Default Profit Center - Bank G/L Accounts

I am using document splitting functionality. How to default profit center for Bank G/L while using Bank Reconciliation Account?

If you are on New GL, pls use T Code FAGL3KEH
Sanil Bhandari

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  • Default Profit center for balance sheet account

    Dear All
    I've problem when i display accounting document in billing, there is no profit center information in GL account VAT,since document spliting is not activated,so I maintain default profit center for balance sheet account (3KEH),.
    can anybody tell me why this problem raised? where that i have missed the configuration?
    Thanks And Regards

    Hi Vijay,
    Good day!
    I would like to seek your advice regarding the default profit center for Balance Sheet Account:
    We have this issue that BS account defualted to a certain profit center: I have done several testings but still cannot find why the BS account defaulted to the profit center
    1. I have checked the FAGLBK3EH and the BS account in which PC defaulted is not maintained in this tcode.
    2. also check the OBBH and the document does not contain any cost object wherein a profit center can be derived. also checked  substitution, either both of this code does not defines the profit center im searching for.
    Can you please advice some directions where to check and why certain profit center defaulted to balance sheet account.
    Your advice is greatly appreciated.

  • Assignment of Default profit center to Balance sheet Account

    Hi Gurus,
    Is it possible to assign default profit center to balance sheet accout  code ?. If it is possible how to do?
    Many thanks,

    Transaction code: 3KEH
    1. Define account(s)
    2. Next, click on PrCtr Determination
    3. Then, under Maintain Entries,  click on Rule Values and complete the settings here.
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  • Default Profit Center for Retained Earnings Account

    We wish to default a profit center for our retained earnings account. Currently, the system carries forward P/L balance to Retained Earnings Account Profit Center wise.
    Kindly advise on how we can default a particular PC for retained earnings account. Also in case it is possble, does the system balance the PC wise trial balance by changing balances in Inter PC Balancing account (Zero Balance Clearing)?

    You can default through 3KEH in classic GL and through FAGL3KEH in New GL
    Br, Vivek

  • Depriciation Posting happens to Default Profit Center for Balance Sheet Act

    Dear Experts,
    I am facing problem in SAP where when I run Depriciation for Co Code B the system is picking up Default Profit Center for Balance Sheet Account GL Account while it is picking up proper Profit Center for P&L GL Account from Asset Master in the Depriciation Document AF.
    Can you please advice what exactly customization to i need to check since Depriciation for Co Code A is happening properly for CO CODE A.for P&L and B/S GL Account.

    Hi Rahul,
    When you want to have the profit center in your balance sheet account you should make the field cost center optional in the field status group from your asset reconciliation accounts.
    The system need this to determinate the profit center (no cost center is filled in)

  • Default Profit Center to Bank Clearing Account

    Hi All,
    Currently, our company is one company code to one bank account and one bank account use by different profit centers ( Bussines Units) . Our reporting ( Balance Sheet / Profit & Loss ) is by Profit Center Level.
    1. Default Profit Center to Bank Clearing Account.
    - we cannot create cashflow report by profit center, because bank clearing account is default by profit center. 
    2. Not default Profit Center to Bank Clearing Account
    - We got Profit Center 9999 / P9999 issues on Bank Clearing Account.
    Should we default Profit Center on Bank Clearing Account ?
    Thank You
    Alex Lee

    Hi Alex,
    If you are using 4.7 or ECC 5.0 then you needs to maintain Default profit Center for Balance Sheet G/Lu2019s through T. code 3KEH and 3KEI, else if you are working with ECC 6.0 then you need to maintain default profit center for Balance Sheet G/Lu2019s through T. code FAGL3KEH and for Profit and loss related G/Lu2019s / Cost elements profit centers derivation rule can be maintained through T. code OKB9 accordingly.

  • Default profit center for banks account

    Can we get the profit center as default in the bank account ? How ?Please tell me the config steps!

    Substitution is possible.
    Also, through Transaction 3KEH, Default Profit Center can be set against Required GL (i.e Bank GL in your case)
    Warm Regards...

  • Default Profit Center to Customer Account.

    Dear Friends,
    We have posted an FI Document using T.code FB70.
    After the document in posted, I have checked in T.code FB03.
    For Customer Account, Profit Center is defaulted .
    EX: for Customer Account is 40, Profit center 99,0000 is defaulted.
    Why this ahppening, Where can i check this configuration.
    We have not implemented NEW GL, although we are using ECC 6.0.
    Please suggest.

    Profit Center default in GL Account Number  wise , i.e, while creating customer master data Recon account, you check Default Profit center in T.code FAGL3KEH , .
    With regards,
    Ganesh Sadula.

  • Default Profit Center Problem - Withholding Tax GL

    Dear SAP New GL Gurus,
    I am trying to configure the system for automated Withholding Tax postings.  We are on ECC6.0 New GL with Doc Splitting active.
    I have successfully done the Doc Splitting and it works perfectly fine.
    I am facing problem at Auto derivation of Profit Center for GL Accounts.
    I have configured the Withholding Tax Codes and assigned the GL Accounts.  The Tax codes are assigned for Vendors.
    When there is a posting for the Vendors the system generates an additional line item for the Tax Codes.  However the system fails to post this for want of Profit Center.
    I went to path: FA New - GL New - Master Data - Profit Center - Assign Default Profit Center to Accounts: Over here I gave the GL Account of Tax Code and a Profit Center.
    The system still does not grab the PC automatically.
    Whether I am missing some config here?
    Please advise.
    Many Thanks

    I am not bringing Bank Account at all.  The Accounting entry goes this way -
    Expense    DR
    Vendor       CR
    TDS Payable (Automatic) CR - This is where the problem for the Profit Center comes up.
    As such the postings are going perfectly fine for Vendor without TDS and Expense lines (even with different Cost and Profit Centers).  That is to say the Doc Splitting is working fine.
    Any clues?
    Many Thanks.

  • Defaulting profit center from sales order while doing delive COGS line item

    HI All
    In my company COGS account is a cost element.when PGI(post goods issue) was posted, sap will automatically create an accounting dcument
    CR:stock account ( profit center from material master data or from sales order)
    DT:Cost of goods sold ( profit center from cost center master data)Can we default profit center from material master data(or from sales order) in the COGS line item
    Thanks in advance

    What is your current Version? Is it ECC6 and New GL implemented? Document split configuration will help you.
    If you are not using ECC6 and New GL, then try T.Code 3KEH and determine profit center based on Valuation area.    OR
    You may look into GL Line item level, Write a Validation Rule to select profit center.
    Hope this will help you.

  • Default profit center in S_ALR_87013336 report

    Hello Friends,
    I have a problem in FI and SD integration accounting document.
    System set up
    New GL activated
    ECC 6.0
    The case is- Billing document is created without error, the accounting document has following elements
    Debtor A/c      Dr
    Discount a/c   Dr 
                   Sales Tax payable          Cr
                   Trade Sales A/c              Cr     
    Sales Plant, material & profit center are updated to P&L item (sales & discount)
    when I switch over to general ledger view, profit center  as assigned in sales order (as in accounting document for P&L item ) has been updated for debtor and Tax payable account
    Now the problem is, when I check the profit center actual line item are appearing for the default profit center which is assigned in 3KEH. It should be for the true profit center assigned in sales order.
    With this issue the profit center report for balance sheet item S_ALR_87013336 is giving wrong result for the true profit center. Can you please advise me the step which I have missed here or have wrong assignment

    Hello Damodara,
    Item Category 0200 customer has been assigned to Debtor GL account in document splitting rule. Without this posting will not be allowed I believe.
    Profit center has been dervied from material master and updated in Sales order. No issue with this. Issue is with the profit center in Prodict center actual line item only. Correct profit center is been updated in accounting document in General ledger view.
    Hope I clarified your query.

  • Default profit center when posting vendor invoices thru MIRO, FB60 and FB65

    My requirement is to default profit center at item level while posting vendor invoices using transactions MIRO, FB60 and FB65.
    can anyone please provide some inputs on this.
    Thanks for your help.

    Hi,you need to customize doc splitting.
    1.You need to clasify all accounts from future document in  Document Splitting-Classify G/L Accounts for Document Splitting(e.g. all accounts 2000) 03000-VENDOR. IMG: Classify Document Types for Document Splitting    check for Document type  transaction and Variant (e.g. Doc=KR, Trans.=1010, Variant= 0001)
    3.In IMG:  Activate Document Splitting   check  assigned method(e.g. 000012)
    4. in IMG- Document Splitting-Extended Document Splitting-Define Document Splitting Rule
    For find your method and transaction(e.g. Method=00012, trans.=1010) and double click on Item categories(on left of the top of screen)
    There'd be record with category from first step (e.g. Cat.=0300), select one and double click on Base item cat. - there'd be Category 0300 and with check box Automatically split.
    I hope it'd be helpful

  • Substitute rule for default profit center

    Hi all,
    I have a One GL for VAT account for three regions. in each region we have 30 profit centers.
    Here my problem is when i post the sales transaction it is posting into  relavent profit center but my client wants  to post into regional office profit center instead of branch profit center.
    there is no chance to create default profit center for vat account in FAGL3KEH.
    How to write a Sub.rule for this.

    You seem to be on new gl. If you are using document splitting, as per standard, the profit center is derived from expense/revenue items for the tax accounts, which is correct. If however, you have an issue with that, implement BADI
    You can write your own code with the help of your ABAP Colleague on the way you want to derive profit centers
    Sanil Bhandari

  • How to mix default profit center and mandatory profit center ?

    Dear all,
    I have defined that the profit center is mandatory for all accounts (with the field status group).
    For some accounts, I have defined a default profit center in spro.
    When I do a posting for those accounts, and I don't key in a value for profit center, I receive the error message "An entry is required in Profit center field for account xxxx". But, the account has a default profit center defined in spro.
    Why the default profit center is not taken in consideration before to display the error message ?
    Is there any solution ?
    Thanks for your help

    When the field status group for an account mandates a field, it has to be filled in ENTRY view, i.e. when you are entering the document.  System would not let you go further until the field is filled with a valid value.  Default profit center configuration gets triggerred subsequently (just before the posting).
    Solution: For account for which you have default profit center configuration, change the field status group so profit center is optional.

  • Table relationship between Profit Center and G/L account.

    I have an issue related to wrong profit centers. We have a workflow that updating the profit center to a G/L account regarding the business of Reverse Logistic. In that business, we shift from a G/L account to another G/L account.
    Now I have to find the tables relationship between Profit center and G/L account, which contains the correct relationship between a profit center and a G/L account, so that I can profit centers related to the moved G/L account and the original G/L account.
    Thank you.
    Moderator: Please, search before posting

    The Posted data can be seen in BSEG & GLPCA/FAGLFLEXA
    The default assignment of GL & PC can be seen in 3KEH / FAGL3KEH
    br, Ajay M

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