Cant unmount hard drive

I have a Maxtor 500 GB quickview HD in an ext hd casing with esata,firewire 400, and USB connections. Was copying my Mac Book Pro hard drive to the external hard drive with carbon copy cloner and it froze on transferring the library. On restart the ext hd still loads on the desktop, but inconsistently. I tried to erase the ext hd in disc utility, and repartition as guid format (the hard drive was extended journaled and i think apple partition map. It is telling me it cant unmount the hard drive to erase. What am I doing wrong? How can I unmount to reformat? Any suggestions most welcome.

I bought 3 external Hard Drive set ups with the maxtor internal hard drives. Two of the 3 work perfectly on all 4 of the mac computers I have access to. The defective one acts the same on all 4 computers, so it is not the computers, and seems to be something with the defective external hard drive. I have even started the computer from my install discs, gone into disc utility and tried to first aid, erase, and partition with the message always "Can't Unmount the hard drive". I would assume that it is not the cables since the ext hard drive shows up on the desktop of all 3 computers, and changing cables doesnt make a difference when using 3 different firewire cables. Any other ideas on what I might try to get the hard drive to unmount? Is the only other option to see if I can return the hard drive? I really appreciate the comments so far, it is quite helpful to know that it is not just me pushing the wrong button somewhere that unmounts so disc utility can do it's job.
Thanks again
Bob Landman

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  • K7n2 Delta Ilrs "Windows Setup cant find hard drives" plzz help

    hia guys i know this has been in many posts but my question isnt answerd im affraid ok here we go
    im trying to get win XP sp2 installed on my new hard drive (ill get to why i have this new hard drive soon lol
    1) boot the system and press Ctrl + F and setup an array (stripe) all says functional etc save and exit
    2) put in the xp disk and boot
    3) press f6 and install my sata drivers (i got off the main web site)
    4) press enter to install windows
    5) "windows setup cannot find any hard drives" ???????????
    basicly i had ubuntu on my pc using an 80gb sata ii set to sata i all was good and fine i got bored and wanted windows back to play games again so i put in my xp disk and tryed to install it but it said cant find hard drives i thort i had killed the disk with the grub bootloader messing up the mbr so i got a new disk and re set the bios and cmos etc went to instal xp and the same problem remains 
    all my m8s dono wht to do nore do i were all stumped with this one as the new drive wont be recognized by windows
    strange thing is when i put the 80gb back in ubuntu loads up fine (i only have 1 hard drive in at a time)
    please help meeeeee
    K7n2 Delta Ilsr
    barton xp 2800 +
    X700 ATI AGP
    1.7 gb ddr 400 ram
    80gb sata maxtor dimond max (ubuntu)
    160gb sata maxtor dimond max (new) 
    bios "W6570MS V7.6 110703

    Quote from: Qtip on 16-September-07, 10:17:09
    Also, what are new MBs doing so that one doesnt have to deal with this annoying F-6 step?  For some reason I think I heard new MBs dont require this F-6 step.
    for his mobo, the drivers are absolutely necessary to be loaded when SATA HDD are used. that is due onboard sata controller.

  • Cannot unmount hard drive

    I have no idea what is happening with it, but everytime I try to eject my HD I cant and I also cant try to repair it in disk utility because it cant be unmounted! Has anyone got any ideas? I have tried to restart the computer

    Is this an external hard drive? You can't eject a drive your running from (i.e. the internal)
    To use Disk Utility to repair your internal drive startup cmd-r to your recovery volume and choose Disk Utility.

  • Cant find hard drive

    so i just put in a 2 hard drive into my g5 and i cant find in when it boots up and in finder i cant see it. and im trying to put a newer vertion of osx on the 2 hard drive so.. if anyone made seens out of that.. help?

    After installing a new drive run Disk Utility. The drive should show at the left. Select the drive and use the "Erase" function to format it as "Mac Extended Journaled". If the drive doesn't show in "Disk Utility" it may be not connected properly, or it may have SSC (Spread Spectrum Clocking) enabled. The built-in disk controller on the G5 will not work with SSC. Some drives can disable SSC via a jumper change, others have to have it changed via a PC.

  • Cant get hard drive to mount

    my 12 inch g4 powerbook which i love started to get slower and then eventually stopped working - flashing ? when i started it. Wouldnt start from install disc as couldnt see the HD icon -so i ran disk warrior which said it couldnt repair directory on HD- got a new hard disc fitted it ok but when i try to install tiger i cant as the hd icon doesnt appear - tried starting from disk warrior but again HD isnt an option to click on - when i go to disc utility - HD is there but dont know why can install.
    anyone any ideas on where to go - i just want to rescue it as its a great machine

    You're almost there .... bring up disk utitlity again, choose the new hard drive, and choose partition, name the hard drive, choose format mac OS extended (journaled), give it a size (most likely the entire drive will be one partitition), and under options make sure Apple partition map is chosen. Click partition, and you should now be able to install Tiger.

  • T43 motherboar​d damage cant access hard drive

    Hello, I wonder if anyone to there could advise me.
    I have a T43 with finger print reader, I was shoved on the train and dropped my bag
    which resulted in it hitting the floor and the plug punched through the back into the
    motherboard. The laptop was in standby at the time.
    I have brought a USB 2.5 hard drive connector to try and recover my data but cannot
    access it.
    Is the hard drive encrypted if the finger print reader is used.
    Can the hard drive be crashed so badly by the mother board being damaged that
    you cant access it anyway?
    Many Thanks

    davidadams, welcome to the forum,
    ouch! sorry to hear about your bad luck.
    The fingerprint doesn't encrypt the hard drive, Client Security does if you configured it to do so.
    If you had the finger print configured with a hard drive password set in bios you will not be able to access the hard drive in an usb enclosure. As long as you know the password it is possible to remove the password in another ThinkPad, preferably another T43.
    As your T43 was in standby, it is possible that the drop also damaged the hard drive. This would have been less likely if it had been in hibernation mode or turned off as the heads would have been properly parked.
    There are ways to recover files from a damaged hard drive, some less costly than others; it depends on how badly it is damaged, if it is damaged.
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  • Cant partition hard drive :S

    Ok - trying to load arch onto my main hard drive.  It is 160gb and have made a partition by right clicking on 'my computer' ->manage and shrinking my drive to 123gb and having a new ntfs volume or 25gb.
    Thing is, when I boot from the arch cd and go to partition hard drive, the only one I can select is the entire 160gb. When I select that I get an error message too so cant even format my whole disk (even though I dont want to).
    Any ideas on what I should do?

    Ok, tried again, I go into the manual partition and the only drive is size 1600000, I get to choose a partition /dev/sda1 I think and then it give me:
    Bad primary partition 1: Partition ends in the final partial cylinder :S

  • Unmounted hard drives waking up from idle

    I have some hard drives that I rarely access and would like to keep idle most of the time. I set the idle timer to 5 minutes for the two drives upon boot, and they do idle after 5 minutes. However, the strange this is even though the drives are unmounted, one of them will just spin up for some random reason and I can't figure out why. How can I fix this issue?

    Via … 566#29566s
    If you want to find out which process caused the disk to spin up, you can gather information by setting the flag /proc/sys/vm/block_dump. When this flag is set, Linux reports all disk read and write operations that take place, and all block dirtyings done to files. This makes it possible to debug why a disk needs to spin up, and to increase battery life even more. The output of block_dump is written to the kernel output, and it can be retrieved using "dmesg" or look at your syslog kern facility for the destination of the debug messages. Generally, it should be /var/log/debug . When you use block_dump and your kernel logging level also includes kernel debugging messages, you probably want to turn off klogd, otherwise the output of block_dump will be logged, causing disk activity that is not normally there.

  • TechTool 3.03 Unmounted Hard Drive After Repairing Volume Structure

    Hi Apple Discussions! Any help, advice or information anyone can share will be greatly appreciated. So here's what happened:
    I have a 17" imac Flat Panel. *After using TechTool 3.03 to repair the Volume Structure (had gotten a 92 Error Message) Techtool would not quit.* I turned off the computer and *when I restarted I heard the foghorn sound instead of the regular start up chimes and then got a* *Kernel Panic (You have to restart your computer.)* Since the computer was a gift I didn't know if it was still under warranty but I called AppleCare anyhow. Even though the warranty has expired the rep stayed on the phone with me and tried to help. She had me eject the TechTool disk by holding down the mouse (who knew?) and insert the OSX disc....*Long story short the Hard Drive is no longer mounted.* She set me up with an appointment at a Genius Bar.
    I hooked the imac up to an old ibook via Firewire and accessed the imac's hard drive (can't use my new MacBook Pro because it has a different Firewire pin.)
    *I also zapped the PRAM and know it chimes on as usual but I still get the Kernel Panic.*
    I was curious so I continued to research and I see *Apple warns to not use TechTool 3.03 to repair Volume Structure errors for OSX 10.4 which is what the imac is running.* Of course, if I knew ahead a time....Is this why the Apple rep helped me even though my warranty expired? *She said they just need to remount the Hard Drive. I'm wondering what that entails and can I do it myself?* I'm not looking forward to lugging my imac down to the Apple Store on 5th Ave. in NYC!
    Thank you and sorry for the very long story!

    retromercury wrote:
    Hi Dale, Thank you for your response. When I use DU to Verify or Repair I get this message:
    *Invalid b-tree node size*
    That's a pretty serious error. I'm pretty sure even the updated version of TechTool could not repair it.
    If I wanted to download the TechTool updater and use it on the imac how would I do that since I can't log on?
    I was thinking you could use your iBook at the time. But the TechTool disk is machine specific so that may not work.
    I'm taking it in today to a Genius Bar so we'll see.
    Hopefully they will run DiskWarrior on it. Otherwise it's an +Erase and Install+. hope you have a backup!
    Thank you for your help. I also just learned that it is an imac G5 (oops!)
    You are quite welcome! Good Luck!

  • Cant delete hard drive?

    I have a minor problem, when I got my macbook I wanted to install bootcamp right away and everyone knows when you install boot camp you make a hard drive for windows on your computer. Well the problem is that when I was installing boot camp the disc I was using was faulty disc and didn't install. But before I knew I couldn't install the disc I had to separate my hard drive for the windows platform. So after I couldn't install the disc I looked at the home screen and see the hard drive I separated from the original and I tried to eject the hard drive but every time i turn on the computer it appears again. So now I have a unused 15GB HD that wont go away when I eject it. Please help me with this situation so I can restore what I separated. .
    Thanks a bunch!

    You should be able to do this from Disk Utility, in the Applications/Utilities folder.
    When you launch it, select your hard drive from the menu on the left. (This would be the full HD, not one of the indented ones.) Once you have that highlighted, click on the "Partition" tab, select the Boot Camp partition and click the minus sign to eliminate it.
    Hope that helps.

  • Installed New Toshiba 320gb hard 7 professionaL 64 bit cant find hard drive

    I recently got a replacement hard drive from HP...a Toshiba 320gb(MK3261GSYN)...I installed the hard drive into my hp probook4530s(XU074UT#ABA)...when I go to install windows 7 professional 64 bit edition, windows isnt able to find any hard disk to install the operating system on. But before even putting in the windows 7 disc, the computer asks me to install a operating system onto my hard drive. Also when I do a hard disk check test...the hp bios software automatically says the hard disk has failed.

    Before going any further, I would like to verify these situations:
    1 Did this issue appear before?
    2 What have you done with PC before the issue appear?
    According to your description, that seems the issue related with driver or programs conflict with Windows 7.  I suggest to perform these tests to troubleshoot
    the issue:
    1 Unplug all unnecessary hardware and login with Safe Mode or
    Clean Boot
    2 If it works well in Safe Mode, please remove all third party tools or programs, reinstall or update the hardware drivers to the latest version.
    3 If the issue persists,  you can perform an in-place upgrade to fix the system issue:
    Hope that helps.
    Leo   Huang
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  • Cant unmount external drive

    Hi there,
    I use super duper to back up my system drive to an external drive.  I quit super duper and about a minute later the external drive light is lit red meaning the drive is busy.  I am not able to unmount or eject this drive.   The error is "An error occurred while trying to eject '<$drive_name>'"
    What can I do to cleanly unmount my external drive?

    Typically this sort of question is better answered on Superduper forums, as it's their software.
    I suspect Spotlight is indexing the external drive, why it's busy and can't be unmounted.
    So head to System Preference Spotlight and turn off indexing except for the boot drive, also change the name of the clone as OS X gets confused if there are two drives with the same name.
    If after rebooting you can't unmount the drive, try this
    Drive won't "unmount". First check for Spotlight or open programs using the drive/volume, reboot.
    >>>Force unmounting launch Terminal type diskutil list and press enter/return for a list of devices.
    >>>Take the Identifier and add here for disks: diskutil unmountDisk force Identifier and press enter/return.

  • Bios cant find hard drive

    I have a problem with my tinkpad. I would like to reinstall windows, but my bios can't recodnise my hard drive anymore. But if I boot from an linux cd (like knoppix) I found the harddrive and can read and writ on it. (So it is no hardware problem).
    Is there a tool with wish I can fix my bios.
    The erroer occured when I tryed to boot Window, but swished the power off during that.
    I have Windos XP profesional on my machine.
    Thanks for you help.
    (I can not get my original CDs as I am working Oversee at the moment. If there is a tool around to fix that problem, it would be nice if somebody could give me the download link. )
    Go to Solution.

    Hi Ruth,
    Ja kannst Du. Falls es nicht funktioniert, gehst Du wieder zurück in compatability und den „Intel Matrix Storage Driver“ für Deinen TP hier holen. (TP selektieren und auf Hard Drive klicken, der richtigen Treiber soll sofort zu sehen sein). Bitte die Anweisungen genau lesen.
    S-ATA ist schneller als P-ATA (Datentransferrate).
    Andy  ______________________________________
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  • Installer cant find hard drive

    Now when I download update for my G4 power book IE the latest ITunes and other Apple updates the Mac installer dosent show hard drive to install to. HELP!!!!!

    what OS is installed on the machine, how much free space is on the drive, is there any error message when installing and what does it say exactly?

  • Waking Mac from sleep, starts unmounted hard drive.

    Hi there if I unmount/eject my external harddrive it powers down.  However if I my iMac goes to sleep and I wake it back up it also powers on the external harddrive which starts spinning, despite the fact it's not mounted.  I can get it to stop by going into disk utility and ejecting it again (even though it is already ejected and not showing in finder).  But this is annoying to do everytime I want to wake my computer up.
    How can stop my iMac from powering on the external harddrive everytime it wakes up?

    I recently started to have this problem as well.  i just started using a new imac,  ( most current version 21.5 inch. 
    i never had this happen with my older 17 inch imac,  even through different versions of os x including lion.
    is there a way to stop my external drive from mounting and running each time i wake my mac?

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