How come the images are not getting displayed in ie?

In my application i have a page where the thumbnails
representing the videos uploaded into the site should be
displayed.These imgaes are getting displayed in mozilla properly,
but when it comes to ie 7 they are not getting displayed..instead
iam getting a broken image.Please suggest me a solution.Thanks in

Hi KChamarti,
I am also trying to display images insid the datagrid but i get a weird broken image(all silver gray).
My item renderer is:
          <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Type">
                  <mx:HBox verticalGap="2">
                      <mx:Image id="dgImage" source="\assets\images\{toLowerCase(data.type)}.jpg" />
                      <mx:Label text="{data.type}"/>
Am i mentioning the source of the image in the right way?

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    Hi KChamarti,
    I am also trying to display images insid the datagrid but i get a weird broken image(all silver gray).
    My item renderer is:
              <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Type">
                      <mx:HBox verticalGap="2">
                          <mx:Image id="dgImage" source="\assets\images\{toLowerCase(data.type)}.jpg" />
                          <mx:Label text="{data.type}"/>
    Am i mentioning the source of the image in the right way?

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    I'd check the image properties (right click the x and choose properties) and see what the path is for the image. If it is a relative path, you need to make sure that the file is in that location on the Application Server. /images/myImage.jpg would mean the file should be in $ORACLE_HOME/portal/images on the midtier.

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    The Reset Firefox feature can fix many issues by restoring Firefox to its factory default state while saving your essential information.
    Note: ''This will cause you to lose any Extensions, Open websites, and some Preferences.''
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    Location of the Images that I received from EP is mentioned below.
    http://hostname:port no./irj/go/km/docs/documents/HP_Images/Image_123.jpg
    Images are available in the location in the below mentioned path as .jpg files:-
    http://hostname:port no./irj/go/km/documents/HP_Images/Image_123.jpg
    Difference in both is a DOCS folder missing in between........
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    Anything more has to be done in KM part to display these images?
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    the right path look like this: /irj/go/km/docs/<path_to_document>.
    You may have to check you URL generator service settings. Here:
    Configuration - Content Management - Global Services - URL Generator Service(advanced section)
    and then have a look for example for the following values "Content Access Path:" and "Viewer:" normally they both have same value "/irj/go/km/docs".
    Hope that will help.
    best regards,

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    Please check if the images are in the server and in the /images alias path.

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    In the content administration >> web resource repository. In the tree find the folder "pictograms" right click on it and upload all of the pictograms
    We followed the note 1753605 but that didnt help too.
    I have checked this link:
    Managing Pictograms in the Web Resource Repository - Portal - SAP Library
    What is the cause of this error?
    The system take the picture resource for show the pictograms that show the screen of ESS.

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    Hi ,
    Based on the requirement , check whether the customer contact has been done carried out for the invoice  , then possibility it must have gone out of the worklist , chekc whether the Invoice posted in the AR has been transferred to FSCM collection .

  • I try to insert some images on a website but the images are not in the right color mode. I do not know what to do? and also I have 1200 images to insert so I can not change one after one. So I need to set up an action, but I donot know how to do it... Tha

    I try to insert some images on a website but the images are not in the right color mode. I do not know what to do? and also I have 1200 images to insert so I can not change one after one. So I need to set up an action, but I donot know how to do it... Thanks

    What is the problem specifiaclly?
    If the images are intended for web use I would recommend converting them to sRGB which could be done with Edit > Convert to Profile or with File > Save for Web, but as including a Save step in Actions and applying them as Batch can sometimes cause problems I would go with regular converting.
    You could also try Image Processor Pro.
    Scripts Page

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    hope this is not the correct forum to place this question.
    if not, mention DB and OS versions and state your problem more clearly
    mark answered post as helpful / correct*

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    have created some new users and done with the leave request, it comes to backend inbox, but not
    visible in portal. Re-configured UWL, but still the task not coming( leave request). For other users it is > coming?
    Where have you created these users? Many times it is not enough to create new users in a backend system. You will have to create them in the data source which is used by the UME of your portal or to map this data source with the system where you have created your new users
    You can see what data source your portal is using by going to
    Portal --> System Administration --> System Configuration --> UME Configuration --> Data Source
    If this Data Source doesn´t contain your new users, then UWL wouldn´t be able to show their items.
    Here you can check if your user is contained in the data source:
    Portal --> User Administration --> choose the right data source --> put in the username --> search
    Please check if your users are correctly created.

  • The agents are not getting determined

    Hi Gurus,
    In the standard workflow WS00300022 with BUS 2104 for Approval of Appropriate request, the agents are not getting determined.
    Below are the steps followed:
    We have created a subtype for BUS 2104 and redefined the display and edit to add some new functionality. Delegated the business object and followed all the standard steps. Now the present situation is that the Workflow is not able to determine agents.
    We have even removed the subtype and checked with the standard functionality but still it is not determining the agents.

    Kindly Diagnose your WF:-
    Use the following transaction:-
    1> SWE4/SWELS -> EVENT TRACE ON/OFF (Switch On the Event Trace)
    Enter the WF Number and Click on the LOG Icon.
    There you can see the Graphical Log of the WF to know where the WF is stuck.
    And You can also check the Technical Details of the WF there, to find which WF Container has what value.
    In the LOG, you can determine the step where it is unable to determine the Agent. That will give a picture of how to proceed further and what is the WF status at that point.
    Kindly check and revert back, so that a solution can be provided.

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    Scenario is,
    1.     T-Code QS41
    2.     Under code groups (of any catalogue) certain codes have been created.
    3.     The same entries can be viewed through tables QPCT and QPCD.
    4.     Unfortunately we could not see the codes in transaction code QS41, QS42 and QS43.
    5.     We checked for authorization related object. But in spite of full authorization codes are not getting displayed.
    6.     The message that we got is No entries found that match selection criteria Message no. SV004
    Few more inputs,
    u2022     Recently patch SPKE500053 for HCM module has been updated in system. Earlier level was SPKE500043.
    u2022     Patch SAPKB64021 was updated for BASIS / BW/ ABAP. Earlier level was SAPKB64020.
    We are worried that because of these patch upload are we facing this issue? Or else kindly let us know if another solution can be applied
    Best Regards,
    Anand Rao

    Hello Anand
    I think that is the sap note to be implemented. i had also come across same issue but do not remember the OSS note number
    please look into the below link also for reference
    Link: []

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    We are going for Upgrade from 4.7 to ECC. So, in my program we have few write statements which are not getting displayed in the output. Those write statments are seen as errors in the extended check as Char. strings w/o text elements will not be translated: 'Income Tax Worksheet'.
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    Have you mapped the checked and unchecked glyphs to be used?
    Check the doc and blog for check boxes.

  • Google Charts are not getting displayed in Firefox ver 4.0.1

    Google Visualisation charts are not getting displayed in Fire Fox latest version. Please have a look at the below url.

    Thanks for the link. That one doesn't use the Flash player, so the problem must be somewhere else.
    If you use NoScript or other security add-ons, make sure or is allowed to run scripts.
    Could you try disabling graphics acceleration and see whether that makes any difference?
    orange Firefox button ''or'' Tools menu > Options > Advanced
    On the General mini-tab, uncheck the box for "Use hardware acceleration when available"
    This will take effect after you restart Firefox.

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