Changes in PPro timeline not transferred into Encore.

Yikes. I hope I didn't screw up.  After I built all my menus and things in Encore, I went back and added a couple of things to the original timeline in Premiere.  I was under the impression that Encore looks at the Timeline file from Premiere.  But, when I look at the timeline (now) in Encore, I see the original timeline, and not the Premiere timeline that I just added a few things to.
How do I go about making Encore see and use the newly updated timeline without starting a whole new project?

I got it figured out:
File / Revert to Original did not work.
However, this did work:
The updated PPro Sequence was/is shown in the Encore Project Assets panel, so...
I deleted the old/exising Timeline (in Encore).
I highlighted the new/updated Premiere Pro Sequence in the Encore Project Assets panel.
I clicked on the 'Create A New Item' icon at the bottom of the Project Assets panel.
Then, I clicked on 'Timeline'
It  (Encore) then created a New Timeline from the newly/update sequence that I had updated in PPro.
As far as the difference between a Timeline and a Sequence goes, I think I also answered that question for myself also..
A 'sequence' is an asset that can be used in a Timeline.
A 'timeline' is an organization of assets layed out in chronological order.
I do appreciate your help though.  Everyone on the forum has been great!
Thanks again!

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    Hi SAP CRM Experts,
    Could you please provide me the solution for the below concern?
    When the changes are made in SAP CRM order ,the synchronization is not taking place i.e., those changes are not replicating into ECC6.0 and the other way round is working fine(from ECC6.0 to CRM)The order is not editable in CRM and giving the message as "Document is being distributed; changes are not possible" and BDOC status as " After qRFC step (intermediate state)" and in the in bound queue (SMQ1) and it is showing as "running" after a while it is clearing but the BDOC and the orders messages are still the same.
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    Hi, Succhi
    Note 1621031 - Incorrect status I1054 "To be distributed"
    Note 1620893 - Screen output without connection to user - SMQ1
    also check program CRM_DATAEXCHANGE_TOOLBOX

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    I'm trying to export a sequence through the Adobe Dynamic Link from Premiere Pro CS6 to Encore and the audio is not transferring with video. The video is 30 minutes long with multiple video and audio tracks. The video came through fine, but no audio track. However, I also brought a timeline into the project that was less than 3 minutes and the audio track came with it. Any suggestions/help much appreciated! Thank you!

    Yes--that is correct. Audio track in Premiere but no audio track present in Encore. I believe the audio format in Premiere is Stereo. It is HD footage shot on a C-100 camera. The sound was recorded into the camera and all brought in together. I did end up doing the work around that was suggested and just exported an MPEG2-DVD and pulled the audio in manually. But, would love to try to figure out how to make it work directly using Adobe Dynamic Link. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! 

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    Hi guys
    In ECC 6.0 when you change a doc.  with FB02, BSEG-SGTXT is not transferred to COEP-SGTXT. In fact if you parked an invoice with FV60 and leave item text  "SGTXT" field blank , and afterwards you fill the item text with something and save the doc. as definitve the field bseg-sgtxt is not transferred to controlling doc and field COEP-sgtxt is not updated.
    Transactions KOB1 or KSB1 don't  show you the changes made in the finance document in line item text.
    I have searched in the sap notes but all of them relates to version up to 500.
    I Do not Know how to resolve the issue. I tried also with 1KE8  but only reverse and create a new Profit center doc and the field GLPCA-SGTXT is blank
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    Hi Abhisek
    When I searched in sap help portal this note: 1003756,  I get next error message:  "The requested SAP Note is either in reworking or is released internally only"
    By the way I do not get also this note implemented in my system, but I can not find it also in
    Do you Know Why ?
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  • Changes to order are not transferred

    our PPDS users are facing an issue in Product Planning Table ( transaction /sapapo/ppt1).
    When we create a planned order and convert to production orders, the system converts with out any issues.
    After some time when we drag the production order to a new time ( in DS board), fix the order, then when we save, we get the message " Changes to order 100065265 are not transferred" and the order moves back to where it was... The  # 100065265 is our production order in created status.
    Looking at the error details, I thought there are some changes to the order being done in R/3, but there were no changes to that order in R/3 at that point and the same change, if done after some time goes through...
    This is happening almost for every order and it's annoying to keep click ok on this order, wait and then reprocess again...some time we get the error multiple time before the system accepts the changes...
    Any idea on what might be happening?
    More details about the error,
    Changes to order 100065265 are not transferred
    Message no. /sapapo/cdpssimulati015
    The changes made to the order 100065265 in SAP APO can not be transferred as the order has already been changed by the linked R/3 system
    System Response:
    If you have made minor changes to an order in SAP APO and changes to this order are simultaneously being transferred from the R/3 system, only the changes from the R/3 system are adopted. The changes you made to the order manually in SAP APO are lost
    In technical information, I see the application area as /SAPAPO/SIMULATI, MESSAGE # 015 and main program SAPLSHL2.

    It seems the production order details are getting updated in ECC with order related settings you maintained at ECC, like settlement profile, etc., During that time, if you try to change the production order in APO, since the ECC update for the order is not yet completed, it gives the error. Thats why after sometime, when you change the production order, it allows you to change.
    Please try this, once you convert the order in APO, go to ECC and try to open the order in CO02 or CO03, it will give you an error the order is already being processed by XXXX. If so, then it is the time taking to update the production order in ECC.
    Also, try this, once you convert the order, immediately save and after sometime you change the time.
    Please check and revert.
    Manimaran M.

  • HT203167 I can see an audiobook that I purchased in my iTunes account and on my iphone, but it's not transfering into my library. HELP!

    That's basically it. I purchased 2 audio books from my iphone, and only one transfered into my itunes. I saw both books download in icloud, but again, only the one showed up.
    What should I do. I see it everywhere except where I want it.
    Thanks for your help.

    Audiobooks are currently a one-time only download, so they won't appear in the Purchased link for re-downloading, so you will need to contact Apple.  Try the 'report a problem' link from your purchase history : log into your account on your computer's iTunes via Store > View My Account and you should then see a Purchase History section with a 'see all' link to the right of it ; click on that and you should see a list of your purchases ; find that audiobook and use the 'Report a Problem' link and fill in details about the problem (iTunes support should reply within, I think, 24 to 48 hours).
    Some people have had a problem with the 'report a problem' link (it's been taking people to this site on a browser instead of showing a form in iTunes) - if it does that to you then try contacting iTunes support via this page : click on Contact iTunes Store Support on the right-hand side of the page.

  • Effect changes in the timeline not changing output.

    So I used and external matte key ("set matte" in premiere speak). Rendered it and output it. The client wanted it to occur earlier. So I slide the matte reference clip earlier in the time line, leaving the effected clip in place.
    Now the effect occurs (somewhat) twice. It happens in the new timing where is should, then it happens where it did (but without the background, just the foreground being keyed over black.) So it's seems to be trying to apply a matte key where there is no matte clip on the matte reference layer, but there WAS a matte clip in the reference layer
    I've reapplied the effects, relayed the video tracks, deleted the renders about a hundred times and rerendered, applied solid black/white to the matte reference layer, anything I can think of. It seems this effect is somehow "Cached" in the timeline and won't get released.
    It gets weirder. Sometimes I'll render it and it looks fine. Then I'll output a (Prores HQ) master and the black will be in the output, but not the master. Then I'll reopen the master and it's got the black.
    I remember posting a similar question a while ago, but never saw any final resolution. How can the output file be different from the rendered timeline? It's starting to make me feel like premiere is almost unusable if you can't reliably get a product out. For me, this is a serious problem.
    Anyone have any idea? There may be a simple solution, I just can't figure it out.

    I got it figured out:
    File / Revert to Original did not work.
    However, this did work:
    The updated PPro Sequence was/is shown in the Encore Project Assets panel, so...
    I deleted the old/exising Timeline (in Encore).
    I highlighted the new/updated Premiere Pro Sequence in the Encore Project Assets panel.
    I clicked on the 'Create A New Item' icon at the bottom of the Project Assets panel.
    Then, I clicked on 'Timeline'
    It  (Encore) then created a New Timeline from the newly/update sequence that I had updated in PPro.
    As far as the difference between a Timeline and a Sequence goes, I think I also answered that question for myself also..
    A 'sequence' is an asset that can be used in a Timeline.
    A 'timeline' is an organization of assets layed out in chronological order.
    I do appreciate your help though.  Everyone on the forum has been great!
    Thanks again!

  • How can I automatically change my edited timeline from 24fps into 25fps?

    Hello everyone,
    I have a timeline in 24fps with 24fps footage. I have to convert it (the timeline and the footage) into 25fps, so I can put a 25fps Timecode in it (it was a 24fps 16mm film material and it has to be rescan in 25fps...). Is there a way to do that? I mean beside of reedit everything in a 25fps timeline. The footage was quicktime prores 4444, I made merged clips of it and edited it then, so I have only merged clips on the timeline.
    I would be very thankful for any suggestions!

    Hi Richard, unfortunately I need to burn in Timecode from the source clips, so this won`t help me:/ but thanks for your answer! I think the only possibility for me is to create a new timeline in 25fps, modify the source footage from 24 into 25fps and reedit it. Is there any way to use command match frame (and reversed match frame) from merged clips in a timeline to source material from which I created the merged clips? so the source footage and not the used merged clip will be loaded into the source monitor? it would make a reedit much much faster...

  • Encore Chapter marks not imported into Encore CS5

    I am using Encore dynamic link with Premiere CS5.5 and the timelines are showing up minus all my encore chapter markers. I have gone back to make sure thathat every marker has a chapter title and the "Encore Chapter" marker is set in the option for the marker menu. Oddly enough a much smaller project I did a while back worked fine. Any suggestions?

    A quick look, and I'm not sure how this can go wrong, as long as:
    You are DLing a sequence that has the Encore marker in it (not in a sequence that is nested).
    You are CS5 (or 5.5 I assume; I have CS5) and you are clicking on the Encore marker to add. CS5 does not require you to add names; Encore will autogenerate names if they are missing.
    If this is not working, create a new PR project, add a short clip to a sequence, add one Encore marker, DL to a new Encore project. Does it come in?

  • Changes in LR4RC are not transferred to CS5

    When I update photo's to current process in LR 4.1RC, and then edit them in Photoshop, I don't see the changes I've made in LR (Exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites and blacks) in CS5.
    If I don't update them, all changes are perfectly transferred to CS5.

    Have you installed ACR 6.7 RC?  You'll have to do that in order to get Photoshop to see changes made with the 2012 process.

  • Existing movies not transferring into iMovie

    I have several hundred video clips and stills from vacations that fill my iTunes library. I want to compile several projects for past vacations. I cannot seem to get my videos, which appear in iTunes, under "Videos" on my iPad, and on AppleTV, to populate in the video tab of iMovie. The needed files are in .m4v format. How can I import them into iMovie? Must they be converted to .mov files first?
    Thanks for the help

    I'm glad you've found a way to get the video into the iPad that works for iMovie.
    Seems like a lot of effort just to edit on a basic hack and slash edit program.
    And although I get what your saying, I think your missing what iOS is aimed at.
    iPads are not computer replacements.
    They have never been aimed at that.
    You need a computer to sync, back up, and maintain an iPad.
    They are great at what they do, but you can't expect them to be a total laptop or desktop replacement.
    Also, iMovie iOS is made to shoot, cut, and run.
    What your talking about is best done on a desktop machine that has room to fit two years worth of videos.
    As soon as you want to edit more precisely rather then hack edit then iMovie iOS is not enough.
    I can recommend a few good iOS editors that are made to edit longer and better videos.
    iMovie is not that program.
    And I too believe that over time as the iPads have more space, they will ultimately be a computer replacement.
    My wish list would be to have access to my iPhoto library from a desktop computer that I can edit live over wireless (n routers are fast enough).
    I do tell Apple my ideas, and hope they will come to light.
    So please tell Apple what you want:

  • Captivate 8 (C8) not transferring correct slide resolution from PowerPoint (PPT)

    I am tasked with transferring quite a number of PPT presentations into C8.  I have come across a few 'bugs' and am trying to solve them, one by one. 
    Today's issue:  slides from PPT are not transfering into C8 with the correct screen resolution.  The first thing I noticed about my slide transfer was that the titles in my PPT slides are not in the same position when transfered over into C8, and the font is pixilated.  Even when I go into PPT and make changes, save those changes and then update the file in C8, I still have a problem with the titles not being in the correct spot.  I know they are off because the titles appear within a band of silver, with a thick, brown bar above them in PPT. In C8, the titles are squished into the brown bar with too much space left over in the silver band -
    The title and bands in PPT:
    The title and bands in C8:
    This is using the default 10" x 7.5" aspect ratio in PPT, and the pixel equivalent in C8 of 720x540.  The font is BANK GOTHIC.
         (BTW: I found a chart here - I Came, I Saw, I Learned...: PowerPoint: Changing Slide Sizes for Importing into Captivate  which is not correct.   For instance, this chart suggests a slide resolution of 10.5" x 7" would transfer over into C8 as1008 px x 672px.  This size is incorrect; it still produces incorrect slide resolution.  And there is no way to use this chart for custom slide sizes).
    When I changed the font (to CENTURY GOTHIC), I did get a better result in the position of my title:
    PPT new font:
    C8 new font:
    However, I am still experiencing the pixilation of the font.  I closed this project out of C8 without saving and then re-transfered the files. This time, I went with the C8 default resolution of 960x720 - this translates in Powerpoint to 13.333" x 10".  NOT the same slide setting I have in PPT, which is 10" x 7.5" however, this looks much better, with less pixilation of the font within the work area. When I publish it out, the pixilation goes away and the font is smooth again. 
    My conclusion: some fonts do not transfer well into C8, and screen resolutions differ from PPT, Photoshop and C8.  If you are having difficulties getting your PPT slides to look the same in C8, it could be your font is not transfering well, or it could be your screen resolution.

    Not really an answer, but the big problem IMO is that PPT, although a presentation tool that will use screens (or projection systems) defines a project in printing units (inches or cm) which is totally crazy.  Captivate is a bit more normal for that aspect, it uses pixels to define the size. And screens, devices no longer have all 72ppi. Sorry for the ranting...already commented that way when PPT first appeared (used better applications like Freelance Graphics for presentation, they are now killed by PPT). Contrary to Adobe, MS never listens to comments, reported several bugs in MS Project as well, they are still present in the latest version 15years later.

  • PR Quantity not transfered to PO

    Greetings Experts,
    Need assistance in regards to PR to PO. Apparently when a PR was created there was no issue with the process and that there's no such errors. But when posted to PO, the quantity in the PR is not transferred into the PO. Example 4 PAX was stated in the PR but when it's posted in the PO, the quantity amount is "0". So far this is only happening to one purchasing group while the rest seems okay.
    What seems to be the problem and what might the solution be? Do let me know thanks!
    MM Support In Training.

    Mohamad Harith Mahmood wrote:
    More or less that was what I was told. Only this particular purchasing group is acting up when creating the PO while the rest seems to be working fine.
    If that would be true, then it must be caused by a customer exit.
    But I doubt that it is has something to do with a purchsing group.
    The situation you described is usually coming if the requisition was already fully ordered  and someone tries to convert it again into a PO.
    Go in ME53N into the status tab and see to which purchase orders this PR was already converted.

  • Delta changes in R/3 sales document are not coming into CRM

    Hi Middleware experts,
    We are on CRM 5.0 SP 005 with ECC 5.0 SP 007 and using the scenario X for sales documents replication.
    Now the order is created in CRM and successfully transfered to R/3. I can see 3 Bdocs in SMW01 with green lights. First Bdoc says 'R/3 adapter is called', second Bdoc says 'the order is successfully saved' and displays a warning 'The sales document is not yet complete: Edit data' and third Bdoc has no messages. Also I do not see any struck queues in CRM and in R/3
    I am able to edit the sales document in both the systems as per the scenario X. Now I have completed and saved the document in R/3. Surprisingly these changes are not coming into CRM and no new entries in SMW01. Also R/3 SMQ1 and CRM SmQ2 doesn't show any entries. I am also not able to debug, since I do not see any Bdocs in SMW01.
    Now, if I changes the document in CRM and these changes are coming into R/3.
    Also all documents created in R/3 are successfully going into CRM including delta changes in R/3.
    I do not have any clue on what is happening? Highly appreciated, if you can help me.

    Hi PK,
    In R3AC1 only we put the filter. So if you do not have any other filter then make sure that you are changing the order which was created not before the date mentioned.
    I would recommend you to just deregister the CRM system in R/3 Transaction SMQS and do some changes in the orders and check any queues are getting created corresponding to that order, If yes that means filter is not an issue. Then debug the queue and find the exact problem. Also make sure that the order you are changing in R/3 is of the same order type what you have mentioned in the filter.
    Make sure to registor back the CRM other wise all the queues will get stuck in R/3 outbound.
    <b>Reward points if it helps!!</b>
    Best regards,
    Message was edited by: Vikash Krishna

  • Changes are not reflected into SEM-BPS 1 layout.

    1st, I've included code in SAPAfterDataPut that copies data from SEM-BPS 1 into New Sheet.
    Now, I've inserted a method in the sheet module of New Sheet. This method takes care of reflecting changes from New Sheet into SEM-BPS 1 layout. but, finally am not getting changes back to SEM-BPS 1 sheet.
    I've tested this in excel (outside of BPS) and it works fine.
    in BPS, I went into VB debugging mode (after inserting a break point) and I can see that change that has been made in New Sheet was reflected back to SEM-BPS 1. But, when i test the same out of debugging mode, am not getting the same result.
    Looks like,after changes in New Sheet, SAPAfterDataPut is again being executed and is overwriting the changes that I made in new sheet.
    Do i need to inlclude code only in SAPBeforeDataPut to reflect changes from new Sheet into SEM-BPS 1?
    In excel (outside of BPS), this method works in such a way that, as soon as i make changes in Sheet2 will get reflected into Sheet1 without runnning any macro.
    but, with same code, this doesn't work in BPS. (instead of reflecting changes to SEM-BPS 1, changed value in New Sheet is reverted back to original value that is same as the value in SEM-BPS 1)
    Appreciate any ideas/thoughts on this.

    Usually you work with a second sheet in the following way: write a macro that copies the data from the SEM-BPS 1 sheet to the new sheet. In order to run that macro include it into the macro "SAPAfterDataPut" and set the flag in the check box of in the popup of the third screen of the layout builder. The system will call the macro after the data has been written to the sheet SEM-BPS 1.
    There is a second predefined macro that the system will executed provided that the flag is set on the popup in the layout builder. This macro is called "SAPBeforeDataGet". It is called before the BPS reads data from the SEM-BPS 1 and should be used for transferring the data back to the first screen (similar to the coding you have done in SAPAfterDataPut). Using this macro should solve your problem.
    I did not understand how the changes are transferred from the new sheet in your (stand alone) case. Unfortunately it sometimes does make a difference if you test a macro in a stand alone Excel or in the Excel inplace. Some features are disabled in Excel Inplace (by Microsoft!!).
    Best regards,
    Gerd Schoeffl
    SAPNetWeaver RIG BI EMEA

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