How to change the status of material while creating sales order via BDC

In BDC while creating sales order( va01 posting ) it is stucking up in middle saying material is new. I.e Sales order (va01) is not  getting created because  of material status is new . I want to create sales order  (va01) even  material status is new.
pls give me out the solution. Points will be rewarded.
thanks & regards,

If you drag the line item a little towards the right side, you will find a filed material entered. The one you see in the material filed on sales order over view screen is the one determined. You can as well double click and see the fields material entered and material determined.
Is there anything else you are expecting to see as part of analysis ?
Sadhu Kishore

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  • User Exit/Badi to change the billing plan date when create sale order

    Please advise which user exit/badi can be used to change the billing plan date wen create sale order.
    My requriement is based on some rules to dynamically change the line item billing plan start date and end date when create sales order.
    I tried some user eixt in MV45AFZZ, but the date got revert to the orginal date from billing plan.

      check the include MV45AFZB.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • How to manual maintain TAX condition value while creating sales order

    I am creating one Tax condition suppose JLST without access sequence .
    while creating sales order I am manually maintain the % value of TAX. suppose it is 1%
    then I see It show some value in TAX .
    save that sales order & creating delivery document for that but when I create Invoice its show error.
    " Tax code  in procedure CMTAXP is invalid ".
    I know the configuration only for Tax condition with vk11 condition record .
    BUT now I want to maintain TAX condition at the time of creating sales order.
    so I remove the access sequence of that condition .
    but It shows tax code error while billing.
    My main question is that If i maintain condition record while creating sales order then how i can assign Tax code .
    Can it is possible ?
    if yes then How?
    please help me.
    thank you

    The "straight-forward" answer for Tax Code creation is contact the FI consultant. He shall help you, by creating Tax codes.
    I have tested, with creating a tax cond type (copy of MWST) & manually entering values. I can create Sorder, Dlv and Bill but I cannot create an Accounting document. That is because of every line (amount) a Tax code is necessary.
    I THINK, you can NOT have manually filled tax codes; access sequence is needed to get the tax value (%) and the Tax code from the condition record.
    There is lot of material on the web to understand Tax classification, code etc. etc. See a useful link below -
    In short Tax code is a must and take the help of your FI consultant for the configuration of the same.
    BTW - Tax code is already made created for MWST, therefore I suggested that you can use MWST. Furthermore, you can change the values corresponding to Tax codes in FTXP.
    But if you are a beginner in these things, better take help.

  • How to hide componant row of BOM while creating sales order  OR AR Invoice

    Dear expert
    my client wants to create Sales order with Sales BOM, but they do not want to see componant product while create sales order or AR invoice they want to see only parent items.
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    check below link
    Avoid printing child items of Sales BOM in AR Invoice
    Deepak Tyagi

  • How to check the analysis of material determination in sales order

    We are trying to create a sale order with material determination. Material determination analysis is on. After  switching this on  while adding a new line item, in an existing sales order, we are able to do analysis as the system itself takes us to analysis screen. But once  the document is saved, we need analysis to be done  at material determination for the determined materials  , something similar to  pricing or account determination analysis.Please help

    If you drag the line item a little towards the right side, you will find a filed material entered. The one you see in the material filed on sales order over view screen is the one determined. You can as well double click and see the fields material entered and material determined.
    Is there anything else you are expecting to see as part of analysis ?
    Sadhu Kishore

  • How to avoid XVBPA line item values while creating sales order

    Hi Friends
    I am creating Sales order using function module IDOC_INPUT_ORDERS, for that I am passing partner details through segment E1EDKA1.If I pass the same partner details(Partner number, name1,name4,city,postel code) which is same like customer master,
    I can able to book the order and entries are coming only one time in VBPA table(Header Item level).But if I change any value for the particular partner in the Input(For example Name4, there is no value in customer master but I added through program).Now its creating an order but its showing the entered partner informations in header level.When I checked the same in line item level, its not picking the values from header, its picking the values from customer master for that particular partner.
    So this line item also coming in VBPA table, because its different from header data.
    Anyone guide me, how to avoid this problem while booking order through program.

    I am updating Ship-To-Party value in segment E1EDKA1 and calling IDOC_INPUT_ORDERS function module to create the sales order.
    In this case for the particular partner there is no NAME4 value in KNA1, I am passing some value through this segment E1EDKA1.
    So its creating an order with this new addresses , so its generating new ADRNR in VBPA header level.Thats fine.But the same time
    its not copying the same value from header to line item.
    In Line item level again its picking the address details from KNA1 for the particular partner number.So its showing Blank value in NAME4 field of line items.Its creating and spllitting issue, while creating delivery.

  • Not using substitute material while creating sales order with function?

    hi experts.
    I use SD_SALESDOCUMENT_CREATE function to create a sales order.
    Material A has a substitute material B with substitute reason 0005.
    So if I use material A when creating sales order with SD_SALESDOCUMENT_CREATE, the order is created with material B.
    I don't want to substitute the material automatically. I want to create the sales order with material A.
    What should I do? Help me please.
    Edited by: Ji Yeob Kim on Nov 19, 2009 11:34 AM

    Hi Kim,
    I also have same requirement. Please suggest how you resolved this?

  • How to restrict the the oreder reason list while creating sales order

    Hi gurus,
    Can anyone suggest me
    how to restrict the Order rerson list
    while creating the sales order in VA01
    Thanks & Regards

    Try this exit:
    Enhancement            MMFAB001     User exit for generation of release order                    

  • How to change workcenter in my routing while creating producton order?

    we have 4 workcenters in routing.
    PP guy configured the system in such a way that when production order is created, it will by default assign 1st workcenter in the routing as work center.
    I need to write prg to change the work center in the routing for that production order accroding to the free capacity on workcenter.
    I know which workcenter i need to assign to the production order in my routing.
    i am using enhancement ppco0007 for assigning workcenter to the produciton order automatically according to the free capacity.
    Can any one please suggest me if i am wrong in selecting the enhancement or ehat r the fields that i need to change to assign diffferent workcenter to the production order...
    thank you very much in advance...
    Any hint is very much appreciated..
    Points will be given for sure...

    Hello Lavanya,
                          You have to use the enhancement "EXIT_SAPLCOBT_001" for updating the Work center in Production order. You need to query to the table CRHD with the field value ARBID to get the work center number . This field is existing in the enhancemnet that you had mentioned before. Try that enhancement as well. That also may work.
    Let me know how it goes.

  • How to change the sequence that VL10 use for sales order during DN creation

    We are using VL10 for DN creation , VL10 is executed in  background as a batch job ..... we have created a variant and have given range of shipping points for which we want to create  the Deliveries.
    What we want to understand is that how SAP standard code for VL10,  sorts the sales orders for which the delivery are to be created using VL10?
    we would like VL10 to process the sales order which belong to same shipping point in some that delivery needs to be created for the first sales order rather than last sales order for a given shipping point....
    Is there any sort order that SAP follows to pick which order it will consider for delivery creation ....first over the other sales order where the shipping happens to be same ?  if yes then is there any way we can change it  ?
    Any guidance is appreciated

    We are facing the same problem and are running at 4.7.
    There are orders with the same goods issue date and if so, it should be sorted by order no.
    Nevertheless, it does not sort it by order no but we could not find yet what the sort criteria is if it runs in the background and how to change these rules.

  • How to change the status of Serial number

    Hi Experts,
    Would you please help in solving this problem.
    How to change the status of Serial number?
    I have material stock in a storage location: recieved from Intercompany through outbound delivery, when PGIed material document is created when I am checking the serial numbers of the recieved ones status of the serial numbers are ESTO, I want that into AVLB.
    How can we do that?

    Go to IQ02 on Header tool bar you will find edit(2nd option on header tool bar) => edit manually=> Click from Customer=> and then to Stock you will find the expected results...
    Generally Serial number Status use to change along with the movement of material linked with that serial number... So if you are changing serial number with manual trasaction then please remove all the details from IQ02 like plant storage location Batch and master batch so that i will not provide you error while doing next transactions.
    Ninad Kshirsagar

  • How to change the status of a production order

    Dear All,
    May i know how to change the status of a production order.I want to de-active the status like OPGN (Operation generated).This status is updated as there was no routing assigned to that particular production order during its creation
    Thanks and Regards,
    Varun Siddharth

    When you create a production order, an operation created by the system is generated automatically if no routing is used for the creation. As a result the order header receives the status HOGAN; the operation created automatically also has this status.
    If you delete the operation created automatically and then do not have the status HOGAN.
    To avoid this maintain the Routing for the material or delete the setting of default operation from OPJG.

  • How to change the Status CRTD of the Inspection Lot?

    Dear all.
    I want to Complete an Inspection Lot 10000000005 In the T-CODE qvm2.When I select the Inspection Lot 10000000005 and press F8 to Complete the Inspection,the SAP show an error message "Status check error".
    And the detail info show that the error was cause by the Status CRTD of the Inspection Lot.I check the Status of the Inspection Lot 10000000005 and found that it's Status was CRTD CHCR SPRQ.My question was how to change the Status CRTD of the Inspection Lot?

    CRTD means ...
    In material master QM vew-inspection setup->Inspect with task list tick is there.
    Now to change status,
    Go to Qp01>create a task list for material(If not exists)>remember date of creation of task list must be prior to date to creation of inspec lot
    If task list is created/exists>go to QA02.<inspection specification -->click on Inspec Spec
    and attach task list
    go to sample on sample.
    Now save it.
    Status will change to REL

  • How to change the status in the table kssk

    Hi ,
    In document management system - for a doc type pdf, I am maintaing the class (cl_xxx) in img setting. some charateristics are assigned to that class (with entry required).
    My problem is While  creating the document (cv01n). I am  not assigning the value for that char ( i.e in addition data), eventhough it is mandatory .
    In the table kssk , For that particular document , status is set to 5 . how to change the status .
    note :
    In cv04n - if i search wrt to that charateristic in the classification tab. i am not  able to get the value.
    Please help me to solv the problem.

    hi you can do like this also if it is a test server..and y had the authoridation..
    togo the table -supposekkkk-execute-select a particular record--double click it ---then it will display it in the vertical line..
    then put /h in the tcode listbox and put enter--debugg it and change this    if code = 'SHOW'  as EDIT. execute it and change it and save it..

  • How to block the material qty to 1 while creating sales order (VA01)?

    Hi All,
    Scenario :  We have 20 Materials each with 100 qty in Plant. In the sales order we should have all the 20 materials with qty one. The sales order should throw an error if the material qty is more than 1 and should not allow to create a sales order.
    so is there any transaction code where we can block the entire material qty to 1 from the same plant while creating sales order?
    Note: We should not set in MM01 "Minimum order qty". Assume we have 100 material in plant we can't set for each material one by one "minimum order qty".Instead of that is there any option to set the whole material qty to 1 as minimum while creating sales order?
    Kindly guide me how to proceed.

    If you have access to idoc before calling the processing Function module, Adding header text segments E1EDKT1 and E1EDKT2 to the idoc will create the header text.

Maybe you are looking for