BADI for Claims search in trade promotion management

Hi Experts,
I am enhancing the Claims search in trade promotion management with a custom field. I added a custom field in the search screen of claims.
I want to filter the records based on that custom field. The component is BT311S_CSR and the search query is BTQCSR.
Is there any BADI for claims so that I can filter the records.
I tried to put a breakpoint in the badi CRM_BADI_RF_Q1O_SEARCH and searched but it is not stopping.
Does this badi works for claims? Or first do i have to create a implementation with the filter object as BTQCSR then try to check whether it will stop in the badi while searching the claims.
Please suggest me.

Hi Dinesh,
Now this becomes tricky. Since your requirement is very specific there is no way that standard sap can help. You may end up in enhancing n number of classes.
I can propose a solution though Please put of in front of your business/ functional team and then go ahead..
Now we will change our approach...Please follow below steps:
1. Add a altogether new field to your claim transaction using AET for sales office (description as 'Sales Office').
2. Make this field search and result relevant.
3. Whenever a sold to party is selected for claim transaction, based on the sold to party you would set value of this field.
4. Since your field is search relevant it will automatically appear in your search query (control this in view configuration.)
5. You may or may not display this field to end user in claim detail screen, You can control this by configuration.
6. Depending on your requirement you can show/hide standard sales office field in search query.
If you follow this approach then it will serve the purpose.
Trust this solves your issue. Give points if it helps.

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  • Trade promotion management for rebates processing

    Hi All,
    I am looking for configuration or step by step procedure on trade promotion management for rebates processing. Any document that gives the condition types to be used, set up of trade promotion, determination of the trade promotion related conditions in sales order, accruals of such rebates will be helpful

    sorry, I can't login a CRM server now, but I try to answer your question by my memory
    u2022 What condition types are required for rebates
    the condition type for rebate is special,  different the normal pricing condition,  the rebate condition has a different condition usage.  you can define the rebate condition record in rebate related SPRO path
    u2022 How are they linked to TP and how the conditions flow to ECC
    the condition generation configure in TP link the condition with TP type, you can check the configuration in SPRO
    u2022 How are these conditions determined in sales order
    the rebate also need to configure to the sale order, this configuration is under SD rebate path, and you can upload the configuration by middleware synchronize object from CRM
    u2022 Are there any agreements that need to be created
    the aggrement will be created automatically if the rebate condition can be generated in CRM TP.   pay attention that the spend type table in TP WEB UI page has a button named 'rebate generate'
    u2022 How does accruals happen
    the accrals is depend on the funds plan,  if fund plan created and configure for accrualls, you can launch a job background for accrual base on a fund plan from WEB UI
    u2022 How is it linked to funds, what set up of funds is required
    the funds is link to fund plan,   fund plan link to TP.   There is no directly link between funds with rebate, but they have indirect relationship through spend category, method,...    E.G.   you configure a rebate belong to a spend category,  and you can configure the spend category in fund determination with TP.
    The funds will be determined when TP created
    u2022 How validation happens from claims
    validaion happens in claim processing,  in claim,  the spend value will be fetch from fund usage, and bring to the validation screen, you can edit the validation data, and  claim will generate the billing due list according to the validation you input.

  • What is Trade Promotion Management?

    I am new to CRM domain and learning the concepts. I am comfortable with most of the concepts but I didn't understand what is meant my Trade Promotion Management. I have gone through but still didn't understand properly.
    I think my problem is in understanding the business concept itself. Can any of you please try to give few words about this? Or point me to some useful links which help me understand this?
    And I don't understand the Claims also in TPM.
    I tried to learn through google but didn't get the right information.
    Please help.

       You can use this business scenario to plan and coordinate temporary marketing activities in cooperation with retailers to achieve a corporation-wide marketing and sales strategy. This leads to increased profitability of all marketing activities that are agreed between you and your clients. As well as increasing brand capital, name recognition and market share, this business scenario enables you to increase sales volume and place new products on the market
    A Trade Promotion Engine is that Part of SAP which allows you to Configure Discounts and Promotions in your System.Using TPM you can design Promotions and their Occurances in the System can be controlled,using which you may Fix its detrmination and Relevence in a Transaction.
    Refer the Links for Detailled Desc:
    Hope it Answers your Queries..
    Thanks and Regards,

  • Help Required in Trade Promotion Management

    Hi ,
    Can anybody suggest or send document related to Trade Promotion Management Configuration since i have requirement for the same...
    Thanks & Regards,
    Prakash S.

    The below blog lists out the configurations for TPM.
    Also, go through below link.
    If you have Sol Man installed in your project, you might find configuration documents over there. Also, there should be implementation guide provided to your client when they purchased TPM There is no ConfigGuide for TPM yet.
    Hope this helps!

  • Mass generation of activities (for field force) from Trade Promotion

    Hi gurus,
    is it possible to mass generate activities from Trade Promotions?
    I've done it several times using campaigns but i don't know if it's possible from Trade Promo. The business scenario is the following: The Sales manager define some extradisplay for a customer hierarchy node: i'd like to mass generate activities for each BP belonging to that node so that field rep. can check the execution of the promotion.
    Any help is appreciated

    hi there
    its very much possible
    first u need to ensure that you have assigned either target group members or, if you are working with a trade promotion, a planning customer.
    now follow these steps
    1. You create an opportunity template or activity template in the Marketing/Activity Template Details  tile set.
    2.You define the criteria for determining the employees responsible for the generated  activities in the Employee Responsible Details tile.
      3.You start mass generation in the Marketing/Activity Templates tile set, and select a target group. For trade promotions, you have the option of selecting either a target group or a planning customer.
    4.The application checks whether the opportunities or activities are already generated for each business partner and contact in the selected group.
    An  activity can be generated only once for a business partner or contact for each campaign or trade promotion.
    5.The application identifies generates an  activity for each business partner or contact assigned to the campaign or trade promotion by using the relevant template.
    6.The application assigns the employees responsible for each  activity according to the criteria that you specified earlier.
    best regards

  • Field extension in TPM (Trade Promotion Management)

    Hi experts,
    I have a requirement where I have to extend a field in the New Web UI of the Trade Promotion Management.
    In the Trade Promotion Creation, I have to add the Planning Channel Group field in the Trade Promotion details Assignment Block.
    Could someone help me to do that?
    I suppose I have to use the EEWB to extend the field, but honestly I don't know if is an extendable field.
    If it is, I don't know which is the Business Object to extend and what Type to extension is it.
    Thank you very much in advance.
    Guillermo Buscemi

    The Genil Component for trade promotion ( TPMOE) is CRMD_MKTPL_TPM.
    If you look at the data model then you will see we are using Trade as root object and Trade Element as acciless object.
    Refer the structures attached to them. They are mainly CRMS_MKTPL_IB_TPM and CRMS_MKTPL_IB_TPT and the are extendable via EEWB and include.
    You should not have any issue adding new Fields.
    Piyush Garg

  • Trade promotion management docs required

    Hello Gurus,
    Could any one send me Trade promotion management docs .
    Could you please define what is it.
    Thanks and regards,

    The only information I know of (excluding brochures which don't tell you anything useful) is in
    Trade promotion management is a business concept supported in CRM, ERP, SEM-BPS/BW, and APO. It integrates the various activities in a golden promotion process which include:
    - Trade promotion creation/planning(CRM and SEM-BPS): Similar to campaigns but with more specific comercial objectives. It usually involves special season discounts or trade spends in the customer site ( trade spends are special product placement costs, tasting events, etc).
    - Trade promotion execution(CRM and ERP): Integration of discounts into sales orders, and rebate agreement managament in ERP.
    - Planned/Real analysis(BW):  It uses CO-PA reports to compare the promotion planned results with the actual results.
    - Promotion result predition(CRM/BW): You can use data mining models to estimate uplift values based on your past knowledge base.
    - Account Planning(CRM and SEM-BPS): Well....account planning ^^
    - Demand planning integration(APO): Promotion have buying, pre-dip and post-dip periods. This integrates with APO demand planning so that your prodution planning takes into account special discounts and stock-in actions.

  • What is the difference between trade promotion management and campaign?

    Hello all,
    I want a clear clarification shows the difference between trade promotion management and campaign management
    Jacopo Francois

    1)Campaign Management, Here Market do the  Mass camapaign in  the specific sales area regarding theire Products and Brands (Aware ness of new Products or rebuilding the Brand image )  by spending some Budget.
    2) In Trade Promotion, Market makes the Trade agreement ( To sell the Particular Products ) with the Particular BP ( Like Distributor/Whole saler ) by giving the Trade promotional discounts, if he sells will get the TPM discount with in the planned period .
    Basically Campaign is using Mass advertise and TPM is to be targetting to the Particular BP to sell theire prodcuts by offering promotional discount.

  • Trade Promotion Management- Package

    Hi All,
    I'm from BI and Planning background. My Client is currently analyzing to implement TPM and would like to know more details on what is required from system perspective. They have licensed CRM, BI and SEM. My question is does TPM comes with CRM or should the client have license for a separate TPM package.
    Can you pls share any information. Gladly appreciate your help.

    Trade promotion management provide the framework for taking the direction from headquarters relative to budgets and strategies , and crafting and solid bottom up plan for Tradespending, promotion volume estimates and nonpromotional volume estimates . These planning process have access to a broad range of performance reports that assist in the creation of the best plan for the customer. Once the plan is completed, the account manager forward back to head quarters for approval and upon receipt of approval , take the programming to the customer for acceptance. TPM is also tightly integrated to Order-to-Cash process within SAP ERP.
    The following are required to run contractmanagement scenario:
    CRM Application Server ABAP
    SAP ERP 6.0 required for multiple promotions and Funds Management and Claims Management
    TPM with Mobile Sales.
    SAP NetWeaver 7.0 including BI content 7.0
    SAP SCM.
    And differnt Business Functions need to be activated for Dispute Management.

  • BAdI for Account Search

    Hi All,
    I need a BADI in CRM 5.0 version for Account Search using EEWB fields.
    I found a BADi CRM_ACC_SEARCH and have created a implementation, but the badis is not getting triggered during the search...
    Let me know is there any other way to trigger the BADI or is there any means for using EEWB fields in Acc search.

    Hi Sivasankar,
    There is a generic approach to identify all -classic- BAdIs called during program execution. You may use that approach to search for appropriate BAdI around Account Search:
    trx SE24
      call method cl_exithandler=>get_class_name_by_interface
          instance                      = instance
          class_name                    = class_name
          exit_name                     = exit_name
          no_reference                  = 1
          no_interface_reference        = 2
          no_exit_interface             = 3
          data_incons_in_exit_managem   = 4
          class_not_implement_interface = 5
          others                        = 6.
      case sy-subrc.
        when 1.                                "<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< your external break-point here: then check EXIT_NAME variable
          raise no_reference.
    Setting a break-point in this method will have program stop each time system checks if an BAdI implementation exists.
    Hope this will help you
    Best regards

  • Trade promotion management-condition generation

    Hi Folks,
    I understand in order for transaction to determine appropriate trade promotion we need to define campaign determination.Similaraly, to determine prices we need to maintain campaign condition type in price determination. Kindly correct me if I am wrong here.
    There is also configuration of condition maintenence group required for condition generation.
    Could some one elaborate me what does condition genereation means.

    You create a TP, it VTS tab or Planning Assignment block (CRM2007 & 7.0), you enter some discounts, then selecting the row, you push GENERATE CONDITIONS button, the system sends conditon records to ERP when you save it. And when you release the TP, it activates the condition records.
    Condition generation : it generates condition records, and fill your condition tables. (e.g. for condition type : Z001)
    for determining the relevant campaign : there is another cond. type : e.g. Z0CD (Campaign Determination)
    you assign a condition maintenance group to the Marketing application, (you can copy it)
    when the sales order pricing works, e.g.
    Z0CD : Campaign 000008 determined
    Z001  :  for determining the discount (%3)
    Cenk Sezgin

  • BADI for Activity Search Results

    I am in position to restrict the Activity search results. Please let me know the BADI does this job. I have tried already with BADI
    CRM_BADI_RF_Q1O_SEARCH and didn't work.

    Hi Bobby,
    Need to implement the badi CRM_BADI_RF_Q1O_SEARCH and assign the filter BTQACT for activity search.
    You need to implement the note 1232008 to get the parameters for FM CRM_BSP_OIC_1O_SEARCH_FROM_RF.
    Inside the BADI implementation use this FM CRM_BSP_OIC_1O_SEARCH_FROM_RF to get all the activities and then restrict it.

  • Badi For Case Search

    Hi ,
    I am adding an additional search  for Case search in CASEWORKER Business Role .
    Do any one has any idea for which Badi is used ? If yes please do share with me .

    Thanx for the reply.
    But in CRM 5.0 the structure is not available, we have a methoth Query which has the structure BUS000_EEW it contains all the EEWB fields.
    My problem is the BADI is not getting triggered..



    Hi Sanjeev,
    I would recomend to post this question to the CRM - Marketing forum to reach out to the right experts.
    Best regards.

  • Change search help for field 'customer' in Trade Promotion

    Hello everyone,
    I would like to change the search help for the customer field (CRM_MKTPL_TRADE-CUSTOMER_ID search help: CRM_MKTPL_CAMPAIGN_CUST_ID) to one of my own.
    How can I do this?
    I would also like to change the search help for each partner function in the partner-tab. Is this the same procedure as above?

    Hi Friederike,
    If I have understood your question correctly then here is the answer.
    You can change the search help for the required filed. All you have to do is: Go to the table CRM_MKTPL_TRADE. Then look for the field CUSTOMER_ID. Change only the description of the field. then you can search by the description whenever you require.
    But the procedure will not be same if you want to change the search help for partner functions. In this case you have to change the descriptionof these partner functions in the transaction BP. 
    But why do you require it, because the partner functions will be determined automatically.
    Hope it helps.

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