Dynamic Header help in PDF Portfolio

Need some help please, to create and load a Dynamic Header when creating a PDF Portfolio in LiveCycle ES2.  Have input parameter of a [name] and an [image file] to place in the Header.  Process flowing out of Assembler (PDF Generator).  Currently other PDFs being inserted within the Portfolio, and Navigation parameter being received ok, and setting up custom navigation.  Any help w/ creating Dynamic Header is very much appreciated.

By "Dynamic Header" do you mean the PDF cover page, or the interactive portfolio navigator?
If its the cover page then it should be a fairly easy thing to do.  You can create a form (XDP or PDF template) with a field for the name and one for the image.  Then you would use something like LC Forms or Form Data Integration to merge the data (image and name) with the template.
The one thing you would have to do is to put the image and data into an XML format before you merge it with the form. That means you will need to convert the image to a base64 encoded format.  Fortunately there is a built in function for doing the conversion in a SetValue operation (its under Document Object Functions).
If you are talking about the Navigator (portfolio shell) then it gets a bit more tricky.  The navigator is actually a Flex application and not a PDF.  You'll have to code a new one using Flash Builder, then import the resulting .nav file into your LiveCycle application. Merging the data with it is not something I've done before, but it should be possible (the LiveCycle Interactive Statement Solution Accelerator does something similar).
If it is new navigator you need, check out some of the following links:
http://acrobatusers.com/navigator-contest-faq  (for the development software links)

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    I am creating a PDF Portfolio in Adobe InDesign and I created a black background using the steps below. When I export the document into PDF form, the background turns to white.
    I followed these steps to make my background black:
    "Window>Color>Swatches to bring up the Swatches panel and double-click the Paper swatch. Change the Color Mode to RGB and move the Red, Green, and Blue sliders to 0 to change the swatch to Black. Click OK."
    Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    You misunderstand what paper is for. Paper is quite simply the absense of ink or color.
    By changing it, all you've done is show what something will look like printed on black paper. If you really want a black background you'll need to draw a frame, fill it with black and place it on the master page on it's own bottom layer. Lock the layer to prevent any problems.

  • Dynamic Forms in a PDF Portfolio

    I want to group 15 XFA forms in a single PDF portfolio. All of the forms have four common fields; section (dropdown), staff (dropdown), project (textfield), date (date/time).
    When the user opens the portfolio I want them to select options for these four fields. Note that the staff dropdown list is populated from the choice in the section dropdown.
    Then which ever form the user opens the four fields reflect the original choice of the user in step one. Effectively having a global binding for the four fields across all forms in the portfolio.
    Is this possible?
    I was thinking of a 1-page form with the four fields, which the user would select and then save. Which ever form is then opened, the four fields would have the same selections.
    Or would I need to have some XML schema in the portfolio???
    Preferably the solution would be self contained within the portfolio, so that the user does not need to undertake a further step or that JS script has to be installed in the users PC.
    I am using LC Designer ES and Acrobat 9 Pro Extended.
    Thanks in advance,

    Can't do that at this point in time.

  • PDF Portfolio not allowing a period [.] to be typed

    I am working on a MacBook Pro running OSX 10.6.8 & using Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro (9.5.1).
    I am trying to create a PDF portfolio consisting of a number of other PDF's of catalog work I have done for clients.
    Everything is working fine other than when trying to edit the header of the PDF Portfolio. I have selected the "Logo & Structured Text" option for the header. This includes an area for your URL & Email. Though no matter what I do I cannot type a period in the URL or Email. For that matter, no field in the header will allow me to enter a period. It acts like a backspace/delete button.
    All other characters seem to be working in the header & the pediod works in all other applications correctly.
    Anyone have any ideas on why this is happening & how I can fix the issue? Thank you for any insight you have.

    You're welcome. It is unusual to force all lines in a Paragraph to stay together, but there is no one size fits all rule to this.
    More often, the keep option used would be Keep with Next, used for a Headline. It would be unsightly to have Headline at the bottom of a text frame and the text start at the top of the next column.

  • How can I create a dynamic XML driven PDF Portfolio?

    I have built an XML application for which I maintain a library of individual PDF page "templates" used to assemble large (1000+ pages) PDF documents. The page templates are saved as PDFs without page numbers as they can be reused anywhere in any manual, the page numbers are applied during the document assembly process. I am now attempting to implement an update process, in which one template change can impact dozens of large documents. I am therefore looking at moving away from creating these large PDF documents and creating something more along the lines of a Package, Portfolio or other solution in which document pages/templates in the library are linked to rather than combined, so that changes across multiple large documents can be done quickly and transparently to the user. I am sure there is a solution using an Adobe spec like Portfolio or XDP, I just need a nudge down the right path, as nothing in what I've read explicitly states that these technologies can be used for this purpose. I would prefer to stay within technologies I am comfortable with to create/modify the necessary files, whcih are XML/XSLT and ANT. I would also like to know if it's possible to add page numbers on the footer of each page in the Portfolio without modifying the template, and if the resulting Portfolio can be saved as a normal PDF or printed with the dynamic page numbers included.
    I know this might be a tall order but if anyone can help clarify what's possible with existing Adobe technologies it would be greatly appreciated.

    Indeed - PDF Portfolios are a collection of static files attached to a one-page cover sheet, you cannot have references to externally-stored documents.
    You can replace individual files in a Portfolio (by adding a file of the same name) but nothing happens automatically, and the file when added to the Portfolio will have no idea about where it originally came from. There's no concept of "check for updates".

  • Acrobat PDF Portfolio - Not Saving my Welcome Page or Header

    For some reason, I can't get my Welcome Page or Header to save when I'm creating a PDF Portfolio. 
    What am I missing? It shows up fine when I create it but then I save and close and reopen and they aren't there...
    Please Help!

    You don't mention a version, but this may be a known issue if you are in 9.4. Take a look at the thread http://forums.adobe.com/thread/793948 and see if the situation you are experiencing sounds similar and if the work around posted by Josh_Corey (toward the bottom of the thread, posted Jan 31, 2011) resolves the problem.
    Please let us know either way.

  • Dynamically change the document when the user opens it through a PDF Portfolio

    I'm generating a PDF Portfolio using LiveCycle PDF Generator. I need to dynamically change the document that is presented when the user opens a PDF portfolio.
    Can anyone give ideas on how to accomplish this using the portfolio and navigator API?
    Thank you

    That was it. What an operating system. It is very helpful to view files you are looking for. But if you have preview on you cannot save files.

  • Help needed to view documents send in .pdf portfolio - only gray screen visible

    Various clients are complaining that they are unable to view/retrieve documents I have forwarded in .pdf portfolio format. All they see is a blank - grey - screen.   Any help to resolve this would be appreciated.

    Make sure they are opening the files in Adobe Reader or Acrobat only, or in Internet Explorer using one of those. Make sure you understand the various ways they might open the file without using Adobe Reader or Acrobat, such as in FireFox, Chrome or Safari, or Preview on a Mac. Make sure they have a sufficiently up to date copy of Reader/Acrobat too.

  • Header and Welcome disappearing in PDF Portfolio

    Good day,
    The Header and Welcome pages disappear in my PDF Portfolio after saving and closing. It appears to be related to the most recent update, as I don't remember having this issue before. If I create the document from scratch and save, it appears on the first open; however, if I edit that document the problem repeats itself. These Portfolios will need to be updated on a fairly regular basis, and I would prefer not to have to constantly re-create them if possible.
    I tried the trial of X (had heard bad things), but it doesn't have the same choices for layout styles and the file size has increased dramatically from 9 to X, likely related to upgraded look and feel (which feels cartoonish to me).
    Any suggestions on how to fix this issue?
    Version 9.4.3 or X, if you can provide a source for layouts that allows a file preview.

    Hi Chelsea,
    This may be a known bug. See thread http://forums.adobe.com/message/3491158#3491158 , specifically the scenario/workaround Josh_Corey posted on March 7th at 6pm.
    Does that resolve the issue?

  • Pdf portfolio flex help

    I know this is probably going to be for nothing since I doubt many people have been doing custom portfolios using flex yet but I have an extremely annoying problem I was hoping to get help with.  I had to create my own version of the Revolve layout because the client I am working for wanted some extra things that couldnt be created using the default editor.  After spending a good amount of time my component works and it does everything I need it to except for one very important thing.  Upon opening a portfolio with my custom layout set as the default nothing happens and the screen is blank.  I was able to figure out this is because my _host has an empty collection.items array.  This only happens when I start with my layout, if I start with another and then switch to my layout everything works perfectly.  I tested it more and found out that if I replace my custom Revolve component with a regular DataGrid.  Everything works fine.  I only get a blank pdf array when I add a custom component.  Please let someone know why pdf portfolios hate me.  Also, the fact that there is no test environment for them sucks, I have been forced to use Alert statement debugging.
         I did some further testing and it isnt just my custom component that portfolios hate.  I made a simple custom that was a canvas with a datagrid inside and it did the same error.

    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 11.0\Acrobat\Navigators

  • Initial View using PDF Portfolio HELP

    Using the new PDF Portfolio Feature. I went to file>portfolio properties and select initial view tab. I changed magnification level to "Actual Size", however when i open the pdf, the initial view is not 100%. Can anyone help me?

    I'm not sure what it means to set the Initial View of a Portfolio to a given size.  If I try setting the Initial View for either a Portfolio or a single PDF to 'Actual Size', when I come back to check the setting it always says '100%'.
    A PDF Portfolio will open up to a navigator that shows you various attached files.  I'm not sure what Actual size means in terms of a Portfolio, but all of the attached files are represented inside the Portfolio on Cards.  Depending on the current navigator your cards, and the files represented on them, may be various sizes, unless you are using the Freeform or Grid navigators which can have one of 3 different card sizes:  Large, Medium or Small.  With the other 3 navigators, Click-Through, Linear or Wave, the card will adjust to a predetermined maximum size depending on the size of the Acrobat Viewer window.
    Now, if it is a PDF that is inside a Portfolio, then when you click on it, it should open that PDF in the Navigator View at Actual Size if that is what you set for the PDF (not the parent Portfolio).  I made a Portfolio with 2 versions of the same PNG file converted to a PDF.  One of them I set the Initial View to Actual Size, and the other one I set to 100%.  Both of these open and view identically inside the Portfolio, as well as when I open them into Acrobat from within the Portfolio.

  • PDF Portfolio: I am not allowed to reduce its size nor to optimize it. Urgent help!

    I have the trial version of Adobe Acrobat XI.
    I have created a portfolio.
    I need to reduce the size of this portfolio, but when I try I keep getting a message that says that I don't have "enought permissions to do this".
    What do I have to do to be able to reduce the size of this document.
    It's quite urgent.
    I hope to hear from somebody soon.
    Thank you!

    Hi Ciacroa,
    You cannot reduce the size of the pdf portfolio once it's created.
    You need to reduce the size of the individual files before combining them into portfolio.

  • PDF portfolio view in Adobe reader

    I recently created a PDF portfolio for a co-worker using Acrobat 9.0 Pro. I used the Grid with File Preview layout and added a header that appears right above the grid. Everything works well except that when my co-worker opens the PDF portfolio in Adobe Reader,  I think it's 9.0, the preview pane takes up most of the screen so that the grid and header are barely visible. Of course, all my co-worker has to do is move the divider over to the right so that the divider is around the middle of the screen, then he can clearly see the complete grid along with the header.
    Is there anyway to make my PDF portfolio open up in Reader so that the dividing line is right in the middle between the grid and preview pane so that the grid and header are clearly visible without having to move the divider? Also, I encountered the same problem when I tried to use a welcome window. In Acrobat 9.0, the welcome window is dead center over the grid and the preview pane is invisible unless I click to proceed. However, when I open the PDF portfolio in Reader, the welcome window only appears in the grid section and again, the gird section is mostly covered up by the preview pane.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Operating system?  Reader version?  Local or online files?

  • Filename in PDF portfolio?

    Sorry for what I'm sure is an easy(lame) question.
    I don't want to show the filename when creating a PDF portfolio and I've hunted for the answer without any luck.
    How do I only show the image or show a custom text/ title but not the XXXXX.jpg filename?
    > just to clarify.... when viewing a PDF portfolio of images I don't want to show the image filename below the image.

    I've been trying to hide the file name myself. It seems intuitive that, while in the Modify area of the PDF Portfolio, under "Specify File Details" that one would simply unclick "Name" under "Columns to Display".
    But all that seems to do is hide it while I'm within the Modify section. I save and go back to view the pdfs and there are the file names.
    Anyone out there know the answer? Even if it's just a link to more info, that would be great. I need to get this out but without the filenames. I've searched in Google but no good info.
    BTW, the Description option is a nice touch and shows upon immediate hover. That's why I don't need to show a file name. Plus, you can write more in the description than is viable/sensible in a file name.
    Thanks for your help.

  • PDF or PDF Portfolio?

    I am looking to build a document which would be a collection of multiple pdf files on various topics.  I would like to be able to have an accessible/user
    friendly table of contents bar/page where users  can choose a section to read, but also read the whole collection if they choose to.   Should I build this in PDF portfolio mode or regular pdf mode?  I want it to read like a magazine.
    Also, how do I best create a index/table of contents to the document to make it user friendly?

    Hoping you could help.  I have been able to work with most software, but have found working with Adobe Acrobat quite challenging and not terribly intuitive or user friendly. 
    Could you send me the link where to post this correctly please?  I searched all over on Friday for the right place and thought my forum spot would be just fine. 
    Liz Waldron

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