. I work with Premiere Pro 1.5. I am pleased so far making the switch, just need to fix this audio issue.
    All properties of the audio clip are correct, DV NTSC properties - 48K etc. This particular capture I made with 2 channel mono clips instead of a single DV stereo stream, simply because I have a split audio on the production tape and would like to take advantage of working with two seperate mono audio files. When I trim, I make sure the audio stays with the video but it appears that when I do trim, add a transition or filter, that's when the audio goes out of sync. No indication with a ("- #")on the icon. The clips which I captured are less than a minute long. Used for testing in these new learning stages.
    1. I created a striped RAID with the 2 Maxtor drives, I used MAC OS Extended (Journaled) with 256k Raid Block size. Is this correct?
    2. Would the audio captured in 2 channel mono affect the sync? (assuming you don't shift it manually on the timeline)
    3. What other MAC settings should I do to the system that will result in better preformances?
    4. What settings should I set in FCP for better performance results?
    MAC Pro   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   FCP Studio
    MAC Pro   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   FCP Studio
    MAC Pro   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   FCP Studio

    hi vcp
    welcome to the forum, glad you made the switch ... you won't be sorry (although you might be wondering at the moment!)
    1. nothing wring with that
    2. no
    3. just don't install 3rd party crap you don't need ... and don't install any anti-vrus software
    4. no special settings required
    what camera did you capture from? did you capture with FCP?

  • Why did my audio sync up better in iMovie than FCP?

    I started on a project in iMovie HD, then realized that FCP is probably the better way to go (ability to crop clips and maintain corresponding audio).
    But in FCP, the audio is out of sync, and I can get it only to within 1 frame, while in iMovie everything synced up fine. Same aiff file.
    So... is there a way in iMovie HD to crop a clip with audio that is already locked to the playhead, and have the audio crop along with the video, or do I have to manually crop the audio and re-sync it with the video? Eventually on the dvd, I want to have short (3-5 minute) samples of the clips play first, then the full versions of the clips, and I don't want to spend hours re-syncing the audio with the short clips.

    But in FCP, the audio is out of sync, and I can get it only to within 1 frame, while in iMovie everything synced up fine. Same aiff file.
    This I can have a suggestion about.
    FinalCut - When You start a new project You set the properties for it.
    And here You select frame rate (PAL = 25 and NTSC = 29.97 (30))
    AND Audio - as 32kHz or 44.1kHz or 48kHz
    See in what quality Your Camera is recording - Should be 16-bit 48kHz but most often
    set from factory to 12-bit 32kHz.
    So you need to match project setting to what material You are using - else out of sync. drift.
    Yours Bengt W

  • FCP Audio Sync Loss

    I am using Final Cut Pro 5.0.4. I just loaded Leopard and now my audio sync is at least 20 frames off. All clips before the Leopard upgrade work just fine but any new clips are not sync'd.
    Does FCP 5.0.4 not work with Leopard..... if so, will udgrading to Fianl Cut Studio 2 solve this problem.

    can't you upgrade to FCP 5.1.4? that is the latest FCP version of 5.

  • FCP audio sync issue, attempts at fix result in dodgy files - help!

    I have some Sony EX1 footage here in which 20 out of 500 QT files FCP will play the audio out of sync by either 14 or 19 frames (picture lags) - when shooting no changes were made to settings which were as follows:
    1080/25P HQ 16-bit 48Khz
    weird thing #1: only FCP will exhibit the out of sync problem, QT or even quickview in the OS X finder will play them back fine ...
    weird thing #2: once I export the footage without re-syncing it it will then play fine again in QT/finder and will sync fine in FCP - yay! - no... it will beach ball and/or lag/crash FCP/QT/finder once I attempt any sort of movement/scrubbing in any of the timelines
    attempting to work with the original un-synced footage and unlinking the audio (and correctly syncing it) as a workaround has failed as whenever I put on any video effect/transition or whatever the effected part will sync correctly and my smarty pants re-sync therefore makes it out of sync again ! arrrrgh!
    Basically, anytime I effect or export it the sync issue goes away, but I am left with crashy/corrupted files ...
    Any suggestions ?

    hillr wrote:
    the audio clip is the same length as the video clip. it is not a matter of moving the audio over to sync it up. the audio falls behind by the time it gets to the end. it is just fine at the start of the video and out of sync at the end. If I would sync up the end then the front will be out of sync. All I did is capture the footage from my deck to FCP and then placed it in the time line.
    This is not correct but it's easy to arrive at that conclusion. The two clips aree not the same length by your definition: *the audio falls behind by the time it gets to the end*
    Mark the place where the audio ends, mark the place where the video ends. They are different and that difference is a simple matter of subtracting one timecode location form the other. This means the audio was shot at a different sampling rate than that with which it was captured. I do not know anything about the DSR400 camera or your deck, my Sonys are different, but you should be able to ascertain the sampling rate of the audio by checking the data display. If, indeed, it's 48k, you have sent the audio to a separate folder than the video and your disk cannot keep up. But that sync difference is not absolute so it's going to be different each time you play it back.


    i have audio sync problem -- of the finished product which didn't have that problem before. does anyone know how this could have happened? in my earlier posting, there was a warning window which i played around w/ and now i have an audio sync problem in my prior projects.
    please help me.

    The Reels, are indeed the 5 surround channels. I have a feature that is broken up into 8-10 minute sections. I did this because the composer was using a G3 at the time and couldn't handle the whole movie at once. They are 16bit 48khz aif files exported from ProTools. The biggest thing here, is that at one point everything was in sync. I am trashing the preference files now to see how that works.
    It's not a playback issue as well. When i scrub one frame at a time, the sync has drifted off later in the clip. It's very strange.
    In my previous post I said the one of the Reels was in sync. That was because I recreated it, by making a new project and copying the video from the timeline, and re-importing the 5 audio streams. It didn't work for any other reels though. it is still out of sync in the main project.
    Trashing prefs did not work.
    Also, I tried a lot of the things in that technical doc, but non of them worked including trashing prefs.
    The real weird part is that the Audio file SAYS it is the same length of the video, but the audio ends later. It's in sync in the beginning but not at the end.

  • Sound bitrate not the same. Audio sync problem. Clip not segmenting.

    Hi. I used FCP to edit various wedding videos. I have never had problems edditing my own videos in NTSC dv or hd. Somone asked me to edit their tapes wich have been recorded in PAL ( european) format. I don't know what amera or format they used but when i try to import them i keep getting the sound out of sync error. I checked and it seems that the sound is ok but would like to get rid of this error just to be sure. I am importing as dv-pal in fcp. any ideas as to how to find out the bitrate or sound type or how to get rid of this error? like i said in NTSC i don't have issues. Also in NTSC when i import a clip it segmets it to 1 clip per shot and for PAL it does not do that . It makes the whole tape one clip. Any sugestions? Thank you.

    To check the audio sample rate easily in the browser just scroll the blue bar at the bottom of the browser. If you haven't rearranged the columns it should be around the middle somewhere.
    Curious, is your audio out of sync in the viewer as well as the timeline/canvas? If it is in sync in the vieweruse Shanes multi-clip sequence trick to create a sequence with the correct settings. Control click on one of the clips, choose make multiclip sequence, then delete the extra muticlip sequence folder from the browser. As long as all of the imported clips have the same settings they will all fit nicely into this new sequence.
    But... if the clips are out of sync in the viewer then you have a problem with the way they were captured.
    You used the word import. Just to clarify, are you importing clips from a disk or hard drive that SOMEONE ELSE previoulsy captured? Or are you using the term import to describe capturing the footage into your computer from the source tapes yourself. Import and capture are two totally different things.
    If you are importing data that someone else already captured and the audio is out of sync then you need to either recapture the tapes or get him to recapture them because they were no doubt captured with the wrong settings. If you are importing yourself, find out what camera they were shot with and get the settings.

Maybe you are looking for