New document type to be copied from old document type

Dear Sir
i have created one document in document type draw no i want to delete that document from draw and i have to copy its all document to my new docmuent type Z09 please guide how can i do it.

Hi Kunal,
normally you cannot just change the document type for a document info record. So you have to create a new document info record of type Z09 and maintain the same data for it in transaction CV01N. Since this new document info record is created you can delete the older wrong document info record which is no longer used.
Another possibility could be to use a DMS BAPI sequence. Here you can read out the whole data with BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETDETAIL2 from the initial document info record. Then you can hand over this data to BAPI_DOCUMENT_CREATE2 and change just the document type to Z09. At the end execute BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT to create the new document info record in your database tables. Afterwards you should be able to see the new document in transaction CV03N as well with the same data.
I hope this could be useful for you.
Best regards,

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    Hi Barbara, I can't explain this but it seems to be working now, even with the Tiff format.  I'm doing exactly what I was doing before - selecting an area on the photo, then pressing edit - copy.  Before I was getting an error message, but now I can copy the selection into another Tiff.  I must be doing something different or I must have changed a setting - I have no idea what, but the problem seems to have gone away. If only every problem was that simple! 
    The upshot is I can now edit in both Tiff and PSD and am really delighted with the help I received from this forum.  I know they were very basic questions, but sometimes those are the hardest to answer.
    Many thanks to everyone who responded, John

  • Copying from sales document type QTH to HU is not supported

    guys i was trying to create a contract based on a quotation created by me  here QTH is my quotation type and HU is my contract type the error i encountered was thiss.
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    In VTAA maintain the copy control settings from Quotation to Contract
    I think you can copy the AV document type which is quotation for contract.

  • SRM validate the Catalog Item when copying from old templates

    Do SRM validate the Catalog Item when copying from old templates and previous shopping carts? Is this standard functionality?

    Continuation to my previous post:
    My findings based on the analysis I did. Might help people who are looking for similar info.
    As Jason mentioned, the Subroutine name is CATALOG_CONTENT_VALIDATE_GET
    This is under package BBP_SC --> Function Group: BBP_SC_APP
    After making a webservice call to get catalog details, the mapping is done as below.
      IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
        READ TABLE lt_enriched_item INDEX 1.
        IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
          ls_item_validate-price      = lt_enriched_item-price.
          ls_item_validate-currency   = lt_enriched_item-currency.
          ls_item_validate-price_unit = lt_enriched_item-price_unit.
          ls_item_validate-deliv_date = lt_enriched_item-deliv_date.
          ls_item_validate-leadtime   = lt_enriched_item-leadtime.
          ls_item_validate-unit       = lt_enriched_item-unit.
          lv_validate_item_exception = gc_yes.
        lv_validate_item_exception = gc_yes.
    If you go one level deeper into subroutine  PERFORM sc_itm_copy_to_basket, you can see that following validations are performed.
    If EITHER price, currency or price unit changes, we get the message u201C&: Price changed due to catalog validationu201D
    If UOM changes, we get the message u201C&: Unit of measure changed in catalog; item not transferredu201D
    When Delivery date or lead time changes, no message is raised but the new values are copied.
    In a nut shell, the fields that are considered for validation are Price, Currency, Price Unit, UOM, Delivery date, Lead Time.

  • Try to load new iPad Mini with reserve copy from my iMac

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    I see tree others, but not the latest from iPhone 4S.
    Is there a max on copies showed ??
    Please advise,

    As far as I know there is no limit to the number of backups that you can store in iTunes as long as you have the available storage capacity on the Mac. I have at least 10 or 12 backups in iTunes for my iPad and iPod Touch. Every time that you restore from a backup - a time and date stamped backup is created that cannot be overwritten. I must have 8 of those backups on my Mac.
    Did you look in iTunes>Preference>Devices to see if the backup is really in there?

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    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities
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    Hi mtscott41,
    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities!
    I understand that you have music on an iPod from your old computer. You now have a new computer but do not want to have the music from the iPod erased when you sync to the new computer. If the music on your iPod was purchased from iTunes you can either transfer those purchases from the iPod to your new computer’s iTunes Library or you can download the previously purchased content directly to your iTunes Library from iTunes. Please use the following article as reference for transferring purchases.
    iTunes Store: Transferring purchases from your iOS device or iPod to a computer
    The following article will show you how to download all of your previous purchases directly to iTunes if you would like to proceed this way.
    Download past purchases
    If the music on your iPod was not purchased from iTunes and you still have the old computer, you may want to use a process called Home Sharing to transfer that content to your new computer. The following article explains Home Sharing.
    iTunes: Setting up Home Sharing on your computer
    I hope this helps,  

  • Regarding-Copying from sales document type

    Hi Friends,
    I am trying to create Good Stock return with reference of sales invoice. While entering the reference number system is giving a error message which says u201CCopying from sales document type ZEXP to RE is not Supportedu201D. How to resolve this issue?
    Shankar G

    Hi Shankar,
    You need to maintain the copy controls from Invoice to Sales document. Because your Invoice type is customized.
    You need to copy from F2 to RE and make the changes as per yopur requirement ZEXP to RE . Then try to create the return order with reference to invoice.
    I hope its clear.

  • Copying from sales document type L2 to RK is not supported

    Dear Experts,
    Can any guide me please regarding my issue,
    My process is linked with service order,after creation of service order,I am going to DP90 Tcode with this it will generate debit memo request,and I will do the billing from vf01.
    Now I want to make some  invoice correction,
    so I have copied the standard RK invoice correction document to ZRK
    and i have assign this for my sales area in sales document header,
    now I have raised the order from va01,and I have given the invoice document number,
    for this I think I have to maintain the copy controls,
    can any one help me out how to maintain the copy controls for invoice correction.

    Dear JP,
    As you said I have maintained the item category,I have only two item categories,one is L2N,L2W.
    I have copied the standard document  from VTAF,and I have maintained the copy controls like this,
    Copied from RK to F2 as ZRK to ZL2 header data
    Data T   052  billing doc header
    Data T  103   billing bus header data
    Data T  003   billing header partner
    Copying requirements as   021  billing header
    Tick on copy item number
    Then item category maintained as
    Item category as L2N
    Data T  153  Item from billing document
    Data T  104  billing bus item data
    Data T  004   billing item partner
    Copying requirements  as  000
    Pricing type         u201CEu201D
    2nd pricing type  u201CDu201D
    And the same for L2W,but I have not maintained for u201CG2Nu201Ditem category,but I has copied automatically?
    Then I have raised the sales order from va01,its ask the billing document number,I have  given the billing doc number and press on copy,its has open the sales order,
    Here I have two issues,
    1st its generating the two same line items,with G2N item category
    EG:if I have given 2 materials line items then its generating the 4 line items with the same material.
    2nd I am not able edit any line litem,it all are coming in non editable mode,how to make editable field,and make the changes for price and quantity.
    After saving the document again I have to do the billing from vf01?
    please suggest me,so this will be added advantage to the user.

  • Which method is ideal to transfer Java scripts from old documents to new ones?

    I have at least eight different single pages with specific java scripts and have these options:
    Copying from the «all edit java scripts» the whole piece to paste into the same window in the new Acrobat document (sometimes some fields lost function).
    Copying the specific java script located in «Document java scripts» i into the same window in the new Acrobat document , also with problems.
    Insert the specific page with a java script into the new one Acrobat document. This method has been perfect for the moment although I don't know if it is just orthodox enough to avoid conflicts in the future.

    !. Not recommended, you will pull all including fields, and document actions as well as overwrite existing form field and document actions.
    2. Possible but could be time consuming.
    3. Best choice. I would look at inserting a blank page into the PDF with the code, copy any fields with script to the blank page, save the file and then extract the inserted page. The page will also pickup the document actions and document level JavaScripts.
    Another option would be creating an FDF file to add the document level code and actions to a PDF.

  • Copy and paste copy from another document

    Somewhere I've changed the color type is presented when you create a new text block and can't find where to change it.  So everytime I start a new block of text or when I copy and paste from another document (word, email) the copy color has to be manually changed to black to see it.  Where do I change this preference?

    Thanks for speedy reply.  So that fixed my new doc - when I put in new copy it is black.  On the previous document, with no text select - click on the text tool and swatch shows it will be black.  Draw the box on the layout - swatch switches no color (white box with a red slash).  So, I unselect everything again, click on the text tool and it shows it will be black.  Click inside the text box and it goes invisible again.  Switch to color  - click on text tool and it shows it will be black, but as soon as I draw the text box - shows it will be invisible.  Shut down Indesign, restart - nothing gives.
    Again, thanks for your reply.  This isn't major just one of those little annoyances that is so minor with all the other stuff going on ... but with snow leopard problem - I just don't want to mess with too and I can't fix the other.  giggle. 

  • Condition Type is not copying from contract to sales order

    Dear All,
    The value the i am giving in the sales contract is not copying into sales order. Sytem again asking to enter the value.Is there any setting to be done forthat.
    Suresh Yadav.

    If the *CONDITION VALUES* are *manually* entered then the values will not be copied from the *SOURCE TO TARGET* document
    Please check in the  Contract whether the vales derived from Condition records are entered manually.
    If you want the prices to be copied automatically then they have to maintained through CONDITION RECORDS in *VK11*.
    Please maintain the CONDITION RECORDS and check whether they have copied or not
    Please also cehck the COPY CONTROLS from CONTRACT to SALES ORDER in VTAA transaction -- at item--->pricing type. and set it a s  D
    Please check the above settings and let forum know the feedback.

  • New computer. Can I transfer from old-how?

    New copmputer coming today. How can I copy itune program and downloaded and purchased music onto my new computer from old?

    rosiefromNY wrote:
    New copmputer coming today. How can I copy itune program and downloaded and purchased music onto my new computer from old?
    Easiest way is to copy the entire /Music/iTunes/ folder from old computer to /Music/ on the new computer.
    This will copy everything (ratings, playlists, date added, artwork, etc.)
    Then simply open iTunes. No need to import or do anything else.
    See this -> iTunes: How to move your music to a new computer

  • Copy from old .nfc backup

    In yr 2006 i'd backup contents files from my 6230 into a .nfc file, but i couldn't restore the backup to newer version nokia phone.
    My new phone is 6120classic and i'm trying to copy my old contents in 6230 to the 6120 by using pc suite 6.85 version and the contents copiers failed to recognise my old .nfc backup file.
    The 6230 and the old pc suite is no longer with me anymore. I only have 6120 and new pc suite now. What should i do to be able to restore those files from the .nfc backup?

    Recover media from iPod
    See this post from forum regular Zevoneer for options on moving your iPod data back to your computer.
    Some of the tools are capable of extracting playlists.

  • GL Entry data copied from previous document?

    Hi Folks,
    When entering the Manual Journal Entry, can we call upon a previous journal entry so that the line items and other details are automatically filled in as per that entry?
    Account assignment model works but lets say a person doesn't have it setup and they want to put in the details in the GL entry screen from the previous GL document, would that be possible ?  (something like how MIRO screen pulls up PO info. when entering the PO# ; if we can put the previous journal entry document number somewhere to pull up that document within a create new GL document screen)

    That works!  however is it possible to have it on a screen like the FB50 where you can enter all items in same screen, rather than the old entry screen?
    This does the trick though. thanks a bunch!

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