Ejecting iPod 160GB Classic

Is it just my iPod or does it take forever just to eject my 160GB iPod? I mean, it has been removed from the iTunes window (after pressing eject in iTunes) and it still takes anywhere between 30 and 45 seconds for the iPod itself to be released and useable.
I have 14000 songs, i.e. 57GB of music on it.
Any thoughts?

I am a new user of this IPOD Classic, my daughter had loaded about 100 songs on it, and now I have tried to load an album from ITUNES to the computer, now am trying to load that onto the IPOD, no insstructions with it to tell you how,
we just hit export and had the IPOD plugged in last night at 10:00 and it still
says do not disconnect????
What did I do wrong, I am afraid to disconnect, but it was only 20 songs, I do not have a high speed port however. I am trying to understand your question also. My IPOD has 80GB will take 20,000 songs PC +MAC is there something wrong with mine as well?

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  • HT1209 I have a music collection on my iPod (160GB Classic). I have that collection on my old Mac Book. Now I have a new Mac Pro and want to transfer the collection to the new Mac Pro, is that doable?

    I have a music collection on my iPod (160GB Classic). I have that collection on my old Mac Book. Now I have a new Mac Pro and want to transfer the collection to the new Mac Pro, is that doable?

    Thanks roaminggnome. Can I do that transfer wirelessly or do I have to get a large jump drive to copy and transfer. I presume that I cannot use my iPod right?

  • Select characters/symbols won't display on iPod 160GB Classic since restore

    I don't know if anyone has come across this yet or not. My new iPod 160GB Classic crashed after 1 week. Since restoring, I've noticed that certain characters/symbols won't display in artist/title names on my iPod that used to display just fine before the restore (symbols like + and ÿ). The restore function says that it restores it to the 'original factory settings,' but obviously not. I have tried restoring again, but that hasn't solved the problem. I've tried getting the track names from Gracenote (thinking maybe it was a font-specific thing), but that didn't help either. I know it seems petty, but I'm not sure how to solve it. The latest update has been applied to my iPod and I have the latest version of iTunes. Any ideas? I believe the crash was caused by a third party software which has since been removed. I have not experienced any problems since.

    Probably, the easiest way to resolve this is to copy the artwork from one song on an album and paste it into every song on that album.
    In your iTunes Library, choose an album that has artwork issues; choose one track that has the artwork and copy it. Then:
    the slightly longer method is to check each song individually, until you find the one with the missing artwork. Paste (the copy previously made) from one of the other tracks on the album.
    a slightly quicker method is to highlight all the songs on that album (make sure it is just that one album) and paste the artwork into the box.
    Sync the iPod with your iTunes Library.

  • My iPod 160GB classic keeps freezing during play.

    My iPod 160GB classic keeps freezing during play.  Have restored it via itunes and now it won't sync completely.   Is there a way of running a defrag or reformatting the ipod?

    Yes, I think so.

  • TS1538 My Ipod 160GB Classic Hung. I connected and restored to factory settings. But later when I connected the data from I Tunes is not syncing at all. Please guide

    My Ipod 160GB Classic Hung. I connected and restored to factory settings. But later when I connected the data from I Tunes is not syncing at all. Please guide

    This is the iPod touch forum. I requested the moderators to move your post to the iPod classic forum.

  • ITunes 11.1.5 completely wiped ipod 160gb classic

    Updated to itunes 11.1.5, unchecked a few songs for my ipod 160gb then hit sync.  The whole ipod has been wiped!!!! 
    I spent hours with all this music and playlists, now totally gone, so much for new music on the roadtrip tomorrow.  To say I'm hugely annoyed would be an understatement.
    To top it all off I've had to restore (think ipod wouldn't recognize?) which has resulted in the error 'the ipod could not be restored because it is busy.

    The 160GB iPod classic was released in 2009.  It is still being sold unchanged.  That's a much longer product life than most Apple products.  So, a 160GB iPod classic can be brand new, or almost 5 years old.  A high percentage of them currently in use are approaching the end of their useful life (even if treated carefully), because hard drives eventually wear out and become unreliable over time.  They are fragile and have many moving parts.  It's not a matter of IF they start to have problems, but WHEN they start to have problems, just like hard drives in desktop and laptop computers.
    Here's an example of what often happens...  An aging iPod seems to be working fine, but the hard drive is slowly becoming less reliable, with problems like bad sectors.  As long as data updates are small, incremental, and not that frequent, it continues to work fine, with minor issues such as occasional slowness and songs that skip.  The owner wants to give it a "fresh start" by doing a Restore.  The Restore requires a major update to the hard drive's data, and the hard drive errors out, "bricking" the iPod.  Conclusion by the owner...  iTunes broke my iPod.  It can't be a coincidence that the iPod's hard drive "completely died" exactly when I did the Restore.  iTunes is bad.
    No, it's not a coincidence, because the hard drive was already unreliable.  It continued to work as long as most of its data stayed mostly static and unchanged.  But when a major update to the hard drive's data took place, such as the Restore, it failed.  The Restore revealed the problem, it did not cause the problem.
    There is no problem that is specific to the latest iTunes and 160GB iPod classic.  The problem is that many 160GB iPod classics in use today are aging, and their hard drives are becoming unreliable.  In your case, your iPod's hard drive may be unreliable because of the "hot car for a month."  When you had the iPod set for Manually manage music, and mistakenly changed it to using syncing, that was a major change in the hard drive's data (like doing a Restore).  That may be why iTunes then indicated the iPod was corrupted.  That sequence of events is not related to using iTunes 11.1.5.

  • Ipod 160gb classic is frozen. please help!!!!!!

    Ok so my ipod 160gb froze, I'm guessing its cuz i tried to sync it and iTunes froze so i disconected it. Anyway, I've tried wiggling the hold button, holding down the center and play/pause button. Nothing is working. I've even tried plugging it back in but nothing is working. Also, iTunes wont sync the stuff I just got off the iTunes store. My computer recognises it, but itunes doesnt. I tried to update my software, but it wounldnt let me. It would stop halfway through the download. Can someone please help me out! Thanks.

    i love me wrote:
    I've tried wiggling the hold button, holding down the center and play/pause button.
    Turn the Hold switch on , then off again and press-and-hold the Menu and Select (centre) buttons for ten seconds.
    "Wiggling it" will not work, unless it's a new form of dance

  • Is there a limit on the number of playlists on an ipod 160Gb Classic ?

    I am using iTunes and my ipod as a catalogue and database for my collection of CDs (about 600) and LPs (about 300). As the number of playlists is going to be quite large, classical composer playlist names are prefixed by ZC and popular performer playlist names are prefixed by ZP. This places them at the bottom of the sort order. Selective playlists (music to play)just have ordinary names and hence appear at the top of the list. So far, I have processed about half my CDs and have loaded about 5000 tracks, divided into about 250 playlists. The capacity used is about 40 Gb.
    My question is; will I run out of capacity, either for the anticipated number of tracks (15,000+) or playlists (1000+) before I have loaded all my stuff ?

    - Tracks: I am pretty sure there is no hard-coded limit on the number of tracks you can have in your iTunes library. I imagine the only limitation might be your machine's specs, and whether iTunes would start slowing down a lot as it tries to handle more and more library items.
    Currently, I have 13000 tracks and counting, and iTunes runs like a charm on a MacBook Pro, 2.66 GHz, 4 GB RAM. Any semi-modern machine should have no problems dealing with a similar-sized library.
    - Playlists: Again, I don't think think there is a hard-coded limit on the number of Playlists you can have in iTunes, but I am less certain about that than about the tracks. So I believe you can proceed with your mind at ease.
    That said, I'm curious: why do you have so many Playlists for relatively few tracks? (averages to 20 tracks per playlist).

  • My iPod 160GB classic is locking up all the time

    I do a hard restart, as described by Apple support, and it comes back. Then a couple of days later I will be listening through the USB connection in my car and it will lock up again. So i was advised to attached my iPod to my MAC and restored it to factory settings. Still happens. I had a great deal of music on my iPod so i deleted about 15% still doesn't help. Is this looking like a hard drive issue?

    See Corrupt iPod classic,

  • I just bought a new computer and have tried syncing my iTunes library and iPod 160gb classic to the newly downloaded iTunes on my new computer. It is not working.

    Please can somebody help? I followed the instructions on the support page for transferring music from computer to another by downloading the music files then putting them into the iTunes music file on the new computer. Unfortunately, iTunes on the new computer is not recognising the files. I have turned on home sharing to see if I could transfer them that way. It seemed to work then disappeared entirely. I tried connecting my iPod to see if it would recognise it that way. It does recognise my iPod but not the music in it and will not sync with my new computer.
    Sorry if this is a boring subject that everyone has had a problem with but I am not able to get a proper answer on the internet. This should be easy not rocket science.
    Thanks for your help.

    Hi ldean1,
    Welcome to the Support Communities!
    The best way to get your music onto your new computer is to create a backup of your iTunes libray from your old computer to an external drive.  Follow the steps in this article:
    iTunes: How to move your music to a new computer
    You may also need to remove and reinstall iTunes and it's components.   These articles will provide installation troubleshooting steps:
    Removing and reinstalling iTunes and other software components for Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8
    Issues installing iTunes or QuickTime for Windows
    - Judy


    I have done the following:
    Installed the latest version of Itunes
    Restored my IPOD (multiple times)
    Restarted computer
    Tried both USB ports on CPU
    Made sure I check Sync Music and Apply
    A few albums are on IPOD
    Get error message above
    Thanks in advance for any other suggestions!

    Since your song files on the computer are accessible by iTunes, I think the problem is iTunes not seeing the "required folder" on the iPod.  As a test, try shutting down (powering off) the computer and disconnecting all USB devices (including any hubs).  You can leave standard keyboard/mouse connected, if used.  If the computer is a laptop, connect its power adapter so that it's not running on battery power.  Do a Reset on the iPod
    Reset your iPod - Apple Support
    Start up computer, run iTunes, and connect iPod to a direct USB port by itself.  Try doing a sync.  Any difference?

  • End of car audio cable came off in my iPod 160gb classic

    Any advice on what I should do to get a tiny tip of the car audio cable out of my iPod? I unplugged it today to take the iPod into the supermarket with me and when I came back to try to reconnect, it would no longer insert properly and I noticed the tip of the adaptor was no longer on the cable. I have NO idea how to get into the iPod and do not want to break it trying to get it out but my iPod is now rendered totally useless until I can get it out. Thanks in advance.

    If you don't want to risk damaging the iPod, take it into your local Apple Store's Genius Bar and they should be able to assist you. If no Apple stores are in your area, look for an Apple Authorized Reseller instead.

  • IPod 160GB Classic (late 2009) sync & related problems

    My pod went weird while syncing this afternoon.
    First the iTunes started freezing & the pc subsequently hanging after adding just a few of the freshly imported songs.
    Incidentally, all my songs are imported from legit audio cds or paid downloads.
    On every occasion i had to re-boot my pc to start over.
    Re-booting with the pod connected does not work either (though i have never tried this before), as the pc stalls after the windows splash screen.
    On the 3rd attempt the ipod stopped appearing on itunes altogether!
    Then it became invisible to explorer completely.
    The "connected" warning & rotating graphics are playing on the pod though!
    Finally the pc started freezing everytime the pod was plugged in BUT is waking up on removing the pod.
    iTunes on its own is working fine.
    On checking the iPod i found that it has come down to only "49" songs (from 5530 orginally) & the memory status is showing 148GB used!!!
    Fortunately the library on my HDD is intact & i am still within warranty period
    However, after going through some of the threads here, it seems this is a well-known issue.
    Will be grateful if anybosy could help me.
    BTW, trying to download a fresh iTunes on top of the existing one (whic was updated last week).
    In case that helps.
    Have tried restore etc., without any effect.

    Ok I've got some additional info. If I reload the offending videos into itunes as Movies rather than TV shows then the'll load onto my iPod. Anyone know why my iPod would let me load it with a movie but not let me load it after the exact same video is changes to a tv show? Someone has GOT to know something. Please people please!

  • Major problems with ipod 160gb

    i bought an ipod 160gb classic only a few months ago and its already giving me problems. i was listening to it and it stopped playing the music, then it started moving through the list without playing any songs. if i tried to go back to a song it would just skip ahead and not play it. now it keeps displaying the circled X sign and tells me to go to www.apple.com/support/ipod. the website isnt really helping because it tells me to reset to the disk but i cant really do that. PLEASE HELP much appreciated. thanks.

    the website isnt really helping because it tells me to reset to the disk
    I have no idea what that means.
    Have you tried these basic troubleshooting steps?
    The Five Rs.
    If nothing helps, you can arrange online service here.
    Service request.
    Or you could take it into an Apple store and have them take a look at your iPod.
    You can make an appointment by using this link.
    Genius Bar Appointments.

  • 160gb classic

    My new ipod 160gb classic will not configure to my desk top computer but will work on my laptop. both computers are working on Windows xp professional
    can anybody help

    Have you had a chance to look at these troubleshooting pages? They may be of some help:
    iPod missing in My Computer and in iTunes
    iPod is not recognized properly by computer when USB drivers are not installed properly or are out of date

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