HOw to get rid of the borderline in the  render list item of the news brows

HOw to get rid of the renderlist
border line,
Give Feedback  link   
Send To  link in the news browser.
After removing thiese things, it should look like a normal html page .
how to  achive this ,
if coding required then which is the par file I need to modify

the "GiveFeedback" and "SendTo" links are called "FlexUI" commands. Most of that stuff is highly configurable and naturally you can remove them in the KM Configuration at
-> ... -> ResourceRnderer
Your ResourceRenderer uses a CommandGroup. In this CommandGroup you can add/remove commands.
For example un your case its the CommandGroup "NewsDisplayGroup"
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    I would get free EasyFind (Spotlight will be a total waste of time), and search for caremefile and If it comes up with anything, right-click and select move to trash, or just destroy. Since you didn't install anything, shouldn't be necessary to authenticate with the admin password before it will move to trash. Could also click on reveal in finder, which will allow you to see the actual location. Set it up as per the screenshot below.

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    As a workaround you can pass admin credential in your code because as per my knowledge contributor can't update default columns like: created by, modified by, modified, created.
    ClientContext clientContext = newClientContext(siteUrl);
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    Hope it could help
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    Good afternoon!  I'm glad I can be here to help with this error. In the device this application is identified only as 'Talk', so that be more familiar to you. First I recommend opening the 'Market' app on your phone, then Menu>My Apps to see if this application requires an update. It will display a list on top of all applications that need to be updated. If nothing exists, tap 'Home' and go into 'Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>Talk, then tap 'Clear Cache' and 'Clear Data' to remove the history of that application and stop the notifications.  The app will remain on your phone for future use, if you desire to take advantage of it. Read more about Google Talk here
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    OK ..fixed the problem (after spending an hour with tech support with no luck, I posted a note on Juliiane Kost's Facebook page and got a response from Adobe which works great). Anyway, go to this blog post from Adobe's Jeffrey Tranberry .. l . Essentially when you get asked to purchase after the trial ends, click the license button and enter your original serial number from your purchased version of Photoshop. Then you will once again be in Photoshop, run the update and you are good to go.

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    Close all open apps by double-tapping the home button, then swiping up and off the screen with the app window (not the smaller icon).
    Then reset: hold down the home button along with the sleep/wake button until the screen goes black and you see the Apple, then let go. (No data loss)

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    If a widget isn't the culprit, open System Preferences/Universal Access and selec the Seeing tab.
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    i was just pointing you in the right direction
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    open safari - bookmarks - edit - hit the red minus icon - delete.

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    hi can anyone tell me how to get rid of 20,000 emails that have just downloaded onto my new 5s

    Once in a while your e-m provider will make changes and you will get a large dump like that.
    I recommend using your web-based e-m to quickly delete them.

  • How to Create a Dynamic http address that opens the Explorer Window for a List Item When a Button Is Clicked--Currently Trying to Make this Work with Javascript

    I have created a button (via Content Editor) that uses JavaScript to open the Attachments folder of a list item in the Explorer Window in SharePoint 2010. The purpose is to have drag and drop functionality for each list item, having multiple attachments.
    The button works but opens the "Attachments" folder containing all of the other folders for each list item (one folder per item). It seems that when you add an attachment to a list item, SharePoint numbers the folder based on the item's ID. What
    I'm trying to do is take the JavaScript I have and have it run when a button is clicked in a custom form. When it runs, I'm trying to get it to open the "specific" folder for the list item. I have had success creating a hyperlink in the list that
    does this; however, the link WILL NOT work until I use the Content Editor created button that runs JavaScript, that prompts me to click OK to my profile certificate, and then opens the Attachment folder. After that occurs, I can use my hyperlinks without issue
    because I'm no longer prompted to click OK for my cert.
    So I'm trying to take the JavaScript I have and place it in a list item form (custom form) and have it run when a form button is clicked. The problem is I have very little knowledge of JavaScript (did I mention little?) and
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    So that for any record I open, the script will grab the corresponding record ID (or list item ID) and append it.
    Here's the script I'm working with (which I didn't create but am grateful for):
    .httpFolder {behavior:url(#default#httpFolder);}
    <script text = "javascript">
       function fnOpenFolderView(){
    <div id = "oDAV" class = "httpFolder"/>
    <input type = "button" value = "Open Attachment Folder" onclick = "fnOpenFolderView()"/>
    The above script, in the Content Editor, creates a button that opens the Attachments folder for the corresponding SharePoint list.

    Hello Thriggle,
    Thank you for pointing that out. I appended your "GetUrlKeyValue" to the end and it worked. That said, I noticed it doesn't run as smoothly as when I simply click on the Content Editor button I created that resides on the SharePoint List
    ASPX page (not the form). The Content Editor button has the same code, minus the "GetUrlKeyValue". I click it; I get prompted to choose my cert; it opens right up.
    Now go to the ASPX Display form where I dump the code in a table cell. Button appears in cell; I click it; wait; wait; I get prompted for cert; it opens. Do I need some sort of "throttle" for the JavaScript? For instance, I thought before running
    JavaScript, you reference the library first. This code doesn't do that. I'm wondering if there's something more I need to make this run smoothly. Thank you both for getting me this far. 

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    I have a new iPhone 5S.  While trying to learn about it, I accidentally recorded a voice memo with no content.  I cannot now figure out how to get rid of it.  There is a banner across the top of my phone with this memo which I don't want.  I have deleted it from iTunes but cannot get it off the phone.  Help!

    The banner usually indicates that the memo is "Paused." If you go back into voice memos, touch the word "Done" beside the big red pause button, give it a name, then it will show in a list. Touch the memo in the list then touch the trash can icon that should appear.

  • I have deleted bookmarks, but they still show up in the 'unorganized bookmarks', how do I get rid of them? They do not show up on the bookmarks menu or toolbar, or 'organize bookmarks' Please help

    There is a total of three. I have tried many different ways, but can't get rid of them. They are not bookmarked on Firefox, but in the past there was a person on this computer that used my 'side' of the home computer without authorization. I will try erasing history next, other than that, haven't the slightest idea of how to get rid of them. I don't go to those sites, and want them gone (as does my wife).

    A possible cause is a problem with the file places.sqlite that stores the bookmarks and the history.

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