Random Loss of Secondary Button with Wireless Mighty Mouse 2

Seems that Apple has locked the previous thread on this topic, though I don't know why. People are having issues with Apple hardware, so they lock the thread? Nice.
I'm having this issue with my brand new WMM, and I got it for Christmas and I don't have a receipt. Serial# KY6470E02SE2A
Will I be able to return this piece of crap mouse? The previous thread on this issue dates back to August 8th, 2006 and they haven't been able to fix this yet? Worse yet, they're still selling them! That's bad business if you ask me.

I don't know for sure whether it's hardware or software. Since there has been no software fix issued for this OBVIOUS DEFECT yet, I'm assuming it's a hardware/design problem.
I'm also betting that Apple won't respond to this thread as they didn't respond to the previous one. They did lock it however, so they must have seen all the people complaining about the problem.
I'm really irritated about the arrogant people who recently posted the reviews for the wireless Mighty Mouse at the Apple Online Store. A few say, "Just lift your finger off the left button and right-click works like a charm." No it doesn't! My right-click doesn't work after 15 or so minutes whether no other part of my hand is touching the mouse or not. Perhaps their mouse works fine, but mine and many other's on this board do not. They should not be posting such statements as, "Don't listen to the people who can't right click with their Mighty Mouses. They just don't know how to use it." They haven't used mine, or seen me use it, so how the heck do they know? Their mouse isn't defective, so everyone else's must be perfect too? Ignorant twits. My mouse is defective, and this is a genuine problem.

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  • Does 13 ince MacBook work with wireless Mighty Mouse?

    Can anyone tell me if they are able to connect up a wireless mouse to their MacBook. Maybe a mighty mouse. Or any other, it would be handy.

    I use the bluetooth Mighty Mouse and love it. As far as I'm concerned it is well worth the money.
    No matter what wireless mouse you get I recommend mouse zoom to help control the cursor speed.

  • Wireless Mighty Mouse Right Button does not work well

    Recently I bought in Online Apple Store a Wireless Mighty Mouse.
    I installed the drivers that came in the CD, and, I defined in the System Preferences the second button of the mouse (the Right Button) to function as the Secondary Button.
    But after the computer going to sleep and I wakes it up, or I stop a little to work with the Mouse, or then without none apparent reason, the Right Button behaves as the Left Button, like if it had one and only button in the Mouse.
    To solve the problem I have to disconnect the mouse and/or the bluetooth connection, so that the Right Button functions again as I defined it in the System Preferences like a Secondary Button. But I think that is not the solution for who needs a mouse to work.
    Therefore, I thank you a solution to solve this problem.
    The computers where I worked with this Wireless Mighty Mouse and where I had this problem was:
    - a PowerBook 12", 1.5GHz
    - and a MacBook Pro 15", 1.83GHz
    - both with MacOS 10.4.8
    (Sorry for my bad english)

    There are a few threads going describing this problem Discussions. (E.g., check out this one.)
    It appears that there's probably a hardware QC issue with some fraction of the wireless Mighty Mice. Replacing the bad mouse -- either at a local Apple Store or via AppleCare online -- is what I'd suggest. (That's what I ended up doing and the replacement mouse has been fine.)
    Intel Mini 1.66 GHz, Mac Pro 2.66 GHz   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

  • Issues with Bluetooth/Wireless Mighty Mouse since Snow Leopard Install

    I am having issues with my bluetooth wireless mighty mouse. It was fine after initially having installed Snow Leopard. However, in the past week it has become progressively more and more unresponsive. It functions perfectly normal for the first while after startup, then after a short period of time it becomes slow to respond to the mouse movements that move the cursor. Eventually it gets to the point that moving the mouse results in no cursor movement whatsoever. It also becomes unresponsive to squeezing the side buttons. There are no issues with clicking or scrolling with the track ball.
    I have searched the discussion forums to find issues that pertain to "bluetooth" and "wireless mighty mouse" and have tried the following suggested remedies... Repairing my Mouse with my Mac mini. Renaming my mouse. Deleting the com.apple.Bluetooth.plist file from Macintosh HD\Library\Preferences and restarting my Mac. Reset PRAM and NVRAM. Also tried to install Bluetooth Firmware update 2.0.1 but I get an indication that the update is not needed on my Mac mini. I have also checked for software updates but there are none...
    I am going to attempt resetting the SMC but am doubtful that this will help...
    Can anyone help... Please... ?

    I had read in another forum where someone had an understanding that the bluetooth problem had something to do with Airport/Time Capsule. I had also read about how someone was having an issue with being unable to turn off airport. (I had this same problem.)
    Upon deleting a few airport related plist files (see below url) I was able to turn off/on airport AND my Mouse issue has no longer appeared... everything is working a-ok now.

  • Bluetooth Wireless Mighty Mouse only detect one button click

    I have had my Apple Bluetooth wireless Mighty Mouse for a little over a year and it has just recently began to only detect on button function, and cannot differentiate between left click, right click, or the scroll click.
    It behaves slightly differently under different settings. When I have the scroll click set to do ANYTHING, any click on the mouse will do that respective action. When I have the scroll click turned off, and the left is set to primary and right is secondary, it will do the Primary action. When I have the left set to secondary, and the right set to primary, it will still do the Primary action.
    I have looked all over the internet and have found very little help. The scroll wheel is fine so I don't really want to have to take it apart and glue it back together. Anybody know any tricks? Anything will help! Thanks!

    I found a partial fix over on this thread.
    Basically, the fix is to install the shareware program USB Overdrive and set up the buttons via its control panel. Then uninstall it.
    In my case, USB Overdrive brings my mouse back to normal operation, but when I uninstall it, my mouse goes back to acting like a one-button mouse.
    For now, I'll keep USB Overdrive installed. Maybe I can bill Apple for the $20!

  • Odd Wireless Mighty Mouse  behavior with new Mac Pro?

    I have a brand new Mac pro and Wireless Apple Mighty Mouse & Keyboard.
    The mouse however is not operating properly, it is jerky and slow to respond on a intermittent regular basis. I can move the cursor around the screen but it will stutter and jerk slowly then pick up ok?
    I had the mouse and keyboard with my iMac and it worked fine. I have run all updates and re-installed but to no avail. The keyboard is fine.
    I suspect it's a hardware issue with my new mac Pro but i'd love it if someone has any other possible causes.

    Hi, there's a quite a few people with similar problems, including myself.
    My keyboard likes to drop it's connection for no apparent reason, which in turn likes to mess up my mouse and cause it to stutter for a while. Pairing up new devices can do this too, I've found.
    It's been thought that some Mac Pro's came with their WiFi and BT wires incorrectly fitted, if you have a search you should find a link to the tutorial if you want to try switching them around.
    That said, it didn't make any difference to my BT keyboard and wireless Mighty Mouse, so I switched them back.
    I've been hoping for a software fix, but no joy so far, glad I got a three year warranty as standard.

  • Wireless Mighty Mouse won't work properly with MacBook/tech support stumped

    Hi. First post. Anyone heard of this problem? Appears to be location-sensitive. Problem described below, but first, short background...
    Just bought entire Mac system after decades in corporate world with PC. Believed the TV ads that it would be simple. Already have been back to Mac store 6 times and have spent roughly 7 hours on phone with help line. Mac store even replaced Macbook entirely in case it was faulty logic board/Bluetooth circuit -- didn't help. Also, problem doesn't happen in store. So, to get to the point:
    Wireless Mighty Mouse doesn't work properly when hooked up to Macbook -- herky-jerky, slow, unresponsive, sluggish, imprecise, intermittently better/worse. Went through a few Mighty Mouses and finally gave up; now using hardwire mouse and there's no problem. But before I return Mighty Mouse for refund, would like to see if there's a solution b/c I'd prefer wireless.
    System is the latest little souped-up Macbook, 23" HD Cinema external monitor, external wireless Apple keyboard (which works fine), wireless Mighty Mouse (the culprit), Airport Express, HP printer. All brand new from local Mac store (Fifth Avenue, New York)... where the Genius counter folks have given up. I'm not convinced they believe me because (a) the problem doesn't occur there, and (b) after a couple of new Mighty Mouses, they finally just gave me a new Macbook to make me go away... but after going through the whole system setup once again, same problem. Have tried many different mousepads, BTW.
    Tried all the stuff phone tech support suggested -- removing/installing/reinstalling software, etc. Airport works fine; using modem and printer connections there. Bluetooth works fine with keyboard. I've scouted around for intefering devices; even unplugged electrostatic loudspeakers and old tubed amps in living room (concrete wall separates rooms), unplugged hifi in same room, etc. On 40th floor of Manhattan hi-rise; concrete walls between neighbors. Have never had interference before with anything; previous PC system worked fine with Microsoft wireless (optical) mouse.
    This is no longer urgent because hardwired Apple mouse works well. It's just mysterious.
    Any thoughts?
    Other than that, I like the Mac environment so far. Fifth Avenue store is cool, also, because it's open 24/7.
    Macbook   Mac OS X (10.4.9)   2.16 Core 2 Duo, 2GB 667 HHz DDRS SDRAM
    Macbook   Mac OS X (10.4.9)   2.16 Core 2 Duo, 2GB 667 HHz DDRS SDRAM
    Macbook   Mac OS X (10.4.9)   2.16 Core 2 Duo, 2GB 667 HHz DDRS SDRAM
    Macbook   Mac OS X (10.4.9)   2.16 Core 2 Duo, 2GB 667 HHz DDRS SDRAM
    Macbook   Mac OS X (10.4.9)   2.16 Core 2 Duo, 2GB 667 HHz DDRS SDRAM

    Hey, thanks! That was fast. I'm impressed by the Mac community.
    This program helped my hardwired mouse, actually, and did give me wider parameters on the wireless mouse, but it didn't correct the herky-jerky/sluggishness -- actually amplified those problems.

  • Did Wireless Mighty Mouse come with an installation CD?

    I love my wireless mighty mouse that I bought with my imac but I want to use it with my newly purchased macbook as well. The only problem is, I can't seem to locate the installation CD that I'm assuming came with it.
    The mouse DID come with a CD, correct? Is there anywhere else I can look - drivers embedded in Tiger OSX?
    I've called Apple a couple times (on hold as I "speak"). Anyway, they haven't been able to help me too much, I spent 45 minutes last night and I just had to hang up with them and I couldn't get any answers. I will pay for it but I think maybe they're trying to see if they have any available CD's (I would imagine they should have some extras lying around :)!)
    Thanks for your help.
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    You don't need the CD that comes with the Mighty Mouse. All you need to do is go to software update on the Apple menu icon and update your software. If there is any software for the mouse that needs updating, it will update.

  • I Think My Wireless Mighty Mouse is interfering with my wireless network

    I Have had a Macbook months about and have been using the airport to connect to a wireless home network with WPA security.
    This has worked great. However I recently purchased a Wireless Mighty Mouse. For some reason that I can not explain every time I start using the mouse with my Macbook my internet connection becomes very slow to the point where I cannot load webpages etc.
    If anyone has any answers for why this my be happening it would be greatly appreciated

    Hi and welcome to Discussions,
    first of: Are you having these problems only in BootCamp Windows or is it also a problem in Mac OSX ?
    The MacBook computer has an internal AirPort Extreme module, connected to a dedicated 1-lane PCI Express link and a Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR (enhanced data rate) module, connected to the USB 2.0 controller. AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth have independent built-in antennas.
    And the Wireless Mighty Mouse uses Bluetooth for connection, not Airport (W-Lan).
    Two totally different protocols.
    Most likely that these two do not interfere.

  • Wireless Mighty Mouse Looses Right Click Functionality

    I am using a new Wireless Mighty Mouse (about one month old) With new batteries.
    Since I started using it, the (secondary) right click would stop function after repeated use. After many frustrating trouble shooting attempts, I discovered that the Right Click will work again if the mouse is left idle for about 15 - 20 minutes.
    I will like to know if this is a defect that's inherent in the Mighty Mouse system, and if so, has anyone found a solution to this problem or is there a fix?
    Any input would be very much appreciated
    Mac G5. 2ghz DP   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  
    Mac G5. 2ghz DP   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

    Unfortunately my experience suggests no. I'm on my 5th (or is it 6th?) wireless Mighty Mouse now, and they've all behaved just as you described. The latest replacement was only a week ago. I suspect the only point in replacing it further times would be to demonstrate that you've tried all you can. As far as I can tell, my only recourse at this point is convincing Apple to refund me, which is a shame because I like the scroll ball design.
    I should note that I'm in Australia, in case stock has been slower to update here, but it shouldn't make a difference...
    I've noticed that the problem seems to occur a lot more frequently under hot conditions - room heater on, hot hands etc. Could it still think the left button is being touched because it's warm and/or sweatier than usual?

  • Wireless Mighty Mouse Sputters During Network activity

    Has anyone figured this one out yet.
    I have a wireless mighty mouse that when you copy files to or from a computer off a network,
    it sputters and barely moves when trying to use it. If i plug in a usb mouse there is no problem at all.
    Was using a verizon wireless router and just bought an airport extreme. Guess what. Still does it. When I hard wire my computer to the router all works fine.
    I just cant think of what this could possibly be. Any help would be appreciated.

    There are a lot of people with this problem - mostly MacBook owners, but probably because they're more likely to have the wireless and BlueTooth running.
    I have the problem with a Logitech mouse on a Mac Mini -- cursor goes bonkers at random intervals, with terrible mouse lag, and I basically can't use the mouse when it's happening. It doesn't correlate with anything I can see in the Activity Monitor, but I can stop it if I turn off BOTH Airport and the router.
    Not likely to be RF interference with the signals, IMO, but some have reported that switching to an 802.11n router (or 802.11g with b compatibility disabled) solved the problem.

  • Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse internal speaker not working !!!

    Recently I bought an used Wireless Mighty Mouse (first version with grey side buttons), the mouse is working perfectly minus the single little detail that I can not hear any clicking sound from the internal tiny speaker inside the mouse when I use the little scroll ball above the mouse or when I press the grey side buttons, is this normal or should I hear the clicking sound simulated by the internal speaker? is there a way to enable or disable the internal speaker by software? Maybe is disabled by default, I don't know. I really don't think the speaker could be damaged due to the rest of the mouse is working like a charm but maybe mine came without a speaker, could be? or maybe it got disconnected somehow. Any clues or ideas would be very helpful. Thanks !

    I know what a microswitch is, please look at these links, here are the proof there is (or maybe there was) a tiny speaker in some mighty mouse and wireless mighty mouse:
    and this:
    and this:
    and this:
    and this:
    http://macdailynews.com/2005/08/02/apples_new_mighty_mouse_provides_audio_feedba ck_for_clicking_and_scrolling/
    and I can keep giving you tens of links to proof you that actually there is (or maybe there was) a tiny speaker inside the mighty mouse and the wireless mighty mouse, If yours came without one it doesn't necessarily mean all came without one, right? That is why I asked you what version you have in order to figure out which ones does have the speaker and which one doesn't.

  • Latest boot camp + wireless mighty mouse

    I was using boot camp 1.01, I just upgraded to the latest version of boot camp. Now, my wireless mighty mouse scroll doesn't work on the WinXP side. Does anyone know how to get it working again?
    In the bluetooth area in WinXP, it doesn't show the mouse, but the mouse works. I tried to add it but it doesn't find it.

    Not correct. I did the complete install with my bluetooth keyboard and mouse. The firmware has low level basic support for bluetooth and it recognized my keyboard and mouse immediately. Once have finished loading xp and installed the apple drivers, you will need a usb mouse. Once the apple bluetooth driver is loaded, you won't beable to pair your keyboard and mouse until you have gone to the bluetooth control panel in xp. All you need is the mouse to do the pairing. Just have it discovery your mouse and keyboard and select to pair without using the code authentication. The caveat to this is that your keyboard loses it pairing when you start up and you will need to turn if off then on to repair. It might loss the pairing later on if you do not use the keyboard for a while. Just turn it off and on again and it will re-pair.

  • Recognizing wireless Mighty Mouse

    I just got my new Macbook, and was so excited to get it up and running that I went through the start-up procedure for it before I'd even opened the box for the wireless Mighty Mouse. But when I read the instructions included with the Mighty Mouse (but not found ANYWHERE in the start-up for the computer itself), I discovered that in order to sync the wireless mouse to the Macbook, I should have turned it on FIRST (put the batteries in and turned it on), in order for the Start-Up Assistant to recognize it when I first started my Macbook. Now I can't get the computer to recognize the mouse! I tried finding the start-up assistant in the applications folder, to run it again, but found nothing that related to synching a wireless mouse. The only other advice I've seen on Mac:Help is to install the software from the CD that "came" with the mouse - only one problem.... there isn't a software CD in the package. I'm not sure if that was obsolete advice, or if I'm legitimately missing a software CD.
    What has compounded the problem is my Rogers internet has not been installed yet, so I can only access the internet from work on the eMac here, rather than going to Mac:Help from home with the computer right in front of me.
    Can anybody help?!?

    You don't need the CD, which I'm guessing refers to an earlier version. Right now, support is supposed to be built-in to Leopard. The following is Apple's instructions if all else fails, but I think the lower half (starting with System Preferences) is how you're supposed to be able to pair a Wireless Mighty Mouse to your MacBook.
    1. Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu.
    2. Choose the Bluetooth pane.
    3. Click the Set Up New Device button.
    4. Follow the instructions to set up the wireless Mighty Mouse.
    I got my Wireless Mighty Mouse after I bought my MacBook. I didn't use any start-up assistant, and I think that's only an option right out of the box (or perhaps installing OSX from scratch). I paired it using System Preferences>Bluetooth>Set Up New Device.

  • Where's the wireless mighty mouse

    Im just about to buy another new mini mac and the coolest thing is it comes standard with bluetooth you can get wireless keyboard and wireless one button mouse but wheres the wireless mighty mouse. Surely it can't be that hard to make one. Its cool that with the mini mac you can choose your mouse and keyboard maybe they can do that with other models too.

    Hi Ian
    Shame there isn't a way to provide feedback on Apple mice at http://www.apple.com/contact/

Maybe you are looking for