Is possible to enhance the resolution of a FLV

I have downloaded some FLV videos from many sources like Youtube, Vimeo and Daily Motion.
Is it possible to enhance the resolution of this videos to be watched in a HD television?
I have tried the video conversion using flv converter to pass from flv to formats like avi, but the quality is not good.
I think that maybe if i mantain the video fromat is it possible to enhance the resolution and get a better image.
Is there a tool or a flash player that can enhance the resolution of a video downloaded from the web?

Without the original FLA file or video (AVI, WMV etc.) it was created from the answer is... to put it bluntly... no.
One drawback of YouTube downloaders is they are WYSIWYG. They download videos in a FLV format with whatever resolution they are on the site, which is, to keep from taxing bandwidth, low res, and small size. 460 x 320 usually at the most.
Blowing those up to the size of a TV screen blurs them terribly.
By example:
A standard def DVD is 4.3 gigs
An HD DVD is around 7.6 gigs
A "ripped" DVD (AVI) as anywhere from 700Mb to over a gig and a quarter.
A high quality MPEG is about 100MB per minute.
The average FLV downloaded through a YouTube downloader is about 4Mb.
1 Mb per minute vs 100.
The compression that goes into making a video suitable for a site that has billions of views of millions of videos hourly, degrades the qualtiy tremendously to accomodate streaming bandwidth. They have to be made for a 5 inch by 3 inch viewer.

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    Rob Cole wrote:
    I'd be inclined to set it to zero so it obviously doesn't mean anything
    You can set it to whatever you like, and it makes no difference. Most of the time (depending on how you saved it), it will still open as "72".
    When you save an image for web, the resolution is usually stripped from the file. It's simply not there anymore. That's probably what happens in the Lr facebook module, and that's why there's no entry for it.
    But when you open that image somewhere else, that default of 72 ppi is assigned. Most apps need to know what to do with a file if asked to print it out. So there is a default, and that's usually 72, mostly by convention. With that default ppi, it prints out at a comparable size to what you see on screen at 1:1 display.
    And when people see that, they think "hey, web images are 72 ppi". But they're not - that figure is just inserted there by the opening application.

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    Just to test is this possible i wrote a sample program
    data: lr_dquery type REF TO cl_crm_bol_dquery_service.
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          iv_attr_name =  'OBJECT_ID'   " Component name
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                                    importing ev_result = lv_status ).
    No syntax error but junk values returned as I had not written the logic for retrieval based on this operator. This means that if you add the selection_param to the dynamic query and then handle that same thing in the GENIL class for the component then you would be able to retrieve the values based on this.
    On the UI , you would be retrieving all the operators for the parameters. There for that particular field you have to add the new operator for your case. And this would be send to the Dquery class and added as a selection param. When the query is executed, if the genil class has been updated to handle this parameter, you should be able to retrieve the results.
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    Yes you can, but only if you use the "AI Config" VI. AI config allows different gains for different channels. The "channels" and "input limits" inputs of the VI accepts arrays. The first element of the input limits array corresponds to the first element of the channel array. Check the "cont acq&chart (buffered).vi" in the LV examples. There you see what I mean!

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    Thanks, Phyllis

    Pretty complicated stuff. Where do I look for the image resolution? I thought the Display Alerts would show that, but it doesn't seem to be the case. I have a long list of Preflight Profiles I can mess with, but it doesn't seem to say much about resolution. Any tips? Know any tutorials or anything on this?
    Thanks, Phyllis

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    If you go to this page, Apple specifically states that performance enhancements for iPhone 4's are included in this update (scroll down to the bottom of the page).
    Some folks may have found that their iPhones don't seem to work as well with iOS 7, but that generally means there were other issues that were present prior to the update & they are only just now coming to light.
    If you still have issues after upgrading to iOS 7.1, the next thing to try would be to backup your phone & restore it as a new device, just to see if the issues clear up.
    If yes, something on your phone is corrupt; if no, you may have a hardware issue that requires the phone to be replaced.

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    If you are using Crystal Reports 2008 you can use the Report Application SDK that is now available.
    It has a object called PrintOutputController that has an export method that allows you to get access to the exported file before you send it to the user.
    Check the Developer library and the samples for details.
    <a href="/blog/10">Rob&#39;s blog -</a>

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    I have a feeling that I am overlooking something extremely simple, but is it possible to return the resolution of a file using the Graphics Server? I'd appreciate any help you can give.

    import java.util.Scanner;
    public class ScannerTest {
        public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {
            Scanner scanner = new Scanner(new File(""));
            scanner.useDelimiter("\\z"); //end of input
            String s =;
    Note that Scanner was introduced in the current version of Java.
    You may still be using an older version, like 1.4

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      I working with Marketing calendar enhancement, the requirement is to add the custom fields to marketing search view, but this view is not supporting the AET or EEWB , kindly help what is the alternative approach to enhance the marketing search view.
    Thanks & Regards

    Hi Rajasekhar,
    It is not possible to enhance the marketing projects search used in marketing calendar directly. However, whenever you add custom fields to object like campaign, these objects become available in the marketing calendar search. So, first add the new field in the corresponding object. Then you can try AET to add this field from available fields list on the marketing calendar page.

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    UNBCMike wrote:
    I come from a Windows background so I assumed there would be a way to simply increase the display size of everything in one shot.  If not, what hoops will I need to jump through to have this adjusted for every application on the machine?
    OS X doesn't have a UI size increase ability like what you expect on Windows, it's been a long complaint of Mac users for ages, but Apple simply refuses to listen.
    Add your voice to theirs here
    I have a web browser solution here, the other opiton is to use a scroll wheel/head mouse and a Universal Access "control" key to press while scolling with the mouse up and down to zoom in/out where the mouse is pointed or some other trackpad etc arrangement.

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    What is the model #? Is it a direct HDMI connection? Have you tried a different cable and port? If possible try a different display.

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    Hi Collin,
    Could you le me know the resolution

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    We are emailing reports.  On some reports with a large number of jpegs we are hitting a size limitation.  It would be helpful to reduce the resolution on the jpegs when exporting to .pdf.  Any way that would be possible?

    Need more info-
    VS version? or the developing application?
    CR Version? Are you directly emailing your reports from CR designer?
    Also once the image is fetched by the report, we can not make any changes in the image, as a work around you need to do required changes in the image before adding it to the reports, and as far as I know it is not possible through code, but we can wait for other responses though.

  • How to change the resolution of a page in iWeb

    I'm making a website for a project, and I decided to do it in iWeb. The brief of mt project says the resolution has to be 1024*768, however, when I change the resolution to this, the page instantly looks horrible with a white border to the right of my content. Is there a way to change this, or centre my content in the white part?

    There is no formula for a web page and you have to consider the type of content and what device the viewer is using.
    A "standard" width for a conventional webpage could be considered to be 980px with a page height of no more than about 1200px to avoid too much scrolling. Any page that is much higher than this should, at least, have a "back to the top" button...
    The browser width on personal computers is user adjustable and not everybody wants to fill the whole screen width.
    The browser width on mobile devices is fixed and the user only has the option of portrait or landscape orientation.
    US letter size is 8.5 inches wide by 11 high (816 x 1056 px) and the European A4 is 8.27 × 11.69 (794 x 1123 px). Either would be a good starting point for an e-zine.
    The iPad is 768 px wide in portrait mode but remember that its not the only tablet available. I think Kindle is 600px wide and others are smaller.
    Text on wide pages is difficult to read - hence the use of columns in magazines and newspapers.
    Designing web pages for mobile devices in general is not possible with iWeb since it can only use a fixed page width. An example of a folding column magazine style layout can be found on this page...

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