Can't sync Palm Centro and Outlook 2007/Windows 7 - please help!

I've never posted on a forum, but I'm at my wits end...!  I've been trying to get my Palm Centro to sync Contacts/Calendar/Memos to Outlook 2007 on my new laptop for a week now with no success.  It used to sync just fine to my old computer with Windows XP and Outlook 2003.  Then that computer crashed (my Outlook files were backed up on an external harddrive).  I received my new computer with Windows 7 XP (32-bit) and Outlook 2007.  I've downloaded the Palm Desktop 6.2, Windows 2007 Conduit, and Software Update 1.03 (Windows installer) for Centro for Verizon. 
When I sync my phone to my new Outlook, it completes all 12 steps, but does not load Contacts/Calendar/Memos to Outlook.  This is a list of the error messages:
   HotSync session started on 04/14/10 12:11:25, and completed in 100.0 seconds
 Outlook Calendar synchronization completed with messages
 Duration: 5.4 seconds
 Outlook Calendar
 Please set the option "Enable Synchronization when Outlook is offline" in UI inorder to synchronize in Offline mode
 OLERR:0C-000F (0x0)
 - Not Synchronized
 Outlook Contacts synchronized successfully
 Duration: 0.0 seconds
 Outlook Contacts
 OLERR:0C-000F (0x0)
 - Not Synchronized
 Outlook Tasks synchronized successfully
 Duration: 0.0 seconds
 Outlook Tasks
 OLERR:0C-000F (0x0)
 - Not Synchronized
 Outlook Notes synchronized successfully
 Duration: 0.0 seconds
 Outlook Notes
 OLERR:0C-000F (0x0)
 - Not Synchronized
 Media synchronized successfully Duration: 3.8 seconds
 Backed up some files successfully to Backup Folder 
 Duration: 90.0 seconds
 Backed up 9 file(s) successfully
 Messages Database
 Cookie Data
 Saved Preferences
 Failed to backup 1 file(s) PmTraceDatabase Protocol Error: Handheld file could not be opened. (4004) SYNCERR_FILE_NOT_OPEN
Can someone please help me transfer Contacts/Calendar/Memos from my Palm Centro to my computer's Outlook 2007?
I've ready about 3rd party software in posts (Pocket Mirror), but I don't know if it applies here because the Contact/Calendar/Memo information is in my Centro - not in Outlook.  I need to get it from my Centro to Outlook 2007. 
Any help is greatly appreciated!  Thank you!

hat wrote:
I have a Pre Plus and am using CompanionLink software.  If the Centro is like the Plus (which I believe it is) it will not sync with Outlook.  Here is a link to Companion Link:
I have been using this and it works great.  On their site you can choose the phone and the particular program you need to sync with and choose which you way you want to sync.
Hope this helps
Sorry hat, the Centro has absolutely nothing in common with a webOS device!  It runs PalmOS.  Nice of you to reply with your suggestion though! 
@SyncHelpPlease:  OLERR errors are covered in this Palm KB article:
Something I noticed in your post - you installed Palm 6.2.2 AND the 2007 conduit.  Palm Desktop 6.2.2. has the 2007 conduits built into it already, and the patch is not needed.  Whether this is the cause of your problems, I'm not sure, but I've fielded several posts of the same issue where the user did the same thing you did!
I'd suggest doing a clean uninstall, and reinstall of Palm Desktop 6.2.2 only. 
I admit, I do not use Outlook, nor Win7, so I'm giving you my best guess at a way to solve your problem.  Hopefully, this may lead to a solution! 
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    How can i sync my calendar in Outlook 2007 with iTunes WITHOUT using iCloud?

    your link shows how to sync, i know how to do that.
    i specifically wanted to sync my outlook calendar with my phone, not my outlook calendar with icloud calendar.
    apparently you have to go into setup on phone and tell phone not to sync calendars with icloud so you can get choice to sync phone via itunes.
    thanks anyways for trying.
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    I just purchased a palm centro690 smart phone.  My service is with verizon.  I have a Mac G4 with OS 10.4.11.  I already had palm software installed on my computer and was using the palm calendar as my main calendar.  My calendar and address data won't sync with my palm centro.  I've tried changing the settings of the conduits to 'MacIntosh overrides device'.  I've tried removing and then reinstalling the palm software as well.  Strangely enough, the memos and the tasks did hotsync.  I spent around 2 hours with  palm tech support and nothing is working.  I'm not completely sure, however, that I correctly removed the palm software from my desktop before reinstalling the new software.  Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.  
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    Hello Allen G
    Thank you so much for your reply.  I did speak to a different customer service person at Palm tech support.  I think that the problem was that I had a different username on my device (from a previous test) and after changing that and doing a hard reboot of the phone and also changing the settings on the proper conduits, it is now working.  I had tried changing the settings on the conduits before, but I think that it had synced with the wrong username on the device for some reason.  It now seems to be working.
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  • Can't Sync Anymore! Vista/Outlook 2007 multi PCs

    I have a centro that I primarily sync with a vista business 32 machine with Outlook 2007 at work.  I also copy/sync the data to my computer at home (vista premium 32/Outlook 2003).  I always overwrite my data on the computer at home as my business PC/contacts/calendar are most important to me.
    I have all the latest desktop software & the Outlook 2007 conduits updater at work.
    Everything was going swimmingly until about 2 weeks ago when I updated on my computer at home.  The next time I synched at work I received an error message that said something like, "palm device has synched to another computer, there may be duplicates of files" or something of the sort.  Now my calendar & contacts will no longer synch with either computer, but everything else still synchs (program installs, media, etc...). 
    The sync settings appear to be set up correctly (synchronizing calendar & contacts to outlook), but it never even attempts to synch the calendar & contacts anymore.
    HELP!!!  I'm at wits end!
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    When you sync to your PC's is there any type of error in the log file. If so can you post it in here? Also as a test on your work PC got to hotsync manger-->settings-->applications-->contacts or calendar (either one)-->configure-->settings--> and tell me what is checked or check sync to multi PC's.
    If this does not help let me know
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  • Sync Palm m500 w/outlook 2007

    I have Windows xp on a laptop.  For the life of me, I am unable to get my m500 to sync w/ Outlook 2007.  I downloaded conduits to my computer. I attempted to hot sync. I get the following message log:  What am I doing or not doing??
    ERROR: The following file(s) could not be installed to the SecureDigital (SD) Card because there is no application on your handheld to open these files.
    If you have recently installed such an application, please run that application and then perform a HotSync operation.
    Install To Card synchronization failed
    Conduit Error: Unknown error.  (1000)
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    I'm glad you're aware that the files need to be installed on your computer, but why are they going to your SD card?
    Unless the download gets correctly installed to your computer, you're at a standstill!
    Did you look for the files in the folders as I suggested?  Were they there?  Did you remove them?  Most likely you'll find them in /Card Inst/Slot-SD/
    After you correct this error, depending on your version of Palm Desktop you'll either have to rerun the Installation Disk and when the prompt comes for "Sync with Palm Desktop or Outlook" you'll have to direct it to use Outlook.
    If you have a newer version of Palm Desktop installed, there is a software "switch" available.  Go to Start Button/All Programs/Palm/PIM Conduit Sync/Sync with Outlook.
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  • Palm Z22 and Outlook 2007

    I have been using my plam on a windows xp computer for awhile. Now I would like to sync the palm to outlook 2007 on same system.  The sync goes through but none of the data from the palm is in outlook and the data from outlook is not on the palm. I tried the outlook 2007 conduit and upgrading to 6.2
    But I can not merge the data.  Anyone have any thoughts?
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    You do not need the Outlook 2007 Conduits for the Z22 if you are using PD 6.2, they are built into PD6.2.
    Did you look in Hotsync manager and make sure the conduits are set to Outlook?
    You may want to look in start-programs-palm conduit sync and change the conduits to Outlook.
    Click on the following link for the support page for your device on the webpage.
    There are links on the page to the user guide, troubleshooting, how to's, downloads, etc.
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  • Can't sync palm to microsoft outlook

    I can't sync (transfer) the information from my Palm desk top to  Microsoft Outlook, even though the hot sync button does option me to do so.  The data doesn't appear in Microsoft Outlook.  Any one know what to do?
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    Look here for the "switch":
    Start Button/All Programs/Palm/PIM Conduit Switch/Sync with Outlook.
    If you don't have this entry, then you may need to run your installation disk again and look for the step that asks you which program to sync to...
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  • Can't Sync Photos to My iPhone 3G? Please HELP!

    I'm trying to Sync photos from iTunes to my iPhone 3G and I get an error (-50). It says unknown error (-50). It won't let me put photos on my iPhone. Please help.

    Terms of Use of these forums prohibit the discussion of jailbroken iPhones.
    Did you really think you could jailbreak a phone, which is definitely not sanctioned by Apple, and then expect to get help on a forum that Apple hosts?

  • HT1692 sync between iPhone and Outlook 2007

    first time sync went perfectly well.  Now it doesn't sync anymore.  It seems to be synchronising, but it does not.  How come???

    i use outlook for my work email, but my personal email is in gmail.  besides work email, i do not use outlook at all.
    i get my work email on my iPhone, but i do not sync calendars and contacts as i have to use an imap connection for work, and this does not allow for calendar or contact syncing.
    i have seen a gmail/outlook sync tool, but i am afraid i do not use it so i can not offer any help with it. 
    Message was edited by: Sboq

  • Address Book Sync Problems - 8530 and Outlook 2007

    This has been a nagging problem for me for quite some time.  Here's my current status:
    Curve 8530 on Verizon Wireless
    Access to Corporate resources and email via BES
    I also access Gmail from the device
    Right now I am not synching over the air - that has never worked.  I'm using Desktop Manager, and recently downgraded to Version 5.01.  When I connect the device and configure for Address Book sync the application starts the process, then craps out without synching.  I've rebooted the PC, reloaded the application without success.
    And right now the device's address book is blank.  Any ideas?

    Hi and Welcome to the Forums!
    Given that you are on BES, why in the world are you putting up with it's non-functionality? With BES, you should be receiving Over the Air (OTA) sync of email, contacts, calendar, tasks, need whatsoever to synchronize to Outlook via USB tether. If that is not working, then you should do one of two things:
    1) Talk to your BES admins and have them get it working properly for are missing a lot!!!
    -- OR --
    2) Talk to your carrier about changing your data plan and dropping BES -- you are paying extra for a service that you cannot even use!!
    Once you decide which path you wish to pursue, let us know.
    Good luck!
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  • Can't sync multiple emails from Outlook 2007 into Iphone

    It only listed the main (usually work) email, and does not transfer the home and other emails from Outlook. I can manually enter a second email and label it on the iphone, but that is not helpful as I have hundreds of business/friends with multiple emails in my Outlook... it does get home and work addresses...

    The workaround is to use Cached Exchange Mode or "Shift + Delete", as the user doesn't want to delete the message permanently, using Cached Exchange Mode is preferred.
    Based on my research, this issue is more Exchange 2010 related, and you mentioned the user also got the error from Outlook Web Access. This issue occurs after Exchange 2010 Service Pack 2 RU6 or Exchange 2010 Service Pack 3 is installed.
    To resolve this issue, install the following update rollup:
    2803727 Description of Update Rollup 1 for Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 3
    I hope the information is helpful.
    Melon Chen
    TechNet Community Support
    It's recommended to download and install
    Configuration Analyzer Tool (OffCAT), which is developed by Microsoft Support teams. Once the tool is installed, you can run it at any time to scan for hundreds of known issues in Office

  • Timezone problem with Desktop 6.2 calandar and outlook 2007 after HotSync

    After recently being upgraded to Desktop 6.2 I have a problem with Hotsync Palm-calendar and outlook 2007.
    When I create a new appointment in outlook 2007 and next do a HotSync it is stored in PalmTungsten-E2 calendar with a timezone CEST (=2 hours earlier than it should be).
    At least I won't be late for these appointments, but its a bit annoying.
    I already tapped and untapped the box -New events use time zones- in the Calendar Preferences, but that does not help.
    Post relates to: Tungsten E2
    This question was solved.
    View Solution.

    Thanks Colapop for you suggestion.
    I had already tried that option and it gave no good result.
    Yesterday I bought KeySuite from Chapure and now everything works fine again.
    I do regret a bit I upgraded to PalmDesktop 6.2 because that was the start of my problems. The reason for updating to 6,2 was that I wanted to make use of outlook 2007 instead of palmCalender.

  • I downloaded the icloud software on my computer in order to sync calendars and contacts using Windows 2007, but I keep getting an error message when trying to sync my icloud and Outlook calenders - can anyone help with this?

    I downloaded the icloud software on my computer in order to sync calenders and contacts using Windows 2007, but I keep getting an error message when trying to sync my icloud and Outlook calendars.  I downloaded it for the first time a month ago and  had it working but it stopped syncing, so I deinstalled the iCloud software and reinstalled, but keep getting the error message "Your setup couldn't be started because of an unexpected error.  What do I do now?  Can anyone help with this?

    Hello easbda,
    Thank you for providing the details of the calendar issue you are experiencing with your iPhone.  I recommend following the steps in the section titled "Troubleshooting on Microsoft Windows (Microsoft Outlook)" in the following article to assist with syncing your calendar events between your devices:
    iCloud: Troubleshooting iCloud Calendar
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    Sheila M.

  • HT201413 I can sync my contacts but not my calender with iphone 4 and outlook 2007 for windows XP. It was working OK up to a month ago

    I can sync my contacts but not my calender with iphone 4 and outlook 2007 for windows XP. It was working OK up to a month ago

    I found this link: /
    Hope it helps some other noobies like myself.

  • I have a problem with syncing my calander with outlook 2007 for iPhone 5s, ipad 1st and 3rd generation. Contacts work find, and new and changed enteries in outlook all go to the devices. Device Cal changes do not appear in Outlook

    Over the past year or so, I have been unable to fully sync my iPads with outlook 2007 calander. Now I have an iPhone 5s, and really need the calander fixed. Contacts seem to sync in both directions, and any new or changed cal enteries in outlook appear on the device. The problem is that any new or changed calander enteries do not make ip back to outlook 2007, so there is only one-way syncing (down to the device) but no return, for calander entries.
    I am now using the latest itunes, which I followed the recommendation delete all apple stuff, and then reinstall, I have used scanpst, built new PSts, etc, am I am stuck.
    Not using icloud either.
    Not using wi-fi, purely USB cabale sync
    Running on Windows XP, SP3
    Now IOS 7.0.2 on iPhone and 1 iPad (3rd gen)

    Kept searching, found this:
    Bottom line: if you follow the recommendation to delte all itunes software and re-install, it don't work (at least for me and many others).
    However, purge the data (certain data) and the data syncs.
    I think the folder is Apple Computer\Preferences and it needs to be purged.
    To be sure, maybe someone can rename the folder on their system, then run itunes and see if it syncs ok.
    The idea is to figure out the least minimum stuff that needs to be touched in order to get a working solution than having to purge all Apple software and then rebuild it all over again.
    I had purged other files out of inpatience, but did not want to purge entire folders because I had Safari, and Quicktime software, and did not want to wipe that out, Plus there were software downloads and device backups in some of those folders. But I really believe it is the preferences folder, and I would like someone with the same problem to try it and verify it.
    Once the preferences folder is removed/renamed (taken out of the picture) pluggin in the device and go to the INFO (I think that is the iTunes tab) page where you select calanders, contacts, email accounts, etc. They will all be unchecked (because you wiped out the preferences) and you need to reselect them. Then run your sync.
    What I had done in testing was create something on the device, and modify something else on the device looking to see what got up to Outlook. I got the good news that something good was happening when I got the conflict message from iTunes, and it showed both Outlook and iPhone, showing the calander entry I changed on the iPhone. Never got that before. After the sync, everything looked good the few test entries were uploaded to outlook.
    Now, My Cal is 10L+ enteries, and I am doing 100% sync (I don't select the option to ignore enteries over x days). I also have 1400+ contacts. Before this change, the sync of contacts & calanders took a couple of hours (and only operated ONE-WAY, now the syn is taking less than 5 minutes for this one step.
    I am a Windows XP Professional user, x32 bit system, using Outlook 2007, iTunes, I am standalone (no exchange server) and have about 10 email accounts (mainly POP) defined. I am using only one calander in outlook, but I have Outlook and 2 gmail calanders in the iPhone.
    I am running iPhone 5s and iPad 3rd Gen both with IOS 7.0.2 and a 1st generation iPad with the latest version of IOS 5.x.
    If anyone else has success, I'd like to hear, along with your experience.

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