Indicator: GR-Based Invoice Verification not flaged by default in a PO

Hi experts
The flag Indicator "GR-Based Invoice Verification" is set in suppliers informations. And so when we create a purchase order, the flag is automatically checked in the item.
Is it possible to make the flag with blank value (without modify values in suppliers infos) with conditons : depending on the document type ?
Thank you for your response.

Have you tried with inforecords ?
GR Based IV comes from vender master or from Inforecord for combination of material + Vender.
For, Material Type u can not control....As IV belong to Vender.
Hope Help U !
Pardeep Malik

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  • GR- based invoice verification not active

    Hi guys, need your help.
    I have a PO with Inv. receipt, GR-Based Inv and ERS flag activated. I also have these flag active in vendor master and in PIR. I am trying to post invoice via MRRL and i am getting the error "GR-based invoice verification not active". Not sure why??  i already checked it and flags were active since last few years and nobody made any changes since then. PO was created just last month.
    Any help be appreciated!

    In ERS PO invoice is not done... and take off the ERS indicator from the VN Master.
    Tick the GR IV in PIR and in PO,  GR IV , ERS and enter the Tax CODE.
    ERS is a cridit memo procedure.

  • "Indicator: GR-Based Invoice Verification" direct input Upld PO LSMW

    Hi, Im using lsmw direct input method. I am uploading the PO. But the GR Based invoice verification field was not checked ON. Im trying this using USER_EXIT in enhancement MM06E005, with EXIT_SAPMM06E_017.
    Any body can tell me how i can check ON the field WEBRE( GR based invoice verification) while creating the PO through LSWM.

    How you solved, kindly explain
    Also explain how to upload PO through LSMW in the case of multiple line items for single PO?
    Thanks & Regards

  • MRRL GR-based invoice verification not active error

    I have a vendor that has ERS active.
    Before it was activated four POs were raised, goods receipted and invoiced.  All 4 POs have freight charges (for the same vendor)
    When I run MRRL with "Settle goods items and planned delivery costs", which I have to do, these four POs are coming in even through they are fully invoiced already.  This is frustrating the clients who can't understand why old purchase orders are coming in at all. 
    any explanations or (even better) corrections?

    As have already mentioned for every purchase order with flag 'ERS' a table entry is generated.         
    If a goods receipt is posted, this goods receipt should be invoiced via ERS (transaction MRRL). Manually posted invoices should be avoided, because the record in table EKRS will not be deleted. Material documents  will be written to table EKRS and if you invoice manually (for example, via MIRO) this entry will still be there. Then, correctly, the system        
    will read this table and take these items as not invoiced. This is correct and according to the standard system design.                                                                               
    In general, if you processed an invoice manually for a transaction, you  should exclude the transaction from ERS to avoid it being included in the log the next time ERS is run. To do so, you run ERS online in test mode, select the item and Exclude from ERS for the item. You can do this by Highlight the relevant lines and then click on the "Save" icon                     
    ('Exclude from ERS'  - Ctrl+S ).                                                      
    Best regards

  • SRM PO failed: Indicator for GR-based invoice verification used not allowed

    Hi Friends,
        I have an issue with a specific PO failed to transfer from SRM to ECC. We are in ECS scenario, SRM 5.0 Service level 7.0. We are in process of SP upgrade but this issue occured in Production system which is still in old SP level(SP 7.0).
    when I check the App Monitor, I am see the following errors:  but the status shows Auto_Completed
    1. PO: Indicator for GR-based invoice verification used not allowed
    2. PO: Instance XXXXXXXXXX of object type PurchaseOrder could not be changed
    3.  PurchOrder XXXXXXXXXX: Purchase order still contains faulty items
    4.  PO XXXXXXXX: Indicator for GR-based invoice verification used not allowed
    I can see the PO copied over to ECC. but status in SRM PO shows 'Error in Process'.
      BBP_PD for object PO shows:  Created, complete, ordered, In Transfer to Execute, Change was Transmitted  as Inactive status.    Transfer Failed shows Active, Document completed, created.
    I checked BP Maintain  for the vendor and PO and its no different than other POs and Vendors except Vendor had 'Goods Receipt based Invoice Verification' indicator checked in SRM.
    I tried to simulate the same Material, Vendor with GR-IV indicator both on and off, it works fine. Ofcourse this is in Quality box with SP 15 level.
    So, I am not sure if SP level upgrade might help it or not? If there are any other means to test, please advise.

    I was wondering how I could liquidate the PO by either creating a new PO or ??.
    What you could do to revive the PO in question is that after the upgrade, and after a round of background jobs run for CLEAN_REQREQ_UP and BBP_GET_STATUS_2, ask the buyer to make a dummy change to the PO (for example, change the description of the PO) and order again. This would trigger the transfer to the backend again. And hopefully this time, no error would occur.

  • PO - GR based Invoice Verification/ IR Indicator

    I am facing a problem with the IR indicator in PO. The scenario is a SC is created, a PO is created automatically out of the SC and then a GR confirmation has to be done against the PO. I am using a service product.
    In the vendor master, I have set the "Goods-Receipt-Based Invoice Verification" indicator and "Invoice Receipt Expected" indicator.
    Now, if I create PO manually then these 2 indicators are defaulted into the PO follow-on documents indicator values. However, when the PO is created automatically from the SC only the IR expected indicator is set so I am not able to create a confirmation against the PO.
    The same way, if I set the "Invoice Receipt Expected" indicator and "Indicator:GR Conf.Expectd" indicator in the vendor master then only the "Indicator:GR Conf.Expectd" is set in the PO (created from SC) and not the IR indicator.
    Can someone suggest to me what could the problem be since a manual creation of PO picks up the indicator values from the vendor but it does not when created from a SC?
    Many Thanks,

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  • Service-Based Invoice Verification indicator setup automatically

    How to get the Service-Based Invoice Verification indicator setup automatically when a user tries to create a PO. There is no service master being setup for the sevices carried out.
    Bascially the requisiitons are created through Projects based on the services performed and when the PO is created for the same the users forgets to have this indicator checked because of which there are problems which arises going ahead.
    We would like to have this indicator setup automatcially so that even if the user - Buyer forgets we dont get problems going ahead.
    Answers for this question will be highly appreciated.

    You need to set this indicator in vendor master, however if you do not enter item category as D, it will not come default in purchase order. Checking the service based IV in vendor master indicates IV can be done for that vendor with reference to services.
    Edited by: Praveen Raghavendra on Jan 9, 2009 1:17 PM

  • PO 6500002415: Indicator for GR-based invoice verification used n ot allowe

    A SRM PO item was delivered, but later we reverse the goods receipt.
    Then I mark deletion for this item, the SRM status shows "Transfer Failed (E.Sys.) "
    In the applicaiton monitor it shows
    PO 6500002415: Purchase order still contains faulty items    
    PO 6500002415: Indicator for GR-based invoice verification used n ot allowed    
    PO 6500002415: Instance 6500002415 of object type PurchaseOrder c ould not be changed

    Pls review the following thread:
    SRM PO failed: Indicator for GR-based invoice verification used not allowed

  • Goods-receipt-based invoice verification default for material group

    Hello experts,
    I put by default the option Goods-receipt-based invoice verification when creating a purchase order by tcode ME21N. Now, I would like if possible to only insert the option Goods-receipt-based invoice verification by default for some material group. Is this possible? This behaviour needs to be automatic.
    How can I achieve this behaviour?
    Thanks in advance,
    Best Regards,
    Edited by: Jeyakanthan A on Nov 20, 2011 11:11 PM

    Dear JP,
    In standard system this is not possible to default this indicator based on Material Group. This can be defaulted from Vendor Master record or Purchasing Info Record or Ticked Manually PO Item Details.
    If you look to enhance you system to do this, I would not advisable you to go with this default option because there can be situation that you order some material without Material Master Record (Like a frame work Order) in that case you will not be able to do GR and there can be conflict.
    You can create Material Group Info. record and default it from there, but again this for scenario where Material Master Record does not exists(Non Stock).
    Hope you find this useful.

  • Unflag GR-based invoice verification

    I have a purchase order which has at item level the flag of the GR-based invoice verification. The purchase order has been invoiced with the same qty as the material entrance. Now we are trying to make a return through the transaction MB01 with movement type 122 and we get the following message error "CO-Crd-RF lower than X qty". And the return is blocked.
    I guess the problem is the qty invoiced and entered of material would be different so it is not possible to make the return. So how can I solve this problem? Is there a way to unflag GR-based invoice verification?

    seems u have already posted the invoice for the GRN.
    here u can activate GR reversal inspite of IR in mvt type. or goods receipt option in customizing.
    check OMJJ mvt type 101,121 and activate the indicator.
    also check the stock availability for return to vendor

  • Setting GR-Based Invoice Verification in ME21N based on Order Type

    Hi Experts,
    I have a requirement that, on creating PO (ME21N), GR-Bsd IV (GR-Based Invoice Verification) fields to be checked, based on the selected Order Type. 
    I am using BADI ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST for that.
    I am using Process_item Method and getting Header Data through GET_HEADER.
    Following is the Code.
       CALL METHOD im_item->GET_header
             RE_header = ls_ekko.
    In this case, as type of ls_ekko is IF_PURCHASE_ORDER_MM please help me how to read header data from ls_ekko, and I am new to abap objects.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Hello Eilish,
    With regards to Goods reciept indicator, firstly the system looks
    for any reference documents like purchase order or contract and takes
    the flag from there.
    If no reference documents or contracts are referenced, then
    the system looks for an info.record to take the flag from there.
    If there is not a info record then system will carry out the
    GR-BasedIV indicator from the vendor master.
    Hope this helps,

  • GR Based Invoice Verification and Invoice Post and Block Process

    We currently use invoice "Post and Block" process for AP invoice processing.  GR Based Invoice Verification is not set in the vendor master for this purpose to allow us to enter an invoice where "No Goods Receipt" has been raised. However, when we raise a PO using material groups the flag "GR Based Invoice Verification" is activated in the PO.  We subsquently have to remove this indicator in the PO in order to register the invoice.  Why is this setting populated in the PO when it is not activated in the vendor master ?  Is there a setting in MM for material groups that ius populating this value in the PO where  a PO is raised using material groups ?

    Hello Eilish,
    With regards to Goods reciept indicator, firstly the system looks
    for any reference documents like purchase order or contract and takes
    the flag from there.
    If no reference documents or contracts are referenced, then
    the system looks for an info.record to take the flag from there.
    If there is not a info record then system will carry out the
    GR-BasedIV indicator from the vendor master.
    Hope this helps,

  • Contract, Item category W & 'goods-receipt-based invoice verification'

    Hello gurus,
    In a contract item with the item category 'Material group', the indicator 'goods-receipt-based invoice verification' (field EKPO-WEBRE) is set.
    But, why this should be active?
    I need to tell you to my client why SAP is working in this way with item categoy = W - Material group.
    Do you know where I can find this information from SAP?
    Thanks in advance.
    Sandra Palomo

    Thanks or the answer, but, I saw before this customizing and it does not have nothing about GR-IV, only to Good Receipt and Invoice Receipt.
    Do you know where I can find this?
    Why is active this GR-IV indicator in the PO when the I have a Material Group Contract (item category W)?
    Sandra Palomo

  • EDI - Incoming Invoice Error and GR based Invoice Verification - 51 No GR

    We are implementing EDI for incoming invoices and use Goods Receipts based Invoice Verification.  When processing an inbound IDOC Invoice (type INVOIC01) where the Goods Receipt has not yet been posted, then Inbound IDOC is siiting at Error Status, 51 - No GR documents found.
    Is there any way we can process this as a Parked Invoice or for Verification in the background (MIRA)?  because the current situation is a problem, as 95% of our Inbound Invoices will be received electronically before the Goods are Received. 
    The actual Vendor's delivery note is stored in the segment E1EDP02 (Qualifier 016), field BELNR.
    Currently the IDOC as to sit in error until the Vendor's Delivery Note is Goods Receipted which can be several days later - SAP OSS Note 393883 fro 2001 suggests doing this, but surely this is a common situation.  The IDOC sitting in error in WE02 in the list of IDOCs is difficult to isolate from true errors.
    If this is was mnaul Invoice it could be processed through MIRA for background Invoice Verification later with program RMBABG00.
    We havd SAP version ECC 6.0
    I have spotted OSS Note 501524 which implies that is possible automatically Park Incoming EDI IDOC Invoices, has anyone tried this?  and what would be the transaction/program that could be used to post several at once when the GR has been processed (similar to RMBABG00)

    Hi ,
    You can use the program   RBDMANI2   which will reprocess all the IDOCs (EDIinvoices )that have failed . You can schedule this program in the background and it will post all failed invoices which have the GR posted later .
    We had the same scenario and we have scheduled this program as a daily job at night .

  • GR-Based Invoice Verification

    I am having problems with the GR-Based Invoice Verification flag in the POs.
    Basically what I need is for the system to not allow me to post invoices over the good receipted quantity. I manage to get that control switching on the "GR-Based IV" flag in the PO, but at the cost of having to set the GR reference whenever I make an invoice.
    Is there someway in which I could post invoices in the system without making reference to the good receipt material document number while keeping the check that does not allow me to invoice over the total GR amount?

    you have to set the tolerance limit for the Invoce Verification for the respective Comapany Code.
    goto, IMG - Material management - Logistice Invoice verification - Invoice Block - Set Tolerance limits (OMR6)
    Set upper and Lower limits as zero.
    BW: Percentage OPUn variance (GR before IR)
    The system calculates the percentage variance between the following ratios: quantity invoiced in order price quantity units: quantity invoiced in order units and goods receipt quantity in order price quantity units : goods receipt quantity in order units. The system compares the variance with the upper and lower percentage limits defined.

Maybe you are looking for

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