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Dear All,
The following scenario needs to be configured in SAP.
Our client has one company code A related to Plant A ,Purchase org A & sales org A.Similarly they have another set of  company code, Plant, Purchase org & sales org as B.
Now Plant A will raise a PO for material X which plant B will deliver and for the same the plant A will issue material Y to plant B for the production and delivery of material X.
This can be configured as subcontracting PO where plant A will issue material Y through 541 movement type.For this we can create Plant B as a vendor.
The point of concern is how plant B will receive the material Y in its stock and at the same time the stock of material Y should diminish in plant A ?
Also if not through subcontracting then any other way to make the scenario happen?

in SAP standard the cross-company code subcontracting process would look like this:
- Assign Vendor Y to plant Y in the vendor master data.
- create the components in CoCode X as valuated material. Create the components in plant Y with standardprice "0".
- etc..
1.) Create subcontracting PO in company code X, plant X and enter vendor Y as supplier.
2.) Based on this PO a sales order in plant Y should be created.
3.) Provide the components as usual to the vendor by using either ME2O or MB1B or MIGO.
4.) As soon as the components arrive in plant Y the users can post a goods receipt with movement type 501 in plant Y. As the components do not have a value in plant Y, you would only see them in the inventory overview (not in the financial area of plant Y, because the components still belong to plant X!)
5.) Plant Y consumes the (non-valuated) components and creates the finished product. This product is then shipped to plant X with reference to the sales order.
6.) When the product arrives in plant X you need to post a goods receipt with reference to the subcontracting PO. (with this step the finished product now gets in the ownership of plant X and the components are consumed automatically from plant X).
I hope this could clarify what is currently possible in an ERP standard system.
Thanks And Regards,
Krupesh Kothari.

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  • SAP Scenario Testing

    I understand that  SAP scenario are tested in Mercury software, any possible link or a website where i can find info on how to use mercury testing software for SAP

    Mercury is a software which is only used to record and execute your test scenarios. Mercury will not interact with SAP and test it automatically. The test steps should be defined in Mercury manually and the test results should also be recorded then you may be able to execute.
    The test results, time, process areas ...etc can be tracked by this.

  • Xml file to sap scenario

    Hi all,
    I have a requirement like ,i have one xml file ,now i want to integrate into plz help which scenario i have to follow.
    thanks & regards,
    subba reddy

    Hi! ,
    You can go for different ways depending upon the source data...
    Suppose if it is SO,PO,GR   (Sales Order from CRM System) and ( PO and GR from R3 System) means you neeed to prefer IDOC or also you can go for PROXY scenario I mean you can get the SO,PO,GR data by invoking the ABAPproxy.
    Suppose if you want to Integrate means sending File to BW system means you can go simply
    File To RFC Scenario.
    Suppose if you wants to send data via Web Methods or and other Web Applicationto R3 means you can go for
    SOAP-->RFC Sync scenario
    Suppose if you are generate FICO Details through PAYTEXT IDOC you can go for
    File to IDOC
    In SAP Technical there are so many scenarios with screenshtos so pelase check the above scenarios there.k
    Amar Srinivas Eli

  • ALEAUD in SAP - XI - SAP scenario

    My scenario is SAP 4.6C -> (IDoc adapter) XI (IDoc adapter) -> SAP 4.6C and the receiving system should send back an ALEAUD. The IDoc control record of the incoming IDoc contains the following info:
    SNDPOR: port of sending system
    SNDPRN: sender logical system
    RCVPOR: XI port
    RCVPRN: XI logical system name
    Shouldn't XI send out
    SNDPRN: XI logical system
    RCVPRN: receiving logical system
    to the receiving system so that ALEAUD can work? Do I need to configure a header mapping?
    In the header mapping configuration in the receiver agreement I set
    sender: XI business system
    receiver: receiving business system
    but the control record did not change. How do I configure header mapping correctly?
    I also set the Restore Original Parties for Acknowledgements indicator which is available with SP19. "The original parties from the IDoc request message are used. This means you no longer have to maintain the alternative identifiers (for party conversion) in the Integration Directory."
    Thanks for your help.
    Regards, Tanja

    Before I ask my questions, please note I do have a copy of the "How To Handle Acknowledgements for IDoc" How To Guide. I just need some clarification from the group.
    Here are my questions:
    1. XI will not send a positve acknowledgement/status to let the sender system know it made it to XI ok, correct?
    2. The only status that XI itself will initiate will be if there is a techncial issue with XI, correct? (Granted the Receiver system could send a positive or negative status back to Sender System) I just want to make sure that XI will not send a status back to Sender System that equates to "Triggering EDI subsystem OK" (or something like that)
    3. How does the status of an idoc get set to 12 from 03? Does that mean that I always have the program RBDMOIND configured when I am interfacing to XI in order to force the status from 03 to 12?
    4. As a norm, are those who are using XI seeing a 12 status on the Sender System IDoc Status?
    5. If a techical issue error occurs in XI, what specific error status will be sent back to the Sender System?(if at all) I am looking for an example status number of what to expect.
    6. If we are doing SAP R/3 to a partners XI system directly and that partner does not have RBDSTATE configured on their SAP R/3 environment and there is nothing else on their XI system for ALEAUD processing, I am out of luck in determining if the IDoc actually made it to their XI system, correct?
    7. The Configure Scenario 2 in the document How To Handle Acknowledgements for IDoc" How To Guide should allow us to determine "did the Idoc get to that Server" correct?
    Thanks for any feedback on this,

  • Get idoc number of receiver system in a SAP-to-SAP scenario

    In a my custom program i create cremas idoc that i send to another SAP system to create the vendor in the second SAP.
    How can i do to get the inbound idoc number created in the receiver SAP to get and show its status in the sender SAP without to use the ALEAUD process?
    My scenario is SAP-SAP without anything between the two .
    Thanks lot.
    Matteo Vernile.

    The inbound IDoc is usually created by middleware system i.e. SAP XI, Gentran and etc.
    Once the IDoc created, you can use the inbound function module to post to the application. The function module is usually starting with 'IDOC_INPUT_xxxxx' where normally the xxxxx is the name of the IDoc message type.
    You can find the associated inbound process code/function module with the IDoc message type via transaction WE42.
    Check the Function module idoc_inbound_aysnchronous
    <b>Reward points</b>

  • SAP- JDBC(synch)- SAP scenario

    Hi All,
    I have a requirement in which user runs Report in SAP which initiates a PI scenario. This PI scenario runs a select query on external Oracle database and returns the data back to SAP to display as the report output on screen. This report needs real time data.
    How should be my approach to design the PI scenario?
    Here on database side I can use JDBC receiver synchronous adaptor but on SAP side which channel should I use? Will proxies help? If yes then will it be server/client proxies?
    Thanks in Advance.

    Hi Atul,
    >Here on database side I can use JDBC receiver synchronous adaptor but on SAP side which channel should I use?
    ABAP proxy or RFC support synchronous scenarios
    >Will proxies help?
    >If yes then will it be server/client proxies?
    Client proxies

  • Filenet to SAP Scenario

    Hi Gurus,
    I am working on a synchronous scenario in PI,which is from Filenet to PI.
    The sender will send the message in a Web Service request to SAP R/3 via SAP PI Interface.
    As,the filenet web service gives us should we proceed with the devolopment?
    We are using proxy on SAP side..

    if your File net system gives webservice request the use SOAP adapter to receive webservice request,then use Proxy.
    this approch looks simple.
    What is the use  of API's???

  • Need input in SAP---webservice----SAP scenario/

    Hello All,
    I have a requirement like this.
    IDOC will be triggered and that IDOC information i need to send to one webservice as request and retrun i will get the responce.
    that responce i need to map to inbound proxy.
    Please let me know with out using BPM can we do this scenario, if yes how?
    if we cant do with out BPM then what are the steps in BPM.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Edited by: chinnasapxi on Nov 18, 2009 5:00 AM

    Hi Chinna,
    Just to add, you can also call the webservice from UDF using SOAP lookup. This would ease up your scenario. You just need to configure IDOC to proxy scenario, with SOAP lookup in mapping. Have a look at these blogs for more deatils-
    1. /people/bhavesh.kantilal/blog/2006/11/20/webservice-calls-from-a-user-defined-function
    Sunil Chandra

  • VAN-XI-SAP Scenario for EDI

    We would like to get the EDI from our trading partner's VAN to our XI using Seeburger EDIINT AS2 adapter. Is this possible? If yes, what are the things we should keep in mind.
    Your help will greatly appreciated.

    Check out this document
    Also this thread
    Need Material on Seeburger Adapters.

  • Design Approach for 1:N Multimapping scenario with SAP ECC Receiver

    Hi Experts,
    I am trying to find the best approach to implement the following scenario. its desribed as follows:
    Legacy Database ->XI ->  SAP scenario.
    1. Pick records from database table with status ='n'
    2. The records picked can have one or more RefNos i.e. if 2000 records are picked 1500 can have RefNo :1111 and rest 500 RefNo: 2222
    3. 1st condition is to split the records into multiple messages if reference nos are different, so for scenario in point 2 it will be 2 messages. Secondly if the no of records are more than 1000 then split further into 2 message. So 1500 Ref No would be split into messages with 1000 and 500 records. Hence we get 3 messages. I know something similar was achieved in this blog:
    4. Once the data is forwarded to ECC and its successfully updated, we need to update the status of the database table on the sender side to 'y';
    So the point where i am not very clear as of now is,
    1. What alternative I choose for PI-> ECC call? Its a 1:N multimapping split scenario and as far as I know the call has to go via AE, so is RFC the only option or is there a way to have a call with Proxy/IDOC? Or will there be an option to limit such a scenario at the JDBC Adapter level so that split is not needed. I am not sure if that can be achieved and is a better solution.
    2. If I go for either of the approaches mentioned above, what is the best way to achieve point 4, i.e. update the database table at the sender. As JDBC Adapter would be async and hence we either use a Aysnc-Sync bridge(for proxy/rfc receiver) or some other option like triggering a outbound interface from SAP side with the update data?
    Hope that experts can provide the inputs on the best way forward.Let me know if anything is missing from scenario details perspective.
    Best Regards,

    2. If I go for either of the approaches mentioned above, what is the best way to achieve point 4, i.e. update the database table at the sender. As JDBC Adapter would be async and hence we either use a Aysnc-Sync bridge(for proxy/rfc receiver) or some other option like triggering a outbound interface from SAP side with the update data?
    Use the solution # 2, make it like this:-
    DB (async) -> PI -> Proxy (sync) -> PI -> DB (async)
    Just out of curiosity, why you breaking the records into 1000's in PI? Why not you select only 1000 records when polling the DB? That will help in improving the overall performance.

  • SAP Delivered forms for an offline scenario?

    Is there any SAP Standard/delivered forms for an offline scenario?
    How many number of SAP standard forms are available?
    Where to look at this information?

    Hi Sundar,
    We have about 2300+ forms delivered through various SAP scenarios.
    To get an overview of this list you could have a look in Service Market Place.
    -> Media Library - SAP ERP Overview -> Detailed information cross ERP -> Adobe Forms for SAP ERP

  • Dll (sender) to SAP(reciever ) Scenario

    I have a query regarding the dll to SAP scenario .
    which adapter can be used to call the dll (The application is a knd of a solver that is used to optimize the scarce resources ).I need to integrate this application that is a dll (Name is LP_Solve ) which will then update the SAP database .
    which adapters can be used on the sender and the receiver side .
    Please provide some suggestion .
    Thanks in advance

    Hi ,
    As i have mentioned above also I have this scenario in which SAP sends data to LP_solve (which is a dll file) and the result of LP_solve is then again sent to SAP .
    Is there any use of XI in this scenario ?
    Can this data from SAP be sent to a utility via BAPI/RFC and this utility will then send the data to LP_solve(since it is a dll file) and the data from LP_solve be again sent to ulility which will send the data to SAP again .
    I am new to XI .Please help ..
    Thanks in advance

  • Error sending Idoc's to SAP

    I'm getting error in file-XI-SAP scenario. File is read and transformed to Idoc ok, but then I get this kind of error message in SXMB_MONI:
    <SAP:Stack>Error: Basic type 'HRMD_A01' is unknown</SAP:Stack>
    What I'm I missing in the scenario?

    Hi Tapio,
    Take a look at this link:
    Error: No IDocs could be sent to the SAP BW using RFC.
    Hope it helps you.

  • SAP ABAP Client proxy Errror occured when determining the Business system.

    Dear Friends
       I am trying to push data from ECC to PI and then MS-SQL Server. My SAP scenario is ABAP Proxy to JDBC
      I have created on Enhancement Implementation for AS01 ( Asset Master creation). Here I am calling my ABAP proxy and uploading ANLA and ANLZ strucutre  to my abap proxy.  but I get the run time error. that suggest Error occurred while determining the Business system - SLD_API_Exception.
    My all IR and ID objects are activated, I have tested the scenario successfully without error in ID, 
    When I check SM21 it suggest that error is due to XI is unable to access the SLD. Could_not_determine_sld_access_data.
    SLDCHECK works fine in PI system.
    SLDCHECK is failed in my ECCDEV 400 client System.
    Is it mandatory to configure SLD access in ecc development system as well ?  is this  the reason why I am not able to push the data to my PI system? Please tell me How can I solve this error? you any answer will be appreciated greatly.
    Please look the below link it contains the enhancement code of AS01 transaction code where I am calling abap proxy to send the data.  Runtime analysis report, SM21 log, and SLDCHECK failed screen shot in 400 client. SLD working fine in PI system. my SLD is configured in SOLMAN system.
    You can see the error and Code from this link ->  [Code , Runtime Dump Analysis report, SM21 Log and SLDCHECK|]
    Please help me How can I solve this ?

    Hi Naeem,
    >>>is it mandatory to configure SLD access in ecc development system as well ? is this the reason why I am not able to push the data to my PI system? Please tell me How can I solve this error? you any answer will be appreciated greatly need to configure SLD check in your ECC System also
    Also check the links below for proxy connectivity step by step

  • Development process in SAP

    Please let me know,
    What is the development process followed in SAP?
    Thanks in advance.

    It would be helpful to go through the help document of ASAP Methodology.
    The following information may clarify some doubts/requirements you have.
    Generating the Project IMG through ASAP:
    After you have set the project scope, the next step is to generate the Project IMG. From the Business Process Master List (BPML), you can directly access the IMG activities relevant for configuring each process.
    BPML: The Business Process Master List, along with the Business Blueprint, is a key result of the second phase of the Roadmap. Microsoft Excel tables contain the SAP scenarios, process groups, and processes that have been set in scope in the SAP Reference Structure, and are crucial for configuring your SAP System. In Realization, the third phase of the Roadmap, the BPML provides the basis for monitoring and steering test activities and for configuring your SAP System. It contains the titles of the structure items, and displays the status, the owner, links to documentation and links to the SAP System. Amongst other things, the BPML allows you to:
    1) Set your baseline and final scope. These are used for baseline and final configuration.
    2) Access the Project IMG and specific IMG activities assigned to structure items.
    3) Access integration test plans, which help you carry out all required integration tests.
    The Prerequisite is you have set the project scope.
    Process Flow to use the Business Blueprint as a basis for configuring your SAP System:
    1) Set the project scope.
    2) Generate the Project IMG.
    3) Generate the BPML.
    4) From a specific processes in the BPML, you can go to the relevant IMG activities and make Customizing settings.

Maybe you are looking for