Printing list of albums

A little background.
I use an imac with 10.6.7 and itunes 10.2.2.  I have a large number of audiobooks in mp3 format on an external hard drive.  I periodically like to print a list of the audio books using the print album list, list of albums option.
Before the last big itunes updates, when I printed a list of my audiobooks, the printout was 11 pages.  After I installed the last update to itunes my printout was 115 pages. 
I did a little looking around and I have found that the printout using the print album list, songs by album is 115 pages long.
It appears that itunes is using the the length of the file for the songs by album when printing the list of albums.  Any one know how to fix this, or is this an itunes bug?

I'm having the same priting issue with iTunes since the last big update and is still a problem (I use an iMac with 10.6.7 and ITunes 10.3.1). My iTunes music library list printout was 270 pages but now it's 2923 pages! I've been looking online for an answer but can't find anything

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  • Printing List of Artists then Albums

    Some time ago, I was able to obtain a nice list from iTunes of artists, followed by their albums.   I am using iTunes 11 under OS 10.6.8, and I suspect this was an earlier version of iTunes.  The format was:
    Artist Name
         Album 1
         Album 2
         Album 3
    Next Artist Name
         Album 1
         Album 2
    No songs.  No time length.  Nothing else.
    This gave me a nice compact listing.
    When I go to File/Print and select "Album List", then "List of Albums", I get way more information than I need, plus each artist is repeated over and over again, with lots of room between each line.   The result is far too large an output.
    I suspect I exported something before, perhaps to Word or Excel.  But the Export option appears to have been removed from iTunes 11.
    Anyone have any ideas how to get what I am looking for?

    As I see it you have a few possible options…
    See if dougscripts can help (there probably are other scripts on there that may help - search for 'export' on the site - some others are mentioned at Parsing iTunes XML).
    Parse the .xml into the fields you desire (probably via a Python script or similar). I suspect there will be something around if you are willing to search & try running them. This should give the best output but may take some work.
    Parse the output of a directory listing (assuming iTunes manages the location of the media), the next commands will create a list based on the folder structure of the iTunes Library - it does not list compilations correctly, you will need to handle them separately. This may not be what you want, especially if you want a subset of the library.
    cd  ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes\ Music/Music
    find . -type d -maxdepth 1 -exec find {} -type d -mindepth 1 \; | sed -e 's|./||' -e 's|/|    |'
    NOTE: You may need to provide a different path to the music folder, mine has been migrated over many years & may not be the same as yours (drag & drop to get the Terminal to auto fill correcting any spaces in the path).
    It outputs like …
    A Tribe Called Quest    The Anthology
    Add N to (X)    Add Insult to Injury
    Add N to (X)    Avant Hard
    In short it finds folders one level deep, then inside those find the next folder names and parse out the leading './' and convert the next slash to 4 spaces.
    You may want to change the spaces to commas so you can import to a spreadsheet, however that will need careful handling when Albums or Artists contain commas.
    This next one is cleaner, again run it from inside the music folder
    cd  ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes\ Music/Music
    ls */ | sed -e  '/^$/d' -e 's/\(.*[^/\:]\)$/     \1/'   -e 's|\/\:||'
    It looks more like your original aim
         Blue Album
         In Sides
         Orbital II
    Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
         Peel Sessions 1979-1983
    Hope that's some food for thought.

  • How do I get a list of albums by artist and export to Excel etc?

    How do I get a list of albums ONLY by artist and export to Excel etc? I do not want the songs as generally know the songs on the album.

    You can get it directly out of iTunes by the command Print > Album Listing > List of Albums.
    Also, if you are good at Excel, you can paste your iTunes library listing into Excel and use the Excel filtering and sorting capabilities to get whatever view you want.

  • Aquiring a text list of albums from your iTunes Library

    Im after a list to post on the net of the albums that are in my iTunes library.
    I got over 11000 tracks so I need a fairly quick method.
    Is there a way I can get the list? Surely there must be.

    All the suggested solutions I have seen here come unstuck for me.
    Primarily because in the Library everything is sorted by Artists.
    I am trying to Print a list of Albums (so a friend can look through my music and see what ones I have that he had until his kids destroyed his CD collection).
    So the sort priority needs to be Album NOT artist and not include the songs. Things get a tad screwed up for me too by having my music on an external HD.
    So while this is good - it prints (for me) Artist based.
    Nor have I had success with that script.
    Printing from itunes gives, again, a list based on Artists. THIS is where we need a simple change in Print options.
    If I choose to Print the Album by list:
    it Prints albums from your selected playlist or library , sorted by artist.Does not print song titles.

  • How do I add a printer connected to another iMac on the network to my printer list?

    How do I add an Epson printer connected to an iMac on the network to the printer list on my MacBook Pro? I cannot get it to show up in the list for printers to add.

    That only works if the printer is itself a network printer. You can't do it if it is directly connected to another computer on the network unless it is configured to be a Shared Printer on the other computer.

  • Printing List view/CRM4Mac

    For those of you wanting to print list views with only dates that have events, CRM4Mac allows you to do this for events (no To Do's, yet.)
    CRM4Mac (Contact Relations Management for Mac) might be worth folks taking a look at:
    It integrates Mail, Address Book and Ical (excluding tasks) but for US$50. I hope a more complete solution is on the way (ie Chronos).

    Does anyone know if syncing via .Mac will also cause the URLs to show up? None of my to dos have been entered via Mail and yet all but the one I just entered have the offending URLs. Most of the contents of iCal is there via a "Restore iCal..." done as part of a migration to Leopard. I have entered several since then, all via iCal. And, all but the one that I entered just moments ago have the URLs when printed as a list. In terms of .Mac syncing, I only sync iCal and Address book, and the sync is between two Macs running 10.5.1.

  • Can't Find printer in printer list

    I'm using Adobe Reader 10.1.4 and can't get it to see the laser printer on the network.  Previous versions worked OK and Word sees it without a problem.  When I try to print a document the print screen shows firstly the default printer which is an inkjet connected via USB and when I click the drop-down all the printers are there except the laser on the network which I want to use.
    The printer has been deleted and re-installed several times, is shown on the printer list in the Control panel as being “ready” and works fine with other packages such as Word.  I have also deleted and downloaded Acrobat several times restarting the PC in between but still it can’t find that particular printer.
    If I take the file to another PC connected to the network it sees the prjnter and prints without a problem.
    I have heard that it is a known problem and that Acrobat has a fix.  Is this right?
    If not, could you suggest how it can be fixed without repeating the above which we have done many times without success.

    I just ran into this exact problem.  In my case, it isn't even a network printer - just a newly installed USB connected printer.  The old printer was uninstalled, and Reader still shows it on its list.  The new printer is installed and doesn't show up on the list.  Other utilties print to it just fine as well.  The printer just doesn't show up on Reader's printer list.  I installed Acrobat and had the same issue.
    Find a solution yet?  Thanks.

  • I can't print wirelessly using Airport Express.  I have my HP printer connected to a USB hub, and the hub to the Airport Express, but when I select the HP from the printer list, my MacBook says the printer is "off-line" - even when it is not.

    I can't print wirelessly using Airport Express.  I have my HP printer connected to a USB hub, and the hub to the Airport Express, but when I select the HP from the printer list, my MacBook says the printer is "off-line" - even when it is not.  I've tried several USB connectors, and several different ports on my USB hub; same result.  I need to have the HP connected to the hub 'cause from there it's connected to our desktop Mac.

    I am currently replying to this as it shows in the iChat Community.
    I have asked the Hosts to move it to Snow Leopard  (you should not lose contact with it through any email links you get)
    I also don't do Wirelss printing so I can't actaully help either.
    10:01 PM      Friday; July 29, 2011
    Please, if posting Logs, do not post any Log info after the line "Binary Images for iChat"
     G4/1GhzDual MDD (Leopard 10.5.8)
     MacBookPro 2Gb( 10.6.8)
     Mac OS X (10.6.8),
    "Limit the Logs to the Bits above Binary Images."  No, Seriously

  • Shared printer from a pc does not show up on my printer list.

    I have a macbook air and the shared printer from a pc does not show up on my printer list.  I know it's available on the network as I have a another pc that has access to it.  The Mac did find it at one time but it has since disappeared.  Appreciate help.

    Can you see the CD ripped songs in iTunes itself? Can you then right-click and select "Show in Windows Explorer"?

  • Client printer lists contain numerous duplicate printers

    Since upgrading our Mac OS X Server software to v10.4 (now updated to v10.4.4) the printer lists on client computers in our student computer labs (running Mac OS X 10.3.9) contain multiple duplicate copies of the available printers.
    There are so many duplicates on some computers that the printer list takes a couple of minutes to open. One printer in particular, a HP Laserjet 1320, seems to appear duplicated more than the other printers but they all seem to be affected to some degree.
    I have tried deleting all the duplicates but the problem just recurs. Has anyone else suffered this problem or found a fix for it - it is becoming very annoying for many of our users when they attempt to print.

    Hi Phil,
    Check that printer sharing is not enabled on some of the clients, check this link also

  • How can I restore my playlist folders in itunes? They are there but the individual song titles aren't listed. They are only listed by album. This makes it very difficult to find songs in my playlist.  Also,when I click on music, it will not list options.

    My itunes account is messed up. How can I restore my playlist folders in itunes? The list's are there but the individual song titles aren't. They are only listed by album. I can only see the song titles as they are played at the top of my itunes. This makes it very difficult to find songs in my playlist.  Also when in the itunes store, I am not able to see music genre choices, or search for a song or group.
    Thank you

    Hi dones49,
    It sounds like your issue here is that iTunes can not find the files for some of the songs you have brought into it. This happens occasionally even if the songs have not been moved from the location that iTunes places them on import or purchase. When you try to use the song, iTunes prompts you to find the file, as you have seen.
    To find the file, use the information in this article to navigate through the iTunes media folders -
    Locate and organize your iTunes files
    If you are still unable to locate the files, you may need to download them from the iTunes store again, or rip them from your CDs. See this article for assistance with downloading your past purchases -
    Download past purchases
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    Brett L 

  • Print List Processing Report to PDF

    hi all,
    i've read many forums about convert info into PDF. but i'm very new to understand those forums.
    In case I want to print list processing report as PDF (not hard copy thru printer). First, user types the data on the screen then click on 'Execute' button, then the system shows the result on screen. After that user asks system for print the screen on menu bar by List=>Print.
    So please advise me how to get the spool id, then export as pdf. As my opinion, i may use CONVERT_ABAPSPOOLJOB_2_PDF and GUI_DOWNLOAD. But where is the place I should put the methods on?
    Thanks in advance.

    Go through The simple Anallise this program.
    report zabap_2_pdf.
    *-- Enhancements: only allow to be run with variant.  Then called
    *-- program will be transparent to users
    *-- TABLES
      mstr_print_parms like pri_params,
      mc_valid(1)      type c,
      mi_bytecount     type i,
      mi_length        type i,
      mi_rqident       like tsp01-rqident.
      mtab_pdf    like tline occurs 0 with header line,
      mc_filename like rlgrap-filename.
      p_repid like sy-repid, " Report to execute
      p_linsz like sy-linsz default 132, " Line size
      p_paart like sy-paart default 'X_65_132'.  " Paper Format
    concatenate 'c:\'
      into mc_filename.
    *-- Setup the Print Parmaters
      call function 'GET_PRINT_PARAMETERS'
         authority= space
         copies   = '1'
         cover_page                   = space
         data_set = space
         department                   = space
         destination                  = space
         expiration                   = '1'
         immediately                  = space
         in_archive_parameters        = space
         in_parameters                = space
         layout   = space
         mode     = space
         new_list_id                  = 'X'
         no_dialog= 'X'
         user     = sy-uname
         out_parameters               = mstr_print_parms
         valid    = mc_valid
         archive_info_not_found       = 1
         invalid_print_params         = 2
         invalid_archive_params       = 3
         others   = 4.
    *-- Make sure that a printer destination has been set up
    *-- If this is not done the PDF function module ABENDS
      if mstr_print_parms-pdest = space.
        mstr_print_parms-pdest = 'LOCL'.
    *-- Explicitly set line width, and output format so that
    *-- the PDF conversion comes out OK
      mstr_print_parms-linsz = p_linsz.
      mstr_print_parms-paart = p_paart.
      submit (p_repid) to sap-spool without spool dynpro
                       spool parameters mstr_print_parms
                       via selection-screen
                       and return.
    *-- Find out what the spool number is that was just created
      perform get_spool_number using sy-repid
        changing mi_rqident.
    *-- Convert Spool to PDF
      call function 'CONVERT_ABAPSPOOLJOB_2_PDF'
          src_spoolid= mi_rqident
          no_dialog  = space
          dst_device = mstr_print_parms-pdest
          pdf_bytecount                  = mi_bytecount
          pdf        = mtab_pdf
          err_no_abap_spooljob           = 1
          err_no_spooljob                = 2
          err_no_permission              = 3
          err_conv_not_possible          = 4
          err_bad_destdevice             = 5
          user_cancelled                 = 6
          err_spoolerror                 = 7
          err_temseerror                 = 8
          err_btcjob_open_failed         = 9
          err_btcjob_submit_failed       = 10
          err_btcjob_close_failed        = 11
          others     = 12.
    call function 'DOWNLOAD'
              bin_filesize            = mi_bytecount
              filename                = mc_filename
              filetype                = 'BIN'
              act_filename            = mc_filename
              data_tab                = mtab_pdf.
          FORM get_spool_number *
          Get the most recent spool created by user/report              *
    -->  F_REPID               *
    -->  F_UNAME               *
    -->  F_RQIDENT             *
    form get_spool_number using f_repid
                    changing f_rqident.
        lc_rq2name like tsp01-rq2name.
      concatenate f_repid+0(8)
        into lc_rq2name separated by '_'.
      select * from tsp01 where  rq2name = lc_rq2name
      order by rqcretime descending.
        f_rqident = tsp01-rqident.
      if sy-subrc ne 0.
        clear f_rqident.
    endform." get_spool_number

  • How can I get my ipod to list the "album artist" instead of "artist" in the music menu, but still show the artist with the featured artist when a song plays?

    For example, I am putting Kanye West's album "808's & Heartbreak" on my ipod. The track "Amazing" features Young Jeezy. So in iTunes, I list the track name as "Amazing", the artist as "Kanye West ft. Young Jeezy",  the album artist as "Kanye West", and the album as "808's & Heartbreak". What I want is for my iPod to have a list of album artists instead of artists, so that I can find the song "Amazing" under "Kanye West" instead of "Kanye West ft. Young Jeezy" or "808's & Heartbreak".
    And when the song plays, it should say:
    Kanye West ft. Young Jeezy
    808's & Heartbreak
    Is there a way I can do that? I tried using the "album artist" field thinking it would do what I wanted to do, but it didnt. I also tried using the "sort artist" field and typed "Kanye West" in there, but that didnt work either. I wish iTunes was simpler and easier or atleast CAME WITH A MANUAL. Any help would be greatly appreciated THanks

    Have you tried a different pair of earbuds/headphones to rule out a pair of damaged/faulty ones?  You might also want to make sure the headphones are securely and firmly seated in Nano's headphone jack.  Lastly, check the headphone jack for any signs of debris or damage.  You may need to have the headphone jack replaced either by Apple or a third party repair company.
    I assume this static is present on any track you listen to versus only particular ones?

  • ICal Print List Hang / Font Issue / Sync Problems...

    Okay, here's a couple issues all wrapped up into one thread/post - reason is cause I suspect they may all be tied together somehow, but am not sure.
    Sync Problems...
    Regarding the Syncing problems, you can find an ongoing thread about @
    In short, some of us are having issues with events syncing to our Palm to the wrong timezone, causing them to be an hour off (usually within the new & old DST date change). Yes, all the usual fixes have been tried - pls read the thread noting "adairnet" and ymatto" postings.
    Also, in addition to this time issue, I have iCal events that I've deleted in iCal still show up on the Palm after one-way syncing!
    Print List Hang...
    Every week I print a "list" of events from a certain calendar. The past couple weeks I noticed some lines in the notes field printing on top of each other. Twas odd indeed, but I hadn't had the time to look into the reason. Then this week I was going thru my usual printing proceedure and now iCal locks up, hangs up, crashes, forcing me to force-quit the program. It's usually after I extend the dates beyond 2 or 3 days, but I've not been able to find a consistency. I've redone events thinking they were corrupt with no success.
    Font Problems...
    After the Print List issue above, I opened my Console program to see if it was reporting anything. At first it indicated that it could not find Helvetica Neue and would substitute it for Helvetica. This put me in touch with some font corruption - so I got rid of those bad fonts and activated Helvetica Neue which got rid of that message. But made me wonder if there are more font problems causing the print hanging & syncing problems. I have FontAgent Pro and do have some font issues that I'm trying to work out.
    But the Console is displaying another string of messages every time the Print List proceedure hangs up which I cannot figure out...
    2007-04-24 16:24:54.151 iCal[28975] NSATSGlyphStorage inconsistency. Cannot find run storage for character range {138 67} for CTRun 0xDBE87D0. Ignoring the run...
    2007-04-24 16:24:55.175 iCal[28975] -[NSMutableStringProxyForMutableAttributedString replaceOccurrencesOfString:withString:options:range:] called with out-of-bounds range. For apps linked on Tiger this will raise an exception. For earlier apps it will produce this one-time warning and continue with existing behavior (which is undefined).
    2007-04-24 16:24:55.176 iCal[28975] * NSThread: ignoring exception '* -[NSMutableStringProxyForMutableAttributedString replaceOccurrencesOfString:withString:options:range:]: Range or index out of bounds' that raised during delayed perform of target 0xdde58d0 and selector 'renderPreview'
    So, all of this is causing me to wonder if the iCal or SyncServices database is corrupt. Is there a way to dig into the iCal db and check for corruption &/or fix it?
    Or does anybody have any further suggestions on any of these issues?

    The SyncServices folder should be avoided like "a swarm of bees". This article discusses some of the issues that can arise when the SyncServices folder is deleted or modified:
    Data loss and Data corruption can result from deleting or modifying the SyncServices folder, and that data loss or corruption can be propogated to devices, .Mac, and other applications that sync with SyncServices.
    If you have isolated an issue with the other steps in your post, I would recomend speaking with AppleCare before removing that folder.
    Hope this helps,
    Nathan C.

  • How to print/list all the groups/users present in Weblogic using Java code

    Weblogic version :
    How to print/list all the groups/users present in Weblogic using Java code
    I want to make a remote connection to Weblogic server and print all the users/groups present in it.
    I have gone through the below mentioned site, but I cannot use the same approach since most of the API' are deprecated for example ";"
    Thanks in advance,
    Edited by: 984107 on 05-Feb-2013 05:26
    Edited by: 984107 on 05-Feb-2013 22:59

    see this
    Hope this helps.

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