How to export WebI Report In BO Release 2

Is there any way to export WebI report in .wid from BO Release 2? I want to export those reports to other CMS server which i've already created in another CMS server.
Kindly share your thoughts.
Thanks in advance for your time.
Satyaki De.

  Using Import wizard you can easily transfer wid file (associated with universe + connection etc) from one cms to another.
Steps are as follows:
Open Import window:
In Source environment , enter cms server + password and then click next
Destination wizard you have to enter destination cms server + password (You can also select a BIAR file as your destination file. Using this BIAR file u can also Import/Export wid file from one cms to another)
Then you have to select wid files from this wizard (The files you want to transfer )
You have to select the necessary universe files associated with this wid files (Default it is auto selected)
Finally finish this wizard by pressing finish button.........
It is very much easy process,  just try your self (Following the wizard)
Hope this will help you

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    How to view WEBI Report in NWBC ?

    you can use the standard web based application called OpenDocument. You can find the details as part of the documentation for SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise available on
    Each report can be opened using simply the browser URL - which you can integrate into NWBC.

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    Thanks & Regards

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    Thanks for your reply .
    we have comments column in our report .  for each we have added one blank cell to give the comments purpose .
    But Multiple Users are trying to edit the report same time  so who ever saved the report those comments only available .
    To avoid multiple users to edit the same report we want to implement the report locking mechanism similar to Universe Locking mechanism in Designer .
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    How to activate WebI Report Server logs? How does it work?

    Go to CCM,select the Webi inteligence report server and in the property of the service add -trace at in the last.
    to activate the ConnectionServer traces:
    ...\BusinessObjects Enterprise 12.0\win32_x86\dataAccess\connectionServer\cs.cfg
    And change the line <Traces Active="No"> to <Traces Active="Yes">
    Hope this will help.
    All the Best

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    Hi Snehal,
    Use the Excel View Widgets in BAM Studio.
    About Excel View
    The Excel spreadsheet view displays columns containing rows of data in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. This view enables you to save the content externally (outside of the Oracle BAM applications) in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
    The Excel view requires that Microsoft Excel version XP, 2003, or 2007 is installed on the client computer.
    Best Regards
    Siva Shankar

  • How to  Export/Import "report for the query" to another company

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    Thanks for your HELP.

    Look for SAP Note number 600813
    That's the note Adele means, I guess.
    <b>Edit (@13:18)</b>
    The direct link:
    ---- Replace *SOURCE* with the source database name.
    ---- Replace *DEST* with the destination database name.
    insert into [*DEST*].[dbo].[RDOC]
    select [*SOURCE*].[dbo].[RDOC].*
    where [*DEST*].[dbo].[cinf].[lawsset]=[*SOURCE*].[dbo].[cinf].[lawsset]and [*DEST*].[dbo].[cinf].[version]=[*SOURCE*].[dbo].[cinf].[version] and [*SOURCE*].[dbo].[RDOC].[Doccode]NOT IN (SELECT Doccode from [*DEST*].[dbo].[RDOC])
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    from [*SOURCE*].[dbo].[RITM],[*DEST*].[dbo].[cinf],[*SOURCE*].[dbo].[cinf] where [*SOURCE*].[dbo].[RITM].[Doccode] NOT IN (select Doccode from [*DEST*].[dbo].[RITM])AND [*SOURCE*].[dbo].[RITM].[Doccode]IN (SELECT Doccode from [*DEST*].[dbo].[RDOC])
    Hope it helps...
    Grtz, Rowdy

  • How to export crystal report to excel through progeam

    Can any help me how to export crystal report to excel through program(C#). I'm using VS2005.
    Also, the report should be in a pivot table format after exporting to the excel..please help me how to do this

    Hi Venkat,
    The link below provides the code C# in an ASP.NET codebehind file
    Abhijeet  T.

  • Repeating row texts when exporting web report to Excel

    Dear all,
    When exporting a web report (including a structure/hierarchy) to Excel (via the 'export to excel button), the row texts (e.g. balance sheet texts) appear twice (column A and B)in the Excel result.
    When using the web context menu 'Export to Excel' this issue does not occur.
    I am using a BW 3.5 system which has been upgraded to support pack 16.
    I assume it is the combination of the structure and the 'export to excel' functionality that does not match up, because when I switch off the hierarchy functionality in the web report query properties, the export to excel does not give me any problems.
    Does anyone know how to solve this issue?
    Thanks in advance,

    Did you write that software, COTS package called Medgate?
    If not then ask that company for support. No one here would know how to fix it. They are using the CR RDC report engine.
    Thank you

  • How to export the report in HTML format for desktop application

    i have wrote the JRC desktop application to export the report and i am able to export it in PDF and other formats as mentioned in "ReportExportFormat" API.
    i would like to know is there any API there which can export the report in HTML format.
    i know it would be possible with web based application of JRC, but how can i do it in desktop application?

    There's no mechanism for static HTML pages that displays the report.
    You can use the CrystalReportViewer DHTML viewer, but that's 'interactive'.
    Ted Ueda

  • Exporting Web Report to Excel - SAPBW_DOWNLOAD

    When exporting a web report to excel it uses the embedded SAPBW_DOWNLOAD template. Is it possible to use and assign a seperate template like the one I'm currently using for Workbooks.

    I don't understand what do you mean here. Do you mean we could not reduce size in the first time? We have exactly the same problem and the file size is about 20-40 MB. This size is too big to download by end user. It's excel file with .xls extension. When I open it by Excel and then try to Save As, it try to save as Web Page with *.htm extension. If I resave as a Excel Workbook format, the size is reduced to 3-4 MB. My question is the same as the other folk, how do I save it as Excel format with proper size the first time?

  • Company Logo went off while exporting WebI Report to Excel in BO4.1

    Dear All,
    I am working on BO 4.1.
    When I am trying to export the WebI Report to Excel, I am not able to see Company logo, had this feature been added in BO 4.1 or not yet?
    If available please guide me on how to get this logo in Excel?
    Best Regards,

    Hi Sonal Neema,
    Check the below link this will help you to resolved your issue.

  • Exporting Webi reports to another server

    I have webi reports in dev that need to go to production.
    How would I be able to save/export the webi report from the dev server to the production server in webi (without using the migration tool) ?

    Yes this is possible without using the Import wizard but its a lengthy process.
    Its ok if you have only a fwe reports. For large number of reports it might not be feasible.
    On your dev environment:
    Find out the path of the .wid file using the CMC.
    On the basis of this path find and copy the .wid file.
    Paste this file somehwre on your production machine.
    Create a new Webi report in Production and save it.
    Find out the path using CMC. - (A)
    Copy the name of the .wid file.
    Rename the file that you brought from dev to this file name.
    Copy this renamed file and paste it on the path in step (A).
    It would prompt you that there exist a file with the same name, hence say yes to replace the file.
    Go to Infoview and open the report that you created and saved.
    It will open up the report you brought from dev.
    Go to Edit Query.
    Under the properties tab you would find an option to select Universe.
    Repoint this report to the correct Universe.
    This should work. Its a little complex but its the only solution if you dont't want to use Import Wizard.

  • Formatting error while exporting webi report to excel

    I have a webi report which I have to export to excel . I have the header and the body both in the body of the report. I have the sections in the report and the report has about 40 coloumns. After converting to excel all the coloumns are being minimized automatically , I am having to manually expand each coloumn in excel to see the data.
    I am using Busines Objects 3.1 sp3.
    Can anyone please help!

    Check the properties of the columns in Webi. If they are set to automatic width, this may be causing the problem.. Sections may also have something to do with it. Make a copy of the report and play with the things mentioned above, and see what results you get. This may point you to the problem.
    Also look at the option in properties to export to excel where it considers format over data. It is an option in document properties if I remember correctly.

  • Problem in Exporting Webi Report to Excel

    I have developed a WEBI report in BOBJ 4.1 SP1 on top of IDT Universe and applied Drill Down analysis.
    While exporting the WEBI Report to Excel, I'm getting Images in the place of columns where there is no data.
    However, images are not getting in the columns where we have data.
    Please suggest as this will help me a lot.
    Thanks & Regads,

    1)     Check if there is any conditional formatting applied.
    2)      Check in the fomat cell --> Appearance .

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