HELP- My DVD Studio Pro stopped working

I recently upgraded to leopard and my DVDSP stopped working. This is what I see when I load DVDSP.
I tried reinstalling DVDSP (first uninstalled - then reinstalled)
I can't open anything. Also, my FCP wont open log and capture, but otherwise seems to work fine. I suspect my graphics card isn't up to the task now that leopard is running. I have the ATI 9600 64MB version.
Anyone have some insight / help?
thanks in advance!

Try the suggestions in this article.
Reset SMC.
Choose the method for:
"Resetting SMC on portables with a battery you should not remove on your own".

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    Will DVD studio Pro 2 work with my new IMac, 2.4 Ghz intel core Duo processor?


  • Please help! dvd studio pro 3/ m2v issues

    i have been attempting to burn a simple dvd for 9 hours now. i'm using dvd studio pro 3 on a macbook pro (OS X Tiger); the video assets comprising my dvd studio pro project are mpeg2 files. everything looks beautiful when i simulate the menu within studio pro. then when i build/format, the formatting fails every single time and gives me NO error code, nothing to go on - all it says is "formatting failed".
    studio pro 3 can import and play the mpeg2 files, but not build/format the project with them - i'm wondering if this is an obvious compatibility thing with macbook pro. i know macbook pro can't read mpeg2 files on its own (much to my chagrin - a major flaw in my humble opinion but that's a different story) - like, if i were to try to play the file in the quicktime player. but, should i be having this problem when working with the mpeg2 files strictly within the software? final cut pro exported the files just fine, dvd studio pro accepted and can play them - is the dvd drive on a macbook pro unable to write a project with original assets in mpeg2 format even IF, theoretically, these should be encoded by the software prior to burning the dvd?
    this is really time urgent as well, so any help would be much appreciated... thanks!

    seraphine8 wrote:
    ah, thank you, the mystery about the studio pro 3 is somewhat solved. i've been having problems with it ever since i transitioned to the intel, but strangely it has worked about half the time so i didn't think it was unsupported altogether.
    Nope officially unsupported and not to be used on Intel Machines (though of course once in awhile it will work properly, which is almost worse than never working )
    i have tried building first then formatting; i have tried everything - formatting first, building/formatting, building first, etc. i have tried 2 different brands of media dvd-r. as for DL with proper layer break, i was reading a bit about that in another thread but i'm not sure what it pertains to exactly... nothing i've done is very complex and it's all been very DIY learn-as-i-go. so... not sure if i'm missing something there.
    Can you build the DVD? Or will it not even build? (Since it is not a DL do not worry about the layer break, sometimes if making DL DVD and there is no break found it can stall things out)

  • Will DVD Studio Pro 2 work with Quicktime 7.1.2?

    Greetings all ~
    Recently purchased a secondhand (and legal!) copy of DVD Studio Pro to run on my G4 iMac running OS 10.3.9. The primary purpose is to burn occasional DVDs of short movie files I'm creating which are visually simple, but have surround sound audio imported from Deck.
    When I went to install DVDSP2, I moved too fast and took the manual's advice of updating to the latest version of QT - in this case QT 7.1.2. But the key for QT that came with DVDSP2 is, I discovered, for use with QT6. And as I've learned from other threads, QT 7.1.2 appears to be the only version of QT for which Apple has not made available an uninstaller allowing you to revert to an early version of QT.
    From those threads, it appears that one answer is to backup and reinstall OS 10.3.9 with its earlier verison of QT. I'd much much much rather avoid this given all the software I'd need to reinstall.
    It would be well worth it to me to pay the $30 to upgrade and get a key to QTPro 7.1.2 — if I knew that it would work with DVDSP2. But from another (unanswered) thread, it looks like there may be compatibility issues.
    So ...does anyone know definitively whether or not DVDSP2 will run properly with QT7.1.2 on OS 10.3.9?
    Thanks in advance for any help!
    imac g4   Mac OS X (10.3.9)   also run certain programs in OS 9.2.2. Run versions of ProTools on both systems, use Deck (for surro

    Gary ~
    Many thanks for this quick and helpful response. Unfortunately, that uninstaller doesn't seem to work with QT 7.1.2 ... it says it "will remove QuickTime 7.0.1" and when I try it on 7.1.2, which I now have, it tells me "You cannot install this software on this volume. This disk is dimmed because it does not contain an appropriate version of QuickTime."
    Any other thoughts? Is my only option to reinstall 10.3.9 with its earlier version of QuckTime?
    Thanks again ...
    imac g4 Mac OS X (10.3.9) also run certain programs in OS 9.2.2. Run versions of ProTools on both systems, use Deck (for surro

  • HELP!  DVD Studio pro shows a 3GB movie as 88GB!

    I am realy in deep troubles!
    Doing a (volentary) documentation about my city, the final doc movie will be shown at 7.januar 2006.
    Since 1 1/2 year i am working on DVD projekt and nearly finished.Suddenly DVD Studio pro goes crazy.
    I have a lot experiances with iMovie and iDVD but not with Production Suite (FCP + DVD Studio pro) .Maybe i have some misstakes done with FCP or DVD studio pro. But i can't see what and why because during this periode i have burened and check it on TV couple of times bevor.I could cry.
    Just have upgraded to the newest Production Studio pro Version and same result.
    Ok, one thing i have changed, and later the Problems stared!
    In DVD Studio pro you can say how much motion you have.
    small, meduim,often i guess (have it in german)
    This setting worked and i could one time burn a DVD.
    I can say the quality was better, better color and less noise or moire.
    I changed it back, but no success.
    I have seen in the forum discussion about audio which might
    doe troubles and some advises using a.peak tool.
    I have checked the aiff files and there are terrible big!
    350 MB the biggest. I am totaly confiused because it worked bevor. Have checked the sequenzes from FCP which still works.
    What would you suggest first befor i jump out of the window.
    Many thanks for any helping hand

    Finaly i have solved my problem!
    The forum and the helpers did guide me in the right direction.It was not logicaly to me why it work again.
    With FCP i could view the sequenz correct.
    Then i used compressor-2 with DVD Best Quality, 90min 2 Pass 90min. Best motion. GOP closed.
    The output i imported into DVDStudio pro.The import was about 4 minute while bevor it was a few seconds!
    I did "clean up" DVDStudio Pro removoed the dvdstudio....plist file -> same result
    I did start a new FCP projekt with a new Sequenz, imported all the work i have done befor (lot of work)
    and used compressor again.
    Then i imported with DVD Studio Pro the compressor files
    (this time dolby ac3 audio file) and the import was done very quick.
    I could burn the dvd (2.3gb instead of 88GB) and a first quick look this (very early) morning was good!
    I chosed this way because i am not sure does working with multiple projekts (not sequenzes) can disturbes the other projekts if they use the same movie. So i will continue with a Projekt, finish them, and start the next from scratch. Hope have no problems like this again ...

  • Will DVD Studio Pro 4 work on dual 1.25 G4?

    I need to get a version of DVD Studio Pro to author DVDs but I know it requires 10.4 (or 10.3.9 but you can't buy that) to run. I'm reading all of these horrific posts about how 10.4 is mutilating computers and so forth so I'm a little nervous. I also notice it requires a particular graphics card which I don't think i have. I'm not doing HD so is this card really necessary?
    Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.

    Tech specs at apple's site is best placed to start

  • Does DVD Studio Pro 4 Work In Mountain Lion OS 10.8.3 ?

    I have an older version of "DVD Studio Pro 4" which I have never installed, an would be curious to know if it will run on OSX 10.8.3 (Mountain LIon)?  I have a new 2013 iMac that I am loading up with software, and would like to consider loading the "DVD Studio Pro 4".
    I'd also be interested in knowing of any DVD Studio Pro 4 updates (if any) and where to get them, including the 4.0.2 update ... as, unfortunately the Apple site has dropped update support for this program.
    Anyone have any knowledge on this?

    Well, evidently "DVD Studio Pro 4" won't install on an Intel iMac.
    Attached (below) is a "screen grab" of the unexpected pop-up window I was first presented with, when I tried to use the DVD Studio Pro 4 Installer .mpkg.
    DVD Studio Pro 4
    Minimum Hardware Requirements
    • A Macintosh computer with a 733 megahertz (MHz) or faster  
       PowerPC G4 or G5 processor (G5 required for HD authoring
       and playback)
    • 8 megabytes (MB) of video memory (32 MB recommended)
    • 512 MB of RAM (1 GB required for HD)
    • AGP Quartz Extreme graphics card
    DVD Studio Pro 4
    Minimum Software Requirements
    • Mac OS X v10.3.9 or later
    • QuickTime 7.0 or later
    Nuts!  I really wanted to install and use this application.
    PS:  Just curious Russ .... how are you able to run "DVD Studio Pro 4" on your MBP with 10.7?  Is the MBP Intel?  Can you tell me the "version" of "DVD Studio Pro 4" that you have installed?
    Was there an Intel version made of "DVD Studio Pro 4" that I don't know about?

  • DVD Studio Pro not Working

    I recently upgraded my OS-X to 10.5.4 and my studio pro does not seem to work since the upgrade. It seems to get stuck in the encoding assests segment and and will not burn a DVD. Any ideal what is happening?
    Thanks, Jim Amos

    Try encoding your assets outside of DVD SP in Compressor. Though it used to happen more in the past (people having issues with hangs), encoding outside DVD SP often did the trick.
    Any details on your computer and version of DVD SP?

  • Help? Dvd Studio Pro 3 (Slide show) Glitch?

    I'm new to mac's, and am currently in the process of upgrading at work to the computer editing side of things, but I'm having problems with creating a slide show in DVD SP3.
    My system i'm creating the slide show on is a Power Mac G5, OS 10.4.5
    The problem is that in the simulator, everything seems to be fine with how it transitions through the images (I'm using standard dissolves)... but, when I take the burnt dvd and play it on dvd burner/players (normal units with the tv, I've tried 3 dvd players so far), I get some weird shifting in the images, so it plays fine for a second or two, then looks like it's whacked out of focus slightly. It seems random to me... My first thought was that it had something to do with the dissolves... but sometimes it starts right in the middle of the image.
    (I'd tried finding this exact problem on the forum, but am still baffled.) I tried saving the slide show as a track as well, but it still does it. The weird thing, is that on some systems it seems worse than others. However because this is something my work is offering to customers, I am left with trying to find some way of fixing this problem.
    Any help is greatly appreciated...
    Power Mac G5   Mac OS X (10.4.5)  

    As drew suggested, if your having issues with the slideshow side of DVD SP, then bring your slides into Final Cut Pro and assemble them there, (with the transistions of your choice.
    Export them out as a self-contained Quicktime movie and encode that movie into a Mpeg2 file. Import that file into DVD SP, (author your project in DVD SP and burn to disk.) All of the issues with things not looking the way they should, will have gone away.
    Apple really hasn't dealt with the scalling issues in DVD SP, which is what is causing the shifts, in the transistions of Slideshow presentations. You will also see this shifting issue, when creating your own tumbnail buttons, using Mpeg 2 movie footage (from your project) and let DVD SP scale it to the button size your created, (it just looks wrong.)
    This is why most of this scalling is done outside of DVD SP, in other programs and then brought into DVD SP.
    G5 Quad Core 2.5GHz 6GB RAM   Mac OS X (10.4.6)   [storage] X RAID's : [capture] Io : [decks] Betacam SP, S-VHS, DSR-11

  • Help with DVD Studio Pro Audio Track/Commentary Track

    Hi Everyone -
    I am authoring my first DVD for a film.  I believe I have everything under control - menus, chapter selections, bonus features - except for the director's commentary.
    I have created 2 main menus - one with a button to turn commentary on, another menu with a button to turn commentary off.
    They work fine.
    But when I simulate the DVD, select commentary ON, play movie (commentary track plays) ... Then click the MENU button, it returns to the main menu with the button to turn commentary ON, but the commentary audio track (audio track 2) is still activated at this point.
    Is it possible to tell it to return to audio track 1 if the menu button is pressed, or tell it to go to "main menu 2" if the menu button is pressed?
    I hope my question is clear.
    Thank you.
    Joe G.
    Houston TX

    Each track and story has its own end jump and its own Remote Control selection. If I understand your problem correctly, changing the Remote Control>Menu (in the Inspector window) from Same as Disk to the appropriate Menu should fix the problem.
    If not, a more complete explanation would help.

  • HELP! DVD Studio Pro crashes during build! HELP!

    I have a HUGE problem. I need to release a DVD in an hour, but I can't create a build. DVDSP crashes soon after I launch the build.
    I'm lost! I don't know what to do! Where should I look for a problem/bug in my project?
    (DVDSP 3.0.2)

    it was a hardware problem! from the manual:
    Using Multiple Hard Disks
    One way to speed up the build process is to have the project’s assets on a disk completely different from the one you are building to (not just a second partition of the same disk). Using different disks for your assets and your build allows each disk to focus on either reading or writing data, rather than jumping from one function to the other.
    I was using the same disk, whem the project was small I had no problems, but with many menus (circa 75) and transitions (circa 150)...
    so: LESSON #10, never use one disk!

  • DVD Studio Pro 2 works with new MacBook Pro Intel Duo Core 2?


    If you get it to run you should not count on it working. Even 4.0.x, you need 4.1.x to have anything that is officially supported. I am not sure if 2 evens runs well on Leopard, let alone an Intel Machine.

  • How to import subtitles made with Final Cut in DVD studio Pro?

    I made subtitles for a movie directly on a track of my final cut timeline. How can I import now this into DVD studio pro to make an independant subtitle track?
    thank you.

    DVD Studio Pro can work with STL subtitle files. they are nothing more spectacular than a plain text file.
    There's a ton of information in DVDSP's online manual, under the Help menu bar item.
    search that pdf for "Creating an STL Format Subtitle File".
    This file can be configured to display when the user wants to see it or made permanent with the "Force Display" option.
    If you export your FCP Timeline the subtitles on it will be burned into the video permanently.

  • What software does apple have to replace DVD Studio Pro

    what software does apple have to replace DVD Studio Pro. have a new imac 27" late 2012 and after data transfer DVD Studio Pro does not work. What can I do? Would it be advisable to go back on the OS to a older vision OS Where DVD Studio Pro was working? Help!!!

    Bigdog30 wrote:
    what software does apple have to replace DVD Studio Pro.
    Afraid they don't have anything to replace DVD SP. Your alternatives are Adobe Encore (which is EOL) or Toast, or IDVD (which can still be found in boxed sets of iLife).
    But getting back to DVD SP and your data transfer, what do you mean by that? What exactly did you do and what happened with the application? I'm running it on 10.7 and it works, but it's from the FCS3 suite; is yours FCS2?.

  • IDVD and DVD Studio Pro hang and crash since 10.5.6 update

    Seems like there are a lot of problems since this 10.5.6 update... I came here b/c of a prob with iDVD and DVD Studio Pro not working anymore. Was just trying to "Share/Export" an iMovie project to iDVD (and then tried again with DVD Studio Pro) and the program just hung and crashed and also wouldn't let me Restart or Shutdown very easily either. What gives?

    Have you tried to reset the SMU/PRAM?
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