Direct Debit /Payment Program

Using the payment run (F110) we need to create a file to send to our bank that will direct debit from our customer's accounts.  I created the payment method and used payment medium program RFFOCA_T (for Canada).  As well, I created a variant to go with it.  For the form for the payment transfer medium I used F110_CA_DTA.  Although the payment program part is working fine, I can not get the payment medium to produce anything.  It says "no data records found."  I would really appreciate additional information that will point me in the right direction.  I realize that additional config is required as per our bank's file requirements, but I expected that a generic file would be produced that we could modify.
Currently, we are using mySAP ERP 5.0.

Hi Janie,
You can use SE38 with the ABAP RFFOCA_T for running this.
In the ABAP you have to select the payment run. In the most situations you get more information about problems then when you run it with SAPF110
When you have run the payment run and changed later the customizing settings  in the most situations  RFFOCA_T don't select entries. Some information is stored in the payment files.

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  • Direct debit payment

    First payment for each customer via credit card and futher payment by direct debit.
    How to set the direct debit (other than BP- SP - Bank details and payment scheme) setting in CRM billing and finance posting into R/3.
    We are not using Business agreement, only BP. CRM flow includes (sales order-> service order-> Billing) link to install base -> R/3 (finance posting)
    All monthly invoice of amount equal to direct debit fix amount, however customer can change the direct debit amount after every 1 month number of times?
    Can some one suggest the solution? (With enhancement)
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Sanju,
    When we are receving an Amount in Advance thorugh credit card or Net Banking (direct debit), we can do  one enhancement where we will maintain Customer Account (credit card as customer needs to be create) , the GL Account, Card Type,  and here we will have option Net banking or not, if it is credit card dont select net banking option other wise select net banking option. It is Ztable where we will maintain the inputs but for this we required Zprogram to post the entries.
    So in this passion we can do enhancement, any further help requires just get back me.
    Thanks & Regards
    T N R

  • Direct debit payment method in F-58

    While i am trying to enter F-58 by giving payment method D(direct debit) and house bank, then system giving the following error message. Previously i have changed the direct debit method from incoming to outgoing payments, and the same maintained in Vendor master. I have created a check lot also and the same check lot given in f-58 by giving payment method D. the following error is coming.
    Enter payment method with which checks are created
    Message no. F5442

    How to maintain the payment methods in OBVCU.  I am not able. In which view cluster we have to maintain.
    Can u pl explain in detail.

  • Direct Debit nightmare!!!

    I have a direct debit in place on my account which is used to take monthly payments. I used to have the payment date set for the 27th of each month. Last month, February, I decided to change my payment date to the 18th of each month. I telephoned BT just after doing this as I changed it on the 19th to find out when my next payment would be as I wasn't sure if I would still get a debit on the 27th of that month. I was informed that my next payment would be the 18th March and no payment would debit on the 27th as I had given more than seven days notice. I decided to email BT as well as I wasn't convinced by the Indian call centre's knbowledge and received a reply a day later to inform me that a payment would be taken on the 27th February as a payment had to be taken each month as part of the monthly payment plan rules. I phoned BT again, Indian call centre, who assured me that no no no there would be no payment taken on the 27th and the information I had been given was wrong. Lo and behold on the 27th February a payment flew out of my account. I was livid with the wrong information I had received and after going all the way to the cancellations department I received a month's free line rental as an apology. I was also assured that March's payment would be debited on the 18th as I had changed it to.
      I have checked my bank account today, 21st March, and NO payment has been taken again on the 18th. I am now ready to start tearing my hair out as I have again been on the telephone to BT who have AGAIN given me two different explanations as to why payment has not been taken on the 18th. I actually had one advisor try to blame it on me because I should have told my bank I wanted the payment date changed, when I advised him that I have never heard of such a thing having to happen when you change a payment date with a company and that I have changed many different companies direct debit payment dates without having to inform my bank I was constantly interrupted and basically had the blame turned around on me! After ending the call as I was becoming increasingly positive I was not receiving a correct explanation I spoke with another advisor in Live Help who assured me that no payment would be taken this month and my next payment was due on the 18th April. When I asked why BT had not taken payment on the 18th I was met with another brick wall.
     I now do not know when payment will fly out of my bank account again. I am so frustrated with BT it is unbelievable, the customer service I have received today is terrible. This problem is now two months old and I am still going around in circles trying to talk to an english call centre who understand the problem and want to investigate it properly. I am now on the verge of transferring to Sky as I have lost all faith in the billing department.

    Hi StvBelding
    This really sounds frustrating, I'll be happy to have a look into your account and make sure that we get the payment date that you want, set up.
    Could you drop me in an email please with your BT account and telephone number along with a link back to this thread.
    Just send using the contact us form in my profile under the 'about me' section and mark FAO Craig please.
    BTCare Community Mod
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    We are sorry but we are unable to deal with service/account queries via the private message(PM) function so please don't PM your account info, we need to deal with this via our email account :-)”
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  • Difference between ACH, Wires and Direct Debit

    Can anyone tell me the difference between the following:
    International Wires
    Direct Debit
    What is the additional configuration required from a functional consultant apart from setting them up as a payment method. Please help with all steps. and what inforamtion shouldbe requested from bank in order to set a data flow to and from the bank

    ACH - A provider of electronic funds transfer services in the United States, handling automated payments such as direct debit and direct credit.
    Companies that use ACH send a DME file with information about the payments to be made. ACH then carries out the payments for them.
    Direct Debit - Payment of an agreed amount that is collected from a customer's account by an originator on request.
    A direct debit may or may not be subject to advance notice and the amounts may vary. Examples include the payment of utilities, news subscriptions, or the periodic collection of insurance premiums or loan payments.
    Wire Transfer: Wire transfer is a method of transferring money from one entity to another
    So U can create the APP Config FBZP for the ACH and Wire payments
    Additionally search, you will find lot of information.
    Please let me know if you need more information.
    Assign points if useful.
    Sridhar M

  • F110 Payment Run: Direct Debit collection file

    Hi FI Gurus,
    Currently, our Direct Debit Collection file is being created via Transaction F110 during Payment Run. Basically, the Direct Debit file is being uploaded in AL11 after the Payment Run Transaction F110.
    Please be informed that in the Printout / Data Medium tab of the F110, two programs are present:
    (2) RFFOEDI1
    Now, my requirement is to add the u201CPayers Nameu201D after every line item in the file.
    With these, I have some questions:
    (1) Can the Payers Name be added in the file thru configuration?
    (2) How do I do this via Conguration?
    Thank you very much!
    Best regards.

    Hi Brando,
    File is generated via payment program format which is in turn linked through Payment method in country.
    The same can be done via user exit in the function modules of the existing format or through DMEE.
    The first thing can be done using ABAP help, while the second ne is user friendly.
    DMEE steps are follows:
    (a)     Creating a new payment medium format: Use T Code DMEE to make necessary changes in your existing format. There you can add a new field.
    (b)     Assigning the newly created payment medium format to the payment method: In the Payment method for Country, instead of using Classic payment medium program, use "Payment medium workbench". Assign the new format here.
    (c)     Variant for payment medium format
    (d)     Assign selection variant

  • Adobe will not accept Bank Direct Debit for payment

    Adobe have just lost a Creative Cloud sale to me because it will not accept a monthly Direct Debit as means of payment rather than a credit card.  As the law on periodic payments via a credit card carries a high high compared to the law on bank Direct Debits, I am afraid that such short sightedness means "Thanks but No thanks!".  Pity! ( BTW Adobe bank Direct Debits provide more security for the supplier than credit cards.)

    I do not know the details and I do not have a saved link, but I have read that it is possible to buy from an authorized merchant
    Adobe contact information -

  • Payment Program - Generate additional clearing documents

    When executing an FPY1 payment run, say for a contract account. All open items that fall on the same due date are grouped into one payment document.
    Due to restrictions set by our reserve bank no direct debit may exceed R50000.00. For this reason we need generate payment documents not exceeding R50000.00 but equalling the payment amount.
    3 open items all due on the same day: R200000.00, R600000.00 & R50000 = R850000.00
    Instead of one payment document of R850000.00 we need 2 payment documents of R500000.00 and R350000.00 respectively.
    Does any one know how this can be achieved?
    Using the events provided is seems you can manipulate the document generated but not the amount of documents generated.
    Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
    FPY1 - IS-U - FICA - Automatic Payment Program - Direct Debit

    I think that you should look into event 0610. It should be possible there to change amounts of payable units. Check documentation of the event for name of structure holding changeable items.

  • BAPI for Automate direct debit proposal creation for selected customers.

    Hello ABAP Gurus,
    Requirement is - Changing the process for Automate direct debit proposal creation for selected customers from a custom BDC program to a BAPI.
    Explanation -
    Currently as per the process, we are using a BDC call transaction program for F110 - Automate direct debit proposal creation for selected customers. The main pupose of this BDC program is to automate F110 Bank Run for A/R (Selected Customers Only). It creates payment proposal which is the first step in order to create payment runs.This program will run in background.
    We wanted to change the process from a BDC call transaction process to a BAPI call . In this process I am trying to chase for a valid BAPI in order to sync to my requirement.
    It would be appreciate for your << removed >> response.
    Thank you.
    Edited by: Rob Burbank on Nov 11, 2009 3:33 PM

    Hello gurus,
    Is there any implicit or explicit enhancement point for F110 process or is there any alternative for payment proposal creations?
    is there any BAPI for F110 functionality?
    can you please let me know.
    Thank you

  • Direct Debit

    Hi folks,
    My Client want set up Direct Debit for Customers.
    According to requirement, I did the following.
    1.Setup Customer Master for Payment Method(D)
    2 Automatic Payment Program
    >Payment method setup by CO Code(Payment transfer medium,F110_US_AVIS
    and FPAYM_US_ACH)
    >Payment method setup by Country(Payment medium format ACH CCD)
    >Configure House Bank
    >Bank determination
    3.Payment Medium and selection variants (PCS_HR_US_OC_T)
    Requirement is
    1. Pre notification form to bank
    2. Payment Advice to Bank
    3.Payment Advice to customers
    When I ran F110
    following is the message I got from Log
    "Format tree ACH does not exist for tree type PAYM"
    I will appreciate your help

    I am not used to US F110 customization, but it seems to be that you are triying to use a "payment medium workbench" DME generator that is not created (Format tree is not created)
    I think that you have assigned a PMW DME generator in Payment Method that is not created in the PMW Library.
    Possible solutions:
    - use "traditional" program as RFFOXX_D
    - create the PMW in the Payment Medium Workbench
    I hope this helps

  • Rule BNK_STR_BATCH_RULE_ATTRIB not found -- Error - SEPA Direct Debit --

    Hi All,
    I am trying SEPA Direct Debit.
    I created payment run through F110, and in the log there is a message "Payment run 09/29/2010 ZABK is intended for cross-payment run payment media".
    So I ran program SAPFPAYM_MERGE,
    I got the message *Rule BNK_STR_BATCH_RULE_ATTRIB not found *
    Can anyone please let me know what this error means and what do i do ?
    Thanks in advance.

    Solved: Might help others added following code
    **************************Start Add Lines**************
            begin of rssm_s_minfo.
            include structure rsminfohead.
    types:  end   of rssm_s_minfo.
    ****************************End Add Lines**************
    Start Add Lines *******************
    DATA:  g_s_minfo     TYPE rssm_s_minfo.
    ****************************End Add Lines**************

  • Incoming direct debit file not posted automatically

    hi friends,
    i have a problem with the Direct debit file there were some statements not posted automatically. the statements used to post automatically before but suddenly i see they are not being posted. i have checked the posting rules they use "Incoming payments with subledger clearing" i have no clues why these statements failed to post automatically.
    any suggestions will be really appreciated.
    thanks in advance

    I do not know which country you operate from, but it seems to be that you are triying to use a "payment medium workbench" DME generator that is not created (Format tree is not created)
    I think that you have assigned a PMW DME generator in Payment Method that is not created in the PMW Library.
    Possible solutions:
    - use "traditional" program as RFFOXX_D
    - create the PMW in the Payment Medium Workbench

  • Questions on the SAP payment program

    Hi everyone,
    Here are general questions the SAP payment program. Even partial answers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
    What are the type of accounts involved in a payment transaction? In which case a customer account could be involved?
    What could "payment proposal run" mean and imply?
    What could be done as "editing a proposal run"?
    In the "print payment media" step, what does DME stands for?
    And in general, what are the diffenrences between a posting and an FI document?
    Is the payment run launched automatically?
    Thanks again

    What are the type of accounts involved in a payment transaction? In which case a customer account could be involved?
    You will make the payments to vendors and customers accounts. Customer accounts may involve where you would like to make payment for the advance that you have received from customers.
    What could "payment proposal run" mean and imply?
    Payment proposal is nothing but SAP will give you a simulation showing what are the invoices going to be paid, what are the invoice not going to be paid (exception) due to various reasons.
    What could be done as "editing a proposal run"?
    In Editing the Payament proposal, you can block a invoice, which you would not like to make the payment. You have to create the payment block specially for the purpose of payment proposal.
    In the "print payment media" step, what does DME stands for?
    DME - Data Medium Exchange
    And in general, what are the diffenrences between a posting and an FI document?
    Posting is posting a document into the system.
    FI document is a document having debit and credit totalled. To post a document both and debit and credit must be tallied.
    Is the payment run launched automatically?
    There is no automatic launching of Automatic Payment Program. You can schedule the job in background, but I would not recommend this. I would recommend the user to enter the parameters, run proposal, execute payment run and print the media.

  • F110 Automatic Payment program

    Hi ,
    We have an issue in th Automatic payment program F110.
    We have a few vendor invoices ( 1500 euros )  for a vendor X. There is also a credit memo for that vendor (100 Euros ). When we run F110  the credit memo is going to the Exception list with an error message "001 No pymt possible because items with a debit bal.still exist "; and the invoices for 1500 euros had been paid.
    Please let us know why the payment program could not net off the Credit memo against the invoices making into a payment of 1400 Euros only  to the vendor.
    Your response would be much appreciated.
    Edited by: Balaji Dhanave on May 15, 2009 12:53 PM

    You will first have to CLEAR the credit memo for that vendor (100 Euros) against the invoice raised and then run the payment run for the balance credit amount. Payment run will not execute if it finds any debit balance as open item for the vendor.
    Thank You.

  • Payment program not netting debits and credits on vendor

    Hi SAP Gurus,
    I have a problem where I have a vendor that is due to be paid and it is not picking up the debits and netting them against the credits on a vendor account. 
    I have already checked the following:
    1.  The items are due
    2.  There is a payment method on the vendor account.
    3.  No payment methods at the invoice level
    4.  No blocks at the invoice level or vendor account.
    5.  The credit amt is greater than the debit amount on the vendor account.
    Any ideas what may be causing this?
    Thanks for the help.

    Hi Linda Irwin,
       You need to define the vendor(Ex:ABC) as customer(Ex: 123) in the vendor master data. After selecting the customer in the vendor master record. You will find in the company code segment under payment tab a new check box " clear with customer". Select the check box.
       Same way in the customer master record(Ex:123 select the vendor(Ex: ABC). Same as above you will find the clear with vendor" check box in the company code segment. Check this check box.
       At the time of Your payment program running, system will knock of the entries.
       Hope this solves your problem. Please assign points as way of thanks.
    D.K.Lakshmi narayana

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