" Data Retreival in Webi-reports "

Dear  Friends ,
                               I have established a  Universe on Top of Info-cube ,I have checked the Integrity of the universe and Exported the universe .
       But the Data which is present in BI is not coming to my Bo tool :: Web-Intelligence Report.
  Can anybody tell me the solution to display the reports in Web-Intelligence.
Or possible send me some steps to display the data in Web-Intelligence from BI .

Hai  Saathiya,
       My issue is ,Data is not coming to the Webi-report.
The universe Connection is fine, The Info-cubes are Present .
I am able to see the universe connection on the Info-cube.
But when I run the query,I am unable to see the data in the report.

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  • How to read Data of a Webi Report

    Hello Friends,
    I have a task where I need to read data of a Webi Report, how can it be done?
    Basically I have a trigger report which runs every day and get the latest RACN number from the database. I am trying to get that RACN number from trigger report using BOBJ SDK.
    I really appreciate your suggestions on this.

    Hi Rakhy,
    Is the RACN Number a column or dimension in your webi report? Is it a universe object(webi based on universe)
    Also what version of BusinessObjects you are using?
    If you are using XI 3.1 and you need to retrieve objects from a webi report it can be done using the ReportEngine SDKs.
    Please refer to the developers guide and API referrence guide available at
    Also refer to the document at
    http://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-38618 for better understanding the workflow.
    An example snippet of how to retrieve an object is below
    DocumentInstance wiDoc = widocRepEngine.openDocument(oInfoObject.getID());
    ReportDictionary reportDictionary=wiDoc.getDictionary();
    for(int a=0;a<reportDictionary.getChildCount() ;a++)
    String name=reportDictionary.getChildAt(a).getName();

  • How to show muliti language data correctly using webi reports

    Hi ,
    Can you please suggest me how to show multi language data correctly in webi reports .
    Do we need to install any lang pack in both server and client machine ?
    Thanks & Regards

    you mean using translation manager? or data from DB? or both.
    You need to make sure that your DB is already configured for multiple languages.
    Enable the OS for multi languages
    On XIR3.1, you will need to install language packs on the processing servers.  then you can utilize translation manager.
    Installation of Language Packs are a pain to install and update.

  • Time delay on seeing the changed data onto the webi reports

    I'm new to BOBJ and was hoping someone can help me with adjusting the time delay the reflects the changed data to the Webi reports.
    I have a user that would update a form on our EP.  Afterward, she would have to wait a while before she can see the changed data on our Webi reports.
    can you please tell me the default time lag and show me where I can change it if required?

    Thanks for the reply.
    Our BO is 3.1 SP4.
    We just implemented PBF (Public Budget Formulation) and our forms are running on NWCE server.  It's being written to our backend BW 7.01 SP8 server.  I was told by our users that after she updates some new information on the form, it takes a while before she can see it on the reports.  My understanding was the universe should see the updated data from our BW immediately after they refresh.  Just as you both mentioned.  But according to the users, its not.  there's a time delay.
    I'm going to test this myself if there's a delay.  In the meantime and suggestion would be helpful.

  • Export Data of a Web Report  having 2-3 Queries(tables) Onto 1 Excel Sheet

    I have a Report designed in Web Application Designer. It has 2 or more Table Web Items in it to which different queries are bound.
    Although the data of these queries is shown as one Report but to the user it is very annoying when he has to export the Data separately for each block and then copy-paste in order to have a single Exported File (as till then the user thinks it is just one Report).
    The question is : Is there a way in which one can Export entire Data of a Web Report  having 2 Queries(tables) Onto 1 Excel Sheet once, so that 2-3 exports or more from context Menu, and then copy-paste from excel, can be avoided?

    Hi , I have gone through this document
    got this installed (the pre requisites) through SAP admin.
    & now the  code in html pane is  as below :
    First I am trying with Button option with only one dataprovider. Later will do changes for context menu option & more dataproviders.
    But when i click on "Web printing with excel" , progress bar finishes & nothing happens.
    Should't the result set be exported to Excel
    Am i missing on some part.
    Best Regards

  • How to Sort prompt date in BO Webi report

    Hi Gurus,
    I am facing a critical issue in selecting date prompt in my webi report.
    Please find the below image as the dates are not getting sorted as per year.
    Please suggest solution for this.

    Hi Bikash,
          Create a predefined filter in the Universe. The edit the date object by changing the LOV SQL, ordering it on the date field. Now click on the option 'Export with Universe" in the propereties tab and the export the universe.
      Hope it should wok.
    Thanks and Regards

  • Date Format in Webi Reports - Error

    Hi ,
       I am using a date dimension in my webI report, but the dimension value is not populating correctly, it shows some constant value for all fileds. I checked the format of the dimension in the universe. It is in perfect format as date.can anyone guide me on this.

    Will normally be defined as a Date type object, so it is treated by WebI as a date.
    When you use the object in a webI report, it will get the default date format based on the locale settings of the user.
    If you are getting a german date format (dd.MM.yyyy is German), that must be your preferences.
    Two ways to go about this:
    1) change your preferences.
    2) fix the date format of the cell by using the FormatNumber dialogue.
    Go to the date/time part and select Custom.
    Now you can type the format you want, i.e. MM/dd/yyyy
    Hope this helps,

  • Data Different in Web reports and Bex Report

    Dear Experts,
    We found that the data in web reports is not in line with BEx reports, The Infoprovider is same the query is same. But when we are executing reports with same varialbes in BEx and Web reports, they are showing different values.
    COuld you please let us know what could be the possible reasons for the above criteria, and how to overcome it?

    Hi Rajni,
    Clear the cache memory and run the web report agian.
    Hope it helps,
    Thanks ,

  • Data discrepancy between Webi Report and same Query fired on SQL Server 2k5

    Hi ,
    We are facing an issue in BO XI R2.
    We need to run a Webi report in which negative values for forecasting data for year 2011 and 2012 should be displayed.
    When we are running this report for negative values, we are getting message u2018There is no data corresponding to this queryu2019.
    Then we tried executing the same query on Database. Here at db level we got the correct required result.
    So now we are not able to find the reason for data discrepancy .
    Why the same query generated by Webi is providing correct data when fired on reporting database and not when running the Webi Report.
    Checklist we have gone through for this troubleshooting is-
    -Connections of Universe (Is universe pointing to same database or not)
    -Any filter condition present at universe level and at report level.
    Could anyone please help on this.

    Have you tried the following when you are in WebI: go under the Edit Query panel, click on the "SQL" icon, and review the query that is getting generated?  At this point you can also click on the "copy" option, then paste this query into your SQL application analyzer and run to see what results are generated.  To me, it sounds like the portion trying to generate the "minus" sign might be getting tripped up causing the disconnect....

  • How to deactivate the context menu for data cells in web reports

    we would like to have the data cells (for example: values in euro) without context menu. I mean, right now, when users navigate in web reports and stop with a mouse over the data cell, text like "Context menu for 5.000 Highlighted" appears. Especially users don't want to see the exception cells with this information like
    "Context menu for 6.000 critical 4".
    Is it possible to deactivate this context info?
    Thanks and Regards,
    Nuran Adal
    Message was edited by: Nuran Adal

    Hello Nuran,
    I guess you want to disable the Tooltip and not the ContextMenu. Anyway, use the table interface for it.
    Have a look at paramter C_CELL_CONTENT
    In Method DATA_CELL.
    This one contains strings like:
    Rebuild this String to:
    Kind Regards,

  • Date issue in webi report after migration to XI 3.1

    Hello All,
    We had designed a webi report in BOXIR2 with run date present in report header section. This report was working fine in XIR2 environment.
    However after migrating this report to XI 3.1 with sp2 and fp2.2, we have observed that date part is getting eliminated from the report header. If date is 13/01/2010, then only 13 is visible and rest of the date is getting out of report. This happens when we export report to PDF (We need final output in PDF).
    The same thing was working fine in XIR2. From 'properties' section of report,  we have verified that report format has not changed. Also we are using latest version of Adobe (9.2).
    Can you suggest us the steps to resolve this issue?

    When you view the Report in WebI Format is the Date shown correct ?
    When you export the Report in xls. is the Date shown correct ?
    Could you please re- validate your formular in XI 3.1 for the date
    Compare the Format of the Object in the Universe between Rel.2 and XI 3.1 (if the Date informations in an object in your Universe)
    Only Adobe Reader 8.1.2 and 9.0 are supported. Can you please install one of these versions and retry ?

  • Last data-load date in the WebI report

    I have made a WebI report on the InfoCube. Now  the  client is interested in seeing the date on which the data was latest loaded in the InfoCube. If someone can help with the scenario.

    Take the max of record load date in the report and show it.
    Let me know if this did not work.
    Ravichandra K

  • How to avoid data tab in webi report.

    Hi BO gurus,
    I need one clarification, while seeing the webi report(edit mode) we can see data tab left side of report. how can we avoid the data tab?
    I mean with out  data tab .

    Hi Arjun,
    Please find the above requirement available below:-
    BI 4.1 Web Intelligence GUI Customization - Business Intelligence (BusinessObjects) - SCN Wiki
    SAP KBA 1859784 - How to disable the Design and Data buttons in Web Intelligence in BI 4.1 also available for the same.
    Hope this helps.

  • How to access data from SAP Tables from a Webi report

    hi all,
    I have a webi report for financial data and from a Bex query which is build on a Cube (this has data from 2 SAP ECC systems)
    i want to build a functionality where in i can call some SAP Table data from this webi report. i should be able to pass information or some hard code where it can understand the source system it has to pick data from.
    in SAP BI, we have this ption wherein we can achieve this through RRI..
    is this possible in Webi ?

    Create a universe on top of SAP Tables and create a webi report.
    Using hyper link /open doc we can call  this report from the webi report created on top of your Cube .

  • Changing Webi Report Data Provider With Prompt

    Hi All,
    I am trying to change Data Source of a Webi Report using RESTful Web Services. Fo this I have referred code on Changing Dataproviders for a Webi Report using RESTful Web Services Post.
    I am able to change data source for Webi Reports without Prompts but it is not working for Webi Reports with Prompts.
    Can anybody help me??
    Thanks & Regards
    Swapnil Kulkarni

    Hello Swapnil,
    In order to perform a change data source, you have to answer the prompts (like in the regular Webi UI). In this kind of case, RESTful webservice will send back the list of parameters needed after you submitted your target mappings. Then, you have to answer prompts and send all the information (mappings + prompts answers).
    Does it make sense?
    Best regards,

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