I am in the throes of a number of problems concerning my ‘contracts’ with BT I shall try to be brief and to the point but there are numerous problems, all of BTs making.
On Saturday August 19 at approx. 9am I tried to access BT sport in order to see the first game of the season which involved Liverpool. I could not access channels. Rang for assistance and spoke to Jodie who informed me channels had to activated, I was not aware of this, I did not like her phone manner, she continually spoke over me, spoke to her supervisor Rachel, she informed me that in order to have any chance of seeing the game on TV that kicked off at 11.45 I needed to take out a new 12 month BT Sport contract. This was an ‘immediate’ contract that therefore could not be cancelled in a cooling off period. I agreed to the contract under duress as it was stated there was a good chance it would be activated in time for the game. The immediate contract stated activated within 15mins to 24 hours. I still don’t fully understand why I had to take out any new contract for a service that was advertised as FREE.
Needless to say the channel was not activated in time for the game, indeed as I will present evidence of later no attempt was made by BT to honour their ‘immediate’ contract. I received both telephone and email confirmation on Monday August 21 at 10.59 that the channel had only just been activated and that it would take 15 mins to 24 hours to access.
Rachel further informed me that my best chance of seeing the game would be on my computer, but that in order to watch it on my laptop my wireless signal would not be sufficient and that I should purchase a 30 foot Ethernet cable to connect my hub to my laptop. This is the first time anyone at BT has told me that BT Infinity broadband is no good at delivering a wireless signal, and that I need to trail a 30 foot cable through my house! It is ridiculous to expect people to have a 30 foot cable to their laptop, I don’t even need it plugged into the mains, it is why I choose to have a laptop.. Indeed in a workplace this would not be allowed under Health and Safety regulations yet you expect two people nearly 70 years old to have such a cable trailing through their property.
I purchased the cable at a cost of £11 and at kick off given that the TV was inaccessible decided to try my laptop, connected first through wireless and the picture was rubbish, like watching a Charlie Chaplin film, connected with cable and got exactly the same result.
Rang Drew in Tech Support, asked me to run Speedtest, speed with wireless was 6, with cable 21, but no improvement in picture, he agreed the figure of 6 was poor and put it down to ‘teething troubles’ with Bt sport, I later lost the picture altogether.
Tried to contact BT on Sunday but telephone quoted 30-40 mins for reply and 10 days for email reply.
On Monday when I tried to access TV all I could see was BBC1, no other channel.
Contacted Tech Support and spoke to Amin based in India, who seemed helpful. After over an hour he managed to restore the channels to my TV. My TV was giving a constant error message that the signal was too low and continues to do so.
After restoring the channels Amin asked me to run speedtest that again came back as 6, he again told me that was unacceptable said it could be the powerline transmitters, he said he would dispatch new transmitters and a new remote, ordered them as we spoke and told me they would be delivered on Wednesday, asked me to fit them and he would call back between 3pm and 5pm Wednesday, if they did not improve the service he was then going to order a FREE engineer visit.
After reading my emails once computer restored on Monday rang and spoke to a lady called Lindsay about the fact that BT Sport only actioned Monday and not Saturday, demanded an explanation and said I wanted to cancel without any penalties due to breach of contract. Speaking to Lindsay was a waste of time, all I got was a ‘not my job’ attitude and a refusal comment, I continually find BT staff unable to ‘own’ the problem. I asked to speak to her supervisor and she told me that ‘Kevin’ would call me back between 1pm and 4pm, and keep trying if he failed to contact to.
I would request that whoever eventually contacts me that they read this message and have specific answers to the numerous complaints. As a 69 year old with a heart condition and breathing difficulties I find it difficult and tiring repeating the same story over and over again to different people. WHY CAN’T SOMEONE ‘OWN’ THE PROBLEM.
With regard to your supply of BT Infinity this has been a problem from day one. My original complaint was with the misselling of the product in the very first instance. I was continually rang by the same sales person telling me how wonderful and fast the service was, and how cheap it was. NO MENTION WAS EVER MADE OF A 30 FOOT CABLE IN THE PROPERTY, I WOULD HAVE REJECTED THIS OUT OF HAND. I made it clear I was not a heavy broadband user and that my device was a laptop. Indeed he quoted me an untrue figure. When I got my first bill and complained if you check your records you will find that a supervisor agreed that in fact I could cancel the contract if I wanted as I had been misled regarding the price. (Oh how I wish I had). Eventually we agreed to a compensation figure and the contract ran.
I have never been impressed by your Infinity service, and have complained about the performance. I cannot say I have ever noticed any difference in the performance from ‘ordinary’ broadband, indeed at a speed of 6 it is not surprising.
BT Infinity was installed at my property by a BT Engineer. The installation was completed as a wireless installation. No mention was ever made of a 30 foot cable from my hub to any device by the engineer, and no cable was supplied or even hinted that I should purchase one, again at this juncture I would have complained about being missold  BT Infinity if it required this 30 foot cable. It is a ridiculous solution in 2013, having spoken to other providers, including TalkTalk my previous provider, they all state their fibre optic broadband claims are made to operate wirelessly, not via a cable, although everyone agrees you get a better connection with a cable fibre optic should work via wireless. TalkTalk tell me they will guarantee it in writing if I return to them!
On this basis I am looking to cancel the BT Infinity contract without any penalty.
It was missold and is not fit for purpose, i.e. high speed broadband. It is not unlike the banking PPI fiasco where customers were deliberately sold a product they did not need and did not work.
This current tale of wore commenced on August 19.
It is now August 28 and still no response from anyone at BT willing to ‘own’ the problem.
I have found my whole experience at BT to be unpleasant and distasteful!
Come back TalkTalk all is forgiven (I only left them because at the time they had no TV box)

Hi lheath010,
I would like to look into your complaint. Please could you send me in your details using the link found in the "About Me" section of my profile?
BTCare Community Mod
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    My mother is having difficulty with broadband  she joined from o2 broadband got a £10.90 discount but broadband slow she the suprisingly  received a telephone call offering bt infinity for an extra 1.95 per month when the paperwork arrived today she has no discount she rang customer services and they told her she could not cancel
    They promised they would ring her back  on Tuesday when it had been installed and would see what discount they could offer.what if they cannot offer any discount
    I think this is completely wrong of bt for her to be treated this way after only 2 months. I have told her to go to trading standards as this is completely wrong and soon as i get  her out of this contract will be moving after being a bt phone customer for over 20yrs
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    My 72 year old mother rang BT and asked about options for BT sport as her partner likes to watch rugby, she is already a BT broadband customer and SKY subscriber, so should have been simple to add BT sport to her SKY card, sure enough
    her Sky card number was asked for and duly activated.
    She rang me the other day but sounded very feint , she explained that an engineer had been and fitted BT Infinity and that the line had been feint ever since, I asked WHY Bt Infinity had been fitted and she says she was told it was neccessary.
    I called yesterday at mums to check what had happened. As it happens i  spent 25 years as an engineer until 18 months ago, so i know what i'm talking about.
    Firstly i checked the incoming line , this sounded fine, checked at NTE5 SSFp frontplate and there it was feint, unscrewed frontplate and into test port with phone, all ok, so problem is internal wiring.
    It turns out the engineer (NOT OPENREACH BUT A KELLYS CONTRACTOR) had 'backwired' the cable to feed back to an extension by the front door,this is a very lazy practice and ALWAYS causes broadband issues and often speech problems too.
    My questions are:
    1. why was my 72 year old mum sold infinity when she only occasionally uses BB to check emails and and a little online shopping. and all that was required was adding BT sport to her sky card.
    2. why when mum reported the feint transmission fault was she told that the line is ok so it must be her fault.
     I tried to speak to someone on fault reception yesterday but the message said i would be waiting for 30 minutes before someone would answer.
    3. I want the contractor to be accountable for this shoddy work and do the job properly. Then appologise for leaving mum with a very poor feint line, Unfortunately mum has recently undergone treatment for cancer so needs the line to work well for hospital and doctor appointments, this additional stress has not come at a good time.
    4. out of curiosity, i also checked the speed of the infinity line and it only has 20 MB, she lives 400 yards from the PCP so should receive at least 50 MB, more shoddy work as obviously no speed check completed by the contractor
    it would be nice if this message could be dealt with by someone who has a little clout in complaints handling.

  • Exciting! BT Infinity being rolled out - could I h...

    I've been watching excitedly as the FTTC has been rolled all over our town (Ramsbottom) and the new Huawei cabs are being put in place. Hoorah. We are due to get Infinity in Q1 2011 and it's looking great. Our nearest cab is being installed today 30 metres away which is just brilliant news.
    What I'm after is some photographic evidence of a typical installation inside the home. I've googled and googled and it's just not been done yet. This would be sooooo... useful for many of the peoples questions on this forum. As soon as Infinity is installed in my house, I will photograph it to help others. I'd like to see if possible:
    The Faceplate from the front.
    The Wire connecting the Faceplate to the VDSL modem in situ.
    The ports on the VDSL modem close enough to read the writing.
    The VDSL connection to the homehub (I'm not too interested in this as it's just a CAT-5).
    I'm interested as to what the cable connection is between the Faceplate and VDSL really as this isn't clear from any instructions/manuals/diagrams. The photos on BT's site are just too small to be able to read the detail.
    If someone could help, you'd make me very happy and even more excited!
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    Hope these Pictures help

  • When will I get Infinity

    When I enter my postcode on BT Infinity it states my area is already on the list to get it, but I can't find any information to tell me when that will actually happen. When I click order Infinity it says it's not available to me. I'm only assuming it hasn't been installed yet, I don't actually know whether it has. I am very interested in upgrading my frankly awful current broadband connection for Infinity; i'd like to register my interest or just know when about it will be installed, because all it says is it's already down to get it, which isn't all that helpful. My postcode is LE9 6PU - any help appriciated thanks.
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    you can check here
    normally you would get an email from BT advising about infinity being made available and when
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  • Order BT now, get Infinity end of march??

    Just moved house and have looked into Infinity, it's available from 31st March in my area.
    Would I be able to get a normal BT broadband until then, then get upgraded to Infinity straight away??

    you could upgrade to infinity when available but there are numerous posts on the forum about the dates for infinity being moved back often by months - so be aware that march 2011 may not happen until later
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  • Complaint - Netflix and Youtube (internet option) not working on Apple TV 2 - Please advise

    Netflix and Youtube (internet option) is not working on Apple TV 2 I bought - please advise how to fix this.  Please note this is not to do with signing in as the internet menu and option to sign in is not given at all on screen/within ATV2.  The only menu options which appear on screen are "computer" and "settings" and nothing else.
    I have read from some other posts this may be because of the country in which I am located (currently the UAE) - this of course is not an acceptable excuse and if the real reason I hope Apple will fix this immediately.  From the box I bought the description on the reverse side of the packaging clearly states "Plays movies and TV shows from Netflix, live and archived games from MLB, NBA, and NHL, and videos from YouTube and Vimeo".
    If it is a country specific/territory issue then the packaging must be changed for countries in which this does not work as this product is being missold to customers, especially as having the option to stream Netflix, YouTube and Vimeo is one of its unique selling points - without which I would not have bought it in the 1st place!
    Currently very disappointed in Apple (normally a complete Apple fan!)
    Any help appreciated (positive comments only thank you).

    In reply to the comment "You seem to be saying that the box that you have is different in some way".  I'm actually not saying that at all as I have no idea what your box says and therefore can't comment. 
    And unless you're on the packaging design or distribution teams it would be a giant leap to presume every single box around the world is the same based on the product being the same.
    As a marketing person I know companies of all sizes and shapes tailor their products to cater for individual markets.  E.g. coca cola cans have different designs based on distribution location and languages used in particular countries and even the product itself can differ, although this may not be the case with Apple of course.
    I'm simply describing what is on my box and I don't neccessarily mean to be abrupt however I certainly wouldn't waste my time typing on this forum to say the box says something when it actually does not.
    Let me know if you can postively affect the outcome of this problem/help in someway and I'll be sure to send the image.

  • Do I have the slowest BROADBAND in the country?

    I Live in a 5 bedroom, house, only 8 years old, and a fairly new estate of several hundred houses. I live in a Village but it is Urban all the way to my nearest town Mansfield 5 miles away.
    Having checked 15 countries in Africa have average broadband speeds faster than me. South Africa ill take on the chin but Ethiopia and Uganda hurts. It hurts badly. A slight wave of Euphoria hit me when I saw I beat Mozambique by 30kbps on a good day.
    I spoke to script woman in Mumbai, many times. It always sounds promsing, I try to skip the off and on trick, scanning my brand new computer for virus's, the usual spiel, one lady promised me she could help. Then (And I am not joking) she tried to dial onto my computer. She struggled to do anything explaining "its a little bit slow for me to connect". Even she seemed frustrated. However, she offered me the following AMAZING deal:
    She would send an engineer to my house to fix it, but if it was MY FAULT it was slow, I would have to pay. Does the list of things which are "My fault" include where I live?. I was told I live too far away from the exchange. I insist, the exchange is too far away from me. And the other 2000 people here.
    I have had the engineer. He laughed. This is my speed. Nothing can save me.
    I cannot watch BBCiplayer. My bandwidth cannot take it. I cannot watch anything on youtube in 720p. And as I have a big house, the fact that this amazing router only allows 4 simultanious connections is appalling. We have more phones than that. No gues can use my wifi.
    EVEN WORSE, I have that BT FON activated. Do I seem like the kind of guy that needs to share his internet? Any unsuspecting punter connecting to this would be dragged down with me.
    Can I just connect each device in my house using BT FON to different routers in my street? An all out bandwidth attack that makes anything function even slightly and not have to dip into my vast 800kbps? (I say that, I have never EVER seen a download from anywhere show more than 120kbps)
    When I read about "infinity" and "lightspeed" I want to cry. By the time I have downloaded my latest BT Bill people will be on BT Telepathy, ill still be sat trying to buffer a repeat of "Have I got news for you".
    I have suffered this for nearly 4 years now but I think im going to crack....

    Hi. Thanks for your response
    Ok here goes. Dont laugh as I assume this doesnt look like what "Normal" people have..
    Line state
    Connection time
    0 days, 0:20:23
    544 Kbps
    635 Kbps
    ADSL settings
    ITU-T G.992.3
    Latency type
    Noise margin (Down/Up)
    4.4 dB / 5.6 dB
    Line attenuation (Down/Up)
    67.0 dB / 38.3 dB
    Output power (Down/Up)
    0.0 dBm / 12.9 dBm
    From line test you suggested, I have the blistering:
    Your connection speed 0.5 mbps
    Estimated speed 0.7 mbps  
    My wall socket is the only socket in the house I can use for internet. Despite many phone sockets. And it is up on the 3rd floor. Since the router apparently doesnt like sending the signal downwards this also means in my own house in the Kitchen (below) I have no wireless.   The wall socket has two little sockets, one says ADSL on it, the other is for the phone line. I dont use the landline at all, just the one on my moanhub.   What I want to know is, why should I pay the same as someone with 20mbps? Now that web pages are stacked, its as slow as my dial up was years ago.
    I found today I could not even view a 420p youtube vid. And why is my upload faster than my download is that normal?   Why is a NEW service, infinity being rolled out, when I can only get this unusable service? Its a smack in the face.
    If I were a lone farmhouse I would understand, I am not. This is a new estate of hundreds of houses, there is a guy on my street with a Ferrari!   Oh also, because its in a dip, I dont get much 3G, if I go to the top though, speedtest on my 3G is about twice as fast as my "broad"band.   Best regards   Spence

  • Openreach Issue with New Build

    I'm currently a BT customer (and up until now very happy) and am about to move house to a new build site in Worcester. I checked the broadband speed for the postcode and all is good, and infinity is available. However when I put in my exact house number, it is not available.
    Just to clarify, the build cycle is almost complete. Only 2 houses are still being built and almost all of the houses are now sold and lived in. The estate is basically a circle with my new house is in a cul-de-sac in the centre.
    When I go to search for the house next door, it can have superfast broadband and the previous house on the estate I was considering which is in a similar position to mine (i.e. built, ready and vacant) is also fine.
    Spoke to BT about the house move and they have basically confirmed that I can't get infinity. The best they can suggest is that I move, downgrade and then wait for my house to be upgraded.
    I'm convinced that the estate will be served by the same cabinet and it's clear that it has been upgraded. It is also clear that the builder would not have put in anything different for my new house as pposed to the others on the estate. I cannot believe that there is a reason why it superfast broadband shouldn't be available.
    I am also convinced that it isn't about waiting for the roll out to get to me if the whole estate can get infiity and we cannot.
    My biggest worry is that if I don't get it resolved before I move in, it won't get looked at after. I am sure the infrastructure is all there but that somewhere, someone hasn't done somethign they ought to have done.
    I got through to a technical support at BT who have suggested after moving in, I wait 48 hours for a normalisation to occur (although they are baffled why another empty house can have it and mine cannot) and suggested that I am free to cancel after 14 days if I cannot get what I want.
    But as the issue is more likely with openreach than BT, cancelling with BT isn't going to make much difference as the issue seems to be with the network backbone. I suspect the hosue just hasn't been registered on a system so it comes back saying it's not available when it is.
    So basically, I just wanted to ask if anyone else had any other ideas as to what I could do to get this sorted? Broadband is important for my ability to work from home and my family like to do a lot of netflix streaming and moving from somewhere where we get 60 Mb to 6Mb is going to be extremely annoying.

    Hi SunTzu,
    Welcome to the community forum and thanks for posting!
    Sorry for the mix up about BT Infinity being available at your new house.  It's definitely a strange one as other houses in your area can get it and they'd be connected to the same cab as you.
    I don't want to speculate as to why it's saying you can't have it but if you send your details over I'll find out for you.  Click on my username and under the "about me" section of my profile you'll see the link to get in touch with us.
    BTCare Community Mod
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  • Activation Date Passed

    My phone line and BT Infinity was supposed to be activated on 15th Dec, it is now 18 Dec and no sign of BT Infinity being activated.
    I contacted  Aiswarya Joseph via chatbox 17th Dec was told that I would get a call back from him after I got home from work around 5pm. I am still waiting for that call.
    All I want is for somebody to tell me what the problem is so that we can resolve any issues there may be.
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    Further BT farce. To add to my frustrations, I was supposed to get another phone call at 10am one morning, which surprise surprise didn't happen. I have had phone calls before 9am, which I cant deal with because my wife is just recovering from a bowel cancer operation and I am busy getting her dressed etc. Various automated emails that I cant respond to because they non response emails. I have now been told that I wont be connected until 7th January. The latest: a phone call at around 8:25am and because I was dealing with my wife couldn't get to the phone in time. The operator left a message on the answer machine to which I couldnt make out what he was saying. He told me to phone back, unfortunately he didn't leave a number.
    Whatever has happened to quality customer service nowadays. In my personal opinion BT doesn't have any.
    Is there anybody out there that can help me out here without all this malarky of passing you onto this body and that body?

  • Predicted speed doesn't match

    I have used the infinity availability checker and it tells me I can have 60.4mbps download and 20mbps upload based on my landline number but when I click through to order I eventually get to a page before checkout that tells me my predicted speed is 6mbps.
    Why is this?  I know that my local exchange (blidworth) is kitted out and all the signs point to infinity being available. Could it be my street cabinet?
    Thanks in advance for any info.

    Hi, it sounds like there maybe some sort of issue with the ordering system, 6Mb is on the lines of B.T Broadband (ADSL). Try ringning 150, hopefully they can sort it for you there.
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  • Question about Home Hub 3 Noise dB Margins

    Hi everyone, I'm due to get BT Infinity on Friday... 1 more sleep
    I have a question about the Noise Margins, I can't seem to find them within the Router, I've skimmed some articles and posts, and even tried to use the search feature but can't seem to find how to find this information.
    One page actually said about you need to unlock the homehub3, if this is so can someone point me in the right direction it's not something I want to do after install due to the fact your suppose leave the connection left in for 10days etc.
    Let's assume I have to unlock it, does this break warranty in anyway or could it cause problems with the install and engineer.
    I'm fully conident when it comes to flashing routers done tons, was a DDWRT guru back when I was using Virgin Media
    Anyway, if you know point me in the right direction. Thanks
    EDIT: I've just read that it requires a firmware can someone point me in the right direction, Yes it's geeky stats but its also useful, last two times I trusted there automated system well Sky, I lost out on 4mb after ringining them they reset the test I know BT / Sky now do it on intervals, but not the point....... This information should be public viewing for spotting protential problems outside the home.

    Ok, let me re-phrase that, now that I'm almost awake after a very poor nights sleep.
    It's irrelevant on some infinity connections
    I was discussing this very subject with an individual in the ELTC team, which could be the same for the OP
    I guess some adsl stats prior to Infinity being installed could ascertain the likely hood of a decent speed
    -+-No longer a forum member-+-

  • Activating my BT ID

    Hi there, I've got infinity being installed next week and have recieved all my paperwork, hardware etc.
    One of the letters I got was asking me to activate my profile, when I try to do it, I use the email address provided by BT, no problem. But when I type in the account number I get an error message reading 'Sorry we don't recognise that account number, please check and try again'.
    Anyone got any ideas?

    You could check with Live Chat to see if the account is activated and if it is why the account number is not recognised.

  • Line Speeds - New Install

    Hi there,
    I've got BT Infinity being installed on 2nd December, and there seems to be some conflicting information.  I was hoping for some clarification, when I put my postcode into the checker my house name came up and the old address which was 22a came up as well.  
    My estimated speed for my address using the house name was 24meg down and 4meg up, when I used the number it said 35 down and 10 up.
    They won't cap my speed just because the house name has changed will they?  It must be an error as the two houses either side of me say 35/10.
    I guess I'll find out when they install but just wanted to ask incase anyone else had a similar thing?
    Go to Solution.

    Post code checking is just a guestimate. The only accurate check is the telephone number check.
    You will get the best available speed that your line can take.
    You say the two houses either side of you show 35/10, so I would imagine you should be very similar, but that is not guaranteed as someone could have bad internal wiring/bad joints outside/next door could go to a different cabinet/exchange/line could be routed a different way.

  • Broadband speed reductions

    Following on from my comments in the Infinity forum on 12/03/2013 re Bt's marketing of Infinity I have further comments on my existing broadband service.
    Since receiving a letter from BT saying that Infinity is now available to me in Bracknell my BB speed keeps getting shunted back from the appalling past speeds of 1.5 down to approx. 600 to 700. Turning the home hub on and off puts speed back to 1.5 but within 1/2 a day it is shunted back down again which happens every time.
    As this has only started happening since receiving the letter is this some form of BT conspiracy to get one to sign up for Infinity. I might have become paranoid on this issue and maybe it is coincident or that Open Reach are still playing around with the system but it does seem a strange coincidence not previously experienced.

    there is no relationship with infinity being activated in your area as they are totally independent networks if your speed has dropped then i suggest you read thought this link and post back the results we can then help you Here is a basic guide to getting help from the community members done by CL Keith Please read through the link posted
    once you have posted the information asked for then the community members can help you more
    Thank You
    This is a customer to customer self help forum the only BT presence here are the forum moderators
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  • Am I overthinking this?

    Just signed up for a free upgrade to Infinity (being installed next Friday). I currently have a BT Vision box on a no subscription pay as you view deal.
    I am considering moving over to Youview but here is my dilemma, my broadband contract expires towards the end of May and the price I pay for Infinity is held at the current rate until then. On renewal I will obviously need to re negotiate the contract for infinity.
    So, If I take out a contract for Youview now which will tie me in for 12 months that will seriously compromise my bargaining position when my BB contract is due for renewal, should I therefore hold off upgrading to Youview so that it coincides with the BB renewal so that if push comes to shove I can migrate to another provider? Or am I being too cynical here?

    Hi rubble2,
    Thanks for posting. It would probably be best to hold off but I can check what’s available to you if you wish. Drop me an email with the details. You’ll find the “contact us” form in the about me section of my profile.
    BTCare Community Mod
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  • BA00 output type

    hello. with requirement 2, upon order confirmation output type BA00 can automatically be issued.  is there a setting so that everytime an order is changed, BA00 is automatically re-issued? thanks.

  • 2.8ghz late 2008 macbook pro with 8gb  and a happy ending but...

    This machine was bought on June 2009. A week after the mid 2009 were released. It was a refurbished unit which might explain it. Ok let's get started. I am using 1x4gb crucial module & 1x4gb owc module. Why mixing brands? Well by the time I decided t

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    I need to create a menu bar in a template that, when attached to a page, will create a link to all the pages attached to that page. I did this in frontpage with a "tool" but now I can't find out how to do it in Dreamweaver.

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