Blu-ray error:"file already exists", code "6" , Note : 118240 11771552 11826176

It has been a 3 days that i have try to make Blu-ray .ISO image on Encore CS5, i always have that message: Blu-ray error: "file already exists", code "6" , Note : 118240 11771552 11826176. Everything seems to work fine before.
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit,
Intel Core i7-2600K Sandy Bridge 3.4GHz,
CORSAIR CWCH50-1 High Performance CPU Cooler, ASUS P8P67 PRO,
G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16GB,
EVGA GeForce GTX 460 (Fermi) 2GB ,
Matrox MXO2 with MAX,
COOLER MASTER HAF 932 Black ATX Full Tower Computer Case,
Adobe CS 5 Production Premium
thanks in advance

Thank you ram8kumar. I will answer step-by-step, as you did:
- there is no subtitle in the project
- .PSD file is not to large, 2 files 1920X1080 and only 2-3Mb, and they only used as menu (I did this a milion times before), there is no slideshow in the project
- Disc name is not blank
- there is no sledeshow (burning a slideshow with no pan and zoom or with no transition with H264 settings)
Lest two might be the problem.
- I exported .h264 files from PPro CS5 with Matrox MXO2 Mini with MAX, Matrox preset and if I remember right target was 30Mb/sek
- Audio and video  track duration in the timeline was 1(one) frame  difference.
Thank you agan, and I will post the results as soon as I will get done with it.

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    I have just installed CS6 upgrading from CS4.  I am doing a large project (2.5 hours of video) and have transcoded 6 sections successfully from Premier Pro using VBR-1 - the default.  I saw somewhere on one of the forums that this may be a problem, but I cannot work out how to change to VBR-2 as it suggested or CBR for that matter.  I have added a second sound trak and to enure this was not the problem I deleted it again.
    I have tried several different options in Encore, and by increasing the max bit rate it seems to get further along, but I get the identical error.  Currently, without the second sound trach and with a max bit rate of 40 it writes 4.1gb of the 31.0 gb file (it's a double layer blu-ray).
    Any ideas?

    Thanks for the update idea - I had looked for Creative Suite updates, but they dont show there - don't know why.
    I have now applied updates to Premier Pro and Encore.  I also re-transcoded all assets from premier pro using VBR-2 with a target just under 23 and a max rate just under 25 (it wouldn't let me get 23 and 25 but just a fraction under in both cases).  I then set up a completely new Encore project to ensure there was no "carry over" and tried again.  This time it gets 12gb into 29gb of writing the file and then gives the same error, but with a different ridiculous number -1.04nnnn.
    I'm out of ideas.  Does anyone anywhere actually successfully use CS6 to write Blu-ray images - or this simply a marketing ploy for something that doesn't actually work?
    This is sooooo frustrating - it gets so close, but then this bitrate thingy is a killer.  Does anyone know what the actual problem is - or is it a furfie  - (that maybe an Aussie expression - is it really not thast problem but that is what shows)
    Hope someone can help me.

  • Blu-ray Error: "file already exists", Code: "6", "Audio buffer underflows. Total bit rate too high

    Hopefully someon can help me out here - I'm stuck in my tracks.    I'm reading through lots of threads on this topic, but don't understand what is going wrong here.    CS6.  Note: I have used Encore prior to put this material on a disc.  I presently have a separate sequence paired down with only about 1/5 of the whole production.   1920x1080i, 29.97, H.264 Blu-ray, VBR 2-pass, PCM inside PP to produce .m4v/.wav.  Here is what is confusing me - I tried a target of 10 and a max of 20 and I still get this error.   I have tried different max bit rate "Default Transcode" settings in Encore as well.    Note the time code listed "0.000000" - maybe that tells someone something.    I don't really understand Encore yet, so maybe it is something I set wrong in Encore vs. my exports?

    There are many similar, but not identical errors. And I assume you had already followed John's advice to review older threads. It is true they never quite pin a single set of issues down.
    What specific version of Encore? Updated to Encore staff once said updates solved some of these errors.
    You say .wav for source files in Encore. But what format in the project? ac3?
    Your versiono f the error is different from other one I see because it has a "audio buffer" rather than "video buffer" underflow.

  • Please help: Blu-ray error - file error - video buffer underflows

    Hi all,
    Just got a new video editing system and Blu-ray burner and was very excited to test out Blu-ray burning. Unfortunately I keep getting the following error whilst burning my timeline:
    blu-ray file error: file already exists - code 6 note: video buffer underflows
    The timeline consists of just one AVC video track and an ac3 track.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for the input but none of those solutions worked. Tried renaming the project but to no avail. I am using Vista 64bit so that MSXML solution is irrelevant too.
    Interestingly I hit a buffer underlflow problem with Vegas DVD Architect 5.0 when I make a project with non transcodable elements. I literally have no idea why I am having these problems, but its pretty upsetting that I bought this whole new system, including Vegas and CS4 just for video, and I cant create a Blu-ray disc with either software!

  • How to fix 'file already exists, code 6' cs5.03 win7 64bit bluray please

    at the last part of a 31gb bluray h264 iso image burn
    encore stops responding for 20 minutes (disappears from task manager
    and performance monitor entirely) and then says 'code 6 file already exists'
    the same error has occurred twice at the very end of the build
    i cleared the preferences each time
    any help is appreciated...

    after a lot of reading and
    some digging, figured out
    how my system does things:
    when you tell encore to write a bdmv folder
    you come out with 2 folders: bdmv and a temp folder
    using image burn you load up the first bdmv folder which contains
    the streams, etc.
    then tell image burn to load up the certificate folder
    which is hiding in the temp/db/certificate directory
    very clever...
    disc burns successfully and menu navigation in tact on pc
    and on hdtv through set top bluray
    thanks for all the help...
    have a great day...

  • Blu-ray Error: "file not found", Code 8 and "Fatal Error", Code 6 Bug Resolution

    Hello All,
    After 4 wasted hours, I found that a Blu-Ray build will fail if the name you give the disc (altered from the default, "Untitled Project") is over a certain number of characters.  The interesting thing is, a DVD build using the same timeline and chapters (if you have to author both SD and HD discs) will work fine.  I do not know the number of characters that should be the limit, but Encore allows more than that limit.  Beware, this was a time suck that cost me a day.  Hope this helps someone.
    Best Regards,
    Mike J

    Long File Names Cause Crashing
    And #4 Here
    And This Message Thread
    Plus, you do not state your version, but for CS4...
    Encore CS4 Roxio component problem
    More on Encore and Roxio or direct to

  • File already exists " Code 6 "

    After transcoding a large Blu Ray project I keep getting this error message.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?
    I get the same error trying to produce Blu Ray ISO image or Blu Ray Disc.

    The only error that I have ever gotten in En was the same as yours, or very close (do not recall the Code 6 part). In my case, I had a "template" Project, with the initial setup, and folders, plus some common Assets in it. I was then doing 17 Projects with unique Assets added to each. Everything worked perfectly, until # 15, which was almost identical (except for the unique Assets) to the first 14. Never found what was wrong with #15, but I just grabbed that "template" Project, Imported the unique Assets, altered my Menus, as before, and then all was good. Projects 16 & 17 authored without a hitch. I still feel that there was some OE on my part, with #15, and I must not have committed it with #15A. In my case, most of the real work was done in the "template," so it was not an issue for me to start over, but knowing exactly what I had done wrong, would have been nice.
    Good luck, and glad that you got the Project finished, AND with some improvements along the way.

  • Another save for web devices error - File already exists?

    I've been using the same Photoshop CS4 on Windows 7 for about a year now, and only now this problem occurs to me.
    Whenever I try to preview gifs in any browser (tried a few), I get the error message "Could not complete this operation. A file by this name already exists."
    Tried renaming the files, replacing them, creating new ones, tried to enter preview on old files that previously worked, but always get the same error message.
    I did some research and tried deleting both the main Save for Web and Devices pref file, and the other so called "hidden one" in the plugins folder. I've tried reinstalling photoshop from scratch. Nothing works.
    Please help me. I'm near desperate :/

    Ah, sorry, now I see what you're doing.
    I haven't had the issue myself, but I can guess that one or more of the temporary files it needs to create in order to show them in your browser must be failing in creation.  Check the permissions on the folder identified by your TEMP environment variable - you should have Full Control of your TEMP area..
    Specifically, it creates a "Save for Web" subfolder there.  You might be able to delete that entirely in order to start afresh.
    Just to test, I've opened Photoshop CS4, entered Save for Web & Devices, and pressed the Preview button myself and it worked okay here...  Your TEMP area is likely different than mine.

  • I have a digital copy blu ray and it says my code is not valid?

    There is no alternatives to click and get it. I bought the blu ray a while ago but just got my mac and want it on the cloud. It is the dark knight DVD digital copy. Anyone have a similar issue and resolve it. I put the code in exactly like it is written in the case.

    Thanks hatstead  - I'd rather not change my ID email as we vowed to stop having 10s of different emails and passwords, but keep just 2 or 3 - and (idiotically) they are all @ this domain.
    But maybe I'll have to set up a gmail one for this. I'd rather not use personal as it's a company purchase.
    Is there a way of just registering a product from within my Apple ID, online?

  • Blu-ray Error - Code 6

    Jeff I NEED your help!!!! I have read all they say about you and your accurate answers when being attacked my many lol.
    I´m trying to build a Bluray project and it marks no errors when checking it but then after a while building the iso image i get this :
    Blu-ray error:File already exists",Code:"6", Note:Video buffer underflows. Total bitrate is too high near time...
    I have imported all again and again and still get the same. Let me mention that I am not a pro so I´m sure i did something wrong, but i don´t know what.
    I hope ypu can help me. I am using m4v´s and wav´s for my movies exported from pro cs6 and using pre designed menus from Pro motion. I have no problem when building a dvd following their steps in their tutorials but when it comes to bluray...I can just kick myself. I´ve been doing this for 2 weeks now and ran out of options.
    Please help, and thanks in advance!!

    go back to and enter
    code 6
    in the area just under Ask a Question
    You may now read all the previous discussions of your error
    be sure to click the See More Results at the bottom of the initial, short list if the initial list does not answer your question

  • Database Adapter Configuration Wizard "File already exists" error

    I'm uding JDeveloper on an XP machine running Java 1.5.0_06 and having trouble editing SOAOrderBooking.bpel as part of the tutorial.
    The tutorial calls for me to drag a new Database Adapter onto the diagram, select the "soademo_ssn" database and, on page 3 of the wizard select "Perform an operation on a table" and have only "Select" checked.
    When I click "Perform an operation on a table", the 5 tickboxes enable and are checked but the mouse pointer remains as an hourglass. If I press "Next" without doing anything else, the Wizard title changes to "Select Table" but never draws its controls, aside from the "Back" etc buttons along the bottom and the decorative graphic to the left. If I do try unchecking boxes to have only "Select" selected, every check box state change generates the error "File already exists" and the path of the .mwp file whose name I specified earlier. The file does exist, but it didn't before I entered the wizard.
    I've tried with three different filenames, and with two different database connections- both of which check out fine when I do "Test connection" in their property pages from the Connection Navigator.
    If I delete the file after each check state change, I can stop the errors appearing after I untick each checkbox, but the wizard still hangs on pressing "Next" whether the file is there or not.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    I am facing the same issues.
    I want to pick the new files and retain the files after polling.
    Any idea on this would help me to solve this issue.
    Thanks in advance.

  • 'Blu Ray Error Code 6: File Alreay Exists The ES File is Short' Message

    I have successfully built my project several times until I edited three files outside of Encore.
    These clips are now slightly shorter in length and I have re-imported them back into Encore and re-done the timelines they were in, the chapters and menus.  I have saved the project under a different name, but when i come to build the project (Blu Ray disc or ISO) I keep getting the error 'Blu Ray Error Code 6: File Alreay Exists. The ES File is Short' and it aborts the build process.
    Using CS5
    Any ideas?

    Sometimes session files get corrupted when burn a project again and again or changing the assets.
    If you remove session files from you project then while burning Encore will create new session files and this problem may resolve.
    Remove the session files from AuthorScriptHDMVSessions folder
    Session file location -
    /<Project path>/AuthorScriptSessions
    Remove this folder and try to burn the project
    Pankaj Gauba

  • Adobe CS5 error Build .iso - Blu-ray Error: "device error", Code: "3", Note: "File can not o

    Hi am trying to create a bluray image .iso i loaded the gritty submenu and modified it and am getting this error
    and when i try to build it it giving me this error
    Blu-ray Error: "device error", Code: "3", Note: "File can not open.(/Volumes/Mac HD1/Adobe Encore Projects/BD/AuthorScriptHDMVSessions/Gritty Noir Submenu HD_mm_1.m2v.00_00_00_1.1.1_UTC.ves) -
    Anybody encountered this problem? Thanks I appreciate it.

    Remove the all the files from
    /Volumes/Mac HD1/Adobe Encore Projects/BD/AuthorScriptHDMVSessions/
    This will resolve this issue.
    This happens if any file corrupted in Volumes/Mac HD1/Adobe Encore Projects/BD/AuthorScriptHDMVSessions/ folder
    Pankaj Gauba

  • Blu-ray error device error code "3" create sequence fail to write m25 file

    Continue to get this error message when outputting to blu-ray, can burn to dvd just fine. It seems I have experienced this issue in the past but don't recall how I resolved.
    tried re-saving to new file name.

    I found 3 other discussions... one of them may help
    Re: Blue ray Error -  "Device not ready", Code:"3", Notes -   Any ideas what this means?
    Blu-ray error: "device error", Code "3", Note: "AS_StorageError = -97064
    Blu-ray Error: "divide error", Code: "3", Note: "AS_StorageError = -97060

  • Blu-ray Error: "device error", Code "3", Note: "CreateStcSequence: Fail to write M25 File.

    I keep getting this error message about 11gb into burning a 22gb Blu-ray. "Blu-ray Error: "device error", Code "3", Note: "CreateStcSequence: Fail to write M25 File." I have tried just about everything from running as administrator, starting a new project and changing the disc too. I am using CS6 and going crazy... any ideas?

    First try to create Bly Ray Image Under option 'Output" Select BluRay Image, and also select the destination to create Image and click on Build, It will create a BluRay Image with extension of .iso. Now to burn BluRay Disc, you need to Select BluRay Disc under 'Output' Option and Below under 'Source' Option select BluRay Image instead of current project and Select the destination where you have put .iso Image, Then click on Build and it will burn BluRay disc.
    In simple , First create an Image then Burn that image to BluRay .
    I hope, it will help you.

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