Pie Chart Labels - 5's turn into 6's at 100% zoom on screen but print OK

I have a really odd problem; an application I developed that is changing the numerals on the labels of a pie chart.
All 5's change to 6's.  This problem is occuring on multiple end user workstations.  It only displays incorrectly at 100% zoom level on the screen.  If they change the zoom level, or print the report, the numbers appear correct.
I've put a screenshot in a photobucket in case anyone wants to see.  One is a .png and one is a (larger) .bmp.
Adding to the problem is that I'm unable to reproduce the issue, either on my dev. machine or on a test machine.
The application was developed with VS 2005, and the setup program was created using the 2005 SP1 msm.
I've tried searching to no avail, and I'm hoping someone has an idea on this one!

That is very strange. I think it has to do with either Microsoft's USP10 or GDIPlus dll's.
Try changing screen resolution or screen size and possibly the DPI settings to see if it corrects the problem.
They may wan to update their Video card drivers also.
What version of CR are you using? It may be resolved in some service or fix pack. The charting dll is from a third party so you may want to use [Modules |https://smpdl.sap-ag.de/~sapidp/012002523100006252802008E/modules.zip]to verify they are all using the same runtime files also.
Thank you

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  • Pie chart Labels clickable

    Hey guys,
    Is there a way to make pie chart labels(callout labels) clickable?
    Thanks in advance.

    Hans:  Thanks, again.
    (And, again, this should be easy but isn't).  Requestors ask the darndest questions.
    Doug in York PA
    Douglas R. Eckert

  • Is there any way to scroll pie chart labels

    is there a way to have a scroll bar for the pie chart key
    Many thanks

    I haven't found how to make legend scrollable but I can suggest to put list box with color alerts. The listbox will  show each series of pie chart and color alerts will indicate the color of each slice.
    So, simply instead of using pie which can't support scrolling in the legend put listbox which supports it.
    In addition, I believe you have already been asked for showing values on each slice of piechart. On this week, service pack 3 have been released. By using this service pack, you can start to show values on the charts.

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    Try quitting all applications before shutting down. One may be hanging and preventing a normal shutdown.

  • Pie chart label

    I have a pie chart and the region is limited in width.
    Some of the labels are a little long (even if they are abreviations) so that when they are at the center left or right of the pie chart, the labels are not enterily displayed.
    I was wondering if there was a way to display the label and value on seperate lines...
    I tried to add a chr(13) at the end of my labels in my sql query, but when the graph is displayed it shows something like this:
    "my lable"
    , "my value"
    I haven't find a way to remove the comma, it seems to be hard coded in an apex query...
    in the xml definition I can add a newline by doing this
    but it only works for the hints label...
    btw, I'm using Apex
    anyone can help me?

    Hi Max
    Sorry for not getting back quicker - not sure if it's just me, but all the oracle servers seem to be dying right now!
    Anyway, the answer isn't pretty, but it will work:
    1 - In your select statement, change the LABEL value to be:
    labelfield || CHR(10) || TO_CHAR(valuefield) LABEL
    2 - In the custom XML section: Remove {VALUE} from the hints section
    3 - Also in custom XML, set show = "NO" in the values section

  • Pie Chart Labels

    I am creating a pie chart. On the Pie chart I want to show the labels, values and percentage.
    I do not want to show Legend.
    Is there an option in Crystal Report that will allow me to show both Values and Percentage for each pie slice?
    Currently I can show either a value or a percentage. But I would like to show both side by side below the Pie label.
    I am using CR 2008, SP 2
    Please advise.

    hello all,
    you can show both the summary value and the percentage using the following method...
    say you have a pie chart that has an On Change Of by country. the summary value is sum of sales.
    1) ensure that there is a country group in the report
    2) create a new formula, "Chart Title" which is similar to
    {country field} + chr(10) +
    totext(Sum (, {country field}))
    3) change the pie chart On Change Of field to the Chart Title formula
    4) in Chart Options, change the Data Lables > Show Value to be a percentage

  • Pie chart labels prepended with "@" symbol

    I have a pie chart and it has two values, each of which is a formula
    When I view the Pie chart the Data labels and legend are prefixed with @
    The Data Value formula name is Open Online, so the data lable on the Pie is @Open Online, as it the legend
    It does not look great on the chart
    is there any way to use a forumla as a data value in a chart, but to NOT have the @ symbol as part of the name?
    This chart is developed in Crystal Reports 2008 SP2
    I am using a Pie Chart at the moment, the Pie has 1 On Change Of and 2 Data Values
    Best regards

    I believe if you select the label object on the design page and right-click, you will have the option to edit the label properties.
    Who notes you can hard code a value but not alter any dynamic values...

  • Pie Chart Label - APEX 4.X

    i have made a flash Pie chart and i am trying to make some labeling changes. currently this is my SQL for my chart:
    select 'javascript:alert("#VALUE# hours was worked on Project Number #LABEL#");' link,
    PROJ_NUM label,
    SUM(TIME_WORKED) value1
    group by PROJ_NUM
    and it works well but i want the label to show the project number and project name. the issue is that the project name is in a different table. here is an SQL i wrote for a selectlist:
    select PROJ_NUM||'--'||PROJ_NAME d, PROJ_NUM return_value
    from PROJECTS
    order by 1
    it would show "0001--Project Name". that is the effect i am looking for. Any Ideas?????

    when i try that i get the following error:
    1 error has occurred
    Failed to parse SQL query!
    select 'javascript:alert("#VALUE# hours was worked on Project Number #LABEL#");' link, tt.PROJ_NUM||'--'||p.PROJ_NAME label, SUM(tt.TIME_WORKED) value1 from PROJMANAGEMENT.TIME_TRANS tt , PROJMANAGEMENT.PROJECTS p where tt.PROJ_NUM = p.PROJ_NUM group by tt.PROJ_NUM
    Certain queries can only be executed when running your application, if your query appears syntactically correct, you can save your query without validation (see options below query source).

  • Pie chart label values

    Hi guys
    i have created simple pie chart and it is showing values in % but i want true values to be shown...... i know i need to change SliceLabel textType="LD_TEXT_PERCENT" to SliceLabel textType="LD_VALUE" but i don't know where i need to write this.....
    Please help to do this.
    thanks & regards

    thanks for your help.... under the image->size->altText i am getting below mentioned code and there is no such slicelabel tag..... could you please tell me where i need to add <SliceLabel textType="LD_VALUE"/>
    <Graph stylePath="/oracle/dss/graph/styles/comet.xml" depthAngle="50" depthRadius="8" pieDepth="30" pieTilt="20" seriesEffect="SE_AUTO_GRADIENT" graphType="PIE"><LegendArea visible="true" /><LocalGridData colCount="1" rowCount="{count(xdoxslt:group(.//ROW,  'MONTH'))}"><RowLabels><xsl:for-each-group select=".//ROW" group-by="MONTH" xmlns:xsl="http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Transform"><xsl:sort select="current-group()/MONTH" /><Label><xsl:value-of select="current-group()/MONTH" /></Label></xsl:for-each-group></RowLabels><DataValues><xsl:for-each-group select=".//ROW" group-by="MONTH" xmlns:xsl="http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Transform"><xsl:sort select="current-group()/MONTH" /><RowData><Cell><xsl:value-of select="sum(current-group()/SUM_TGBDETL.TOT_AMT_)" /></Cell></RowData></xsl:for-each-group></DataValues></LocalGridData></Graph>regards

  • Crystal 2008 Pie Chart Labels

    This is my first experience building a pie chart in Crystal. I usually try to avoid using them. I can't get the labels to arrange properly. I unchecked "Auto Arrange". That doesn't seem to help. When I refresh with new data the labels move (which I understand that must happen when the slices change shape). When I try to manually drag them to the center of the pie they often disappear. Even the option to center the label doesnt really center the label. Having the same issue with the values. Can anyone help? I'm close to switching to another chart type.

    I'm not sure if you've already switched to another chart type already. If this is still an issue, could you let me know the exact version of CR (Help > About).
    If the version is not SP3 (12.3.x.x), I would recommend that you upgrade to the latest Service Pack. Unchecking the Auto arrange option should work fine for the pie chart.

  • Appleworks SS pie chart labeling

    I cannot override the "Series 1-7" labels that serve as the default legend in my pie chart. The data wedges in color (with their percents) are fine, the title of the chart is fine. I just want to put four cells of names (column A) in place of the "Series" messages.

    Hi 'rider,
    Welcome to Apple Discussions and the AppleWorks forum.
    Select the cells containing the names (in Col. A) and the cells containing the data (in col. B). Press command-M to Make chart.
    Select Pie Chart, then Click the General button.
    In the General pane, click the radio button for Series in: Rows, and check the box for Use numbers as labels in First column.
    Click OK.

  • Moving pie chart LABELS

    Greetings for the first time. I'll get right to business:
    Making pie chart. I want to move the data labels completely outside the chart itself b/c the text is not very legible in its default location. I click on the data label and I notice that Numbers recognizes that I've clicked -- not just the label, but the entire pie slice. So, when I move what I hope is just the label, it moves the whole slice ("explode" for just one piece).
    Can I somehow just move the labels?

    Go to Inspector per below. You'll have to have a different text color as noted.

  • How to create Leader Lines for Pie Chart Labels

    I like Numbers but the restrictions they force are sometime just too much.
    Example: Labels
    The restriction of only being able to move a label of a wedge on a parallel axis is ridiculous. Here Excel clearly out shines Numbers.
    I want an option to add a leader to a "Value" label so I can move it away from an area that is too crowded or the space for it is limited.
    Yes, I know I could just not turn Labels on in Numbers and then use a text box to place the value anywhere I wish and then draw in a leader to fit my needs. But that is no solution just a horrible work-around.
    Come on Apple. You've started a nice product here but gee-whiz, golly-gee, it's hard to adopt your products as MS replacements when so many basic features are missing.

    And I don't understand why you are even posting here. What in your reply was useful to my issue? Seriously, if you're here on this board just to spout opinions, might I suggest you take up blogging.
    As for me, I'm here to try to find an answer to my problem. If you're knowledgable and know that it can't be done then just saying so the way Badunit did. It wasn't the answer I was looking for but at least he was trying to be constructive.
    OK, so to your point. You've been using spreadsheets since Visicalc, good for you. My issue isn't with the spreadsheet part of Numbes, but rather with the charting technology.
    Well I was a draftsperson when all there was, was boards and T-Squares. And a common rule is if your information is too close, overlaps, etc to be understood then you use a leader to move it to an area where it is not so cluttered.
    Your issues with OpenOffice and MS Office I can't address because I'm not interested in either of those products within this thread.
    So please if you have a suggestion as to how to solve my issue then I welcome your comments. But if you're here just to "complain" about others complaining I can just ask, what's your point?

  • HT204406 iTunes Match was set up but wouldn't download any of my music. I turned iTunes Match off, deauthorised and then reauthorised, restarted iTunes. Now iTunes match won't turn on - I get the "Add this computer screen" but it says can't add for 83 day

    iTunes Match was set up on my new MacBook Pro. Today, it wouldnt download any of my music, so I followed advice, switched on iTunes Match and switched it on again. When this didnt help, I deauthorized the computer, logged out of iTunes, and relogged in again. I have reauthroized the computer and reset the View/Options.
    However, now I cant connect to iTunes Match or iCloud at all. The screen asking me to Add this computer comes up, when I click and enter my Mac account details I get the error message:
    "You can use iTunes Match on this computer with just one Apple ID every 90 days. You cannot associate this computer with a different Apple ID for 83 days."
    However, this was the iTunes account with which I set up iTunes Match.
    Anyone got any suggestions?

    Hey Carolefromthelou,
    The following link will provide steps on how to best remove all traces of iTunes from your PC and then reinstall it:
    Removing and reinstalling iTunes and other software components for Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8
    Welcome to Apple Support Communities!

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